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    Yu-Gi-Oh! ΔX 
Calvin 2 is a version of Calvin from the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe.
  • It makes sense - he holds the name Calvin, our Calvin (Calvin 1) is competely unaware of his existence, A Theory of Perserverence reveals that he can send messages across dimensions, and Christoph is aware of some version of Calvin.

Dueling With A Champ involves Calvin dueling Yugi.
  • Well, a "champ" does kind of mean a King of Games. Also, remember this line from A Crease In Time?
    Calvin: Seriously, the protagonists are all such beginners. Okay, so there are a bunch of OP cards, but that's usually just for the major villains! I mean, if someone like Weevil was a regional finalist, the people in that world can't be that good at the game! I mean, come on, Yugi doesn't even have Dark Hole in his deck! I could kick his butt in a duel, no problem!


    The Q Effect 

    It Takes One To Divine One 

    Duelist Foundation 
The Foundation will initially attempt to contain Duel Monsters cards as SCPs.
  • I mean, come on, it's the Foundation. What else would they do?

    Calvin and Hobbes: Voidtrapped 
Susie's presence in the Medium will crash the game.
  • From a review by Seska 1729:
    In object-oriented programming, an assertion is a checkpoint of sorts. It takes a boolean (true/false value) as a parameter, and in debugging mode, throws an AssertionException if the value is false.
    So an unfulfilledAssertion would crash the game! :o
    • This is both very plausible and very clever, and it sounds pretty correct! The one question we need to address here is, why would she crash the game? She doesn't seem to be any sort of anomaly at first glance, and the only thing 'off' about her at this point is her username. So what's up with her? (And why would she have chosen it? o-O)

ambiguousTerror is not a troll.
  • From a review by Seska 1729:
    Soooooooo I was researching the hemospectrum, and tangented.
    In the original Homestuck, the Trollian handles are DNA two-base pairs. Voidtrapped seemed to use RNA pairs (UG, CU, UA) . . . but then there's AT.
    Seriously, is AT a cherub or something?
    • It's worth mentioning, since Seska doesn't seem to be a Homestuck, that the original Homestuck used the username pattern of AT for a character before. Therefore, ambiguousTerror is obviously Tavros.
    • Alternatively...

ambiguousTerror is a limeblood.
He/she would have been culled due to his/her psionic powers, and pretends he's/she's a cherub so it won't happen.

Voidtrapped will explain why no Calvin and Hobbes universe to date has Calvin aging.
  • Calvin's Quest continuity: References an event from the original strip from 1991, despite Calvin being six in 2015. Also, when he tries to think of how long Susie has been in town (she joined the cast in 1985), his mind drifts of other things.
  • Voidtrapped continuity: As a branch of the Calvin's Quest timeline, the same is true.
  • The Rift Effect continuity: As of the latest entry (The Q Effect), Calvin is six.
  • Digimon Abridged continuity: No sign of Calvin yet, so impossible to confirm or deny.

Tragedy is the Master.
  • Tragedy apparently considers the events of A Theory of Darkness her "game", considers herself Irving's girlfriend, and has no known backstory. Who else manipulated events from behind the scenes, and acts like the main protagonist's girlfriend or ex? Missy.

Harvey Holmwood will eventually be important. His identity is...

Benny's diary will not reach Benny.
  • Rather, it will fall into the hands of someone evil (Rassilon?), who will proceed to use the enclosed information to track down Benny and/or Calvin.
    • Bonus points if more than one version of Calvin is involved.

Skulduggery Peasant was created by W.D. Gaster.
  • Just look at this line:
    Irving: You're a skeleton. How does that work?
    Skulduggery: Magic. Or maybe I was created in a lab by another scientist skeleton who only speaks in Wingdings, but either way, you'll never know, will you?

The #calvin 0 posts are actually canon...

At some point the various Calvins of the Omniverse will meet.
  • Okay, UG actually outright confirmed this one:
    UG: Your timeline i5...fractured.
    CU: fractured?
    UG: With every deci5ion you make, a new univer5e come5 into exi5tence.
    UG: Thi5 i5 perfectly natural.
    UG: After all, every player create5 doomed timeline5, particularly a5 their entry to the 5e55ion approache5.
    UG: But your timeline5 do not fade away or diverge, you and tho5e a55ociated with you dying off.
    UG: The timeline5 continue to exi5t, becoming 5omehow...
    UG: ...5table.
    UG: And mo5t intere5tingly, at a certain point it 5eem5 they begin to converge.

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