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There are Fan Fics, and then there are Fan Works. While not as common as the fics, there are sometimes works that are too complicated for just the category for Webcomics or fics alone. These awesome moments shall be recorded here for all to see.

  • This shot-for-shot remake of "After Today" from A Goofy Movie. A great collaborative effort on a low budget manages to get most shots painstakingly accurate, with a few acceptable breaks from canon, and nearly perfect wardrobe and background creation, as well as aesthetic casting—for a Cast of Snowflakes Crowd Song. They even recreated a flyby magazine with incredibly detailed accuracy. They have a making-of commentary that's fifteen times as long as the video itself. This video is considered such a Moment of Awesome that the director of the original movie, Kevin Lima, has gone out of his way to praise it, and Jason Marsden recommended it to his costar Bill Farmer, who also loved it; supporting actor Rob Paulsen also mentioned liking it in his Talkin' Toons podcast with Marsden.

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