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Blitzkrieg can vait; it is time to pet ze kitty!

"We eat our prey alive, and when we don't, we lay our eggs in their eyeball so that our young can feast on their brains when they hatch. When you're born that big an asshole, the least you can do is have a little empathy. Now come have dinner with me and my beautiful family."
Wasp!Rick, Rick and Morty

Showing the villain (or Anti-Hero) engaging in a moment of kindness, especially towards someone who can't repay them, as a way to humanize or soften them. May or may not involve an actual dog.

This is a screenwriting term: put in a scene where the nasty old crank pets a dog and the audience will think, "Aw shucks, he's not so bad." Often used to demonstrate that a Jerkass is really a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, or, if more limited, that the character is goal-oriented rather than sadistic and/or evil for evil's sake. If used as an Establishing Character Moment, it marks the character as "not too evil" right off the bat, whatever they might do later.

Sub Tropes include Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas, Morality Pet (a villain's entire relationship with a particular character is one long dog-petting session), and Androcles' Lion (the dog later aids the villain as a reward for their kindness). Compare Licked by the Dog, where the innocent character shows kindness to the villain.


If you want to pet dogs while keeping your villain credentials intact, try doing it anonymously, doing it but denying any benevolent intention, or doing it because you only kick PEOPLE, not dogs. Demonstrating Moral Myopia could also work (if the people you favor aren't evil).

Contrast Kick the Dog (doing something evil to establish an evil personality, with many, many villains having both), Photo Op with the Dog (where it's all an act for the good publicity) Must Make Amends (when a character tries to undo or atone for having Shot The Dog), Bait the Dog (when a moment like this is set up and then darkly subverted). May overlap with Out-of-Character Moment if the villain shows kindness for no apparent reason.

In modern Hollywood circles, this is also referred to as "save the cat", with the idea being that if you show your hero stopping to save a cat stuck in a tree as his Establishing Character Moment, you're putting the audience on his side forever.


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    Professional Wrestling 
  • The Fabulous Moolah doesn't have a flowery reputation, in or out of the ring, publicly or behind the scenes. She was thought to be rotten and told anyone who would listen her main motivation was money. So her jobbing to give Panther Girl Anne Casey the USA Women's Title belt, Anne Casey who earlier that year had been shot multiple times and was thought to be out of wrestling permanently as a result, it was definitely a case of this.
  • When he was not tearing people's faces open with his teeth or stealing masks, Perro Aguayo Jr. could often be found playing with dogs.
  • CM Punk voluntarily excused Colt Cabana from their Ring of Honor Tag Team title defense at Survival Of The Fittest, voluntarily taking on The Outkast Killaz, The Ringcrew Express and Special K by himself so that Cabana would have a better shot at winning the titular "Survival Of The Fittest'' tournament. Before this, Punk would become visibly angry with Cabana's silliness and Colt at times seemed to follow him more out of fear than friendship, so it was nice to see Punk really did care for him on some level.
  • Shigeo Okumura is best known for his campaigns against Mexican luchadors in CMLL, but since he speaks Spanish quite well, the promotion keeps him around despite the trouble he causes to serve as a translator to the NJPW, REINA and other Japanese talents, which he does faithfully, even for baby faces like Syuri who aren't on board with his "Anti-Mexico" agenda.
  • Hallowicked was teamed with Australian female wrestler Shazza McKenzie in a loss to Kimberlee and The Whisper at CHIKARA La Loteria Letal 2018, October 27, 2018. Shazza seemed really happy to be there and to be teaming with a CHIKARA all-timer such as Hallowicked, and, while you can't really read any emotion on Hallowicked's mask, he seemed to have no problem with her. This is quite different from when he referred to the other wrestlers in the Infinite Gauntlet matchnote  as "infidel swine."
  • John "Bradshaw" Layfield is most infamously known as a backstage bully, but he considered the late Eddie Guerrero one of his best friends and responsible for the best matches of his career. During the Eddie tribute show, Vince McMahon wanted Bradshaw to get a dirty win over Eddie's nephew Chavo. Bradshaw flat out refused, to Vince's face, to do anything besides lose cleanly to Chavo.

  • Lo Zoo Di 105: Santina, the victim of the famous "Alan In Love" prank call, has been found out to be not particularly wealthy. So the show's crew unanimously agreed to reward her patience with them by donating some money to her.


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