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Fast food chain Jack in the Box has aired a series of commercials since 1994, most of them featuring their company mascot Jack - a man who wears a tuxedo suit while whose head is simply a snowman's head.

A 2010 commercial where he argued with a chef about selling pancakes that resemble his face became a Memetic Mutation, especially for the last line "You ATE his face?!"

You ATE his Tropes?

  • Berserk Button: Don't do it... don't eat my face. DO NOT EAT MY—-
  • Big Eater: One customer misread a sign for "2 tacos for 99 cents" as "99 tacos for 2 cents" and tried ordering that.
  • Cardboard Box of Unemployment: The chef who ate Jack's face holds one after getting fired sitting at a bus stop.
  • Chick Magnet: Jack is shown to be quite popular with women and often finding ways to make his products appealing to them.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: A chef at Jack in the Box offered to make pancakes that resemble Jack's head, but Jack said he wasn't comfortable with people eating his face so he instead offered breakfast sandwiches such as egg-bacon-cheese or egg-sausage-cheese. The chef proceeded to eat the pancakes, and Jack fired him.
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  • Feud Episode: One commercial had Jack breaking up a fight between Curly fries and seasonal fries as they exchanged insults like "Pencil neck!" and "Pig tail!"
  • He's Back: The famous "Jack's Back" commercial from 1994, where Jack gets his revenge by blowing up the Boardroom.
  • Living Snowman: Jack's head resembles a snowman's down to the carrot nose.
  • Prison Episode: One commercial has Jack visiting a relative of his who is sitting in prison. Jack mentions his Quad Bonus Jack combo for only $3.99 where you can get a Quad Jack plus fries and a drink, and his relative laments not being able to enjoy that since all he gets to eat in prison is meatloaf.
  • Self-Deprecation: The debut "Jack's Back" ad has Jack blowing up his own company's boardroom. It's ostensibly revenge for firing him in the past, but it's also almost certainly referencing the 1993 e. coli outbreak that nearly torpedoed the company. The sequence even plays the minimalist string music the company used in their '80s/early '90s ads to sell the point home.
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  • The Stoner: There were two commercials advertising their tacos featuring someone at the drive-thru window getting confused by the menu and being helped by imagining a bobblehead of Jack talking to him. In both, he definitely has the munchies.
    Stoner: How many should I get?
    Jack: (thumbs up) Thirty.
    Stoner: That’s what I was thinking!
  • The Theme Park Version: In one commercial, Jack is having an argument with the director over his refusal to wear a ridiculously large cowboy hat to complete the getup, saying it's "too cliche".


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