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"Doctor, I'd like the part of my brain responsible for that image lobotomized, please..."

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    Doki Doki Literature Club 

  • SiIvaGunner has done a few parody cutscenes and other things that are pretty funny:
  • This rendition of the main theme... sung by Moonbase Alpha
    McConstrojoton: (in the comments) It's a bit harder to hang yourself on the moon.
  • The Brand New Day mod, containing several instances of censored swear words, the Player Character going from a sarcastic Empty Shell to a Large Ham Troll, several instances of Black Comedy and, to top it all off: Natsuki's dad is apparently Dio Brando in a pink anime girl wig. ... No, nobody is sure if the modder was high or not.
  • While being a horror game, many Lets Players tend to have some humorous moments just as often as they do frightened moments.
    • Youtube Group InternetRemix has their character being named Moethebarten, occasionally called "Motherfucker." Much, much later on they think the player character and Yuri will be having sex when they are working together and try to work as much jokes into it as possible. In one video there is even a moment where a rendition of "Shake Your Bootie" devolves into "Shake Sayori."
    • Being himself, the famous Markiplier is pretty much as funny as possible when playing a horror game from him being aware and being suspicious of everything to his screaming at everything.
    • The lesser known BryanCroiDragon has what can best be called a Chivalrous Pervert moment when he first sees Yuri and says: "Nice knockers!" By his fifth video, he has an absolute breakdown when he isn't paying attention and accidentally saves over one his old files that he was going to use to go back to Yuri's route. After Sayori's suicide, he has become more hostile towards Monika saying things like "I'd like to gag her with her bow" and "Beelzebub himself wouldn't be half so bad as Monika" and he has had more subdued reactions to the glitches with his reaction to Yuri's face being glitches being: "Okay then." His reaction to Monika saying he hadn't run away on them is also hilarious. After that the humour only starts to become nonexistent with the last funny moment being him running to get a crucifix while Monika fades into the foreground during Yuri's rambling. Later on Jesus actually falls off of the crucifix.
      Monika: Glad to see you didn't run away on us. Hahaha!
      Bryan: Well, you haven't exactly tied me to my rocking chair and gagged me with a rubber chicken yet, so we're good.
    • Mary Cagle, author of several webcomics including Kiwi Blitz and Sleepless Domain, did a Let's Play of the game and reaches the big twist in episode 4 (titled "Aaaaand here we go!"). She opens the episode with the following content warning:
      Content Warning: A whole lot of shit. Please watch at your own discretion.
    • Rooster Teeth's Miles and Kyle did a playthrough that at first is hilarious because of how dirty it gets, specially because the two take the opening warning as the game being filthy (when seeing Yuri "She looks like the..." "Dominatrix?" "I'd say 'Nymphomaniac', but that works too."; and by the time Yuri is talking about scented candles, Miles downright goes "I want to fuck this fictional character"). Then after Sayori's reveal of her mental condition makes them uncomfortable, once she interrupts the main character's moment with Yuri, they get some mileage out of the awkwardness. And then the suicide changes into how funny it is to see them afraid, starting with them screaming so much the third guy in the room is startled (and he proceeds to make them uncomfortable by looking back every now and then - even bringing in another guy!) - at a certain point, they're giving the girls manly voices just to make themselves less terrified.
    • In a mix of Black Comedy and Take That! in the animated versions of both Markiplier and Game Grumps' Let's Plays, the animators throw an image of Logan Paul into the scene where Sayori hangs herself, referencing the infamous video where Paul filmed himself beside a corpse in Japan's Aokigahara forest, a place known for its high suicide rate.
    • In voice actress Ayumi Takeishi's Let's Play of the game, her playthrough featured a curious glitch in the Japanese translation patch that left a line of dialog from Sayori in English, which surprisingly fit somehow.
  • Reginald.
    FatDongleDog (The creator of the post): I wasn't even this proud when my own son was born.
  • Buffsuki, also known as Buff Natsuki, is a sprite edit of Natsuki with absurdly huge muscles. That's hilarious enough as is, but most of the memes featuring her contrast Natsuki's canon personality with her newfound strength, such as her taking out Yuri, Monika, or her abusive father. One such example.

    Steven Universe 



  • At Magfest, Quartey being discrete about spoilers when answering questions. At the first question, he reaches for his Magfest guidelines and simply states that "Steven Universe airs on Thursdays at 6:30." At the second question, he does the same thing. At the third, he pauses to sarcastically tap his papers on the tabletop before doing the same thing again.
  • equnep's Garnet edits, based on the working theory that Garnet is Not So Stoic under her shades. Also qualifies as Awesome, Heartwarming, and Tearjerking, just because of how many there are and all their different contexts!
    • Smebody also made edits as well in .gif from, of one of Garnet's funniest moments so far (from "Alone Together").
  • Youtube caption fails from the Season 1 finale.
  • Alternate Titles for Every SU Episode Thus Far.



Jon Tron Universe


  • Watching any Let's Player's reaction when they face certain bosses, most notably Mettaton EX, Photoshop Flowey, and No Mercy Sans, for the first time is always good for a quick schadenfreude.
  • Undertale Repainted. Words don't do it justice.
  • This Tumblr post, which points out that 2019 is the last year that Frisk could go to Mount Ebbottnote . Cue an army of Frisks storming the Underground, much to pretty much everybody's confusion, crowding into the game's various scenes (forming a line to hug Toriel and Asriel, crowding around the mirror in Toriel's house, piling up outside Alphys's door, replacing the studio audience during Metaton's multiple shows, all trying to crowd behind the conveniently-shaped lamp, inconveniencing Papyrus's puzzles to which he responds "I ONLY HAVE ONE ORB, SO YOU'LL HAVE TO TAKE TURNS!") and in general causing chaos.




YouTubers react to...

  • Papyrus jumping out Undyne's window
    Etika: (double Face Palm) This nigga Papyrus...oh my god, this nigga's a fucking idiot! I don't think the bathroom's out there, my boy! The bathroom ain't out there! This dude is a fucking moron! (through laughter) Jumped out the wi—that nigga dipped! He bailed; he said "fuck it! Yo, I'm out!"
    Jacksepticeye: Okay. That was smooth, Papyrus. "I have to go! SMASH."
    SoraKingdomKey3: I hate you, Papy—OH MY GOD—(laughter) He just dived out the window motherfluufer! Leaving me with the psycho-fish!
  • Mettaton EX
    Joel: ...I'm sorry? (Mettaton's silhouette appears) ...oh my god. It turned into fucking Jojo. Is now a good time to do Papyrus' original voice? a.k.a. THE GREAT SPEEDWAGON~
    Jacksepticeye: (as Mettaton shakes violently) Don't explode! (burst of light, followed by "OH, YES~!" and Jack looking at his camera in shock) ...was that what you sounded like all along?! What is happening...? (Mettaton's silhouette appears) Oh! (leans in as he reads) "OHHH, MY..."
    Ross: (reading) "I'll make your last living moments..." (Mettaton EX appears) "ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!"
    Dodger: ...what the ffffffuck...(double Face Palm) She screwed us. She screwed us!
    GaLm: ...what? (the stage lights turn on and Mettaton's silhouette appears) OHGODWHATDIDIDO.
    • Also, JackScepticEye lampshades how Mettaton's EX form is so much more popular than the default box form: "I've seen pictures of this dude... lady... person all over tumblr! And I didn't know it was Mettaton!"
  • Getting Dunked On
    AdmiralBahroo: No! NO! (slides out of his chair) I DON'T WANT IT ANYMORE! note  (after coming back to his chair) There comes a moment in every gamer's life that they just have to take a minute - they just have to take a minute, step back, and realize what has just happened. I just got dunked on by a FONT.
    Etika: (spends several long moments staring at the screen) "Geeettttttt dunked on!"? (another long pause) He just instantly kills you? (starts grinning) Sans is a fucking animal, yo! "Geeettttttt dunked on!" (through laughter) That nigga sans is crazy! Holy shit! Yo...Sans is a fucking beast!\\
    Joel: WHOAWHATTHEFUCK—?! Wha..."Get dunked on"? I...I have to do that again? You lied to me! You lied to me! Oh...(sobbing) What is this fuckin' shit?! I'm never listening to chat again. Ever.
    GaLm: Let's do this, Asgore! I'm gonna peace-talk the shit out of you! [...] Wait. Hold up! YOU CAN'T GET RID OF THE MERCY OPTION! WHAT THE FUCK?!
    Barry: NO! He stabbed my menu!
    Ross: Got me right in the GUI!
    Barry: Right in the U.I.!