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Trivia / The Omniverse Event

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  • Approval of God: Basically how the series came about.
  • Missing Episode: Calvin's Quest originally included an extra chapter which featured a "vague story summary", cryptically hinting at the future of what was to be the series' first arc (or at least it was SUPPOSED to be cryptically; in reality, it basically just spoiled the entire story), as well as a preview of the then-upcoming Chapter 9. Golden Keyblade would later delete for being "not vague enough", as well as for the preview becoming irrelevant.
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  • Old Shame: Golden Keyblade has been vocally critical of the older chapters of Calvin's Quest, going so far as to write a prologue so that the first thing new readers encountered was not what he described as his arrogant younger self.
  • Schedule Slip: Almost constantly with Calvin's Quest, and actually with most of Golden Keyblade's stories. Early chapters of CQ frequently lampshade this; in one notable case, Hobbes says he feels like they've been packing for months, referring to the long hiatus between Chapters 11 and 12.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The first Bonus Chapter of Calvin's Quest gives us a look at the original version of the story. Golden Keyblade was vocally critical of the old ideas, spending most of the segment complaining about how stupid they were. In particular, the section mentions that Nivlac was originally planned to be one of the original duplicates from the comic who inexplicably decided he wanted revenge on Calvin, and the Quest was going to be a test by a mysterious organization to train Calvin and Hobbes to save the world from an alien invasion. In addition, the fic would have been split into three arcs, with the first being the aforementioned alien invasion, the second being a future version of Moe deciding he wanted revenge on Calvin for an unspecified reason, which would have ended with a duel in the Paradox Dimension, which would end in Future Moe becoming trapped and the event in question being erased from time. The third and most enigmatic would have involved Weegee, an Internet meme character being the main antagonist, with the original six duplicates having been revealed to have been behind him, or at least aiding him. The final story would have been the alien king, Future Moe, and Weegee teaming up to take down Calvin. At the end of the story, the "Pillar Gun," the original name for the Pillar Mechanism, would have been destroyed. You can probably see why this was scrapped.
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    • When the Omniverse Event was first announced, Golden Keyblade initially announced plans for a story called Red Squared Vs. Blue Squared. The story would have been a crossover between Red vs. Blue and Team Fortress 2, and apparently would have featured the Red and Blue teams of the respective franchises teaming up with their counterparts to escape a mysterious facility. The story was scrapped when Golden Keyblade admitted he didn't actually have much story material beyond the original concept.
    • Another scrapped series, this one planned for over a year before being cancelled, was "Sunset 16", a crossover of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and Ben 10. Little is known about how the plot would have gone, mainly because Golden Keyblade himself allegedly had very few details of the story planned.
  • Word of God: Golden Keyblade has stated that Calvin and Hobbes: The Series helped influence the creation of Calvin's Quest.

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