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Awesome / The Omniverse Event

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With the totality of the Omniverse to play with, you KNOW there's going to be plenty of awesome moments involved.

  • From Calvin's Quest, we have Calvin's plan to defeat Nivlac in the Paradox Dimension: he knew he couldn't beat him by force, so he sent Hobbes off to destroy Foxy and prepare a sneak attack on the evil duplicate. Considering that this is a character whose deteriorating plans are a Running Gag throughout the story, that's pretty impressive strategy.
  • Shawn's Sherlock Scan of McGonagall in It Takes One to Divine One Chapter 3. Not only does he display his typical knack for identifying people, he actually deduces several pieces of key information about the wizarding world and the nature of McGonagall's case just from a brief glance at her.
  • From Digimon Abridged, we have Sora kicking a Champion-Level Digimon to death while shouting the "We've got work to do" speech from Doctor Who.
  • So far both Calvin and Susie have had at least one while dueling in Yu-Gi-Oh! ΔX:
    • Calvin's defeat of the Manager relies on a scary-accurate Batman Gambit: he convinces the Manager to destroy his Wave-Motion Cannon instead of Call of the Haunted, knowing from their conversation earlier that the Manager would rather risk losing everything than accept a smaller loss. Calvin then uses the two monsters he still has on the field to summon Red-Eyes Black Dragon, then immediately upgrades it to Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon and launches a devastating attack. Oh, and did I mention that this only wins the duel because of the Manager's own Field Spell doubling all damage?
    • Susie defeating Penelope by bringing out Enchantment Girl Relena and boosting her power using the other monsters in her graveyard.
    • While it's not the killing blow, Episode 07 gives us a look at Calvin's new ace monster, which comes complete with its own summoning chant:
    Calvin: Ancient force of creation and destruction, come forth and change the destiny of this duel! ARISE, DELTA DRAGON!