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Obviously a series with so many talented writers and so many franchises is bound to have quite a few funny moments. The list has been broken down by story.

Calvin's Quest

The Rift Effect
  • From Chapter 2, we get Hobbes' first line in the story: "At the risk of sounding highly clichéd, this is yet another fine mess you've gotten us both into."
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  • Bernice falling down the stairs doubles as this and a Shout-Out to Homestuck.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ΔX
  • From "Episode 00: A Crease in Time", we have this gem:
    Susie: What did you do?
  • From "Episode 01: Welcome to Domino City! Part 1"
    Calvin: (to Hobbes) People status is reserved for individuals on the level of human or higher. You're higher.
  • From "Episode 04: Susie's First Duel Part 1":
    Penelope: I'm Penelope. Penelope Gaspare. My father is Frederick Gaspare IV, CEO of the Gaspare Jewelry Company.
    Calvin: Cool. My name's Calvin, and I asked for neither your name nor your family history.
  • Calvin and Hobbes arguing over who gets to say "Card games on motorcycles".

The Q Effect

  • This bit:
    "Welcome to the Federation, Hobbes," Calvin muttered. "Someone forgot to invent the fuse, so all their consoles blow up and inevitably kill redshirts. Also, no seatbelts. Seriously. You'd think an organizatiion that gets pushed around as much as them would invent the seatbelt at least once."
    Everyone in the command division blinked.
    B'Elanna started furiously writing a list of improvements.

It Takes One to Divine One

Digimon Abridged
  • Susie's reaction to finding out when she is.
    Susie: Wait, Sora, you said Python 3 hasn't been released yet?
    Sora: Yeah. Why?
    Susie: When am I?
    Sora: March 8th, 1999.
    Susie: *blinks* Just. Bloody. Brilliant.

Calvin's Liveblog
Calvin Reads Problem Sleuth

Calvin Reads Homestuck

  • Most of the "Calvin 2" posts have been pretty scary. The most recent one, as of 11/26/16, has a markedly different tone.
    Calvin: (in response to John putting the ashes back in the urn) Yeah, let’s do that now. Probably for the best. Let’s just not focus on that terrifying mannequin.
    Calvin 2: i like the mannequin

Calvin Watches Stuff

Ramblings of a Leeroy
  • Anything relating to Asriel.

A Theory of Timelines / A Theory of Perseverance / A Theory of Darkness

Duelist Foundation

Calvin and Hobbes: Voidtrapped

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