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Bad time to drop the phone in mayonnaise.

A deliberate ploy to make the viewer think something sexy or illicit is occurring when it actually is not. A scene will begin with its characters not visible to the camera, or partially obscured; the dialogue between them seems lascivious and explicit, or be laced with double entendres. But once the Reveal Shot has occurred where the camera pulls back to reveal the whole scene, the action involved is entirely innocent and the dialogue turns out to be referring, entirely or mostly, to these innocent actions — it is only in the dirty minds of the viewers that anything untoward happened.

Sometimes, this is hard to pull off believably. In many cases, if you listen carefully to the supposedly innocent phrases, they don't sound natural, don't fit the conversation, and are totally unlike the way the characters usually speak. In fact, it was tailor-made to lead to a misunderstanding, and makes a lot more sense in that context than in the supposed true meaning. But the situation is often so distracting it's hard to notice at first.


This is also often pulled off on other characters in-story. Sometimes, the viewers will see the explanation of the scene first, and then we cut to an angle from which an ugly subtext can be (mis)construed by outside observers.

Usually perpetrated immediately upon return from a commercial, for comedic effect.

Sister trope of Not What It Looks Like, which is for situations, instead of just speech.

This is related to Out-of-Context Eavesdropping, and possibly from a misinterpretation of a Sexual Euphemism. It's the polar opposite of both Getting Crap Past the Radar and Accidental Innuendo. See also Does This Remind You of Anything? and That Came Out Wrong. Sometimes prompts someone to say "Is That What They're Calling It Now?" Compare Accidental Pun, where a non-sexual remark is misinterpreted as, well, a pun; Orgasmic Combat, when fighting sounds like...something else; and Have a Gay Old Time, when something sounds sexual because language marches on. Contrast G-Rated Sex.



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  • One State Farm ad features a guy talking on the phone at 3 am saying "Yeah, I'm married. Does it matter? You'd do that for me? I'd like that". His wife thinks he's cheating and takes the phone and asks what the person on the other line is wearing. It turns out to be a (male) State Farm agent, but she doesn't believe him. "She sounds hideous!" "Well, she's a guy, so..."
  • The Wunder Boner!
  • Everyone's doing it.
  • "I love my three way and everyone wants a three way."
  • This PSA for Diabetes.

    Anime and Manga 
  • In the four-part Crayon Shin-chan story arc, The High School Years, Shin is a boxer in school, and when his crush sees him practicing while walking down a sidewalk in the rain, she thinks to herself "He's taken up boxing again, which represents everything I most loathe in this world. And yet... he looks so hot doing it. I'm getting so wet just standing here watching him... I really should go inside where it's not raining."
  • Axis Powers Hetalia has when Germany rushes over, completely misinterpreting a panicked phone call in which Italy was in bed with his brother claiming it 'hurts' and was 'stuck'... only to find that it was just their curls that had got tangled together.
    N. Italy: *Phone rings at Germany's* Germany! Germany, help! Ow ow ow!
    S. Italy: Don't move! Not there!
    N. Italy: Owch! It won't come out! Get it out! TAKE IT OUT!
    S. Italy: Hang up already! *line goes dead*
    Germany: Romano's in bed...? It von't come out...? "Ow ow"...? Take it out...?
    • Though that curly hair is the two brothers' erogenous zone...
    • And from the manga we have this scene, in which Japan overhears a less than innocent sounding exchange between Italy and Germany.
  • Rune Soldier Louie: In the 2nd episode, there's a scene showing Ila bouncing up and down, eyes closed, apparently in the throes of sexual ecstasy as, just offscreen, Louie is heard grunting accompanied by what sounds like creaking bedsprings. It turns out that she was just sitting on his back, during a set of finger pushups (seen at 4:30-4:43 here).
  • In one scene in Maburaho, Shikimori Kazuki appears to be having sex with an offscreen female while Kamishiro Rin's voice offers encouragement such as "more" and "faster". The camera then shows that Rin is standing next to Kazuki, making him do pushups.
    • Another time Miyami Yuuna asked Kazuki to "make [her] a woman". The camera then showed Kazuki taking her hand and directing it toward his pants... where Kazuki was holding an eel that Yuuna was trying to work up the courage to touch.
  • Ignoring the imaginations of the yaoi fangirls listening in, this page from a fan comic the illustrator of Genshiken. And the reality.
  • Subverted and lampshaded in Love Hina when Keitaro and his adopted sister Kanako (who has a massive crush on him) are heard exchanging extremely suggestive-sounding dialogue with lots of panting. What were they actually doing? He was helping her with her math studies. But what about helping her with math could possibly cause that kind of dialogue? Absolutely nothing!
    Naru: Math is not an orgasmic experience!
  • In Martian Successor Nadesico, resident otaku Hikaru Amano is suspected to be having a relationship with the much older Seiya Uribatake. Akito and Yurika track them down behind a large crate in the hangar bay, overhearing Uribatake advising Hikaru on how to hold certain tools and several other innuendos before Akito is forced to intervene. They then discover it was simply the pair of them making robot models.
  • In a scene in Mahou Sensei Negima!, Asuna is being goaded by some of her classmates into thinking that Little Miss Badass Vampire Evangeline may be doing something... untoward, to their ten-year-old teacher Negi. Things actually seem to be going that way from a conversation she overhears when they find them, but in actuality, she's just sucking his blood, and from his arm, at that.
    Evangeline: Hurry and whip it out!
    Negi: Evangeline-san, no! We mustn't!
    Evangeline: I told you, call me Master....
    • The scene mentioned in I Didn't Mean to Turn You On is repeated at the beginning of Chapter 263 to invoke this trope, though given the whole point of said event, only Negi is the innocent one.
    • Haruna does this on purpose when she creates a fake Negi so that the girls can practice their Pactio kisses.
      Haruna: In case anyone was wondering, he sports an impressive length of 23.5 centimeters!
      Other girls: *Shocked Stares*
      Haruna: Hmmmmmm? What exactly are you imagining? I was talking about his tongue, of course!
      Other girls: THAT'S EVEN WORSE!!
  • An episode of Umisho has Covert Pervert Shizuoka overhear Amuro and Kaname talking about something in a shrine. Amuro mentions something "soft, but when you poke it it, it gets harder." Shizuoka assumes the obvious, but in reality, they're talking about the state of the food offerings.
  • Doujin Work does this in practically everything it can get its hands on. (Um, wait...) A show dealing with the struggles of a newbie doujin artist, it often brings up jokes such as comparing virginity to being a beginner artist, and partnership to lesbianism. Every episode title also relates to some form of innuendo pun or hentai cliche. Although other times it's clearly on purpose, such as the creepy relationship between two other characters, more often than not it can disturb viewers from even getting into the doujinshi industry.
  • Kyousuke hears Monica and Kai engage in this after Kai's defeat at Monica's hands in the Monaco Cup arc of Yakitate!! Japan. Turns out they were just baking bread. It helps when your tenue de travail is an American flag bikini or a loincloth.
    • Another example occurs earlier in the series, when Kinoshita overhears what he interprets as Azuma sexually assaulting Tsukino. Turns out she was just upset by him soaking his dough. And that's not a euphemism.
  • In Ranma ½, poor Akane is the victim of one of these, as she overhears Ukyou and Ranma doing... something in the solitude of Ukyou's room, complete with the chef's squealing and Ranma's grunting. Many mentions are made of "pulling out" and "grabbing it." Ukyou is heard insisting Ranma to "make up his mind" and "pick one", which resonated too deeply with Akane's paranoia that Ranma would choose his cute fiancee over her. Akane, thinking the worst, bursts into the room with tears in her eyes... and finds Ukyou and Ranma playing Old Maid, preparing for Ranma's match with the Gambling King.
  • In Eyeshield 21's bath house manga arc, the boys listen in on Suzuna and Mamori's conversation on the women's side of bath house. Only after Monta erupts with a tremendous Nosebleed do we discover that Suzuna was referring to Mamori's bath towel.
    Suzuna: "Mamo-nee's big! Mine's small, still like a kid! Can I touch?"
    Mamori: "Oh, sure!"
    Suzuna: "Oooh, soft..."
  • Mika in Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu listens in on her older sister and Yuuto through a closed door. When she hears Haruka mentioning something of Yuuto's is "big and hot", she barges in and tries to interrupt — they were making pancakes.
    • Then there's the extended "drawing doujinshi behind closed doors" scene in Purezza (which, meaning "purity" in Italian, is arguably a lampshade). This one has Haruka's father joining in on overhearing, at which point he chops down the bedroom door with a sword before realizing the scene isn't what he thought.
    • The trope is getting so common in Purezza that, combined with its general overuse elsewhere, it's starting to push the boundaries of Discredited Tropedom. Virtually every episode features extended Innocent Innuendo, and every episode title. I.e. "Please Put It In," "My Body Is Burning Up," and "It Might Have Gone In."
  • Oh boy, is this trope in spades in Black Butler. The author uses this to lampshade the obvious Ho Yay between the two main characters. The corset scene and Ciel's asthma attack are the most well known (but certainly not the only times this trope is used). The former scene in both the manga and anime has Ciel shirtless, grunting and moaning and Sebastian behind him telling him to take it; lean against the wall if he has to. It turns out Ciel's being fitted for a corset. Oh, by the way, Ciel's a boy.
  • In Ai Yori Aoshi Kaoru and Mayu have a very suggestive dialogue about a card game.
  • In the first episode of Kimikiss, pure rouge, Kouichi ponders his new living situation with his "big sis" Mao. Mao then enters his room, saying she couldn't sleep. Cut to a camera shot of Mao's door, as we hear her moaning...about the racing game they're playing.
  • In one episode of Magic User's Club, Sae hears her best friend Nanaka and Aburatsubo speaking in the magic club room. What sounds like sex in the process turns out to be... him putting her onto his literal broomstick so they could fly around the school.
  • Basquash! has an extended sequence between Dan and Miyuki in its first episode that turns piloting one of the Bigfoot mecha into a much sexier experience, at least from the point of view of Miyuki's grandpa, who thinks that she's "doing it in the wrong order."
  • One of the main characters in Kanpai is a werewolf who ate a girl and was later transformed into human form. When he says that young girls taste the best, the schoolgirls interpret it as something else entirely.
  • To Love-Ru has one of these when Rito gets his hand stuck to Lala's tail, and Mikan overhears their attempts to remove it. This may not be innocent, given that Lala's tail is rather sensitive.
    • Happens again in Darkness, where at one point Mikan hears a very suggestive conversation between Momo and Rito in Rito's room one morning, ultimately panicking and rushing in to yell at Rito only to find them playing a video game together with Celine. Outside, Momo teases Mikan about what she was obviously imagining.
  • Sister Princess uses this when Haruka gives an injured Wataru a moxibustion treatment. Given the sugary sweet nature of the series, it's obvious from the start to any discerning viewer that nothing scandalous is happening.
  • Several episodes of Gakuen Heaven begin with some rather suggestive dialog between two of the guys. Sadly for fangirls, this is always revealed to be something completely innocent.
  • In Sora No Manimani, Mihoshi casually walks into Saku's classroom and mentions how the two of them stayed up all night, were exhausted afterward, and she can't wait to do it again. As she skips off singing about stargazing with Saku, his classmates are getting other ideas.
  • My Bride is a Mermaid:
    • An epic one involving San and Akeno in a bath, sounding for all the world like they're... enjoying themselves, while Nagasumi and Mawari listen outside. They were actually seeing how long they could stay in the water without reverting to mermaid form.
    • There's also one in the second episode, where Nagasumi tries to dry off San's tail while she's in her kimono. Except the rubbing itself looks... suggestive, to say the least, not even taking the dialogue into account. Oh, and San's parents happened to be walking by. The mother doesn't mind as much as the father...
  • In the Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei episode where Commodore Perry shows up for some reason and starts disturbing everything, one thing he does is interfere for the character Kiri Komoroi who typically hides herself in various rooms throughout the school. Her Catch-Phrase is "Don't open it!", so when he disturbs her, she makes a comment that "Only Sensei has opened me before." Itoshki-sensei comments that she shouldn't say things like that which give others the wrong impression.
  • Happens in Detective Conan: We see headshots of Hattori and Kazuha sweating and panting, mumbling things like "Shift to the right a bit," "No, a little higher," and "OW! That hurt!" Then, they pan out and we realize they're tied together, having been kidnapped, and were trying to loosen the bonds. Naturally.
    • Magic Kaito, by the same author, has a similar scene in which Kaito and Aoko are putting up Christmas decorations.
  • In FLCL, it's "batting practice" or "grabbing the guitar out of Naota's head" that's what they're calling now...
    • "Hey, I didn't know boys felt like this inside!" "Don't touch me there from behind!" "Hurry up and pop it!" "If you rush, it won't pop! Go slow!" It was enough to give every one of the female agents listening in a massive nosebleed.
    • There was also the case of Naota hearing Haruko trying to fix the robot she made of his father. "Why won't it stand up? It's got this extra layer..."
  • In the Hayate the Combat Butler "White Day" arc, Hayate runs into Hinagiku and ends up having to admit to her that he gave the cookies he was intending to give to Ayumu, to Maria instead. Her response 'You'll repay me with your body'. After Hayate's stuttering, she reveals that she was just talking about introducing him to a cafe-shop owner where he could make more. Why she used that specific phrasing is still confusing, though.
    • Nagi also falls for this trope often, and the other characters usually lampshade how she's misreading conversations to be innuendos when they aren't. In these cases, the audience was often watching the original scene, and then laughs at Nagi's misinterpretations. Sometimes the other girls fall into this as well, even though they know full well that Hayate is a Chaste Hero.
  • In Mitsudomoe, Hitoha named the class hamster Chikubi (Nipples), thanks to Futaba's boob obsession dovetailing with the little creature's tail. When the hamster starts feeling bad, Hitoha says she's going to take Nipples home, talking about how everyone touched it and pinched it. Then Nipples stands up and the class begins chanting the hamster's name, wanting to touch him. Kuriyama-sensei has been outside listening, and has some very wrong ideas about what was going on.
  • When Kunimitsu from Ayane's High Kick is first shown, he is standing in the shadows staring at Ayane during her Pro-wrestling tryout with a smug grin on his face. Later when he introduces himself he digs the hole even deeper... though he was simply trying to take her on as a kickboxing student, Ayane didn't know that at the time.
    "Nice legs, missy! I never thought I'd find a pair of legs like yours in this town!"
  • During the training camp set after the Prefectural finals in Saki, Fujita Pro invited Yumi to have a match with her and Hisa. This eventually led bit of dialogue in chapter 62 when Hisa was inviting the best players of the other schools to her room for some games so she can train herself.
    Hisa: Yumi...
    Yumi: Hisa.
    Momo: (to Hisa) Wh-wh-why are you calling her by her first name? (to Yumi) Who is she?
    Yumi: We got along well last night.
    Momo: Last night!? Got along well...!?
    Hisa: *winks* Let's do it again today
    Momo: *about to cry* ~~~~!!
    Yumi: Calm down, Momo. We're not doing anything special.
    Momo: Doing what...!?
  • In Nagasarete Airantou Suzu and Shinobu have a discussion about how much fun it would be to ride Ikuto. Sitting on his shoulders like Yukino.
  • In Dancougar Nova, Seimi finishes the Boost Nova Knuckle, and invites Sakuya to test it in the simulator room. Aoi and Kurara follow them, and listen in on their conversation, which sounds very sexual. They barge in to find Seimi standing outside the simulator, and Sakuya thrilled about his new weapon.
  • Shaman King had one scene in the anime with Tamao of all people. She's saying some odd things to Yoh, with her eyes squeezed shut and beads of sweat on her face. Then she wakes up.
  • Excel Saga Vol. 22 features this gem:
    Watanabe: ...How does it feel inside a little girl?
    Iwata: Hmm...It was kinda dull, you know...
    • They were talking about Iwata's brief stay in Ropponmatsu II's body. Sumiyoshi warns the two from making such comments in public.
  • In xxxHOLiC episode 3, Watanuki and Yuko have a very... interesting conversation (below) with no specific background to hint at what they're really doing. Turns out they were just playing baseball.
    Watanuki: Are you... sure about this?
    Yuko: I'm ready, Watanuki. Now. Give it to me. (the viewer is then shown the full scene of Yuko holding a bat) Pitch, Boy!
    Mokona: PIIIITCH!
  • Fullmetal Alchemist includes a scene of Riza Hawkeye in bed, moaning things like "Mmm, that tickles!" and "Oh, you're so bad!" only to pull the covers off to reveal her dog licking her foot.
  • Happened in the first Bleach movie when Senna was staying over at Ichigo's house. Senna was speaking in a very "suggestive" tone when she said that Ichigo's bed was comfortable and that she wanted to sleep in it. One of Ichigo's little sisters Yuzu and Ichigo's father were listening in on the conversation and thought something different was going on.
  • Kodomo no Jikan's second season's OAV: Kuro-chan and Shiro-chan starts with Rin making some very provocative sounds and saying some rather lewd things. Just to have the camera pan out to show that she is just at the nurses office and only getting a needle in the arm.
  • Mashiro in The Pet Girl of Sakurasou often does this, given she has No Social Skills and is also Innocently Insensitive.
    • Episode 2: Sorata's been her first... male friend.
    • Episode 5: She pretty much implied she has been having sex with Sorata all night, through use of "this and that"—in front of Nanami—while that "this and that" was merely playing video games.
  • Parodied in Binbougami Ga. Konjiki-hime overheard a seemingly perverted conversation between Bobby and Tanpopo, but she chalked it up to this trope in effect. Turns out Bobby was really groping Tanpopo's breasts.
  • In Oreimo, while Kyousuke and Kuroneko are dating, Kuroneko is in Kyousuke's room, and Kirino overhears them struggling with...something. She charges into the room angrily, only to find that they were playing a video game.
  • Witch Craft Works: One of Tower witches calls herself out on being an idiot, for even trying to get through to her comrade cat-eared rabbit-wielding witch girl Tanpopo, as the latter is oblivious to how saying that protagonist's woman (referring to fire witch successfully protecting him so far) is only after The white stuff, which is inside his body — could cause any misunderstanding. Takamiya himself, however, is dumbfounded thinking he didn't get that right.
  • In Mind Game, Nishi half-jokingly suggests to his love interest Myon to look for a Love Hotel after they met on the subway. Then the scene cuts to a series of misleading close-ups: on a disposed package of what could be condoms, a zipping sound, Nishi telling Myon not to move, Myon's straining face, Nishi's grinning face with grunting sounds. Cut to the Reveal Shot of how he patched up her ankle. What else were you thinking?
  • Zig-zagged in Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai. While listening at the door of the Library Club's meeting room, Nagi overhears Shirasaki telling Kakei that she's "never done this for a guy before" and asking if he's okay with it. At first Nagi jumps to the obvious conclusion, but she's smart enough to know that it's probably not what it sounds like. Determined not to fall for a "cliché", she opens the the sight of Kakei with his eyes closed wearing nothing but a pair of pants, and Shirasaki with her back to the door and her head in front of his crotch. Stunned that they actually were doing something sexual, Nagi quickly apologizes and bolts out of the room at top the rest of the Library Club members sitting around the table burst out laughing. In fact, Shirasaki was only measuring Kakei's waist for a costume she planned to make for him.
  • Samurai Champloo. In his introductory episode, there are a couple of scenes where it looks/sounds like Manzo the Saw is masturbating, but it turns out to be something innocent (i.e. exercising with his unique weapon). This is probably because he's a parody of Hanzo the Razor, who engaged in some...unique sexual practices.
  • Macross Delta: When trying to make emergency repairs to the colony ship, the Walkure hear over the radio Hayate and Mirage grunting in exertion and saying things like "Hold me tighter!" Freyja blushes and Reina amusedly says she doesn't want to know what the two of them are doing. Turns out that Hayate was trying to open a stuck valve, and needed Mirage to brace him for leverage.
  • Kaguya-sama: Love Is War:
    • Chapter 14 is built on these. Due to thinking that "first time" means kissing, Kaguya ends up implying that she had sex with her newborn nephew on camera (among other things).
    • Chapter 22 is sort of a continuation to that. Due to her inexperience, she started seeing every word and action as an innuendo. In particular, she described the act of sharing earbuds as "penetrating a membrane with a foreign object".
  • In one episode of WORKING!!, Yamada is desperately searching for "Daisy". Her coworkers ask her who on earth "Daisy" is, to which she replies that "Daisy is the product of my and Soma-san's love". Soma hastily clarifies that Daisy is the stuffed bear he gave her as a gift.
  • In the second episode of Slow Start, Eiko decides to dub her sister's soup as "Little Sister Sauce", and Hana is mortified. Eiko later admits that such a name implies that the soup comes from her sister's secretions.
  • Actually gets Played for Drama early in DARLING in the FRANXX. Piloting the titular mecha requires Synchronization between a male and female pilot, and the cockpit configuration is blatantly reminiscent of doggy-style sex. So it's little surprise to hear a male pilot being told to "Get it up!" when they're having trouble synchronizing, or a character being teased for "knocking one out" in a solo training unit. However it slowly becomes clear that the characters aren't trying to make innuendoes - they genuinely have no idea about sexuality and the implications of what they're doing, highlighting the disconnect between the intimacy implied by piloting and their sterile lives off-duty.

    Comic Books 
  • Used late in Y: The Last Man, where it's implied that the two main characters are getting it on, and it turns out that one is instructing the other in picking the lock on a deadbolt.
    • And again, in a conversation that simply cannot be anything other than two characters (one of whom is involved with another main character) giving mid-coital instructions... and that's exactly what it is. However, they're talking to their pet monkeys, who they've finally managed to coax into having sex (the male monkey, like the male main character, is the last male of his species and they very much want an impregnated female).
  • In a comic by Michael Kupperman, Roger Daltrey is continually thwarted in his quest for a "bird" (girl) by an old man who uses this technique to introduce him to actual birds.
  • And then there's "The Joker's Boner": Intentional or not?
  • Batman got in on the fun of Kinky Spanking, despite his current status as The Comically Serious - his first issue with Catwoman (then called "Cat"), he told her "Quiet, or papa spank!"
  • In Supergirl storyline Many Happy Returns, Kara and Linda are talking about stuff in the school lockers, and Linda notices that Kara is fixing her eyes on a wall. Kara explains she's looking through the wall and she's amazed at all the equipment she is seeing. Said equipment being sporting stuff.
    Kara Zor-El: I'm looking through it. It's amazing. All the equipment I'm seeing. So many sizes and shapes...
    Linda Danvers: All the ...? Kara! Just where are you looking?!
    Kara: The equipment room, where they keep all the sporting stuff, why?
    Linda: Oh, I thought you were peeping in at the guy's lock— Forget it. My own dirty mind.
  • A cover to an issue of Archie Comics has Archie responding to Betty that "I had to beat off three guys to get to you!"

  • Axis Powers Hetalia fanfiction:
  • Chapter 30 of A Day Indoors dials this trope — and the reactions to it — to 11, with Kotaro wondering why his flubbed lines in a rehearsal of Little Red Riding Hood leave Natsumi swooning in his arms or Ayaka and Chizuru getting impressive Nosebleeds.
  • Solaron, the main character of Tale of Solaron, does this in spades. Despite being one of the Serpent People, he continuously spouts innuendo whenever he talks to a lady for more than ten seconds at a stretch.
  • The Naruto fic Cat Flap, about Sasuke trying to sneak Naruto out of his house... yeah, it doesn't make that much sense in context either that ended on the words "Harder Sasuke!"
  • A Touhou-related Flash animation has Flandre Scarlet asking Sakuya "What's 'sex'?", before explaining to the increasingly alarmed head maid that since some internet-capable computers had been brought in Gensokyo, she'd been browsing around. As turns out, it's just a sign-up form asking for her gender. Remember, people, don't let kids wander the 'net unsupervised!
  • Used and subverted in this Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic, wherein Sokka and Toph are shouting at each other in the bedroom, much to the dismay of Zuko, who is right outside the door. It turns out that they were merely fixing the bed. It doesn't occur to Zuko to wonder how they broke the bed in the first place.
  • Kyon: Big Damn Hero has several of these, including one in the prologue where Haruhi asks if she can see it, and if it gets hot... she's talking about Kyon's beam sabre.
    • Elsewhere... Mikuru and Kanae describe their training session with Kyon leaving out enough information to make Haruhi think something is going on that really isn't.
  • One example is a Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fanfiction that is based around this trope called GX Misunderstandings, which relies largely on Jaden and Alexis invoking the trope and everybody else falling for it.
  • There is a Death Note fanfic, about Light and L installing a shower and Watari listening at the door. Hilarity Ensues.
  • When Bright Eyes (a/k/a Ditzy Doo) needed farrier work done on her hooves for her final confrontation with the griffon mobster who had ordered the deaths of her adoptive daughter's parents, she told Big Macintosh "I want you to nail me." Needless to say, he needed a second to regain his composure.
  • The Beyblade fic...Innuendo. Yeah.
  • This Mass Effect fic goes the One True Threesome route.
  • This moment from Chapter 16 of A Cure for Love, a Death Note fic:
    Sometime ago, Matsuda had left a post-it on one of the laptops in which he'd accidentally managed to wedge a biro into the CD drive in an attempt to extricate something.
    "Pen is stuck in drive"
    Only the 'pen' and 'is' were written too close together. L now had a 'penis stuck in drive' post-it stuck on his laptop screen. He was considering framing it.
  • The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Twilight's First Time has this trope as its entire premise. It starts with the rather straightforward title and only gets deeper from there.
    • It turns out the "activity" Twilight is about to perform is going to the dentist. Rainbow Dash, then subverts this trope by hitting us with this beauty: "Now all we need to do is get you laid."
  • Another My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic, The Weed, uses these very extensively as chapter titles and authorial commentary. For instance, when they break open a geode by filling it with water and freezing it:
    Author's Note: You clicked upon a chapter called 'wet crack.' What were you expecting exactly?
  • In YOU CAN'T TEST THIRTEEN while interrogating Light L is misled in this way when Light begins describing how awesome being Kira is.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Whispers, Arcanus overhears a rather suggestive conversation and muses that it's probably this trope. Then he investigates and finds out things are exactly as they sounded after all.
  • Similarly, this comic by The Weaver. Twilight hears some very suggestive dialogue between Pinkie and Pokey, and enters to see what's going on. "Wow. Okay. You guys are having sex. I don't know what I was really expecting when I barged in here."
  • A whole scene's worth, revolving around magnetism, in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Magnetism, including Rainbow Dash wondering if she's the top or Fluttershy is.
  • In Complications Matsuda and Mr. Yagami overhear L and Light through a door and think they're having sex. They're actually watching a movie.
  • In the first chapter of The Stepbrother Sitch, we're treated to an exchange about Kim Possible's doubts in doing certain things with Ron Stoppable. Like watching a silly reality series.
  • In Sophistication and Betrayal, the protagonist and his marefriend Rarity run back home for a tryst, only for the scene to cut to him... bouncing a ball off the wall. Naturally, the way this is described, you would initially think something completely different was going on.
  • This exchange from Flames and Twilight, on Twilight and Flare Blitz's first night as a couple.
    Flare: Are you sure you want to do this so soon? I don't want you to feel uncomfortable.
    Twilight: No, this is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. (Looks down and gasps in surprise) I didn't think it would be so big though.
    Flare: Well what did you expect? And I'm so happy right now; I could keep going all night.
    Twilight: Don't make promises you can't keep.
    • They're talking about reading a huge book together.
  • In Langsyne Snape makes assumptions:
    "What are you all doing out here?" Severus inquired of the group that appeared to be gathered outside of a particular room.

    "Shush." One of the robed men whispered to him, jostling for a position closer to the door.

    Snape felt his wand hand twitch at the blatant disrespect showed him. Here he was, one of the highest ranking Death Eaters—that being the inner circle—told, as if he were a child, to be quiet. "Who is in there?"

    "My Lord and the vampire." Said another which was quickly followed by, "Now shut up, I can't hear."

    Severus grimaced. When had the Death Eaters lowered themselves to a show of voyeurism? And on the Dark Lord of all people! The whole lot of them had to be damn near suicidal.

    "I've never heard of that one."

    "Me either."

    "There went the table."

    Severus turned a touch green. He didn't need, nor want to know what happened between his masters. It was bad enough just having the knowledge that they were intimate; he didn't need to eavesdrop as well.

    "Oh, the whip again!"

    "I can't believe that vampire holds up so well."

    "Well, you know what they say—."

    "Big things in small packages?"

    The group snickered. Snape turned abruptly on his heal and marched away as fast as he could without it appearing like he was fleeing.

    "Wonder where he's going?"

    "Don't know, but he's always been a bit squeamish. Especially of late."

    "Still, the curses they're using are amazing."
  • In one chapter of "The Phantom Reboot", this occurs when Jazz passes by Danny's room when he hears Danny and Sam attempting to meditate.
  • In Diaries of a Madman, Navarone's interactions with Spike and Ames usually result in ridiculous amounts of this.
  • ''Master and Weapon'':
    Hinata: "You're my first."
  • Tealove's Steamy Adventure, both the narrator and the characters are in on the act, with descriptions to make a trip through a cave sound like a long orgy. Or when they inquire about a literal plant (that serves as the story's macguffin):
    Snowcatcher nodded, licking her lips with a look of intensity on her face, and turned to Libra. “I think it’s about time you came out with it. What’s so important about Tealove’s bush?”
    “It’s not the bush, it’s the flower!” Libra answered.
  • In the Neptunia fanfic Year Of Ram, Blanc hopes this trope is in effect when she overhears one of her Token Mini-Moe sisters say things like "Now get on the bed like on the cover of that book". Of course, as soon as she decides not to intervene, she hears "I just gotta turn on the camera, then I can come over there to take that off you, and then I'll finally be a grownup too!". It was innocent the entire time. Ram, tired of being treated like a child, decides to re-enact the cover of one of Nepgear's "ADULTS ONLY!" doujinshi ("WhOte HOOrt versus The Tentacle Princess") thinking that it will make her an adult.
  • Advice and Trust:
    • In chapter 6 Rei shares details of past battles with a classmate... but she accidentally phrases it in such a way it sounds as if she is describing the pilots' sex life:
      Since after the Fifth Angel, when he forced open my armor with his blade and burst into my Entry Plug. No one else had ever gotten to my core with such need. He was urgent and forceful. It... made me smile." The faintest hints of such an expression appeared on Rei's lips. "I would like to do it again. Maybe more than once.
    • Rei does this again in Chapter 9 while practicing for a concert.
      Prepare your instrument, Nagisa. It is time to perform. Show me what you can do.
  • It happens several times in the narration of The Second Try:
    • In chapter 3, Rei participates for the first time to a physical activity with Shinji and Asuka that leaves the three of them sweating (they're on a hiking trip).
    • In chapter 4, we get to see Shinji, some time after starting his relationship with Asuka, nervously facing her, wondering why he agreed to do it with her so early (Asuka is making him pass a test to check his progress in his medicine studies).
    • In chapter 6, one scene opens on Asuka moaning in delight and begging Shinji not to stop, even for changing positions ( Shinji is massaging her feet which are sore from her pregnancy).
  • In Fighting for the Future, despite being smarter than the first time around, Luffy still has some problems when telling Robin about how they met. Besides him saying everyone thought she was a bad girl but he knew she was a good girl (to Robin's dismay), Luffy remarks that she saved his life because of his D. It takes a bit for Robin to realize he meant the "D" in Monkey D. Luffy, leaving her wondering what perverted activities they'd gotten up to.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, Izuku and Yang have this exchange when she promises to help him relax his sore muscles by doing something that is "really fun" with him. It turns out they're just playing video games, but dialogue is so suggestive it's easy to think otherwise.
    Yang: Well you shouldn't have gotten back up if you weren't ready to go again Slugger, now come on! It's time for me to make this three in a row!
    Izuku: Yang, please, have mercy! I'm still so new to this, you can't possibly just bat me around like this!
    Yang: I can and I will Slugger, and now you're just gonna sit... back... and... TAKE IT! WOO!
  • Triptych Continuum: From Triptych, in Chapter 30, after Rarity discovers Gentle reading to Twilight:
    "So when a friend reads to you," Rarity quietly continued, "your natural listening position is to lie down so that your head is resting on his forelegs?"
    Twilight hesitated, searched for a response, then wondered how visible that hunt had been.
    "I don't know," she replied, and also wondered if the words sounded just as defensive to Rarity's rotated ears. "None of you ever read to me. So I guess any position I use during my first time would be my natural one."

    Films — Animated 
  • Toward the very end of Igor, the main character shows Eva a blueprint. She asks him if he's really going to make it, and Igor replies that if it doesn't work out, they'll just adopt. The camera then shifts to Eva's POV, showing a blueprint for a dog.
  • The Thief and the Cobbler:
    • There's one character who appears to be peeing, but on change of angle he's only squeezing water out of his robe.
    • "Now that I have the balls, I'll go see the King." He was referring to balls, specifically the three golden balls that are a MacGuffin.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Kangaroo Jack: We see some guys looking at an envelope full of money in an airplane toilet, and cut to outside the toilet where we hear them saying something about scooping up brown and green stuff.
  • Mickey Blue Eyes: Something involving Hugh Grant and some other guy in a dressing room.
  • The first Austin Powers movie, specifically one infamous scene involving the phrase "Number Two" being shouted in a public restroom.
    "That's right, you show that turd who's boss!"
    • Also in the first one is a montage of Austin and Vanessa out on the town, ending with a scene back at the hotel room with the two of them audibly grunting, and Vanessa saying, "Oh come on Austin, get on with it." They're playing Twister.
    • The shadow scenes from the 2nd and 3rd ones.
  • xXx: State of the Union implies that Darius Stone (Ice Cube) immediately sought out a woman after escaping from prison. But the camera reveals that all the slurping and the "Who's your daddy?" comments are just him ravaging a cheeseburger.
  • Happens to Hermione in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. Harry and Ron are inside, testing Harry's new wand; Hermione is keeping guard outside. What takes place (for context, Engorgio makes things bigger, while Reducio makes things smaller):
    Harry (pointing at lamp): Engorgio!"
    Flame: (becomes giant pillar)
    Harry, frantically:
    What are you doing in there?
    Harry and Ron, unison:
  • The end sequence in Die Another Day of Bond and Jinx playing with diamonds is made to sound like something else from outside.
    Jinx: Wait, don't pull it out. I'm not finished with it yet.
    Bond: See? It's a perfect fit.
    Jinx: Leave it in.
    Bond: It's gotta come out sooner or later.
    Jinx: No, leave it in, please. Few more minutes?
    (Of course, we are talking about a diamond in Jinx' belly button)
  • In Bad Boys II, Mike (Will Smith) and Marcus (Martin Lawrence) have a frank discussion about the time (earlier in the movie) when Mike accidentally shot Marcus in the buttocks, and the subsequent problems. Unfortunately for them, the content of their talk makes it sound like the two are in a homosexual relationship... and the video camera just happens to be broadcasting their conversation to the entire store. A woman counsels them to "find Jesus".
  • The back massage scene in Tango & Cash.
  • Used in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. The King and Queen of the Moon have detachable heads, and the Queen has left her body with the King while her head assists the Baron in escaping. She is making curious little shrieks, gasps, and giggles, to the confusion of the Baron's child sidekick. The Baron explains that the King is tickling the Queen's feet. He is.
  • In Robin Hood: Men in Tights, they had Robin singing to Marian in ridiculous, overblown operatic style behind a screen, with Robin's sword angling up to look like he had an enormously erect phallus — much to the amusement of his Merry Men that were watching.
  • In Undercover Brother, Sista Girl is commenting on UB's big car, big hair and big jewelry as him "overcompensating for something", to which he replies "You forgot to mention my big, black, fuzzy balls". She's shocked at this till the camera pans back to him showing her the rubber balls he has hanging from his rear view mirror.
  • The Naked Gun has the following exchange between Frank Drebin and Jane after Jane climbs a ladder while wearing a dress:
    Frank: (looking up at Jane) Nice beaver!
    Jane: Thank you, I just had it stuffed. (comes down the ladder holding a stuffed and mounted beaver.}
  • From Superman II — Superman and Lois Lane are alone in the Fortress of Solitude:
    Superman: (nervously) I've never done this before.
    Lois: (snuggling up beside him) Just relax. You'll do fine.
    Turns out he was trying to cook a souffle with his heat vision.
  • Inverted in the short film version of DEBS, where the Charlie's Angels-like team thinks their colleague is being tortured, but her screams are actually the villainess giving her an orgasm.
  • In Police Story, Jackie Chan's star witness finds out he set her up to accept his protection by staging a hit for him to save her from. She gets back at him by setting his tape player to record over their interview, then manipulating events so it'll sound like their actions (such as Jackie spilling juice on her, and her sitting on a cactus) sound like they're about to have sex. Particularly cool here is that there are two English dubs of the movie plus the directly translated DVD subtitles, giving us three different versions that all work perfectly.
  • In Pee-wee's Big Adventure, waitress Simone's jealous boyfriend Andy hears conversation between her and PW that's not how it sounds...
  • Look Who's Talking does this with trying to get a splinter out.
    Mollie: Ooh! I've never had one that big in me!
  • Snakes on a Plane. A couple who were about to have sex in the bathroom are killed by snakes. The flight attendants mistake the couple's struggles for sex.
    "Oh he's good! (struggle stops) Okay, maybe not that good."
  • The opening scene of Van Wilder shows the titular character apparently receiving a blowjob from an elderly asian woman. Turns out she's a tailor measuring him for new trousers. (While enjoying a lollipop).
  • In Her Alibi, Phillip Blackwood is accidentally Shot in the Ass with an arrow while talking on the phone to his editor. The following scene (as Blackwood tries not to let on what's happened) gives the editor the idea that sex is occurring. While his girlfriend is trying to help him he shouts "Don't touch the shaft!"
  • In Disturbia there was a sequence showing how the protagonist dealt with his being stuck alone at home due to house arrest. One scene starts with the camera panning across the room. Before it reaches the protagonist, a rhythmic noise made by furniture can be heard, along with moans and grunts of pleasure from the character. As the camera focuses on him it is revealed that he was trying to scratch the itch on his leg which was covered by the GPS bracelet put on him for his arrest, when all the time the audience were led to believe he was satisfying a different kind of itch.
  • An example from American Psycho: what seems to be a sex scene turns out to be Patrick Bateman exercising while a Slasher Movie is playing on video.
  • Head Over Heels where the models are hiding in a bathroom stall where they hear two guys who they think are having sex. They're really trying to unclog the toilet. It doesn't end well.
  • At one point in I Wanna Hold Your Hand, one of the main girl characters is forced to hide in a hotel room closet. Before she can leave, the room becomes occupied by a man and his hired lady escort. The girl(and the viewers) can't see anything, but can hear giggles and sighs of pleasure. The girl finally decides that she has to get out of there even though she'll be seen. She bursts out of the closet and... the couple is fully clothed, having a picnic, and the lady is rubbing mayonnaise on the guy's bald head.
  • In Down with Love, Catcher (Ewan McGregor) is talking about his socks to Peter (David Hyde Pierce), and his secretary eavesdrops on the intercom mid-conversation:
    Peter: What would you say is the average length, for most men?
    Catcher: How would I know? You think I spend all my time in the locker room at the club making a comparative study?
    Peter: Let me see yours again, then. We could measure. I'll get a ruler.
    Catcher: Better make it a yardstick!
    Peter: Let's be accurate. Make sure you've got it fully extended. Have it up the whole way.
    Catcher: It stays up all the way, all day long, man! That's the miracle I was telling you about: better living through chemistry. You got... 16 inches.
    Peter: 16 inches! How long does a man's hose have to be?
    Catcher: That's 32 inches of confidence in every step. Don't forget - I've got two of 'em!
    [the secretary faints]
    • This film also pulls off some rather impressive visual innuendo during a split-screen phone call between its two lead characters.
  • A staple of the Carry On films; for example, in Carry On Camping, Barbara Windsor and Sid James (or possibly Bernard Bresslaw, or both) are heard saying things like "can you get it up?", "no, not there!", "is it in yet?", etc, to the horror of the men's girlfriends, who then discovers that the only thing that is being erected is a tent.
  • Implied in Mystery Team
    Duncan: If anyone asks where Eric went, tell them that three grown-ups took him away to teach him a lesson about sticking his fingers in things.
  • A deleted scene in Iron Man 2 has Tony Stark at a party apparently suggesting to his Sexy Secretary that they do something rude then and there — it turns out she's wearing his repulsor glove and Stark wants her to fire it at an ice sculpture.
  • In Wild Wild West, Jim is advising Artemus on how to improve the fake breasts in one of his outlandish disguises. He takes one and fills it with water instead of buckwheat, making it softer, and tells Artemus to compare it to the one he's holding. Coleman, the engineer on Artemus' train, overhears this suggestive conversation:
    Jim: Touch my breast.
    Artemus: Very nice.
    Jim: Now touch yourself.
    Artemus: Oh my God, I'm hard.
  • A Black Comedy version in If Looks Could Kill. A beautiful female assassin is sent to kill the protagonist, but while he's run off to get condoms she accidentally drops the scorpion she was going to kill him with down her dress. Meanwhile a rival assassin peeks through the keyhole and sees her bouncing up and down on the bed trying to shake the scorpion off. Assuming she's having sex with his target, he decides to blow them both up with a rocket launcher.
  • Python: A stereotypically bombastic real estate guy takes a rich Dumb Blonde on a tour through a big house. When the scene cuts back to them, she's commenting off-screen on how huge and impossible it'll be for her to swallow. Of course, they're talking about the property's value.
  • Played with in Alien: Resurrection. A scantily-dressed female Space Pirate is shown moaning in bed; turns out her lover is giving her a foot massage.

  • In A Brother's Price, after Jerin has been kidnapped, rescued by Cira, and re-kidnapped with her in tow, and has just picked the lock on his handcuffs.
    Cira: Get in the bed.
    Jerin: What?! *blushes*
    Cira: Pretend that you are still handcuffed.
  • There is a running gag in the Discworld novels where there is a reference to hanging someone up by their "figgin" or removing or roasting said figgin. Invariably accompanying these instances there is either a footnote revealing that a figgin is a raisin pastry or a moment where one of the characters is shown wondering why the prospect of those punishments would cause so much terror.
    • Similarly, in Feet of Clay a dwarf baker demands that the criminals who robbed him should be hung up by the bura'zak-ka (town hall). "Now now, you know we don't practice that punishment in Ankh-Morpork." (Because Ankh-Morpork doesn't have a town hall.) After all, they kicked Olaf Stronginthearm in the bad'dhzakz (yeast bowl). A fictionary can be a rich source of stuff like this.
    • "I'm the only one around who might be inclined to twiddle your handle again." from Thief of Time. Susan was indeed talking about turning a handle, as the person she was addressing had a wind-up time-storage device on his back, and he needed it to be kept wound so that he wouldn't fall victim to the frozen time affecting the rest of the Discworld.
    • When Captain Sam Vimes first met Lady Sybil Ramkin in Guards! Guards!, he arrived just as she was trying to get two of her dragons to mate ("I say, my man, do you know anything about mating?"), and what she said led Vimes to think she'd kidnapped someone and was doing things not just sexual but downright perverted to the poor fellow. The dialogue went like this:
    Sybil: "It's Lord Mountjoy Gayscale Talonthrust III of Ankh. You know, I really don't think he can cut the mustard."
    Sam: "He can't?"
    Sybil: "It really needs two of you."
    Sam: "It does, doesn't it."
    Sybil: "Could you oblige?"
    Sam: "What?"
    Sybil: "Oh, don't be squeamish, man. You just have to hold him up in the air. It's me who has the tricky part. I know it's cruel, but if he can't manage it tonight then he's for the choppy-chop. Survival of the fittest and all that, don't you know."
    Sam: *coldly* "Madam, I am an officer of the Watch and I must warn you that the course of action you are suggesting breaks the laws of the city—" and also of several of the more strait-laced gods, he added silently "—and I must advise you that his Lordship should be released unharmed immediately—"
    Sybil: "Why? It's my bloody dragon."
  • In So Long And Thanks For All The Fish, Ford Prefect is approached by a woman who offers him a good time and says she has a special service for rich people to make them happy. It turns out that her special service is to tell rich people that it's perfectly alright to be rich and they shouldn't feel guilty about it (she has a degree in psychology and economics and so can sound pretty convincing).
  • In the seventh Harry Potter book, surprisingly it is Hermione that comes out with one while the gang is making Polyjuice Potion to all turn into Harry. While watching the potion change colors, she blurts out:
    Hermione: Ooh, you look much tastier than Crabbe and Goyle, Harry. (everyone gives her strange looks) Oh, you know what I mean! note 
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel: When Chauvelin first meets up with Marguerite at the Fisherman's Rest, the latter confides her boredom and unhappiness in her marriage to her old friend, who says he knows the perfect remedy. It turns out to be helping him track down the Scarlet Pimpernel, but in context, it at first sounds like he wants her to have an affair with him. (Some adaptations actually promote Chauvelin to a suitor/lover of Marguerite, making this Hilarious in Hindsight.)
  • From New Moon:
    Bella: I put on my pajamas and crawled into bed. Life seemed dark enough at the moment that I let myself cheat. The hole - holes now - were already aching, so why not?
  • In The Art of Fielding, a chapter ends with Henry's parents forbidding him from wearing clothes his gay roommate bought for him. The next chapter opens with Henry lurking outside a door and hearing dialogue like this from inside:
    "You're big! You're ***ing huge!"
    "Give it to me! Come on! Finish it!"
    • It isn't until the door swings open that we find out he was waiting outside a weight room had only been hearing a couple of baseball players working out.

    Live-Action TV 

  • 30 Rock: In "Gentleman's Intermission", Jack says that he demands from his mentees, "Drive, Intelligence, Humility and Chaos", which he refers to by the acronym DIHC, pronounced "dick". This leads to him saying things like, "I'm looking for DIHC, Avery, and I'm going to take it wherever I can find it." After a few more examples of this, he pauses and says, "I hear it, and I don't care."
  • In an episode of All Creatures Great and Small, one of Tristan's nurse-friends went to sleep in his room while Tristan himself slept on the sofa downstairs. Siegfried woke her up in the night, thinking she was Tristan. Mrs Hall overhears only half of the resulting conversation... guess which half.
    Daphne: Oh, your brother was wonderful... and a perfect gentleman. He can teach you a thing or two, Tristan Farnon! [...] Oh, he certainly knows how to make a woman feel like a woman... if you know what I mean. [...] You notice men in my job. [...] You know, get to know things. I suppose you could call it, hm, sort of intimate.
  • In the third season episode of Angel "Offspring", Fred goes downstairs to the sound of Cordelia saying things like "My body doesn't bend that way." Turns out Angel was teaching her how to fight. In "Couplet", Cordelia can't have sex with the handsome Groo for magical reasons, so suggests they try something she used to do with her cousin. It turns out to be giving Groo a haircut.
  • Tobias on Arrested Development has a habit of making everything he says sound like a gay come-on. At one point Michael, not wanting to just point it out, recommends that he start recording himself, play it back at the end of the day, and see if he can figure out what he keeps doing wrong. At the end of the episode he does notice a pattern: "Oh, Tobias, you blowhard!"
  • Lester in Beakman's World has several instances of this. For instance, in one scene he's watering a plant, and from the camera angle, it looks like he's watering it, um, the natural way. In comes Beakman, who assumes what the viewer does, but when Lester turns to answer him, we see he's holding a watering can.
  • In episode 5 of Better Call Saul, "Alpine Shepherd Boy", Roland Jaycox wants Jimmy to help him with a patent for his new invention, Tony the Toilet Buddy, a toilet outfitted with a little recorder that is supposed to spout phrases of encouragement to kids as they poop into it. This is what happens:
    Roland Jaycox: Do you have children?
    Jimmy McGill: No.
    Roland Jaycox: My wife and I have two boys... 4 and 6. And let me tell you – toilet-training them? Nightmare, both times. They just didn't want to use the commode. So I wired a motion sensor to a voice chip, and, well, no sense getting all technical, but it's all about positive reinforcement. Meet "Tony the Toilet Buddy". And when you sit down to do your business, this is how he works.
    [Roland drops a wooden block in the toilet bowl.]
    "Tony the Toilet Buddy": Ohhh, yeah! That's the way! [Roland drops another wooden block in the toilet bowl] Gosh, you're big! You're sooooooo big! My goodness, look at you! [Roland drops another wooden block in the toilet bowl] Fill me up, Chandler! Put it in me!
    Roland Jaycox: Chandler's my youngest — loves it.
    Jimmy McGill: Huh. [Roland drops another wooden block in the toilet bowl]
    "Tony the Toilet Buddy": Give it to me, Chandler! I want it all! Mmmmmmm. Aaaaahhhhhh.
    Roland Jaycox: Anyway, it goes on from there. You get the picture.
    Jimmy McGill: Yeah, I, uh... Yeah.
    Roland Jaycox: So, what do you think?
    Jimmy McGill: It's a little sexual, maybe?
    Roland Jaycox: [confused] Sexual? What — what does that...
    Jimmy McGill: Suggestive, maybe — maybe that's a better word. Heh. Look, I'm not — I'm not saying this thing won't make you rich. I mean, some of your wealthier Pacific Rim nations — they'll love this — the crazy bastards. Heh.
    Roland Jaycox: I created this for children... Children, understand?
    Jimmy McGill: Well, hey, Viagra was originally invented to treat hypertension. Look how that turned out.
    [Cuts to Jimmy leaving the house while an angry Roland follows him]
    Roland Jaycox: [angrily] You're completely disgusting, you know that?!
    Jimmy McGill: Hey, buddy, you're the one with the sex toilet.
    Roland Jaycox: [still angry] Get off my property!
    Jimmy McGill: Hey, you know what? I hope you do make a fortune, ’cause Chandler's gonna need it to help pay for his therapy!
  • In the episode "The Recombination Hypothesis" of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon, Howard and Raj play Settlers of Catan. To best exploit this trope, Sheldon is the one who needs lumber.
    Sheldon: Who has wood for my sheep? [...] Come on, I just want wood! Why are you making it so hard?
    • When it reaches "the erection of my settlement", they start to wonder if he's doing it on purpose.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • In "The I in Team" Riley appears to be asking Buffy if she's OK with them having sex, but is actually taking her down to the Initiative's Elaborate Underground Base.
    • In "Lie to Me", Giles is unsure about a "surprise" date, but finally stammers, "Alright, I put myself in your hands."
      Jenny: That sounds like fun.
    • Buffy moped over Ford for months, and would sit in her room listening to "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls. She quickly shifts gears by saying she had no idea what the song was about.
    • Buffy glancing up from her career aptitude test to inquire, "Do I like shrubs?"
      Xander: That's between you and your God.
    • In "Killed by Death", Willow mentions that she and Xander used to like Playing Doctor (With medical textbooks and things). She's apparently still unaware of the real meaning of it, and is very confused when Xander says he didn't have the heart to tell her they were playing it wrong.
    • In "Earshot", Buffy, discussing her "Touch of the Demon", is obliged to mention that it was "A good touch. Not a bad touch."
    • In Season 4's "The Freshman", Willow's speech about her excitement with school, which when she notices the wide-eyed look from Buffy realizes how dirty it sounded.
    • And in Hush, though this is nonverbal, when the Scoobies are trying to determine how to defeat the Gentlemen, Buffy makes a fist and mimicks stabbing....vertically....while seated....upon seeing the looks from the others, she reiterates this with a stake in hand.
    • As their UST cranks up in Season 6, Buffy keeps mistaking innocuous comments by Spike for sexual invitations. Though knowing Spike, it would be just like him to make such comments so he can enjoy Buffy's flustered reaction.
      Spike: (calling on phone) Thought you might be up for a little grunt-work.
      Buffy: What?!? No! (lowering her voice so the Scoobies can't hear) No grunting!
      Spike: (smirking) I was talking shop, love, but if you've got other ideas... You, me, a cozy little tomb with a view... (Buffy hangs up on him)
  • An episode of the Clueless Recycled: The Series had Cher's dad overhearing her male pal through her bedroom door saying "it should be wrinkles." When dad enters, Cher's pal is merely showing how his dad showed him how to properly make a bed in the Marines.
  • Inverted on CSI, when a movie star's aide asks whether his boss wants French or Italian that night. It sounds as if they're talking about food, until the actor spots a pair of Asian knockouts across the casino floor and replies: "How about Chinese?"
  • Subverted on Dexter. We hear Lila talking to Dexter in a way that leads the viewer to think they're having sex, then we assume that she's probably just teaching him how to paint. Then the camera reveals that they are actually...having sex.
    • Also the entire intro. It strongly implies violence, blood, gore, and death, but is actually just images from his morning routine.
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Lazarus Experiment": When the Doctor meets Martha's mother Francine, he causes an awkward moment by saying that he and Martha haven't had much time to talk as they've been "busy" (time travelling). Fortunately, the conversation is interrupted before he can dig himself deeper.
    • "A Good Man Goes to War" has a lot of Ship Tease for the Doctor and Amy, strongly hinting that her baby would be his. (It's not, of course.) Creator Steven Moffat had a grand time trolling his fanbase with it, as usual.
  • An episode of Dollhouse opens with the sound of a woman moaning "Oh God!" in a beautiful mountain chalet. Rather than another 'romantic' assignment, it turns out that Echo is helping her give birth, having been programmed as a midwife.
  • A non-sexual example in Elementary: A character says to Holmes that she sees he must be a "fellow addict". Holmes is slightly taken aback that his past of drug use would be so apparent to her, until it becomes clear she meant a crossword puzzle addict.
  • Used several times in the Show Within a Show When the Whistle Blows in Extras, Andy Millman's character overhears increasingly innuendo-laden language in storms in on the other characters demanding to know what is going on. (Example: "Put it in your mouth", "Don't suck, blow" — one of the characters is trying to teach the other how to play the recorder.)
  • Subverted in Fist of Fun where they would come up with something that sounded dirty, twist it to make it sound innocent, and then do a further twist to reveal that it was in fact as dirty as it sounded. (For example, "Do you like Big Cocks???? Then come along to the annual chicken rearing contest." Although it's called a chicken rearing contest, only Men's Big Cocks will be on show.)
  • The Frasier episode "Matchmaker" subverts this by having Frasier discussing the same things he always does (music, clothing) with a man he doesn't know to be gay who assumes that he (Frasier) is hitting on him.
  • House did it in episode 4-12, "Don't Ever Change", when Roz needed an ultrasound. House asked Thirteen, "You do it both ways, don't you?", and after Thirteen took it the wrong way, he stated he was talking about two different ways to do the ultrasound.
    • Yeah, but he did that on purpose, knowing full well that she "goes both ways".
    • The whole "Blue the janitor" exchange. ("The janitor's name is Lou!" "Well, then I owe him an apology." Wilson sounds so traumatized.)
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • One episode has Marshall telling Lily (in a bar) that he wants to "give her the whole package", meaning provide a nice life for her. Lily insists that he already has a "huge package". The woman sitting next to them suddenly becomes very interested in Marshall.
    • In another, Mary the paralegal's description of her day falls into this territory as Ted believes that she's a prostitute.
    • Before she was a Canadian pop star, Robin was on a kids show called Space Teens. It contained truckloads of examples. It included such bits as the 'Beaver Song' and two teenage girls solving math problems while controlling a very long joystick to the encouraging words of Alan Thicke. The cameraman had shaky hands so all the footage is extra 'bouncy'. Barney even lampshades this by describing Robyn's TV career as one would describe that of a porn actress.
  • Subversion: In the Red was a BBC miniseries about politics and publicity. One of the protagonists is the speech-writer for the leader of a minor political party — he mainly got the job because he has a degree in English, and fancies the leader's daughter, but is too nerdy to do anything about it. By the end of the final episode the leader is facing a vote of no confidence, and the speech-writer cannot come up with anything better than a frank and forthright apology for only doing his best in difficult circumstances. Immediately upon finishing recording this into his dictaphone, the daughter comes into his hotel room, and takes her top off. Cut to next morning, and an anonymous secretary quietly picks up the dictaphone from the bedroom floor, trying not to wake the sleeping couple. That afternoon, the leader gives his speech in a triumphal manner. After the words as dictated by the speech-writer, he carries on: "I want you to take me. I do. Yes. Oh yes. Oh yes!" It got a standing ovation from the party.
  • In the Jonathan Creek episode "The Sinner and the Sandman", Jonathan has sprained his wrist trying to get tomato sauce on his breakfast, and explains to the vicar's wife that he was injured "whacking the ketchup bottle". Later, he refers to it as "banging the sauce out". She naturally assumes that this is an Unusual Euphemism for A Date with Rosie Palms. Jonathan never does learn what she's so shocked about.
    • Also happened on the earlier episode "Gorgon's Wood", in which he gets a brain freeze from eating Carla's sorbet, only for her husband to call her at that precise moment. She shudders to think what Brendan must have thought the screams of agony in the background were.
  • Kamen Rider Fourze: In one episode, Gentaro finds out that former Monster of the Week Miura has stopped attending school. He quickly declares "The best medicine for a hurt heart is friendship, so I'll make sure he gets his daily dose of me morning, noon, and night!" It gets worse when he meets Miura and says things like "Drink me up!" and "It may be bitter at first, but I'm sure I'll be good for you!" Judging by the reactions of those around him (including his best friend Yuki and Miura's girlfriend), Gentaro is the only one who doesn't realize what he's saying.
  • The League of Gentlemen has one scene that starts by making it look as though Benjamin is being forced to perform oral sex on Harvey. It turns out he's just cleaning the toilet brush.
  • My Family has too many examples to count. Here's a few big ones.
    • Done deliberately in "The Last Resort" to make the swingers next door jealous.
    • "Dutch Art & Dutch Courage" reveals that Alfie gives AMAZING massages.
    • "Canary Cage"
  • In The Nanny episode "A Fine Friendship", an in-universe version of this happens. Maxwell ends up seeing Fran in a bra and tells her to put a shirt on. The shirt gets stuck and this happens:
    Fran: (with the dress over her head) Oh, Mr. Sheffield, I'm so hot!
    Maxwell: Don't worry, Miss Fine, we'll get it on! I can't do this: get on the bed! (He tosses her on the bed and takes the dress off and then sees Niles in the door way grinning)
    Niles: If you let me tell Ms. Babcock about this, I'll work free for a year.
  • NCIS: "One Shot One Kill". A male character's inability to eat with chopsticks is made to sound like an inability to perform a sexual act upon a female coworker.
    • NCIS does this quite a bit — frequently with Ziva to blame. In "Silver War" some crack was made about Paris Hilton, both the heiress and the hotel — and the logical innocent innuendo follows... until Ziva smilingly comments that blondes aren't her type and walks away. (She does this sort of thing quite a bit in the earlier seasons, it's almost as if we're being led up to something...)
    • "In the Zone". When Tony and Jardine share quarters in Iraq, the camera gives a slow pan across their discarded clothes while we hear their ecstatic cries of "Yes! Yes!" We then see them in shorts and singlets due to the heat, overjoyed at finally establishing a videochat connection with their colleagues.
  • The New Girl episode "Spiderhunt" has a lengthy exchange between Nick and Jess. Nick is talking about Cece wanting to get a popcorn machine for the bar they both work in, and his reservations about it. Jess thinks he's talking about his reluctance to get into a relationship with Cece :
    Nick: It's not happening!
    Jess: Well... why not?
    Nick: Because I'm not interested! And I know it's not cool to say it, but, I don't like the way it would look.
    Jess: People are gonna say what they're gonna say. They're not reasons not to go through with it.
    Nick: Fine. You want to know my biggest concern? My biggest concern is the SMELL.
    Jess: ...The smell?
    Nick: The smell of it. Yeah, and it's not Cece's fault. I mean they ALL smell. I've told her that.
    Jess: You... told Cece... You think all women-
    Nick: Don't make this a feminist-
    Jess: I'm not making it a feminist thing!
    Nick: How?! They smell terrible! It's common knowledge!
    Jess: I thought the biggest concern would be how it affected the people around you!
    Nick: I'm pretty sure a bunch of old drunks will grab at it, but-
    Jess: But if your biggest concern is the smell, I'm sure that's highly manageable.
    Nick: Yeah, I guess, there's like special solvents and soaps. I... I haven't read up on it that much. You know, but you really gotta get in there and scrub it out! It's disgusting! You know, because of the daily wear and tear... and OIL, and grease, just... COOKING in there. It's enough to make a man barf! ...thinking about it. I mean, they get really hot!
  • In the New Tricks episode "Ducking and Diving", Brian develops an interest in deep-sea diving, and wants to share it with his wife, Esther. As he tells her he thought they could do with a bit more excitement and bought rubber suits after seeing a video at work, she looks extremely uncertain.
    • There's also the time Brian was trying to find out from Sandra whether he was paid the same or more than Gerry and Jack; in retrospect, he earned the strange look she gave him when he asked her "Are you fully cognizant of the size of my packet? Is it a large one or a bit...(makes a 'teeny' gesture with his fingers}?"
  • The Night Of: When a man in John Stone's support group says that he's "holding his own" in his dating life, Stone points out that it's an unfortunate choice of words.
  • An entire episode of the British children's series Rainbow was comprised of a series of sexual innuendos, including comments about "Playing with our friends' (toy) balls," and "plucking our twangers (musical instruments)". It was made by the cast and crew for their own edification, and with absolutely no intent of broadcast. Appropriately, it's even more over-the-top than most examples on this page.
  • Red Dwarf, in the episode "Bodyswap": Rimmer promises to workout Lister's body. After first hearing potentially orgasmic grunting, the camera pans to the door to the Gym. However, we then discover Rimmer was only in the jaccuzi reading a "photography" magazine.
    • Also played straight in "Polymorph" when Rimmer encounters the robot Kryten, complete with vacuum cleaner hose attached to his groinal socket, struggling to remove Lister's shrunken polymorphic boxers.
    • And again in "Nanarchy", when Kryten explains to Cat and Kochanski that Lister wouldn't be able to use one of Kryten's spare arms as a prosthetic because it would be so heavy that, "with the strain and extra weight, it would be impossible for Mr. Lister even to get it up". Cat remarks, 'He could always take it off if he was going on a date'.
  • In the pilot episode of the RoboCop: The Series, two minor villains are shown horizontally, facing each other, bouncing up and down, and panting. Then the camera rotates 90 degrees and zooms out to show that they're working out on treadmills that are oriented in opposite directions.
  • In one of John Mortimer's Rumpole stories, Claude Erskine-Browne overhears conversations between young secretary Dot Clapton and one of the judges that causes him to believe she is being sexually harassed. He tries to comfort her, and ends up accidentally harassing her himself. It is later revealed that she and the judge are both members of a theatre guild, and that they were rehearsing a scene.
  • Invoked by the recurring Saturday Night Live sketch "Delicious Dish", which features a boring, cooking-related radio show. In the most infamous instance, the "Schweddy Balls" sketch, the audience can see that the two radio hosts are actually eating Pete Schweddy's chocolate malt balls, but the unseen radio listeners would be getting all the unconscious innuendo.
    • Further pointed out in their sequel sketch about Pete Schweddy's new product: hot dogs (called wieners constantly). A breathless phone pervert actually called the show to ask about Pete's wiener. Obviously, Pete cluelessly played along.
    • And later in the Betty White episode, they do another one of these where they talk to an old lady who owns a bakery and came on the show to talk about muffins of various kinds.
  • In the Musical Episode of Scrubs ("Guy Love") we get an example of this:
    J.D.: (to Turk) You are the only man who's ever been inside of me!
    Turk: Whoa, whoa, I just took out his appendix.
  • The episode of Skins "Jal" has Sid helping Jal into her dress in a fitting room. We cut to outside in the shop where them struggling with the zipper sounds like them struggling with "other things". When Sid leaves the fitting room he is told by a woman that he is a pervert, much to his confusion.
    • And Pandora consists of this trope.
      Pandora: Come on! We can do brownies then lick our bowls out.
      Katie: Do you think she knows how filthy she sounds half the time?
      Effy: Sometimes I wonder.
    • And then a later instance where she notes that boyfriends "just want to get into her box".
  • Smallville: Lois teaches Clark how to use cuff links. "You just have to make sure this part sticks up straight and then it slides right in."
  • The Thin Blue Line:
    • The conservative and idealistic Inspector Fowler had a tendency to make statements containing innuendo that everyone except him could see.
      "Ah, Christmas — when Father brings home a plump bird for dinner and tells Mother to stuff it..."
      "Have I said something amusing, Constable Habib?"
    • And Inspector Grim when his job depended on an important operation.
      Remember, it's your cockup, my arse!
    • Grim is quite fond of these:
      It's my arse on the line and if you stuff it, I will be very red in the face!
  • Three's Company was notorious for this.
    • Jack and Chrissy are hiding in the bathroom, eavesdropping on Janet and her date, who, unbeknownst to them, are talking about some ferns Janet has in the apartment. They overhear Janet's friend remark, "Those are two beauties!" and Hilarity Ensues with the following further remarks: "If you want them to grow, you've got to put them in the window." "They feel a little dry. When was the last time you steamed them?" "They're so delicate!" "I've never seen such gorgeous exaltatus!" (Jack to Chrissy: "I've never heard them called that before!")
    • Mr. Furley, the landlord, overhears Jack and Chrissy in the bathroom together: "Let me get into the tub with you." "I can't get it up!" "Here, I'll help you." When they come out, Furley is surprised to see them fully clothed, and they explain that they were hanging a shower curtain.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place has a non-sexual, but hardly innocent example:
    Harper: What are you looking at?
    Zombie: I wanna have you for dinner!
    Harper: I have a date, jerk!
  • Xena: Warrior Princess
    • "Altared States" uses a particularly unsubtle bit of Subtext in a scene where we see Xena and Gabrielle's clothes strewn on the bushes and hear comments such as, "How was that?" and "Very nice!" It turns out that Xena is showing Gabrielle how to catch fish by hand while they swim.
    • An even better example comes from "A Comedy of Eros", in which Xena and Draco's clothes are thrown around, and they make grunting noises as the camera pans toward them. They were wrestling. Similarily, Gabrielle and Joxer's clothes are scattered, and Gabrielle asks to "go again". Joxer abliges. They were singing his theme song.
  • The X-Files does this a few times with Agent Mulder shown watching what sounds like a porn video, only to be revealed as either a legitimate FBI surveillance tape or "World's Worst Swarms" about someone being attacked by bees.

  • The Ames Brothers' song "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane" is entirely built around this trope, seeming to describe a woman of ... little restraint who has recently moved into the neighborhood, but who might be redeemed by the right man. However, the last line of the song reveals that the Naughty Lady is in fact a nine-day-old baby, and all the apparent euphemisms in the song are literal truths.
  • The Pogues' song "Small Hours" has one: "Now that you're alone with me — Close the door and turn the key — We'll stay up late and watch TV..."
  • "Me PSP" by The Lancashire Hotpots is made of this trope: "I try talking to the wife but she doesn't understand, the pleasure that it gives me when I hold it in me hand..." — referring to the eponymous handheld gaming device.
    • From the same song: "Been playing that Tomb Raider, have you seen the size... of the levels in that game?"
  • Many teenagers in the early '80s thought that Billy Squier's song "The Stroke" had sexual connotations — which is the main reason the song was a hit. (Yeah, and that drum lick's pretty cool, too...) The song is actually about the politics of the music industry.
  • The '40s R&B song "Big Ten Inch Record," later popularized by Aerosmith. There are also many other songs based on innocent innuendos.
  • Songs to Wear Pants To song The Struggle To Become A Baseball Player starts out with some very... suggestive grunts and moans, but then reveals itself just to be part of the struggle to become a baseball player.
  • Da Yoopers has a song called "My First Time Ever", which sounds like it's about a sexual affair, talking about how she "spread her legs" and finally how the "white stuff came". It turns out that the song is really about his first time milking a cow.
  • AC/DC's "Big Balls" is about the pleasure an upperclass gentleman takes in holding his massive... ballroom dances. They apparently give up halfway through when they start chanting "pullem, suckem, pullem, suckem!".
  • I CAN SWING MY SWORD! by Tobuscus. Which is really funny because he really is talking about a sword made of diamonds...
  • "Back That Thing Up" by Justin Moore starts out sounding like another Stuffy Old Songs About the Buttocks, with lines such as "Back that thing up / Put it in reverse, let Daddy load it up". Then in the bridge he says, "Ain't no time to play today, no rolling in the hay", and it becomes obvious that he really is just talking about a truck.
  • Nelly Furtado's "Big Hoops (The Bigger the Better)". Helped by the repeated chant of "the bigger the better"... which as the title indicates, it's about earrings. The misunderstanding would lessen if they just read the lyrics ("I don't wanna talk about sex, wanna express myself tonight.").
  • Another non-sexual example: "Dry Land Fish" by The Kentucky Headhunters sounds like it's talking about hallucinogenic mushrooms. However, the title is regional slang for the morel, a type of edible mushroom.
  • "She Had To Go And Lose It At The Astor" heavily suggests that "it" is the subject's virginity.
  • The Tradewinds' "Honeymoonin' Couple" ( You might think they're fighting, or frolicking in bed, when actually they're packing to go on their vacation.
  • Sir Reginald Pikedevant has a song praising his organ, saying things like "it's made of hard wood, which I rub every day". The video alone makes it clear he's talking about a musical instrument, but the lyrics are as suggestive as can be.
  • The Radiators (US) claim that their song "Suck the Head, Squeeze the Tip" is about eating crawfish the traditional Louisiana way.
  • Bill Anderson's "Wild Weekend," describing in sordid detail the singer's plans to sneak out of town and have a fling. The audience is led to believe he's sneaking around on his wife, but the last line reveals he is actually sneaking around with his wife.
  • Mark Chesnutt's "I'm In Love With a Married Woman." The married woman is his own wife.
  • "Fish" by Craig Campbell combines this with Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion. The song contains lyrics such as "She always wants to go down by the dam / And I love how she looks with that rod in her hand", and several subverted rhymes that sound like they're setting up the word "fuck" instead end with "fish", making it clear that the song really is just about fishing, with no innuendo intended.

  • Frequently used in The BBC radio comedies; some of them seem to do nothing else.
    • Especially I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.
    • The Janet & John stories told on Wake Up To Wogan elevate this to a fine art, telling a sugary story in the style of a children's book about what John did that day. Unfortunately, when he explains it to his wife Janet afterwards, his adventures with Melanie Frontage and Pastor Kidneys don't sound quite so innocent to her.
      See John run. Run, John. Run.
  • Used by Canadian radio personalities Mad Dog and Billie in a contest to see who had the strongest stomach for weird food. She brought tongue, he brought pickled bulls' testicles. ("I sucked your tongue, you have to lick my balls!")
  • The Doctor Demento Show is full of songs with innocent innuendoes. One is "Davy's Dinghy" by Ruth Wallis, which turns out to be about a boat.
  • In an episode of Hello Cheeky, this is done in one sentence, with the title of a parody song given as I Wanna Give It To You, Babe, But I Can't Get It Down Off The Wardrobe.

  • In Bells Are Ringing, Inspector Barnes enters the Susanswerphone offices confident that he can close it down for being a prostitution front. Ella unwisely starts telling him about the personal degree of service she provides her customers with, and how Sue chides her for spending too much time on each one. Ella then picks up a call on the switchboard, but hasn't finished answering her caller before being interrupted by Barnes, who apparently has been listening only to her side of the conversation (the audience gets to hear both sides). He triumphantly declares Susanswerphone busted, and produces the taped evidence he thinks incriminating enough to send all the answering girls to the Women's Detention Home:
    Ella's Voice: "Madame Grimaldi's. No, the Madame is out. Which girl do you want? There are several of us. Oh, that's me! Charge? Oh, for any friend of Madame Grimaldi's, it's free!"
    Barnes: Now, which one of you is the Madam?
    Ella: That's Madame Rosina Grimaldi, the opera star, and I happened to recommend a mustard plaster to her for a cold, and this friend of hers—Ohhhh! (with sudden realization) Have you got a dirty mind!

    Video Games 
  • If you check some books in the Library in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, you'll get this exchange.note 
    Clover: It says "Riemann Hypothesis". What is there to hypothesize about with a reamin'? Isn't it pretty straightforward?
    Snake: Heavens no. There are many factors — Length, girth, lubrication or lack of... It's an exciting and rapidly growing field.
    Clover: Whoa.
  • An Easter Egg scene in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater involved what looked and sounded like a sex scene, with both Snake and EVA grunting and groaning and making comments to each other — we see quick cuts of their faces twisted in exertion, and silhouettes of them on the far wall. EVA gives a final passionate wail, and we get a shot of her grinning face — and her hand, in which she's holding a tracking device one of the villains implanted on Snake, which she'd just managed to pull out. Hilariously, the shadows are of both of them wrestling.
  • Played repeatedly by Oghren in Dragon Age: Origins... maybe. The player (and most of the game's cast) are forced to guess just how innocently Oghren has been 'polishing his sword'. He also plays this one (seemingly) completely innocently a different time in reference to catching Alistair "pike-twirling".
    • And Awakenings has Oghren spot a darkspawn trying to steal his stuff, leading to the infamous line "No-one touches Oghren's junk and lives!"
  • Done by-the-book in Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven. Ayame overhears a villain telling a woman "what a nice pair you have, but let me show you mine!" They are talking about poker.
  • In Fire Emblem Awakening, during Lucina's A support with Brady, she walks into his tent and proceeds to pin him to the ground, shouting about how he should "submit" and "turn his body over to her". She really just wants to give him a massage because he's been pushing himself so hard. Of course, the other characters think it's something else...
  • In EXA_PICO, this happens often:
    • In the first game there is a scene where Lyner inserts a life-extending agent into Aurica. The dialogue sounds like it's Aurica's first time.
    • Similar scenes (although admittedly not quite as over the top) when the Reyvateils describe the diving system, as well as when introducing the concept of installing.
    • In Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica, this is also done with Croix and Cloche, complete with Croix's horrified reaction to seeing the life-extending agent for the first time. "She can't take a crystal that big!"
    • In Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel Finnel complains about lossing her 'dive virginity' to an Idiot Hero like Ruto in a talk topic. Without context this would sound like a lover's spat.
  • "By the way, Innes' is gigantic. Don't those get in the way for girls?" A pair of skits in Tales of Hearts have the characters talking about the Mighty Glacier's signature weapon and appetite, respectively, and sounding like they were about her Boobs of Steel.
  • This conversation from Visual Novel Magus Tale:
    Rena: Ehh, but i want to try your banana...
    Daiki: (Don't get excited! Don't get excited!)
  • The Male Draenei in World of Warcraft will stray into this during his silly emotes. "When we arrived here, I had lost many jewels that had been in my family for generations. If you could get your hands on my family jewels, I would be deeply appreciative."
    • Also, the names for the Sons of Hodir daily quests: "Blowing Hodir's Horn," "Thrusting Hodir's Spear" (unlocked by completing the quest "Raising Hodir's Spear") and "Polishing the Helm" (unlocked after completing "Mounting The Helm.")
  • In Ever17, when explaining her existence as a hologram projected directly onto the retina (RSD) with distance and location where she chooses it to be, Sora mentions how her voice's location will also seem to change. When she's to the right, she seems to be heard from there, or to the left, or 60 feet behind. 'And when I am under you,' At which point Takeshi and The Kid question her being under them and she gets embarrassed and tries to end the conversation.
  • Ridge Racer: "Start your engines, and let's get it on!", in a sultry voice.
  • The following conversation from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney case 1-5 about the pipe organ in Chief Gant's office:
    Detective Gumshoe: The Chief's organ sure is a sight to behold. Occasionally we hear him playing it from the Criminal Affairs department.
    Phoenix: (That's on the 2nd floor, and this is the 15th!)
    Gumshoe: When a detective screws up, the Chief calls him to his office...and makes him listen to the organ for hours.
    • In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All, there is a scene in which the characters are talking about Max's bronze statue that is constantly referred to as "Max's Bust" the trope is both played outright and subverted in this case.
    Moe: "That's Max's bust. You can see it in this photo!"
    Phoenix: "Max's...bust...?"
    Moe: "Yeah! That thing is huge!"
    Phoenix: "Maybe I should ask more about Max's bust...Not that I'm into that kind of thing..."
  • One scene from Little Busters! has Haruka inviting Riki to do a very...suspicious-sounding activity together. ("First it's like 'nnh', then there's 'hnng', and then it's time for the sticky stuff. And it'll feel really good~.") Once Riki agrees, it's revealed she was actually just asking him to fix a bench together with her.
  • Rin in Katawa Shoujo is prone to these.
    Rin: Should I do it with my feet or my mouth?
  • Some people think this about Gergoth, from the Castlevania Universe: It's a monster that seems to be some kind of zombified bipedal dinosaur, without arms. But the big legs, the form of its body and... the head, makes everyone who thinks about it to raise an eyebrow. It gets worse when it uses its best attack: when it opens its mouth, the skin of its head is peeled off, revealing its tender pink underflesh, then it shoots a BIG WHITE LARGE BEAM against the hero... You can check it here.
  • This is pretty much the whole gimmick of Muja Kina, one of the rivals in Yandere Simulator, who's a Hospital Hottie who's unaware of the implications of certain phrases.
    "Come see me anytime. I'm always happy to take care of you..."
  • The second encounter with Zeke in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 before the fight against him culminates in one of these:
    Nia: Listen, pal. I'm sorry, but we really don't have time to play with you today. So hurry on home, OK?
    Zeke: What's this? Were you so frightened by our power that you wet yourself, furry-ears?
    Nia: Did I WHAT? You've got a lotta nerve, you one-eyed monster!
    [Eye Take by Rex, Dromarch and Mythra]
    Rex: N...Nia? You do know 'one-eyed monster' usually means-
    Nia: Huh?! Means what?!
    Rex: Um... It's, ah... Mythra, why are you blushing?
    Mythra: Shut up!
    [smacks Rex into the screen, shattering it into the combat sequence]
    • In an early scene, immediately after agreeing to be partners Pyra cheerfully invites Rex to touch her chest. She clearly means the glowing green crystal embedded in her sternum, but Rex still hesitates for a moment. Pyra never seems to realize what she said.
  • Shining Song Starnova:
    • In the common route, Sasami invites Mr. Producer over to her house. The screen then Fades To Black, and the ensuing music and dialogue imply that they’re about to have sex. In reality, Sasami just wanted to show him some of her memorabilia: her comments about “it” being so big were referring to a box that she was struggling to pull out of her closet.
    • While the team is vacationing at an onsen, Natsuki sneaks into Mr. Producer’s room and gives him a much-appreciated back massage. The other girls, who had gone looking for Natsuki after she gave them the slip during a debate about who should be Starnova’s center, overhear Mr. Producer’s groans of pleasure and conclude that Natsuki is having sex with him, though the misunderstanding is quickly cleared up.

  • The page picture comes from this strip of College Roomies from Hell!!!, when Marsha suspects that Mike is pretending to be gay in order to break up with her.
  • In Twice Blessed, Cade Masters ruins Melchior's chances with a very attractive barmaid when he innocently mentions Melchior's troubles with his Rod of Wonder.
  • Shows up from time to time in The Order of the Stick, such as in strip #28, "Just Like on Three's Company" where Haley is remarking on Elan's new rapier ("I mean, sure, it's awfully skinny, but he uses it so masterfully...") and in strip #123: "Double Your Entendre, Double Your Fun," where the overheard conversation is about a pair of gemstones ("So round and flawless...") that Haley just happens to keep stashed away with her possessions. Inside a chest that's apparently a bit hard to open. ("Hey, V... can you help me take this top off?"). Lampshade Hanging occurs when the (known) guys fall over themselves trying to listen in, and Haley remarks the noise is "just the boys eavesdropping and misinterpreting our conversation". And the discussion of Hinjo's "junk" in strip #418, which is helpfully titled "It's a Type of Boat".
    Belkar: I sense a great disturbance... as though a thousand double entendres cried out, and were suddenly silenced.
    • Though the first example is subverted when Haley adds "V says Elan has been running around naked, so I'm off to see what his 18 Charisma is worth under the hood.' "
    • "Slipping the wood" to some dryad hussy might count as a Double Subversion, as the incident in question is treated as being just as bad as if it had been in that way.
  • Another example, in this episode of 8-Bit Theater, Black Mage hears sounds coming from next door, where White Mage and Black belt are sleeping. It sounds like some "action" is going on, however Black Belt is only practicing kung-fu moves while jumping on the bed.
    • Then there's the installment where Red Mage hides the team from Sarda in his A-hole. It is also entirely accurate to say that they are in his B-hole.
    • As well as a fairly good percentage of the things Red Mage says. "There is no problem that can't be solved by creative and vigorous use of animal husbandry!"
  • Parodied in Bigger Than Cheeses (NWS link) and PVP: when a character overhears a conversation that sounds like two people having sex, the eavesdropper displays awareness of this trope and avoids leaping to conclusions, only for it to be revealed that the overheard characters genuinely were having sex.
  • Another example is this Flaky Pastry strip.
  • Used in an RPG World comic, turning out to be one of the characters struggling to put on a shirt that's too small for him with the help of one of the other party members, accompanied by an almost apologetic note from the author.
  • Used in this House MD cartoon to spoof a scene in House where Dr. House does walk in on Cameron and Chase having sex (or starting to, anyway) in a closet.)
  • Used in a Misfile strip.
  • This Dominic Deegan strip.
  • This Home On The Strange strip has two women discussing the unusually large size of a man's... book collection.
  • Tsunami Channel has done this on multiple occasions. Pulled off well in this two-strip installment of Experimental Comic Kotone. Done rather clumsily in this strip of Magical Mina.
    • Immediately after the aforementioned incident in ExCoKo, Konstantin thinks this way again despite actually being able to see what's going on.
  • One of the last comics of Queen of Wands used shadows to give Aeire's readers' chains just one more little yank.
  • Namir Deiter: Having already established "Cookies and pudding" as an Unusual Euphemism, Tipper offers some to her sulking fiancee, Charles. Cue Jacinda walking in on... a fully-clothed Tipper feeding fully-clothed Charles cookies dipped in pudding.
  • In Elf Life, Filis is gushing to Airek about how she and Baughb spent the previous day "frolicking". When Airek mentions that she didn't need to use euphemisms around him, she explodes:
    Filis: When I said we frolicked, that's what we did! If we'd @#$%ed, I'd have said we @#$%ed!
  • The "Innuendo" arc of It's Walky! has about a week of innocent innuendo used to mess with the mind of another character.
  • Done over the course of two strips in Sluggy Freelance.
  • Classic scene in The Heroes of Middlecenter where Dark and Kiki are chatting in one part of the baths, but they don't know that Wolf and Thatch are bathing in the other side, and can hear every word they're saying.
    Kiki: (indicating a small bird.) What's that?
    Dark: It's a booby. You act like you've never seen one before.
    Kiki: Can I touch it?
From there, it gets more and more suggestive until Thatch and Wolf decide to look over the wall to see what's going on, and Kiki gets pissed off and uses water magic on them, draining the bath.

    Web Original 
  • Lemon Demon's "Song of the Count" turns the Sesame Street song sung by Count von Count into one of these. It places a Sound-Effect Bleep over every instance of the word "Count." That the Sound-Effect Bleep used *is* actually for that most versatile word does not help in the least. The 'ck' at the end of the Sound-Effect Bleep is particularly noticeable at the beginning of the song.
    I *** slowly, slowly,
    Slowy getting faster,
    Once I start at *** ing it's very hard to stop!
    Faster, faster, it is so exciting!
    I could *** forever; *** until I drop!
    • The music video for Lemon Demon's song, Geeks in Love has a blink-and-you'll-miss it example: at 3:12, a Censor Box covering up the girl playing foosball with the guy. "OMG HOTT foosball ACTION!"
  • The Official Fanfiction University of Redwall had a scene like this which turned out to be a boy getting a tattoo.
  • Ultra Fast Pony: Near the end of "Random Eye Magic", Twilight's bizarre but mostly innocuous prior activities in the episode get described in the worst possible ways.
    Applejack: Oh well, top o' the morning to you, Twilight. Any reason you smell like salad?
    Twilight: Spike was covering me in his juices! [Referring to the fact that Spike was treating her snake bites with tomato juice.]
    Applejack: You know what? Let's just pretend I didn't ask anything, and that I don't know ya, and that you're goin' away now. Alright?
    Twilight: But I feel so helpless!
    Applejack: I said I don't want to know!
    Applejack: Now Twilight is going around doing weird things, Celestia-knows-what.
    Pinkie Pie: Me and her were being silly on the ice! [They spent the day ice skating.]
    Rarity: We were planning on torturing Rainbow Dash together! [Twilight wanted to get revenge on Rainbow Dash—torturing was purely Rarity's idea.]
    Fluttershy: She was playing with butt snakes! [Literal snakes, the source of the aforementioned snakebites.]
    Applejack: I did not actually want to know what she was doing! Why would you tell me that?
  • This little gem from Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    Zarbon: Lord Freeza, Vegeta's really giving us a pounding!
    Freeza: I'm coming Zarbon! Quick! Grab my balls!
    • Hell, virtually anything that Zarbon says. This is lampshaded after his death.
    Freeza: (after hitting Goku with lava) What do you think of that, monkey?!
    Goku: My butt is flaming!!!
    Freeza: (sighs) I miss Zarbon.
    • And then Gohan having to act as man of the house by catching fish for dinner after Goku's apparent death. Or, as Krillin puts it...
    Chi-Chi: Alright! I demand to know who has been spreading rumors that I have been forcing Gohan to, and I quote, POUND. MY. TUNA!
    Krillin: Look Chi-Chi, if it really upsets you, we'll all take turns pounding your tuna, ok? But, only if we get to eat it together.
  • Parodied in the Bonds Beyond Time Abridged movie:
    Jack: Yusei! Show him your junk!
    Yusei: What?
    Jack: Warrior! Show him your Junk Warrior!
    Yusei: I've got a better idea. Come on out, Stardust Dragon!
    Jack: Okay, now whip out your junk and wave it at him!
    Yusei: What?
    Jack: Warrior!
  • A TV Tropes example. The titles of Playing With subpages can also be this for certain anatomy-based tropes, more specifically ones involving often-sexualized body parts. For example, PlayingWith.Boobs Of Steel sounds like it's about going to second base. While PlayingWith.Gag Penis sounds like it's about jerking someone off.
  • A Not Always Learning post has a high school teacher asking just WHAT it is that a trio of male students were looking at on the computer that elicited this conversation:
    Boy #1: “Hey man, check these out! Those are NICE. Do you think they are real or fake?”
    Boy #2: “Oh, yeah, Those are fake, though. They gotta be. No way those are real.”
    Boy #3: “Yeah, you can tell just by the way they look. Those are fake, for sure.”
They seem genuinely confused by the accusatory tone of their teacher's voice and by her laughter when they answer her. They were actually looking at shoes, discussing whether they were real Nike Jordans or just cheap knockoffs.

    Western Animation 
  • Codename: Kids Next Door, "Operation POINT": The entire episode qualifies, as the KND are convinced that they've stumbled on to a factory that turns teens into adults, while we're convinced that "The Point" is where teens make out, among other things. One individual moment involves the KND opening a teen's car and going "Eww"... and it turns out to be a pile of cold fast food left in the car instead of teens making out. Later on, they're surprised to discover a rollerskating rink where they expected the factory to be.
  • Teen Titans:
    • In the episode where Blackfire visits, there is a scene where Starfire sees Robin and Blackfire's shadows and Blackfire is saying "There. Hold me just like that." After which, she throws Robin across the room in demonstrating some martial arts move.
    • In another episode, Raven is being held back by strange little aliens. One scene, possibly a triple entendre, begins with her laying down making noises suggesting either pleasure or pain. (The motives of the aliens haven't been explained.) The camera zooms out to reveal the aliens giving her a back massage.
  • Justice League:
  • Futurama: Professor Farnsworth calls the crew to his bedroom for a "special presentation" and closes the curtains. The ensuing dialogue ("It's beautiful!" "And so huge!" "Can I touch it?") refers to the atom of jumbonium that the professor had been hiding under his mattress.
    • Additionally, one episode starts up with Fry lying alone, awake, in bed, with a continuous sound of springs going up and down playing. He then asks them to stop, and the camera rolls to reveal that, as this is a robot apartment, two nearly-identical spring-mounted robots are playing cards.
    • Subverted in another episode, where Fry and Amy take a trip to Mercury but Amy's pod breaks down. When a man comes to help them, he gets excited when he sees the windows steamed up. He's disappointed when he sees them just playing cards. However, they do start making out later on.
    • Leela and the others think Fry and Amy are having sex in the closet. But, in reality, they both are pretending have sex to tease their friends. Seconds later Fry and Amy actually do it.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Used in the episode where Bart and Lisa find and play a tape labeled "Homer and Marge Get Dirty", which is eventually revealed to have the two of them carving pumpkins.
    • Used (and played with) more successfully when Marge fears that Homer is sleeping with his Vegas wife, and later overhears them together in the treehouse. The viewer is actually let in on the secret as we see her putting together a hoagie, with suggestive commentary by Homer; Marge listens worriedly, then:
      Marge: Oh, no... she's making him a sandwich! (Homer: Use both hands!)
    • Lampshaded when Homer asks where the milk is at a convenience store, and the shopkeeper points down... to a glass case of milk, to Homer then replies, "Oh, for a second there I thought you were pointing at your crotch."
    • "The Last Temptation of Homer":
    Mindy: Homer? I got a really wicked idea that could get us into a lot of trouble.
    Homer: Oh, Mindy... we have to fight our temptation.
    Mindy: No, Homer, let's do it. [beat] Let's call room service!
  • South Park:
    • Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls. Which is then subverted, or something, when Chef goes over to The Darkside (with a Darth Vader Suit and red lightsabre spatula) and becomes a pedophile.
      Darth Chef: Hello there children. How would you like some Salisbury steak? [...] And for dessert, how would you children like to suck on my chocolate, salty balls?
      William P. Conoly: Oh, you mean like a chocolate candy?
      Darth Chef: No, I mean my balls.
    • And this exchange:
      Cartman: Okay that's fine, I'll just play with myself then, I like playing with myself anyway, I could just play with myself all day!
      (Kenny bursts into laughter)
      Cartman: Stop laughing, Kenny!
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • In "The Painted Lady," Katara and Aang come back to camp at sunrise. Sokka wasn't happy about their "morning walk." They had been out all night to destroy a factory.
    • In "Nightmares and Daydreams," Zuko is moping at Mai's house about apparently not being invited to a war meeting. His girlfriend puts her hands on his shoulders, smiles mischievously, and whispers, "You know what'll make you feel better?" There is just long enough of a pause before she suggests ordering a tray of fruit tarts to raise eyebrows.
    • "I don't need any protection!" "Hah, believe me, she doesn't." facepalm
    • "The Drill." "Something came up. Something big." "Here it comes!" The...hypnotic thrusting, and splashing"mud" on the wall as it penetrates.
    • In the comic Rebound, Mai protests when her date expects her to "go down a dark, deserted stairwell with a guy I just met," but it turns out he's only taking her to a secret meeting of La Résistance.
  • Captain Planet: The Planeteers find Wheeler's and Linka's clothes in the woods... right before the viewers see they were just shrunk by Dr. Blight's latest experimental Applied Phlebotinum, and their clothes didn't shrink along with them.
    Ma-Ti: Where would they have gone?
    Kwame: Without their clothes?
  • In an episode of Rocko's Modern Life Heffer is talking to a female cat at a gym he's shaking nervously and turns around sweating, shaking, and grunting heavily implying that he's masturbating but the camera turns around to reveal that he's trying to eat a burrito with chopsticks.
  • The Backyardigans:
    • During the episode, "Le Master of Disguise", once Austin gets in the train, Uniqua tells him to show her his "ticket". Once he hears this, he gets an embarrassed look on his face.
    • Also, during "Escape from Fairy Tale Village", Austin asks Uniqua how are her "lollipops" doing. During that episode, she portrayed the witch from "Hansel and Gretel", but he would be possibly referring to the other lollipops...
  • There is the hilarious Duckman "titmouse" moment, a brilliant six-line conversation between the titular character and his sidekick in which the usual over-the-top sexual tone of the show is taken down a notch and the two of them discuss if "squeezing the titmouse" is an acceptable activity, before rounding off the conversation with a nice lampshade, asking when the V-chip will be installed and their (somewhat innocuous, given the rest of the show) conversation would be bleeped.
  • Family Guy does seem to be fond of these.
    • One episode during the period Peter worked as a fisherman had him become rivals with another fisherman. The two set up their fish stalls right next to each other and when Peter isn't looking, his rival switches the sign on Peter's stall for one that says "I Had Sex With All These Fish", which Peter doesn't notice, causing him to say a lot of unintentional innuendo when in a conversation with who he assumes is just a regular customer asking how he catches fish.
      Man: [notices sign] Wow. So how do you do it?
      Peter: Oh, you're very nice to ask. Well, first I hang the ol' worm out there, they usually go for it. So I jerk 'em around a little, they fight for a while, and then they just lay back and accept it.
      Man: [gives Peter a card with his phone number] How about we get together later?
      Peter: [confused] Um... okay?
    • Another memorable line is Peter telling Lois "Ok, but remember our agreement, I go to this thing and tonight I get anal. No matter how clean I want the house, you have to clean it!"
    • When Peter says that if Lois wants a job, he has a job for her "right here", while indicating to his crotch area. Then he clarifies that his zipper is broken and he wants her to fix it.
    • Another in an episode in which Chris is caught spying on girls' dressing rooms, and later is in his bedroom, and all we can hear is the sound of, well... fapping. Peter is about to come in and talk to him, and Chris says "No, dad, just a minute... !!" as the patting sound gets faster... and then Chris was just using a paddle and ball.
      "Aw, I was about to beat my record."
      • But then, Peter gives him some porn magazines as a safer form of voyeurism, and the sound is heard again except now Peter is holding the paddle and ball outside Chris' bedroom door. And not using it.
    • In a scene where Lois is pounding Peter's face into the carpet he was installing, she yells, "Say you like eating red carpet!"
      Quagmire (falls over): "Giggity."
    • When her family visits Lois in jail for repeated stealing, Lois starts to explain why she suddenly had an urge to steal things. It was like 'a hole in her' that she 'needed to fill with lots of things' and similar innuendos. Quagmire is in the back and starts squeeing and getting more excited with each other. Then Lois finishes it off by mentioning that she needs to lie back and have the penal system do its work.
    • In "Jerome is the New Black" Peter hears Lois telling Jerome it's so hot and moist in a satisfied manner. Peter rushes into the kitchen to find Lois telling Jerome the scones he made are delicious.
  • Undergrads had Gimpy teaching his friends how to play a video game. It involved a joystick. He went on a long spiel on how to use the joystick, with Rocko falling over laughing.
    Gimpy: You must master your joystick like a fisherman masters bait.
  • In the Phineas and Ferb episode "The Remains of the Platypus", there is a scene where it is made to look like Perry (who was transformed into a butler) was shaving Doofenshmirtz's groin area... except the camera zooms out and we see Doof with a towel and Perry is shaving his legs.
  • In The Cleveland Show episode "Flush of Genius" Rallo is looking forward to riding a roller coaster and tries to ask Roberta what her first time was like, with all of his questions coming out as sexual innuendos and her reacting in disgust as if he was asking about her first time having sex.
    Roberta: That is my business and I'm not talking to you about it. Get out! (Rallo leaves the room) I'm not gonna tell anybody about my first roller coaster.
  • In one episode of Yin Yang Yo!, Yang is fighting villains in the outhouse when Yin appears and gets grossed out when it sounds like Yang is having trouble with his bowels.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • In "Suction Cup Symphony", "doctor" SpongeBob puts on a glove and stretches his hand to Patrick's butt, which isn't covered by his hospital gown. With his hand off-screen, squeaking noises are heard. Then, it is just SpongeBob squeezing a rubber ducky.
  • Steven Universe:
    • in "So Many Birthdays", as Steven enters the donut shop as he fluctuating into middle age, he asks Lars and Sadie if they can "help him into his birthday suit" (actually a crown and cape). He then gets chased out of the shop with a chair.
    • In "Onion Friend", when Onion shows Steven a video of his birth. Right up until a few moments after the beginning and Onion shows the title of the video to Steven, it sounds like something else entirely.
    Vidalia: Okay! I'm ready! I'm READY!
    Steven: Wait—what's she getting ready for?
    Vidalia: Oh... oh Yellowtail... I think— oh... I think it's happening!
    Steven: Wait! Wait! What's happening?
  • In the Ed, Edd n Eddy episode 'Little Ed Blue', Eddy and Edd go into Ed's room, where Eddy discovers a magazine called 'Chicks Galore' hidden under Ed's pillow, much to his delight. Despite his initial excitement, the two of them are quite disturbed to discover that it's literally about baby chicks; to which Edd comments, "I didn't even know they HAD magazines like that!"

  • A famous postcard had a nerdy guy next to an apparently blushing young woman: The text says, "Do you like Kipling?" To which she responds "I don't know, you naughty boy, I've never kipled!"
  • An Adam Sandler CD had Sandler's character "interviewing" people, and asking whether the tape he was playing caught the sound of people having sex, or working out. Even the most blatantly obvious cases of the former (such as one of the people recorded saying flat-out "We're two guys fucking!") were passed off as this, and the interviewee labelled as having a dirty mind.
  • According to an NPR story, the Smothers Brothers used to get crew members to snigger at selected non-jokes in their show so that the censors would challenge them, assuming they were using some kind of sex- or drug-related slang, and the brothers would get to incredulously ask what they could be reading into something so innocuous. It may have served as a combination of Censor Decoy and Gaslighting designed to leave the censors confused and unsure of their own ability to recognize genuine naughty material.


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