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    A to C 
  • In and there, persephone falls, Stannis bluntly announces to a mourning Joanna that she has to remarry very soon, but grants the wildlings passage across the Wall and Jo the right to choose her husband with a trial by fight. He also decides to acknowledge the late Yves as her lawful husband, meaning her unborn child will be the heir of Winterfell, no matter what children may come later.
  • Christine Hargensen might have been a mean Alpha Bitch who enjoys tormenting her classmates, but in the Carrie fanfic BFFs?, she appears to be a caring friend - even going so far as to cuddle one of her clique when she has a nightmare.
  • In A Black Heart before he heads to Soul Society Ichigo, who's an unrepentant mass-murderer, calls up his accountant and tells them that unless he gives them explicit instructions otherwise within the next two weeks, to transfer everything he owns to his adoptive sister Tatsuki.
  • The My Little Pony/Sonic the Hedgehog Crossover Chaotic Harmony: Sonic is a huge Jerkass thanks to no action over the course of a year. He completely ruined Cream's birthday party, split all ties with his friends, and thought about deserting his friends in Ponyville after they were transported via Chaos Control. But even after all of that, he couldn't resist helping Rarity finding her missing goggles that she needed to finish her design (that Sonic helped model, no less).
  • Codex Equus:
    • Despite being an Omnicidal Maniac who hates his own people and wants them destroyed, Xestobium shows some degree of kindness to both Polistes and Metamorphosis for being the only two of his brothers he ever actually liked due to being much more noble than their kin.
    • Dr. Toxikon chose to spare Thorax and his New Changelings his genocide because of Ember and Thorax's friendship.
    • King Brachion was so impressed by Fluttershy's refusal to break from learning the horrible truth about nature that he was willing to sponsor her animal sanctuary, being a Royal Changeling who is rich in bits. He also kept Fluttershy's thank-you letter as a treasured keepsake (as well as one of many closely-guarded secrets).
    • While still an Insufferable Genius at the time it happened, Prince Crimson Star, Golden Scepter's eighth son, was willing to go out of his way to save a classmate from an out-of-control carriage, blinding and horribly injuring himself in the process. This one act of kindness would prove instrumental in shattering his inflated ego, allowing him to become a much better person afterwards.
  • In A Cure for Love Light has a big moment of this when he calls up his Astraea contacts and chews them out for their attempt on L's life, obviously being very protective of L.

    D to G 
  • Down And Out: Simon, after finally admitting his actions were his own fault, encourages Hazel to go to see Grace, and when Hazel tells him that she's still angry at Grace for her actions and not ready to forgive her, Simon encourages her to forgive Grace and tells her that everything was his fault. Downplayed example, as the Hazel he's speaking to turns out to be a hallucination.
  • The Big Bad gives one to Roy Mustang in the third part of the Elemental Chess Trilogy, promising not to order his men to harm Roy's wife or their unborn child. It's somewhat subverted, however, in that he doesn't promise to order his men not to do this.
  • In ACT II of Fate Ground Zero Archer does this to Kariya when he had made a deal with the latter to save Sakura if Kariya had Berserker kill Kotomine Kirei. When Kirei escapes Kariya is kicking himself over it because he believes now Sakura's chance of escape is gone, Archer appears holding Sakura and simply states that Kariya 'is presuming too much about his character'. Archer then proceeds to expel the Crest Worms from both of their bodies as he informs Kariya that no one else in the Matou Household will bee waking up. When Kariya thanks him Archer informs him that he will leave his reasons for aiding them 'up to his imagination' and that act like that were ones he couldn't possibly ignore hinting at his own traumatic past. He also gives Kariya defense orientated Materia to protect himself and Sakura with. he also gives Kariya a firaga one later and checks up on the two of them during the course of the Grail War.
  • Fractured Fates: Following the conclusion of the second trial, Akira speaks to Asuna in an attempt to apologize for suspecting her (and almost convicting her) of being the killer throughout much of it. Though she finds it physically difficult to even say that she was wrong, Akira does manage to prove how sorry she is by giving Asuna both Kaneki's fedora and surprisingly poignant advice on how to move forward from her grief. Although the advice seems to have been lost on her come Chapter 3, it doesn't change the fact that Akira attempted to legitimately help out her fellow classmate.
  • In the Doctor Who fanfic Gemini, Ax-Crazy Villain Protagonist Captain June Harper becomes genuinely worried when her friend Nathan gets shot and starts passing out, she apologizes for making innocent bystander Kyra witness a violent murder, and she comforts her newly-recruited ally Skeerse after her prodding about his military experience makes him relive the horrors of the Dalek Civil War.

    H to J 
  • In The Havoc Side of the Force, while Harry does come across as a Jerkass at points (partially due to being a Fish out of Temporal Water), his first actions after completing a successful job with Anakin is to take a job to Tatooine so Anakin can buy his mother's freedom with his cut of the profits.
  • He Never Told You: The Cat and Grace do not have a good relationship. In spite of this, when Grace comes to The Cat after Simon's death, she does the best she can to comfort Grace, assuring her that Simon's death was not her fault.
  • An In-Universe example in the Star Trek: The Original Series fanfic Heroes: observing Kirk's gentleness with Spock makes Surak hopeful that he's "a warrior by profession, not at heart."
  • In Hop to It, Gabriel Agreste gets a moment of this when he thanks Jack for saving Adrien from an akuma and allows her to come over to the mansion for French tutoring - though he stops short of apologizing for throwing her out of the mansion earlier. It's also undercut by the fact that he put Adrien in danger to begin with, though the author didn't know that for sure at the time the chapter was written, and only confirmed as much in-story some time later.
  • I Against I, Me Against You:
    • Grif actually becomes a pretty nice guy around Fluttershy, but only because she reminds him of how Sister used to be when they were kids.
    • South of all characters gets this as she dies, seeming to express sincere regret at what she's done and giving Delta's message to Twilight.
  • I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC. Green Goblin seems to actually care for Harley Quinn, and gets angry whenever the Joker hits her.
  • In The Illusive Emperor, Britannia is a remarkably popular Pilgrimage destination for Quarians due to being one of the few places in the galaxy that treats them well. Naturally, Ambassador Euphemia li Britannia petitions for them to be allowed a new homeworld every time Britannia discovers a new dextro-based planet.
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes The Movie: Misery Loves Company
    • Despite his status as Lucius' sniveling toady, Samy has been deliberately disobeying Lucius' demands to destroy the birthday presents that Beezy's Missing Mom has been sending to her son for the past 119 years and instead giving the presents directly to Beezy himself.
    • In the final act, Lucius uses his supernatural powers to revive his missing son Belphy despite barely even knowing him and having to sacrifice several centuries of his own lifespan to do so.
  • In the Ranma 1/2 fic Jusendo Aftermath, an AU fic where Ranma and Akane admitted their love for one another after the battle at Jusendo and agreed to get married, Nabiki invites Ukyo and the Kunos to their wedding for the sake of money, as she does in canon. However, their invitations give the time of the ceremony as long after it actually takes place, with the implication being that Nabiki deliberately arranged this to prevent Ukyo and the Kunos from crashing the actual ceremony.

    K to N 
  • In Kage, a crossover story between Jackie Chan Adventures and W.I.T.C.H., after Jade is banished by Drago from their universe to the WITCH universe through the Shadow Realm and transformed partly back into a Shadowkhan, she quickly ends up becoming a Hero with Bad Publicity on Meridian due to the Hero Antagonists' prejudices and misconceptions as well as Nerissa's manipulations, forcing her to join the Knights of Vengeance in order to survive. The one person who has so far shown Jade more concern and respect than anyone else on Meridian is Raythor, the Knights' leader and Prince Phobos' loyal servant. His much better treatment of Jade (in comparison to the heroes who almost killed and locked her up for life) has earned him her liking and respect.
    • Later we get a literal example of this trope. When Jade gives some food to Sniffer, the dog's owner, the Tracker (another Knight of Vengeance) unexpectedly helps Sniffer adjust to Jade so that they can interact with each other. In the next chapter, Jade plays with Sniffer without the Tracker interfering anyhow. This is completely unconceivable for Miranda, who considers Tracker to be a worse monster than herself in all respects.
  • King Of Thrones:
    • Tywin has a soft spot for Queen Betha Blackwood, seeing her as a second mother. Her death at Summerhall was one of the few times in his adult life that he cried.
  • Loved and Lost:
    • Prince Jewelius, the only person to believe Twilight's misgivings about the false Cadance, comforts her after she's abandoned by her brother, friends, and mentor. After helping Twilight stop the Changeling invasion, he publically calls out all the other heroes for their mistakes and blames them for the invasion while telling Twilight she's done enough for one day. Subverted since it later turns out that Jewelius' kindness towards her is merely a way to gain her trust and make her more compliant to his manipulations.
    • Despite being manipulated by Jewelius into stop trusting her former loved ones who are now disdained pariahs, Twilight still cares about them on some level. When Shining Armor is publically flogged by Commander Hildread as punishment for disgracing the Royal Guard, Twilight averts her eyes, finding no pleasure in her older brother's suffering despite disowning him the previous night. She asks Jewelius if the punishment is too harsh and tries to vouch for her brother by saying that he never meant for the invasion to happen.
    • Though Jewelius' loyal and impersonal assistant Vivian carries out her master's order to wipe out all the injured royal guards who continue swearing loyalty to the usurped princesses, she voices in a slightly remorseful tone that it's a shame to kill so many fine military ponies.
  • In the Rise of the Guardians story Lullabies has a moment for Pitch. While he only gave the Guardians parenting advice because his daughter asked him to, he really didn't have any personal gain in saving Jamie and Jack from drowning.
  • Luminosity: Santiago works for the Volturi, who are...not nice people. And yet, she appears to genuinely care about everyone she works with, to the point of giving children dance lessons and needing Chelsea to cut a bond to a human so she doesn't mourn too much.
  • In The Malfoy Series, while the Malfoys are a cruel and prejudiced family against others, they are very loving to each other.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton:
    • Every once in a while, Tucker will more or less find a decent date with a girl.
    • Despite still being sore over the events with Katie Kaboom, upon hearing from her father that Katie is remorseful and is even getting anger management, Danny recommends her to go to the Xavier Institute of Gifted Youngsters, in hopes of helping her control her powers.
  • In The Masks We Wear, Azula informs the imprisoned Mechanist of all the benefits of formally becoming a Fire Nation colony - autonomy, good relations with the Fire Nation homeland, complete support in case of dire need, the Mechanist's son getting pardoned for when he gets caught being with the Avatar, etc. - as well as the consequences of opposing the Fire Nation when Sozin's Comet finally arrives. The man quickly submits to the Princess and is implied to have accepted her offer for his people to become Fire Nation colonists.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, ProtoMan does this more and more as the series goes on.
    • Even Wily gets one in a twisted way when he attacks an hallucination of his father after it threatens ProtoMan.
    • Wily invokes and weaponizes this in Episode 11, using a hug with Bass to hurt ProtoMan.
  • In Mega Man Recut, Wily considers killing Proto Man to stop him from becoming The Starscream, but decides against it and admits to himself that he likes Proto Man as a friend.
  • The Nuptialverse: Near the end of Families, Olive Branch admits that he was planning on reporting Speedy Delivery's abuse of Scootaloo as soon as the latter was no longer needed. The author points out that this doesn't make Olive Branch a good pony; he just has a shred of decency.

    O to R 
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, a pair of Heel-Face Turns result in some metaphorical puppy-cuddling.
    • Jackie helps an aged Maya with research on the extranet. Her whole contribution to various starship designs may also count.
    • Mad Moxxi taking in Jackie—sure, she had another motive but considering Pandora's tendency toward Crapsack World status it was more than most others managed.
    • Garrus beats the crap out of some criminals, being more of an Anti-Hero than Samantha Shepard, paragon. In the same stroke, he convinces a wannabe-criminal Street Urchin who was tagging along with them to seek a better life.
    • For someone programmed to destroy things, Sarah shows an odd proclivity toward caring about the students who volunteered to be transformed back into Living Batteries, since worrying about "hurting" people would be the last thing one would expect the queen of Might Makes Right to concern herself with. She also steals a ship and destroys security systems...but deliberately avoids killing guards while making her escape as obvious as possible. Nimitz theorizes the Siren has done this on purpose.
  • Peace of Mind, Piece of Heart: One of Catra's first actions on the train. Though she's at first indifferent to Butter Brickle, who was showing her the way to leave the car, she become sympathetic to him when he reveals that he's an outcast with no friends. Catra encourages him to stand up for himself, even agreeing to be his friend regardless of whether they actually see each other again. Her number comes down for that act of kindness.
  • Persona V: Reversing the Wheel of Fate: For the barest instant in Chapter 20, Kunikazu Okumura shows a spark of happiness that his daughter has had friends over to their house; the cold businessman hasn't fully abandoned his love for Haru.
  • Peter Parker's Field Trip (Of course it's to Stark Industries): When his teacher and principle's disbelief in Peter's "internship" lands him in hot water, Tony shows up unannounced, not only proving that Peter was not lying, but also uncovers just how little the school did to confirm these lies and then walks out with Peter early to get ice cream.
    • While Tony had every reason to blacklist Flash (repeatedly sending intern applications and bullying Peter), instead he saves him a harsh conversation with his parents by giving him a permission slip to intern under one of SI's subsidiaries as a starting point. Apparently, he has been spying on them with Natasha and was talked into being generous by Pepper.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures fanfiction Queen of All Oni (a part of Project Dark Jade), once Jade turns evil once again, she has her minions kidnap her dog Scruffy and steal the Dog Talisman to make him immortal once more, and pampered him on several other occasions.
  • Naruto and Xanna in the Reaching for a Dream series tend to be Trolls or Jerkasses to most people they meet. But in Sekirei? Is that some new species of little sister?, both treat Akitsu very well and make sure to assure her that they never intend to replace her. Several characters note that regardless of what she's doing, Akitsu always looks happier when she's near one or both of them.
    • In the sequel, Xanna promises to Akitsu (at her request) to kill the Sekirei in her sleep if they ever tire of her. Since Akitsu views abandonment as a Fate Worse than Death, this basically guarantees she'll be happy for the rest of her life.
  • A Rabbit Among Wolves: Adam's ghost, of all people, gets one when he commends Jaune for shedding his naivete and assuring him he wasn't a bad person, just ignorant of the suffering of faunus.
  • Rick and The Loud House
    • Ironically, it's the dog himself that does the petting. In chapter 2, after gaining super intelligence and enslaving humanity, Charlies/Spot decides to spare Leni, alongside Lincoln and Lana, solely because of her innocent nature.
    • Rick also mentions that he likes to bring the sisters on adventures so they wouldn't feel left out.
  • Roar of the LION: After meeting Leon's Inspirationally Disadvantaged sister Terra, Mercury, knowing what it's like to not have working legs, makes her special powered leg braces that allow her to walk again and feed her painkillers to soothe her injuries.
  • In Robb Returns, Robert acknowledges to both of his brothers that he has been a horrible brother and names Stannis his Hand of the King after he is told Jon Arryn might be in coma for a long time.
    • After the reveal that she is a bastard, all Myrcella asks of her grandfather Tywin is for whoever husband he arranges to marry her to, to be kind to her. Tywin readily agrees, and makes it clear to Cersei that he will keep his promise

    S to V 
  • Safe and Sound, a Star Trek (2009) fic, has Khan adopting Lucille Harewood after she loses her mother. While he considered her as a replacement for the child he lost, it's still rather sweet considering who this guy is.
  • Roman Torchwick steps in and prevents Mercury from pickpocketing Jaune in Service with a Smile due to Jaune making "the best coffee in Vale". Roman notes Mercury is lucky Neo wasn't there to see it as she's even fonder of Jaune than he is. After the meeting, Cinder takes a liking to the cafe as well and orders Mercury and Emerald not to cause any trouble for it.
    • After some thugs rob Jaune, trash his cafe, and beat him unconscious, his various criminal customers take actin. Cinder unlocks his aura so he'll heal in a few days rather than more than a year. Roman puts out word that he's looking for Jaune's stolen weapon. Junior's men completely remake the place. And every last one of them wants payback for what was done to their favorite barista.
    • As the Vytal Festival approaches, Cinder suggests multiple times that Jaune hire a temp so he can take the time off and go visit his family, in an attempt to protect him from the coming slaughter.
  • Morrigan has one in the Dragon Age: Origins retelling Shadow and Rose, when the companions are preparing for a dinner. As in the game, Morrigan and Alistair dislike each other intensely; however, when she sees him in his formal garments, she acknowledges that "You clean up decently." As Alistair himself notes, this is the nicest thing she says to him in the entire length of their acquaintance.
  • The A Song of Ice and Fire fanfic Times Like These gives a surprising one to Aerys of all people. Apparently, Aerys had a portrait of Steffon Baratheon, Robert's father, as a babe placed in the Throne Room, because Steffon was loyal and, considering Aerys' state of mind, states that he misses him! Stannis was surprised to see the portrait in such a public place to say the least when shown.
  • In The Stanford Adventure Club, Saturn Heterodyne's rap sheet includes forced marriage, Human Sacrifice and willing collaboration with the Nazis. When his wife talks about their married lfe, however, she concedes he was a very devoted and faithful husband who genuinely did his best to make her happy.
  • Gerald Langer from the Mass Effect series Uplifted is a Nazi, literally. An anti-Semitic, homophobic Waffen SS officer who took in a young Joachim Hoch and raised him as his own son, and probably the only reason Joachim didn't end a complete sociopath. He is one of the most genuinely caring characters in the series.

    W to Z 
  • A series of Casper fics, the Whipstaff Tales, are basically one big series of pet the dog moments for The Ghostly Trio. Stretch in particular, who ends up in a rather sweet uncle/niece relationship with Kat's daughter, Amy.
  • White Sheep (RWBY):
    • Cinder constantly insists that Jaune is nothing but a powerful idiot who she has wrapped around her finger, with the added caveat that his mother will torture Cinder to death if Jaune is hurt. However, she refers to him as her little brother even privately, constantly worries that his suitors aren't good enough for him, and at one point literally forgets about her all-consuming ambitions when it becomes clear he is in actual danger.
    • In the chapter where Jaune meets Adam, Adam's narration notes that Cinder's body language makes it obvious that she trusts Jaune subconsciously and implicitly, being completely unconcerned with turning her back to a monster that could tear her to shreds.
    • During the tournament, Cinder gets pissed and throws Jaune into the ocean arena to get him out of the way. When she remembers he can't swim, she immediately leaps into the water, drags him out, and saves his life with CPR.
    • When Jaune launches a coup against the Atlas council and it is broadcast on international television, the scene cuts to Cinder jumping up and down and laughing like a kid.
      Cinder: That's my little brother! I taught him that!
  • The Worst Prisoner: When Zuko beats Sokka, he points out errors Sokka had been making and gives tips on how to improve his stance.
  • Zim the Warlord: Irken Reversion: After Zim beats all the other Reverted Irkens in a training fight, he shows the others that there's no hard feelings by taking them all out to dinner on his treat. When they all express disbelief at this after he just curbstomped all of them, he points out that it wasn't personal, and he only fought them all because the Tallest ordered it.


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