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Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra

  • Sokka and Zuko in Embers (Vathara). On the beach, they have very similar reactions; they really seem to understand each other, much better than most people; they trust each other, and neither Sokka nor Zuko is naturally trusting; they know that they both have good intentions and respect that, even when they're in conflict; unlike with Toph, Zuko and Sokka are of similar ages.

Backyard Sports


  • This occurs at the start of this fanvid by TheNight130 that crosses over Cinderella and Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. Marina is supposed to be jealous of her friend Cinderella, but it instead looks like she's jealous of Cinderella's husband. It isn't clear until a minute in that she's in love with the prince.
  • Stars Above (Lucky Star & Puella Magi Madoka Magica): Les Yay by the bucketload, as it's an Intercontinuity Cross Over between two of the most yuri-prone anime of the 2000s and 2010s.
  • The Pokémon Squad, a Massive Multiplayer Crossover fanfic, seems to really love these kinds of moments, especially with RM.
    • In "HELP", RM assigns MM the codename "Currently Doing That" for his campaign trail.
      MM: How about no?
    • In "Pokémon Squad Goes to New York", RM and RM's Friend's Twin share a room that has only one bed. RM insists on sleeping with him, which RM's Friend's Twin does not want. This culminates in RM's Friend's Twin waking up and finding RM sleeping on top of him.
      RM: You know, Nii-san, we're technically now sleeping with each other..."
      RM's Friend's Twin: Oh, Arceus help me...
    • In the first movie, a parody of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, there is a scene where Professor Oak pats RM on the back, but decides to stick his hand down the back of RM's pants instead, claiming that it's as high as he can reach.
    • In "RM's Other Friend-ism", Larry mentions that he and RM were in a yaoi panel at an anime convention the previous month.


  • In Angel of the Bat, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown have some Les Yay moments (ironically while reading the Bible together) but it's not meant to be much more notable than a lot of their time hanging out in the comics. Ultimately subverted and even ends up being a plot point- Cassie does have romantic feelings for Steph, but they're unrequited.

Disney Animated Canon

  • This crossover fanvid is about Belle becoming close to a werewolf woman named Esmeralda. It's supposed to be platonic, however it's hard to remove Esmeralda's flirty nature even with editing. It doesn't help that it uses many Paranormal Romance tropes.


Harry Potter

  • In the Alexandra Quick series, there is so much Ho Yay between Alex and Anna. One: They're dorm-mates. Two: They cannot stand when one of them is harmed by an evil entity. Three: At the end of book four, Anna declares platonic love for Alex. Except it might could possibly not be platonic....
  • In Keiran Halcyon's The Girl Who Lived (not to be confused with Harry Potter and the Girl Who Lived), Rose swears up and down that she's not a lesbian or bisexual, but spends much of her time describing girls' and women's bodies primarily in the order of breasts, nipples, pubic hair, rest of their body.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality:
    • Did you know that Draco is "courting" Harry? Everyone in Slytherin does.
    • When they first meet (though Harry is being a bit facetious)
      Harry burbled on. “I’m delighted to meet you, Mr. Malfoy. Just unutterably delighted. And to be attending Hogwarts in your very year! It makes my heart swoon.”
      Oops. That last part might have sounded a little odd, like he was flirting with Draco or something.
    • Also:
      Harry was in love. It would be a three-way wedding: him, the Time-Turner, and Professor Quirrell.
    • Also in-universe: first action the Comed-Tea gets: "BOY-WHO-LIVED GETS DRACO MALFOY PREGNANT". The Quibbler, of course.
    • "Romantic? They're both boys!" (Explanation: It turns out that an apparent majority of the young witch population are Yaoi Fangirls, which Hermione has a hard time grasping).


  • Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox, a Naruto High School AU story, gives us Hinata and Yugito; the one is a sheltered Lonely Rich Kid, and the other is a former Fair Cop and a member of the infamous Nine Terrors. Although both of them are confirmed as straight, the Les Yay vibe can be seen here and there between the two of them, with the very first instance of it being shown when Yugito, a self-admitted Shameless Fanservice Girl, takes a bath in an artificial waterfall on the balcony of her hotel suite with the express intention of shocking Hinata's genteelness when the younger woman comes to visit her, and Hinata, after some initial surprise at the sight, spends the next few minutes checking out Yugito's ample body and comparing it to her own. Much later, in the story's Gaiden chapters, Hinata reveals that she's got a bit of a playful side of her own, as shown in the first Gaiden where she gently tickles Yugito's bare feet while the woman is sleeping, and the vibe continues in the seventh Gaiden when Hinata eyes Yugito's body (particularly her boobs) up and down while Yugito's getting ready for her wedding. In the latter instance, Yugito actually catches Hinata looking and decides to tease her a bit more.
    Yugito: See something you like, dear?


  • Miya and Madame Boss have some unintentionally romantic-laden elements in Team Rocket Roots. Madame Boss is so close to her star agent Miya that she undergoes a Sanity Slippage when Miya disappears on a mission. When Miya dies for real, she thinks about how she'll be Together in Death with Madame Boss.

Super Smash Bros.

The Twilight Saga


  • In The Official Fanfiction University Of Middle-earth, this is deconstructed in the subjects "Platonic Love 101" by Frodo and Samwise, and "Male Bonding 202", by Legolas and Gloin. Shows what's really behind it. When a hug is just a hug and such.
  • Total Drama Comeback Series: Due to Author Appeal, there are strong Bridgette/Gwen undertones in the series, despite the two already having boyfriends and receiving plot-relevant Ship Tease with male characters. In two separate challenges, Gwen kisses Bridgette on the lips very passionately and without hesitation in order to complete a challenge, and Bridgette accepts and indulges in it longly and deeply after the initial shock at the sudden nature of both kisses wears off.
  • Brewdening Love. Brian and Hugo (Mr. Smith) was the best thing to come out of that fanfic. And has been expanded upon.
  • A lampshaded version occurs in Clothes, please?, when Ren mocks Pyrrha's inability to confess her love to Jaune.
    Still, just saying, if I were Pyrrha, I would have taken Jaune by his scraggly blond head, dragged him back to the room and made damn sure he had no one else on his mind...No homo.
  • Career Assassin Miss Alice Band and others, in the Discworld writings of A.A. Pessimal. Alice has a special soft spot for boyish Thieves such as Steffi Gibbet, but a high-wire artiste and a complicated relationship with a Seamstress also come into it.