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  • The climax of "Epitaph", in which Lambdadelta reveals to Battler that the Affectionate Parody series is, in fact, 'just a replica board'... and what, precisely, that means for the game.
  • After being Out of Focus for a good chunk of the first season, and coping with Goldsmith's humiliating treatment of her in "Trial of the Black Witch", Virgilia gets to shine when she challenges Battler to a round of speed chess, and slaps him in the face with one of his biggest weaknesses: his reluctance to sacrifice anyone by naming a culprit.
    • As a follow-up, she goes on to defy Lambdadelta in order to keep Battler engaged in the game.
  • "Endgame Tea Party" serves as a fitting Season Finale for the first half of Umineko, as Battler reviews all of the replica boards up to this point in order to point out Plot Holes. It all builds up to an emotional confrontation with Beatrice... and him revealing that he regained his memories, and isn't being manipulated by Bern and Lambda into mindlessly destroying Beato after all.
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  • The final part of "Magical Detective Erika-chan", in which Battler challenges Bern on her metaphorical home turf, constructing a theory about Higurashi: When They Cry meant to deny her very existence. Mainly, that all of the series save for Saikoroshi-hen is nothing more than a deluded fantasy constructed by that world's Rika in order to cope with her inability to make the world go the way she wished.
  • How Battler deals with the Mexican Standoff in "Cat Box of the Golden Witch": telling his father that he loves him.
  • The "A End" of "Deus Ex Machina" offers several awesome moments:
    • First, there's the showdown between Ange and Battler, with its sudden Art Shift to Ougon Musoukyoku.
    • The big reveal of what's inside the catbox: one of Will's favorite pet theories, that the residents were massacred by seagulls. Will and Dlanor discovered the box's importance and created a fake, then turn Bern's Exact Words against her.
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    • The final contest between Battler and Bernkastel: a rapid-fire theory-off followed by a riddle contest.
  • The "B End" brings it own array of memorable moments:
    • Battler challenges Beatrice one last time... the original Beatrice, channeled through Clair. The ensuing confrontation makes clear that he does, in fact, understand what Yasu was trying to teach him.
    • Beatrice's response, and her final challenge to Battler: she sends him to a special Fragment in order to stop the culprit once and for all, preventing the destruction of Rokkenjima.
    • While all this is happening, there's the events back at the Golden Land, with the survivors hijacking one of Bern's boats and escaping.