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Awesome / The Legend of Zelda: The Sage of Darkness

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  • Ganon's plan involving the sages is already impressive, but what makes it even more so is that no one found about the plan for centuries until it was too late!
  • Ganon's resurrection also counts. Which involves him entering from a lake of fire while giving a very badass laugh!
  • Link's father's death scene certainly counts. despite being caught by surprise and brutally attacked by Davik, he still managed to cut off one of Davik's hands in retaliation. Plus, he's played by Il Neige!
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  • Dan Hogan gets one for his performance as both Link and the Skull Kid. He's easily the most believable actor, receiving well earned praise from many.
  • The Skull Kid effortlessly cowing Ertegun into submission.
    Skull Kid: You're a coward, but you're a greedy coward.
    Ertegun: (tries to draw his sword) You...
    Skull Kid: (pulls out whip) I wouldn't try it if I were you.
    Ertegun: ... (sheathes sword)
  • Link gets several throughout the movie but a particularly badass moment comes at the final fight with Ganon. At first, all hope is lost because Ganon has slain all of the sages including Davik, the Sage of Darkness, who is Link's uncle. making his defeat impossible. Then Link drops this bombshell:
    Link: What did Davik tell you about his sister?
    Ganon: He told me that he killed her before she did anything stupid.
    Link: (giving a devilish smirk): Did he tell you about her sons?

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