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Roar of the LION is a RWBY Fan Fic written by The Sib.

The fic focuses on the OC group Team LION, as they join Beacon Academy and get involved in the fight against Salem.

Roar of the LION contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Abusive Parents:
    • Inori is revealed to be Ovan's mother. She conducted horrific experiments on him and his sister, Virtue, with the latter being used as the power source behind her current Extermination Armor. Nowadays, Ovan's entire motive is to kill Inori for revenge.
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    • Iris' father is a Control Freak who is furious that she broke their family tradition to become a Huntress. When she's taken home after the Fall of Beacon, she challenges him to an honor duel for the right to live her right as she wants. She wins... but then it turns out he poisoned her food with the deadly herb Scarlet Iago, which would have killed her had Ovan not come along and gotten the cure.
  • Ax-Crazy: Inori is violently unstable, and commits all manner of horrible atrocities and inhumane experiments, both For Science! and her own sadistic amusement. Even when working with Cinder and the White Fang, she regularly kills their minions for the sake of experimenting on their corpses, largely to use them as power sources for her machines. She's so depraved and monstrous that when Emerald and Mercury break into her lab on Cinder's orders, they're appalled by what they find inside; even Adam Taurus of all people is disturbed by her.
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  • Blow You Away: Iris' Semblance allows her to control the wind.
  • Bully Hunter:
    • Ovan is first introduced fighting off a group of anti-Faunus bullies who were harassing a dog Faunus.
    • In chapter 10, when he sees Naomi being harassed by Cardin and his team, Leon personally steps in and threatens to shoot him with his arrows if he doesn't back off. Cardin proves to be a Paper Tiger, and wets his pants before fleeing.
    • Immediately after his run-in with Leon, Coco gets in on the act, hitting Cardin in the crotch with her handbag before walking off, warning him not to torment Velvet or any other Faunus again.
  • Cain and Abel: Naomi becomes this to her brother Cyrus. While initially sent to Beacon Academy as The Mole, she comes to realize that not all humans are bad and defects. Sadly, Cyrus has been utterly corrupted by Adam, and vows to kill his own sister for betraying the White Fang.
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  • Death by Adaptation: Unlike in the show, Cinder doesn't survive her showdown with Raven at Haven Academy. Word of God confirms as such in chapter 43.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Emerald and Mercury may work for Cinder and loyally follow her, but when they break into Inori's lab to retrieve her research on their boss' orders, they're both absolutely appalled and disgusted by the sight of such things as dead bodies in People Jars, and the discovery that Inori uses the corpses as Wetware CPUs. Emerald in particular is so horrified that she pukes.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Ovan starts out as a bit of a Jerkass and is firmly in the Good Is Not Nice camp even after he mellows out, but it doesn't stop him from being disgusted by Weiss' bigotry towards Faunus.
    Ovan: Wow, and you call me a monster.
  • Evil Is Petty: Inori, hands down. When Cinder decides to wash her hands of her and tries to steal her research, Inori hacks into her Do Not Adjust Your Set threat after Pyrrha accidentally kills Penny to broadcast her own, outing Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury to everyone in attendance and exposing Cinder's planned attack on Vale purely to spite her.
  • For Science!: Part of the reason Inori does what she does. Her current plan is to capture one of the Maidens for her experiments; several people point out that the Maidens' powers are beyond simple scientific comprehension, to which Inori retorts, "What's life without a few challenges?"
  • For the Evulz: A mix of this and For Science! is Inori's entire motivation. When she creates Virtue, her first Extermination Armor, the very first thing she does is order it to go on a massacre and sends it to attack Vale General Hospital.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: Cyrus, Naomi's brother, has completely bought into Adam's views of Faunus supremacy, and repeatedly blows off any collateral damage he causes, like sneaking Grimm into Beacon Academy during the attack on Vale, stating outright that it's nothing less than what humanity deserves for how they've treated the Faunus. After the fall of Vale, he's fallen so far that the instant his youngest sister Alana discovers the truth and decides to leave the White Fang, he tries to kill her on the spot.
  • Inspirationally Disadvantaged: Leon's younger sister, Terra. When they were children, they were attacked by a Grimm, and she suffered horrific injuries to her legs. While they were rescued by a Huntress, Terra's leg injuries were so serious that she may never walk again, and she currently lives at the physically disabled ward at Vale General Hospital, undergoing weekly check-ups and taking constant painkillers to soothe the chronic pain. Despite this, Terra remains chipper and optimistic for the future. When he sees her, Mercury actually feels sorry for her enough that he makes powered leg braces for her and gives them to her in secret.
  • Interspecies Romance: Leon, a human, and Naomi, a fox Faunus, end up together over the course of the fic.
  • Just a Machine: Inori's response to Ruby furiously calling her out on having Penny Reforged into a Minion in chapter 42 amounts to this.
    Inori: Get a grip. It's just a machine. All she's ever been is a weapon. I simply changed her sense of loyalty.
  • Pet the Dog: After meeting Leon's Inspirationally Disadvantaged sister Terra, Mercury, knowing what it's like to not have working legs, makes her special powered leg braces that allow her to walk again and feed her painkillers to soothe her injuries.
  • Reforged into a Minion: After Penny is destroyed during the fall of Vale, Inori retrieves her remains and rebuilds her into her latest Extermination Armor model. Ruby is horrified to see her in such a state during the fight at Haven Academy.
  • Stress Vomit: When she and Mercury uncover Inori's Mad Scientist Laboratory, which contains such delightful things as dead bodies in People Jars to be made into Wetware CPUs, Emerald is so horrified by the sight that she ends up puking her guts out.
  • Wetware CPU: How Inori creates her Extermination Armors. Her latest one is powered by her own daughter Virtue.
  • Where Did We Go Wrong?: In chapter 31, Viziune asks Leonidas this about Inori, their daughter, who's now an Ax-Crazy Mad Scientist and kingdom-level terrorist. Leonidas states that they didn't go wrong; Inori chose her own path.

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