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Timeline / The Omniverse Event

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The Omniverse Event is an expansive crossover universe, created by Golden Keyblade.

Not all stories fit into the same universe; as such, the timeline is broken down by universe.

Calvin's Quest timeline:

  • Main timeline
    • ~3000 BCE: The Time Machine lands in Egypt. (Calvin's Quest ch. 5: The Pyramid)
    • Calvin obtains the Imagination Pillar, manifested as a marker.
    • Calvin invents the Duplicator.
    • Calvin attaches an Ethicator to the Duplicator, and creates a good duplicate. The Duplicator can't create energy from nothing, so the Ethicator splits a duplicate as it is created into good and evil. The good duplicate manifests; the evil one remains in the box. (Calvin's Quest ch. 20: Exposition of Evil)
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    • In a game of Calvinball, the Calvinball hits the box, damaging several circuits. The evil duplicate is released into the Paradox Dimension, where he coalesces as Nivlac.
    • 2015 CE: Calvin argues with Hobbes about what weapons starships would have, and uses the Time Machine to find answers. (Calvin's Quest ch. 1: Starships)
    • 2222 CE: Calvin materializes next to a starship with photon cannons. The Scaly Pillar impacts the Time Machine.
  • Time-Space
    • On the trip home, the Plastic Pillar hits the Time Machine, knocking it off course.
  • Paradox Dimension

Calvin and Hobbes: Voidtrapped timeline:

  • Main timeline
    • unleashedGenesis trolls Calvin regarding the Calvin's Quest timeline and the Steam Summer Sale. (Calvin's Quest b. ch. 2: What Will Be)

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