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"Hold up. Let me spark this; take a breather; breathe that reefer in my lungs, I got grapes what you watching son?"

"Life's a bitch and then you die
That's why we get high."
Nas, "Life's a Bitch"

The stoner is a comical, spaced-out laid-back character who hangs out, smokes weed, gets beat up, makes bad jokes, and suffers other sorts of Butt-Monkey type misadventures, only with more drugs. Almost always denoted by their Dreary Half-Lidded Eyes in animation, if his eyes aren't noticeably bloodshot to begin with. The most likely character to get a Mushroom Samba bit. He is a cross between Butt-Monkey and the wacky guy. Usually somewhere between a technical and an Actual Pacifist, and almost always entirely non-threatening, in physical appearance.

May very occasionally be prone to getting dangerous, but only rarely and under exceptional circumstances. While cannabis is the drug of choice, psychedelic drugs and Fantastic Drugs are also used. The character may lack ambition and drive beyond scoring his next baggie of Acapulco Gold, or, if they're already high, soothing their "munchies" with tasty snacks.

The stoner is similar to the 19th Century "funny drunk." However, that became a Discredited Trope as groups like Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) gained influence, and warned of the dangers of heavy drinking. The modern stereotype is that drunks are likely to beat you up, while stoners aren't going to hurt anyone, so stoners make better comedy. When Played for Drama, they are likely to be burnt-out losers living dead-end lives with no ambition or meaningful aspirations beyond getting high.

Not to be confused with The Atoner. One key away means a whole different thing...note 

May evolve into an Erudite Stoner if they philosophize about Nietzsche and Buddhism. If the character fits the type but is never shown actually toking on weed, to avoid the disapproval of Moral Guardians, that's a G-Rated Stoner. Expect them to make reference to a certain number, too. See also The Slacker and Surfer Dude for related laid-back character types. Compare Granola Girl, New-Age Retro Hippie, and Mellow Fellow.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Black Lagoon: Leigharch has this huge pile of used cocaine (pot in the anime) stubs. This causes him to hallucinate weird things, say weirder things, and get kicked by Revy for being high on the job. Despite this, he's an awesome getaway driver. Deconstructed when it's eventually revealed that he overdosed and got put in an insane asylum.
  • A popular fanon for The Netherlands and Canada in Hetalia: Axis Powers, coming from their relatively liberal drug policies from Real Life. In fairness, Finland did say that the Netherlands was into some "shady drugs".
    • As of the 2010 Christmas event, partially confirmed in Canada's case (We know he smokes pot, but not how often).
  • Sabba in Dreamland, to the point he sells one arm to buy a super strong weed (sure he didn't know what that "life essence" he was asked to pay was, but he didn't really stop to think twice either). This trope is implied to be the reason he could become a Traveller without overcoming any phobia (and thus has no power of his own).

    Comic Books 
  • The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, who between the three of them have at one time or another ate, drank, snorted, smoked or injected just about everything conceivable that wouldn't be instantly poisonous.
  • Pike from ElfQuest. A positive example: his love for the mellow world of a dreamberry haze makes him excellent at telling colorful stories, and he became the tribe's historian ("Keeper of the Howl") because of it.
  • Flax Seed from the Rarity issue of My Little Pony Micro Series is obviously never seen actually smoking pot (it's My Little Pony after all), but his personality fits this stereotype to a tee. Word of God on the matter is essentially "I can't say he's stoned, but he pretty much is."

    Fan Works 
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • Mr. Popo. It's how Kami keeps him even slightly under control. It's taken to exaggerated levels in the Androids/Cell saga, where Mr. Popo spends part of it tripping on a gallon of LSD. A literal gallon. Out of a milk jug. Kami doesn't even know where he got it, as he never leaves the lookout.
    • Kami as well, since "that shit's great for his glaucoma".
    • Master Roshi as well. And he does not hold back when he's toasted.
    • Count Dende in as well.
    Popo: Worry not; all you really need is a little green.
    Dende: I explicitly asked you not to call me that!
    Popo: (holds up a blunt) I'm not!
    Dende: (narrows eyes and smirks) ...Yo.
  • Guys Being Dudes: A stereotypical one of these is among the patronage at the Sleepless Bakery. Candela and Arlo also share a joint during his Flashback of their past relationship.
  • The Warbler member Nick is a foul-mouthed, Hot-Blooded pot-smoker in Hunting the Unicorn. The Warblers constantly call him a stoner, but it's more of an in-joke since he only smokes a couple of times a week. He's prone to strange logic even without getting stoned.
  • Living The Dream
    • There's not a moment where you will find Greg without a blunt. He learned Transmutation for the sole purpose of bringing weed to Equestria. Weed is not the only substance he's willing to get high on though, seeing as he broke into a hospital to steal morphine.
    • To a lesser extant is Greg's dog Weedy, who was chain smoking blunts at only a month old.
  • In Maim de Maim, Satsuki is literally this throughout most of the fiction until her Kamui partner told her that the very last batch she acquired and ingested was salvia, which is not terribly fun for the unprepared. Now upholding her promise to Junketsu, she has now decided to quit weed for a while; which will only, in turn, improve her already astonishing performance with Junketsu.
  • Subverted in Highly Questionable Decisions. While she didn't consume any drugs, Satsuki acts like one when she "turns off her brain" (at Ryuuko's advice). Naturally, those around her assumed she was on drugs.
  • Absolutely everyone in Marijuana Simpson. Marge at one point gets so high she forgets Homer is her husband, not her father.
Simon: Why did you just ignore me like that? Are you high?
Otto: Constantly.
  • The fan game Pokémon Insurgence has Xavier, the Gym Leader of Vipik City. While it's not explicitly stated, one of the trainers in his gym complains about the weird mist coming from his room, his house in Helios City is visibly filled with mist and smoke, and he Mega Evolves his Beedrill with a Mega Bong.

    Films — Animation 
  • Big Hero 6 has Fred, the quintessential college stoner dude. He’s got long hair, a knit cap, and necklace inspired by big stompy lizard monsters, an adorkable love of comic books and some questionable hygiene practices. It's all stoner stereotypes and while Disney hasn't specified what it is he's quitting, the matter is settled in his line just before they meet Yokai...
    Fred: My name is Fred, and it's been thirty days since my last- HOLY MOTHER OF MEGAZON!!!
    (Yokai starts to loom above them with millions of microbots))
    Fred: Is... Is anyone else seeing this?
  • In Turning Red, this is unconfirmed, but Ming suspects this is why Devon is so lethargic and, in her opinion, looks much older than he is.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • A Wedding (1978): One of the bridesmaids, Muffin's cousin Ruby, spends a lot of her screen time trying to find out if anyone else at the wedding has any marijuana to share with her.
  • Jay of The View Askewniverse is a particularly energetic variation, whereas his partner Silent Bob better fits the relaxed stoner stereotype. Both also explicitly deal pot.
  • Freeburg in Freddy vs. Jason, who is an Expy of Jay, constantly getting blazed even when there are serial killers roaming around. In fact, his drug use allows Freddy to possess him without any problems.
  • As You Are: Jack and Mark spend a lot of time smoking weed and cutting school. Sarah sometimes joins them.
  • Jesse and Chester from Dude, Where's My Car?. Although they talk about getting high all the time and mention having marijuana-themed aliases in one scene, neither of them are actually seen smoking in the film. In fact, the only character who does toke onscreen is a dog.
  • Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It’s easier to list the times where he’s not stoned.
  • Cheech & Chong are likely the originators of this trope, seldom appearing in a film without their trademark joints, smoking it up throughout.
  • Fred of Galaxy Quest isn't seen actually toking up on-screen, but his extremely calm, slightly drowsy demeanor while everyone else is freaking out and his penchant for snacking are a huge tipoff to anyone paying the slightest attention. In the original cut, this was supposed to be explicit but was cut to keep the film's PG rating, but it's still pretty obvious.
  • The main trio from Game Over, Man!, but especially Darren, who is seen smoking salvia more than once.
  • The Dude fits this trope quite well (and spectacularly), though the movie makes it clear that he is actually not as crazy and silly as basically everyone else. The Coen Brothers mention in one of the behind-the-scenes documentaries that his "liberal drug use" allowed them to insert several fantasy sequences and a Busby Berkeley Number without breaking the tone of the movie. Jeff Bridges also asked the Coens to tell him if The Dude had burned one on the way over so he could rub his eyes to achieve the appropriate level of redness.
  • Friday gives us Smokey, who is often seen smoking and constantly acting the fool throughout most of the film.
  • High School (2010): Travis Breaux and his stoner friends, of course. He's introduced with them pulling pranks on him while he's sleeping, and waking up after spending a lot of time at the bottom of a pool full of water. It's also him convincing Henry to smoke a joint that ends up causing the events of the movie.
  • There is a song in the first High School Musical film that introduces the school's various cliques - nerds, jocks, etc - including one that appears to be a Disneyfied version of a group of stoners, complete with proclamations of "duuuude..."
  • Friend from the indie movie The Auteur. So named because he is one to all living things. Purveyor of multiple kinds of weed that mess with your head. Lives in a nudist commune. Records bird sounds.
  • Palmer from The Thing (1982). And to a lesser extent his roommate Childs (they were growing marijuana in the storage room)
  • Floyd from True Romance. It was Brad Pitt's idea to make the character a stoner. He based this character insight on the fact that the guy is always sitting around at home in the living room. Although we tropers generally aren't in the business of citations, you can hear Brad Pitt explain it in this time-stamped youtube link.
  • Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. This is the first notable instance of mainstream stoners, who are explicitly not slackers, but rather, productive members of society. (Harold is an investment banker (before the current crisis) and Kumar has untapped potential to be a doctor.)
  • Harold from The Boys in the Band. However, he's a witty Deadpan Snarker and least Butt-Monkey-ish character in the cast.
  • Matthew, Harvey, and Dr. Bamford in Saving Grace to varying degrees. Matthew likes to think of himself as easygoing (although he can be high strung), Harvey tries to be an Erudite Stoner but ends up more of a Conspiracy Theorist. Dr. Bamford is a slacker prone to crashing on couches but seems to be a surprisingly competent doctor. It's implied there isn't much for anyone under 50 in the town to do except get stoned and hang out at the pub.
  • The Cabin in the Woods has an initially straight example in Marty - with the variation that his drug use actually helped immunize him against some of the chemicals released in the cabin, and his paranoia was thoroughly accurate. He actually proves to be fairly smart.
  • Subverted in Dark Shadows:
    Carolyn Stoddard: Are you stoned or something?
    Barnabas Collins: They tried stoning me, my dear. It did not work.
  • Shorty in Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2.
  • Played with in Scary Movie 3:
    Sayaman: I'm sorry, dude.
    Tom: Don't call me "dude". I'm not a stoner anymore. Not since...
  • While almost everyone else in Neighbors is also this Mac fits the image best, bringing over weed to the frat house a peace offering, getting stoned while at work and realising Teddy's combination lock number could only be 420.
  • The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. Haroun's father is tired of him lying around all day smoking hashish, so he pays Sinbad gold and a slavegirl to take the boy away.
  • The Wraith: Skank drinks car chemicals to get high.
  • In American Ultra, Mike Howell is just your typical small-town, loser, stoner. Dead-end job, doodling his daydreams and ideas in a journal, local sheriff harassing him about all the petty arrests for minor trouble he's been picked up on and the "too good for him" girlfriend that babysits him. The only thing differentiating Mike from most of the other people on this page is that besides enjoying getting high, he used to be in a secret CIA program that trained him to be an unstoppable super-badass. He just doesn't remember any of that.
  • Caddyshack:
    • Assistant groundskeeper Carl Spackler is working on a hybrid of marijuana and turf grass, that can be used for both putting and smoking. He smokes some with Ty Webb.
    • Danny Noonan also admits to Ty that he gets high:
      Ty: You take drugs, Danny?
      Danny: Every day.
      Ty: Good. Then what's your problem?
      Danny: I don't know.
    • Also Lacey Underall likes to go to bullfights on acid. She's sitting at a table at the yacht club table with Spaudling Smails and the other assembled young people who are smoking marijuana and presumably, she's smoking with them. When she goes to pick up Danny and take him to bed, she gets annoyed when she walks up to him with Terry the Hippie and finds out that he doesn't have that much weed when they walk up to Danny:
      Lacey: Hey Carey Grant... you wanna get high?
      Terry: Wait a minute! I only got a little!
      Lacey: Then split, okay, Terry?
      Terry: Sure.
  • Eve Lydon from Crank is Chev's pothead girlfriend. In the first movie, her constant pot smoking makes her oblivious to everything going on around her.
  • Snuffy and Right Hand from Crooklyn who are often seen huffing glue
  • The Gingerweed Man: The titular Gingerweed Man can be seen lighting up a bong near the start of the movie (which gets him chewed out by Barbara for smoking their profits. He's implied to do it again during the intermission. One of his costumers is also taking a bit from a bong when he makes a delivery.
  • Drazic, in The Mansion, arrives with a suitcase full of various botanical drugs and he's seldom seen in the film not lighting up. His role takes plot significance when first Charlotte undergoes a Mushroom Samba courtesy of his "mushroom cupcakes" and later when the villain is taken out by his "Tibetan frog".
  • Troy in Shrooms, who is on the mushrooming trip for the sole purpose of getting high. He smokes a bong on the way from the airport to the forest. He also looks quite a lot like Jay from The View Askewniverse.
  • In Mabul, Yoni's irresponsible father Gidi secretly grows marijuana at his workplace and spends a lot of time stoned.
  • Lycan: Kenny spends most of the money smoking a joint, but it doesn't seem to affect him.
  • In Wishcraft, Brett's best friend Howie is convinced he has done enough to pass is happy to spend the rest of his final year getting high. (And hitting on the school's grief counselor.)
  • Bjarne, one of the main characters of The Green Butchers, is smoking a lot of weed, very obviously as a way of self-medicating his anger issues. He claims to smoke about 20 joints a day, and that because of this he probably wouldn't be able to smell if his hair was on fire.

  • Discworld's parody of the Hashishin in Sourcery, renowned for being deadly and, at the same time, inclined to giggle, groove to interesting patterns of light on their daggers, and fall over.
  • Chris Lang in Tomorrow: When the War Began. He's shown to be a weird genius with more of a drinking problem than anything else, in the film he wears a dressing gown, is prone to weird, like, weird, stoner-talk and smokes on screen.
  • A female version exists and is played around with in Metal Star Prophecies: The Green Owl. Matsuda Tsuroba likes getting high, but sometimes it's because she's with her boyfriend, and sometimes she does it as a means to alleviate her stress and worries about graduation from high school. She's also more approachable when stoned; sober Matsuda's a little more apprehensive and realistic.
  • Inherent Vice has Doc lighting up on a regular basis, as do his friends and neighbours. Even his parents.
  • The Malazan Book of the Fallen has Emancipor Reese. He once brought down a theocracy with the stimulant seeds on his handkerchief.
  • In John Moore blends this with Junkie Prophet in his Fractured Fairy Tale, Bad Prince Charlie. The oracle that Charlie goes to see for advice with his troubles turns out to be a very young, very naked, and very stoned girl, who is prone to saying "wow" a lot, and constantly has the munchies. Very loosely inspired by some historians' notions of the Oracle at Delphi in Ancient Greece.
    Polocks: You see, she's called the High Priestess because...
    Charlie: I get it! I get it, ok? Don't run it into the ground. Dammit, Pollocks, you brought me all the way up here to meet a stoner?
  • Dead End Job Mysteries: During the first two books, one of Helen's neighbors at the apartment complex is Phil, a man she's never seen except for a perpetual cloud of weed smoke coming out of his apartment (and a brief glimpse of his "Clapton is God" t-shirt when he pulled her out of her burning apartment in book 1), to the point where she's nicknamed him "Phil the invisible pothead". In book 2, she also finds drug paraphernalia in his apartment when she and an exterminator go in to make sure everything's been removed before the apartments are gassed for termites. Then Book 3 subverts it in a big way when Helen finally meets him in person and finds out that the stoner persona is all an act - he's really a private investigator and consultant with the government, and is working undercover in order to solve a major money laundering case (which she winds up helping him with).

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Electric Mayhem from The Muppets. In the 2015 series, Kermit notes that they're "Always happy. Legally, now."
  • Jesse from Breaking Bad started out like this. His stoner nature made him initially almost completely useless, except for his ability to befriend other drug users who help to deal his product. However, all the bad stuff he witnessed and participated in caused him to become a much more serious person. In later seasons when he goes Off the Wagon he uses harder drugs like heroin and there is nothing funny about it anymore.
  • A good chunk of the characters on Mom smoke weed. While the show doesn't take much a moral stance for or against it, it does highlight the stupid and/or dangerous things people can do while high and how such behavior can anger/annoy those who don't partake.
    • Luke smokes, although it's implied that it's as much recreational as it is to try and cope with his overbearing father. It's also shown that being perpetually high doesn't do him any favors. With or without the pot, however, he is a good-natured, but extremely dim, goof.
    • Baxter sees being high as a good thing, even when it comes to issues of personal safety.
    Baxter: "Never fall sober! You tense up!
    Christy: "Thanks for the tip.
    Baxter: "It's a scientific fact: you can't get hurt when you're high. I don't make the rules!"
    • Marijuana is probably the least of Chef Rudy's vices, as the show reveals that he takes and deals in a wide variety of substances and sexual fetishes. The substance abuse element of Rudy's character is Truth in Television for many people trying to cope in the incredibly stressful food industry.
  • Jon Stewart occasionally plays this on The Daily Show, usually with a reference to Half Baked (where he played the Enhancement Smoker). After a comment by Bill O'Reilly, his fans have taken to calling themselves the Stoned Slackers.
  • Stranger Things: Argyle spends most of season 4 stoned, and his reaction to upsetting things like getting shot at or having a guy die in his van is to smoke more weed. He also gives lots of strangely worded advice of varying qualities while thus.
  • Samantha on Sex and the City is often shown smoking a joint. The other girls happily smoke pot too.
  • On How I Met Your Mother, Ted, Marshall, and Lily were this when they were in college. They grew out of it, but occasionally slip back into it for old times sake (although by the year 2020, they complain that they can't handle more than one joint anymore). However, since Future!Ted is telling the story to his kids, he replaces all mentions of smoking pot with "eating a sandwich", with a corresponding visual euphemism.
  • On My Name Is Earl, Earl and Randy once robbed a stoner of all his possessions, so he's on The List. They track him down only to discover that he gave up drugs and is now living off the grid on a hippie commune. To make up for what they did, Earl and Randy agree to live on the commune for a week and try to green up their lifestyles and educate people about global warming. Earl has a breakdown, while Randy trips out on a salve given to him, and the ex-stoner guy gave Earl some much-needed advice about not taking on more than he can handle and not having to be perfect.
  • 'Stoner' (no other name given) in The X-Files episodes "War of the Coprophages" and "Quagmire". Although he does not get beaten up, both times he and his girlfriend ('Chick' or 'Redheaded Chick') watch as a third member of the group dies as a result of whatever drug Stoner is enjoying.
  • On Parks and Recreation, the Pawnee Animal Control department is run by 2 stoners who eventually get fired. There's also the former head of the Parks Department who grows pot in some public park flowerbeds.
  • On Schitt's Creek multiple characters smoke weed, with Mutt being the most stereotypical stoner character. Stevie and David smoke together more than once, including the time that led to their first hookup. Even the older generation gets high at the Schitts' luau.
  • The Outer Limits (1995): In "Abaddon", Curtis Sandoval, the medical officer of the interplanetary hauling vehicle Pequod, is a major stoner who uses drugs to escape reality as he hates his life and his job. He likes to call himself "Dr. Feelgood".
  • Taken: In "Acid Tests", the archaeology student Daryl seems to be perpetually high, taking it in his stride when he falls into a burial chamber. He is later seen smoking a joint while trying on a Tsimtshian mask.
  • Bob Hearts Abishola: Douglas and Christina are both, in their mother's words, "useless potheads." Being spoiled rich kids with terrible self-esteem issues is an understandable reason however.
  • Class Of 07: Megan and Tegan are initially set on just getting high with nothing else as their goals. They cheerfully accept being labeled drug addicts. Both spend most of their time doing this together, joking around and frequently getting into trouble in pursuit of it.

  • Bone Thugs-n-Harmony: In fact, Krayzie Bone smoked so much that one of his lungs collapsed!!
  • Cypress Hill's music may as well be considered the stoners' anthem.
  • Hed PE doesn't often address it in their music, but the band are well-known to be marijuana smokers.
  • Dr. Dre's music had weed as a common theme. However, some have pointed out that there's no actual proof that he really smokes weed, leading to the theory that it's just an act to boost sales.
  • Pretty much everyone in OF is known to enjoy marijuana, with the exception of Straight Edge Tyler.
  • Willie Nelson, in keeping with his "outlaw country" image, is a major activist for marijuana rights, and has even done a bit of jail time for weed-related offenses. Now that it's becoming more legalized in the USA, he's announced plans to launch his own self-branded line of cannabis products.
  • Method Man, out of the Wu-Tang Clan, had the most verses about lighting it. His titular song works in "fat bags of skunk" as part of its memorable drop, and ends with him coughing a lung out on a particularly thick drag.
  • Sean Paul. He even wrote a song called "We Be Burnin'" which is a plea to legalize marijuana. Executive Meddling made him record a Bowdlerized version suitable to play on mainstream radio.
  • Danny "Sexbang" Avidan of Ninja Sex Party has admitted to being one in his twenties, describing one particular incident of him spending three straight days sitting on a couch doing nothing but eating pot brownies. He eventually quit and since a stomach illness prevents him from drinking alcohol (not that he had much of a taste for it to begin with), his only vice nowadays is Skittles.
  • The Black Crowes are famed for appearing on the cover of High Times Magazine. Chris Robinson is an avowed stoner.
  • Subverted in Ka'ikena Scanlan's Hawaiian hit, Smoke All Day. The Intentionally Awkward Title refers to, as the song says, "smok[ing] meat, not drugs", and was recorded as a anti-drug anthem, especially against crack and meth.
  • Billy Joel wrote what may be the most accurate Deconstruction of the character type in "Captain Jack". In the words of the man himself:
    What's so terrible about a college teen's life that he has to shoot heroin? People say the song promotes drugs and masturbation, I say no. This guy's a loser.
  • Deconstructed also in Afroman's "Because I got high". A very happy sounding song about a man whose drug use ruins his entire life. He loses his job, his kids, wife and ends up homeless... because he got high.
    • The deconstruction is subverted in the "positive remix" Afroman teamed up with Weed Maps years later to do, a song about the medicinal and societal benefits of cannabis.
  • Wheeler Walker Jr. and his aptly-named song, "I Like Smoking Pot (A Lot)".
    I like smokin' pot a lot
    I like gettin' stoned alone
    I like vapin' weed indeed
    I think edibles are incredible
    I sure love them gummy bears
    Hemp shampoo for my curly hairs
    Rubbin' cannabis lotion on my cock
    I like smokin' pot... a lot


  • Bud in No Good Gofers gives the impression of being one, between his Fish Eyes expression, slacker voice, and occasional bouts of incoherence. Also, he's named Bud.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Rob Van Dam. One of his original Catch Phrases, playing off of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's "Austin 3:16," was "RVD 4:20: I just smoked your ass!"note  This came back to haunt him in 2006, when he, along with Sabu, were arrested for marijuana possession. The worst part of this was that he was both the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the WWE ECW Heavyweight Champion at the time of his arrest.
  • How about The Brian Kendrick? He walked to the ring like a stoner before anyone even knew he really was one. In fact, most of the reason why his push was dropped so quickly and he was fired was that he repeatedly failed the marijuana portion of the wellness test. Hence, why TNA took him in and did pretty much nothing with him.
  • New York/New Jersey indy wrestler the Grim Reefer.
  • WWE's the Godfather, a wrestling pimp, would always end his prematch spiel by saying, "I want ya' to roll a fatty for this pimp daddy, light that blunt/stinky green/hydro up and say 'PIMPING AIN'T EASY!'".
  • 2 Cold Scorpio. In Real Life. In an example of Older Than They Think, back in ECW in September 1995, he cut a promo on Taz where he said, "Your ass is grass, and I'm gonna smoke it," 3 1/2 years before X-Pac said it to Triple H on the March 29, 1999 Raw.
  • Juggalo Championship Wrestling often has entire audiences of stoners, who love it when Weedman blows smoke out into their midst. Also, AK Izzy High. (he is).
  • Jack Swagger. Though he doesn't act like it, it's a very well-known fact that the reason Swagger has been stuck in mid card hell for so long is that he can't stay away from the cannabis plant (well, that and behavioral issues in general). It came to bite him in the ass big time when, in the middle of the biggest push of his career, he got arrested for marijuana possession. He was back in the midcard and it's unlikely he'll ever leave it again.
  • Matt Riddle, who was kicked out of UFC and had a couple of wins overturned due to his love for the herb (but mostly due to personal conflicts with Dana White). He primarily uses it to alleviate the pain from his injuries and claims it's better to smoke a joint than go hard on alcohol or painkillers. His preference for weed has also been incorporated into his gimmick, "The King of Bros", a mellow stoner who becomes a beast in the ring.

    Stand-Up Comedy 
  • Dana DeLorenzo (a.k.a. Beth the Censor from "The Late Late Show") gives this trope a feminine spin. It's never stated flat-out, but her character's...unique perspective on things, the random yoga routine, and her enjoyment of peanut butter straight from the jar are a little suspicious.

    Video Games 
  • The Reality-On-The-Norm series has Melt and Drake, a pair of friends who live in a dilapidated apartment and spend most of their time doing drugs. There's also Doc, a drug-addicted hyperactive journalist who is a parody of Hunter S. Thompson.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Initiates, Assassin hacker Emmett smokes recreational marijuana, which distracts him enough that the Initiates spy aboard the Altair II is able to hack into Emmett's computer system and upload reports to the website.
  • There is a bartender & dope dealer in S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky named Ganja, which is also a heavy drinker as well. Although we can't buy his weed or see him toking or high.
  • Ryder in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is almost always seen holding a joint and smoking it nonstop. He is also quite rude, sarcastic, has No Indoor Voice, and doesn't really think things through. (Of course, what Ryder's smoking is sherm, a joint dipped in PCP, which would explain at least some of his behavior.)
  • Ren from Oxenfree is implied to be this, mixing it with brownies.
  • In Pillars of Eternity, Zahua; as part of his order's Warrior Monk training, he routinely does a cocktail of mood-altering drugs and hallucinogens. He spends most of the adventure completely stoned and/or tripping, occasionally making non-sequitur comments about whatever he's hallucinating at the time. To a much lesser extent, banter involving Zahua, Hiravias, and Edér suggest all three are casual users of the marijuana-like whiteleaf plant.
  • Emily Kaldwin, the canon protagonist of Dishonored 2, is revealed to be one in her letters from her lover Wyman. Said lover introduced her to the illegal white leaf tobacco, which is read next to a hookah and upon inspection, she'll remark she had "good times" with Wyman and her friends in the past. A rare case where she isn't portrayed with all the negative and stereotypical traits associated with it.

  • Knuckles and Cheeto Man in Tails Gets Trolled. Knuckles once blunders into a camp of trolls while already high and proceeds to smoke even more with them. Cheeto Man hotboxes while training Tails. And he's Knuckles' dealer.
  • Homestuck:
    • Gamzee, though since he's an alien from another dimension he gets high exclusively on sopor slime pies. Later subverted when it turns out that when he isn't stoned, Gamzee is rather intelligent and frighteningly powerful. It's mentioned he did more damage to the Final Boss in one hit than the god-tier member of the team could. Oh, and he also happens to be murderously psychotic.
    • According to Word of God, Meulin gets stoned on catnip, and her happy-go-lucky but lazy personality is a reference to this trope. She gets stoned with her friend Kurloz, but like Gamzee he only superficially fits the archetype (although, since the audience should be expecting this, it isn't a subversion or a twist in any way).
    • Damara is seen smoking a joint in a lot of her animations and tells Meenah to "Chill the fuck out. Let's touch each other. Please get stoned with me." However, in her case, it's just a cover for her bitterness and foul personality.
  • The Bird Feeder has Exotic, an exotic bird with strange tales of its faraway homeland, Combrobway. It even has its own special birdseed which "does strange things to you," as shown in #33, "Apologies and new exotic seeds."
  • Az, Ragz, and G-man in Darwin Carmichael Is Going to Hell are three shaggy-haired, tie-dyed angels who do nothing all day long but smoke pot, watch TV and eat Cheetos, which they do on Darwin's couch while mooching off his hospitality. They speak in a drawl peppered with "man"s and their names are even stonerfied versions of classic angel names (Azrael, Rafael, Gabriel). One arc reveals that they once had a mission on earth, but they got too into drugs after arriving in the '60s and completely forgot about it.
  • The Guide to a Healthy Relationship: Kevin's got a wacky, unconcerned mellow attitude. He is the only one explicitly doing other drugs than alcohol and cigarettes on a regular basis. Note that he's also arguably the nicest guy of the group, although so out of it most of the time that he's also a real pushover.

    Web Original 
  • Jim Anchower of The Onion. He's a lazy slacker who can't hold down a job for too long, and his lazy ways, love of pot, and perpetually-broken car ensure he never achieves anything he sets out to do. His columns derive humor from Jim's haplessness and meandering narration.
  • Burner Man in AWD's Wily Shorts.
    Burner Man: Guys, I have like totally no idea what is going on!
  • Mario and Luigi in the mashed toon, Luigi’s Nightmare. The whole Mushroom Kingdom and their good looks is nothing more than them high on drugs. In actuality, they are two ugly old stoned men in Vice City. Peach may be this as well.
  • SCP Foundation SCP-1481 is a perpetually stoned genie whose "magic lamp" is a plastic coffee cup. Due to his drug-addled state, he's hopelessly inept at granting wishes, usually just conjuring up food to sate his munchies instead, and desperately asking for drugs. He's so out of it that it never crosses his mind that he can just conjure up drugs for himself as he does with the food, and when someone points it out, he suffers a Heroic BSoD. In a rare moment of lucidity, he reveals that all he wants to do is grant wishes and make people happy, but some utter bastard used his first wish to turn him into the train wreck that he is, used his second wish to make his first wish irreversible, and then just walked away, all purely For the Evulz.

    Western Animation 
  • In The Cleveland Show, Tim's son Raymond can get so high that he can't register the full impact of a speeding race car but still walk unharmed, or toss a really slow pitch violating time physics.
  • The Simpsons: Adult Bart, judging from a scene in "Bart to the Future" where President Lisa asks how she can repay him.
    Bart: Legalize it.
    Lisa: Legalize what?
    Bart: [sly look]
    Lisa: Oh! Consider it done.
    • Otto, the school bus driver. In "The Seven-Beer Snitch", Otto's urine sample contains so many illegal drugs that when Otto looks at it, it resembles a scene from The Beatles film Yellow Submarine. And only actually contains "trace amounts of human urine". In the Movie, it's implied that Otto spent almost the entire movie stoned out of his head and didn't notice a thing that was going on.
  • Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Okay, so it was never canonized, but in every conceivable way, he is your typical stoner hippy. He's stick-thin, scruffy, always hungry, will eat dog snacks, and he's always freaking out.
    • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law plays with the common Fanon that Shag and Scoob from Scooby-Doo are stoners when the two are arrested and put on trial for possession. In the end, it turns out they weren't high at all — they're just stupid.
  • Manic from Sonic Underground talks and generally acts stoned most of the time, and he's a thieving pickpocket from the lowest classes — a background prone to stumbling into drug habits. It wasn't canonized but it's an opinion shared by many fans and critics of the show alike.
  • South Park: Towelie. Don't forget to bring a towel. "You wanna get high?"
  • Dave from Code Monkeys is a huge one- he's been known to have a massive bong he dubbed "Wrath of Bong", and is the source of drug-related things at Gameavision.
  • Looney Tunes: Speedy Gonzalez's cousin Slowpoke Rodriguez has all the characteristics of a typical stoner. He's always hungry and he moves slowly. Slowpoke also has slurred speech and droopy eyes.
  • BoJack Horseman has several characters who do drugs, but Todd fits the trope description as the friendly slacker who usually avoids the show's more serious drama.
  • Regular Show: Muscle Man has several characteristics of a typical stoner. He's fat, always hungry, has a Pink Floyd poster, and loves to scream and squeal a lot. Muscle Man also has noticeable bloodshot pink eyes. All these indicate that he could be on marijuana.


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