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Technobabble / The Omniverse Event

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This is a technobabble compilation of The Omniverse Event.

Higgs Scanner

Time Machine
Apparently the machine is powered by "time thrusters" (Calvin's Quest: The End of the Beginning), which are used to propel the box at right angles to reality out of real space and into "time-space", in which the properties of space and time are reversed (i.e. you can travel freely in time but with a fixed velocity in space). (Yu-Gi-Oh! ΔX: Welcome to Domino City! Part 1)

The machine also functions as the base for the Pillar Mechanism.


Duel Disk

Duel Disk Plus
The Duel Disk Plus is an enhanced Duel Disk. It uses an AI system called ADAMWEST, so named because that was the only impression Calvin could do. It can also connect to the internet of Calvin's universe, and seems to be how he is writing Calvin Reads Problem Sleuth. (Yu-Gi-Oh! ΔX: In His Blue Eyes Part 1)

Fifth-Dimensional Maths
Fifth-dimensional maths is apparently used in closing rifts.

According to Calvin, 5 + 22 in 5D equals 1606.2 and 17 square Rels. (The Rift Effect: Chapter 9)


States of Matters
A system Irving created for indexing the level of Omniversiness in any given universe.
  • Primary phase: The ground state - there should be no rifts and no problems.
  • Secondary phase: The start of the Event relative to a given universe. Concepts and items filter through, and there may be some problems. Only very slight monitoring needed, and that only if items are larger than regulation.
  • Tertiary phase: Ostensibly "the most important phase," but why is unknown, as the rest is either illegible, or Benny saying "it's panic time."
  • Quaternary phase: "Concepts begin to spread <illegible> squids squids squids."
  • Final phase: "<illegible> The squids have invaded. There is no hope."
(The Rift Effect: Addendum)

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