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Fanfic / Peter Parker's Field Trip (Of course it's to Stark Industries)

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Dear Parent and/or Guardian, your child is going on a field trip to Stark Industries.

Peter Parker has never even met Lady Luck, but somehow all he's ever done is piss her off. How else would you explain something like this?

Peter Parker's Field Trip (Of course it's to Stark Industries) is a Marvel Cinematic Universe fanfic written by ILikeTropes.

This fanfic can be read on Archive of Our Own here.

Peter Parker's Field Trip (Of course it's to Stark Industries) provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Jerkass: In Homecoming and Far From Home, Mr. Harrison is at his best an ineffectual dork, at worst an Apathetic Teacher. Here not only does he make it clear he does not believe Peter when he says that he works at Stark Industries, but he has him sent to the principal office when he refuses to "admit" to forging Tony's signature, having his field trip and school activity privileges suspended, two weeks of in-school-suspension and expecting Peter to write hand-written apology letters to all of his classmates and teachers.
  • Brutal Honesty: When Peter admits to Tony how he feels like a fraud for not being able to tell everyone the truth in regards to his "internship", Tony admits to him that yes, the whole reason why he was there was because he was Spider-Man. He then elaborates that while Spider-Man got him a foot into the door, Peter's ingenuity is still going to get him far regardless and that building good connections is important too.
  • Cassandra Truth: Mr. Harrison is convinced that Peter is lying about his internship with Tony Stark (which, to be fair, is half-right) and thinks that he is only telling everyone this because it would make him popular. The fact that they have called his Aunt and ignored her confirming Peter's involvement with SI and did nothing to confirm the validity of their accusations with SI itself takes it to I Reject Your Reality territory. It takes Tony Stark walking into the principal office and telling them himself that Peter wasn't lying for it to sink in.
    Principal: So, what was it? Boasting about the internship? Trying to argue with him about it?
    Peter: No, sir. Mr. Stark signed my permission slip to Stark Industries, alongside my Aunt May's signature, and Mr. Harrington thinks that I forged it.
    Principal: Correction. Mr. Harrington knows that you forged it. Just like we knew that you forged his signature on the internship papers and on your emergency contact slip... and, both times, he vouched for your usual honesty and integrity. We took the hard times that you were going through into account, we let it slide... but three strikes, Mr. Parker, and you're out. I'm sure you're familiar with that concept?
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: The different level badges for admission through Stark Tower come in different colors. Level 0 (visitors from other companies) is white, Level 1 (civilian visitors) is a pale blue. Level 2 (general staff) is green, level 3 (higher-level interns) is purple, level 4 (top-level engineers and scientists) is silver, and level 5 (Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, the Avengers, Peter Parker and special elected people) is red and gold.
  • Crazy-Prepared: When Tony found out about Peter's school trouble involving his "internship", he has Karen notify him when the trouble escalates where he then calls the principal just as Peter was in his office and then walks in in-person so that he could tell him off personally.
  • Cryptically Unhelpful Answer: When Flash confront him, wanting to know how Peter got an internship at Stark Tower when they don't even let High Schoolers apply, Peter is forced to give a vague answer about Tony happening upon a video of him, making sure to leave out all mention of Spider-Man.
  • Dean Bitterman: Principal Morita is completely on Harrison's side in regards to Peter being a liar, suspending Peter from all school activities for it.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: While Peter does work for Tony Stark, the fact that Stark Industries has a policy that forbids High School students under 18 for liability reasons would have you believe that Peter could have forged the documents that act as evidence. It's the fact that they did nothing to check if they were forgeries or if Peter actually was an exception to the rule nearly has the school sued for contract violation.
  • Fantasy Sequence: Chapter 4 begins by showing hypothetical, blatantly false events playing out how Peter would like to have happened, then cutting to what actually happens.
    Peter Parker, the most responsible kid in all of Queens, got up early. He made himself a nutritional and delicious breakfast of homemade pancakes with fresh strawberries and a tall glass of orange juice before taking a quick shower, brushing his teeth, combing his hair, and putting on his nicest outfit.
    He breezed out the door and waited fifteen minutes for the bus, before arriving to school and heading directly to Mr. Harrington’s classroom where he told his teacher, politely, that he had his permission slip filled out AND that if he or the principal had any questions about the validity of his internship, they could reach out to Stark Industries and speak with their legal team.
    And then, victorious, he strolled out of the classroom and into the hall where his classmates greeted him with cheers, confetti, and an expertly choreographed dance to a school wide cover of "Dancing Queen" and no one ever made fun of him again and -
    Meanwhile, in this universe? Peter Parker, the most luck challenged kid in all of Queens, fell asleep before he could set his alarm and woke up forty-five minutes late dazed, disoriented, and in MAJOR trouble.
  • Good Is Not Soft: The moment Peter's class started their tour, Natasha has SPI-DER following them, listening in on the whole thing to check up on them. When she confronts Peter, she questions why he lets Flash push him around the way he does when he can bench-press a city-bus. Peter insists that its because he wants to be the better man between the two of them. Justified, considering that not only is Peter still keeping his secret-identity, but he has trouble controlling his strength and does not want to do anything permanent to Flash. It also doesn't help that unlike Peter, Natasha was trained at a very young age to use violence and is less likely to let Flash get away with his behavior.
    Peter: Spider-Man is a secret identity kind of thing. Like Superman, only... real. I have to keep my glasses on and keep from getting into fights because I’d never be able to take him before the spider bite and people would really wonder how I accomplished it after, you know? Besides, I'm way stronger than he is. I could really hurt him.
    Natasha: ...You sound like Steve. Stop smiling, I'm not finished. You sound like Steve in those tacky videos he did to promote harmony between superheroes and regular people. The PSAs.
    Peter: Oh, I know. We have to watch those in — hey! I'm not an after-school special.
  • Literal Surveillance Bug: One of the more recent inventions Tony and Peter made together is a remote-controlled bug designed to look like a Black Widow spider meant for Natasha to use. It is nearly indestructible and is programmed to bite anyone who tried to squish it, injecting them with a toxin that can knock anyone unconscious. Peter's contribution was a built-in microphone half a millimeter big that could pick up sounds up to ten-yards away.
    Tony: As good as she is, there are places she can't get into. Unlike SPI-DER.
    Peter: Spider?
    Tony: System for Portable Information, Data Extraction and Retrieval. Come on, kid, I was up all night trying to make that work. Anyway, this'll keep her out of tight situations. Hopefully. She's coming by on Friday—
    FRIDAY: Yes, Boss?
    Tony: Not you, FRIDAY.
  • Oh, Crap!: Mr. Harrison and the principal have this reaction when Tony Stark suddenly shows up to confirm all of Peter's claims are true.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • When his teacher and principal's disbelief in Peter's "internship" lands him in hot water, Tony shows up unannounced, not only proving that Peter was not lying, but also uncovers just how little the school did to confirm these lies and then walks out with Peter early to get ice cream.
    • While Tony had every reason to blacklist Flash (repeatedly sending intern applications and bullying Peter), instead he saves him a harsh conversation with his parents by giving him a permission slip to intern under one of SI's subsidiaries as a starting point. Apparently he has been spying on them with Natasha and was talked into being generous by Pepper.
  • Skewed Priorities: Tony seems surprised how little Peter's punishment would have been.
    Tony: ...hey, out of curiosity... what is the punishment for forging Tony Stark's signature around here?
    Peter: Two weeks of in school suspension, ineligibility for all future field trips, handwritten notes to all of my classmates and teachers apologizing for my lies, and um, no more leaving early.
    Tony: That's it? Well, I'm sure that feels like a lot when you're a kid. I was thinking jail time. Of course, I've seen prisons nicer than this place, so... potato, potato.
  • A Taste of Their Own Medicine: One of the punishments Principal Morita was going to issue Peter was to have him write hand-written apology letters to all of his teachers and classmates for "lying." When it comes to light that not only did they not check the validity of Peter's internship contract with SI like they were supposed to, they destroyed the documents, Tony only agrees to let the school continue their field trip to his company if they provide proof that they did destroy the papers (for security reasons) and issues handwritten apologies to him, Peter and Pepper the day before the field trip.
  • The Theme Park Version: Apparently there is a model of Stark Tower in Las Vegas.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Mr. Harrison and the principal never thought to call Stark Industries to confirm whether or not the various legal documents that Peter had given them as proof of his internship were real or forgeries, having their copy of Peter's contract shredded under the assumption that it wasn't a real document. Ironically this act might have saved the school from getting sued even worse, as shredding it ensured to prevent contact information that SI would have want to keep confidential just that.