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Shout Out / The Omniverse Event

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Calvin's Quest

The Rift Effect
  • In chapter 4:
    Jack: I warned you about those stairs, Benny!
    — is a reference to...
    Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff: i warned you about stairs bro! i told you dog!

Yu-Gi-Oh! ΔX
  • In episode 7, all that pain and all those monsters that Caesar keeps throwing at Calvin fills him with DETERMINATION. (It should be noted that it fills him with all-caps DETERMINATION, as only referenced in the Asgore battle, rather than lowercase determination, as in "The wind is howling... it fills you with determination.")
The Q Effect

It Takes One To Divine One

Digimon Abridged

Calvin Reads Problem Sleuth

Ramblings of a Leeroy

A Theory of Timelines / A Theory of Perseverance / A Theory of Darkness

Duelist Foundation

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