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Nightmare Fuel / The Omniverse Event

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  • From Calvin's Quest, chapter 19- the conversation between the two unknown parties hits a pretty good low-key creepy, but the vivid description of Nivlac and the Paradox Dimension, as well as said person's first lines to Calvin and Hobbes hit whole new levels of terrifying.
    • Chapter 23: How Far We've Come- a battle to the death between Calvin and his evil duplicate, no holds barred- and then the last two lines.
    First there was nothing.
    Then there was everything.
  • unleashedGenesis, a troll who occasionally chimes in with ominous foreshadowing, is pretty much played off as the character that nobody listens to. But underneath that, he seems to be giving some genuine warnings with some rather creepy connotations. The Omniverse is fracturing. The cracks are spreading through the universe. And nobody's listening to him.
  • The very fact that there's a power big enough to fracture the Omniverse as a whole- you've got to realize that this place is pretty damn big.
  • Calvin Reads Problem Sleuth- a pretty quirky, fun liveblog, right? Nope. A mysterious entity called "Calvin 2" is interrupting the stream of events with some highly disturbing comments that Calvin's entirely unaware with, including lovely sentiments such as:
    sorry i was gone for a while
    the thing in the basement needed my help
    did you miss me?
    • and
      i hear you
      i see you
    • and, most recently:
      so how have you been
      i’ve been good
      • For those interested, they can all be found here.
      • Oh, and good news! As of late February, he's now aware that Calvin can't hear him.
      • Conversely, Calvin now is equally aware that there's something on his blog that he's not seeing.
    • Oh, and bonus points! As of A Theory of Perseverance, not only is he now in contact with other universes too, but he seems to be working on some kind of "project".
    • The ending of Calvin's liveblog was a surprisingly heartwarming moment, with Calvin talking about how in the end, this was a story about detectives; it just hasn't started yet. And then, without warning, this happens:
      I have been Calvin, and I will see you all very soon.
      #calvin reads problem sleuth
      yes...see you soon
      #calvin 2
    • Yeah, you know Calvin 2? As of November 13, 2016 at 07:57 UTC... He has access to both the blogs. He just posted on Calvin Reads Homestuck.
      • And as of 08:15, CALVIN SAW IT. Not just that one, all of them, going back to Problem Sleuth. He's reasonably unsettled about this.
  • The message in the addendum to A Theory of Timelines is ominous once you translate it (hint: Caesar Shift Cipher, N=13) and it certainly doesn't help that the writing is in random uppercase and lowercase letters, making it seem... well, corrupted.
    • For those who want to know what the message says, here it is: note 
      • Its sequel, A Theory of Perseverance, has three separate stingers. The first is a conversation between Irving and unleashedGenesis, which isn't too creepy. The second is the aforementioned cameo from Calvin 2. The third, which is written in an Atbash code and described as "A Message Intercepted Between the Universes", appears to be a message from W.D. Gaster himself, delivering ominous warnings that "IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SAVE EVERYONE" and promising to show you "THE INSIDE OF THEIR MIND" (exactly who they are remains unknown), before ending with the words "SCREAM FOR ME" repeated twice. JEGUS.
  • Holy shit, pretty much THE ENTIRETY of A Theory of Darkness.
  • THE TRAPEZIUM. Holy shit, the Trapezium. The thought that anyone could be a member and have no idea... including Calvin's gang?... could be one of them and NEVER KNOW is bone-chilling, to say the least.
  • The Surreal Horror showing the effect of the rift on the Miraculous Ladybug universe at the beginning of The Five Miraculous Stars. Previously the rifts had been depicted exclusively as temporary events which served to move characters or objects between universes, but THIS one apparently managed to shred the entire universe, before forcibly stitching it back together with Pokémon elements present. The fact that Marinette's memory of the entire series is now apparently gone just adds to the creep factor.