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Unmarked Spoilers follow

  • Plenty of moments abound in response to Haiji's attack.
    • Kyoji saving Makoto's life with a pancreas transplant.
    • Komaru helping move Makoto to safety while under fire.
    • Ethos, Hajime, Nagito, Fuyuhiko, and Peko all successfully taking Haiji down.
    • Hiro actually managing to do something useful for a change by getting the students out of the line of fire.
    • Kotoko giving Haiji a much-deserved kick to the balls.
  • Several of the students, teachers, and associates going out to help Ethos safely capture Yuuko.
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  • You really have to give Kyoji, Mikan, and Alter Ego credit for managing to get very close to finding a treatment for HIV in less than a few weeks. Something that's taken scientists in the real world decades to achieve.
  • You have to adore Kotoko for kicking Shuji Fujigawa, who is holding a gun, in the balls.
  • After Izuru breaks into the school and threatens to kill Mitsuru unless he reveals information about the future, he refuses to cooperate. However, just before Izuru can strangle him, he gets knocked out by Mikan. Sure, he gets a second wind and takes her captive, but it's still awesome nonetheless. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, especially this line.
  • When a Shoggoth tries to grab her, Yukari yells at it, and it backs off. That's right, a teenage girl scared an Eldritch Abomination away.