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Awesome / Evangelion 303

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Asuka fights!
This page is for Crowning Moments of Awesome in Evangelion 303:
  • Shinji versus Asuka. And Shinji winning. Sure, that manoeuvre was utterly stupid and suicidal, but it still was awesome!
  • In the first chapters Asuka's performance and emotional stability are getting worse and worse, and she finally gets forced to take a leave. One day later she returns, having made amends with Shinji, fully focused and confident on her skills, insists on taking another test, and shows everyone because she is the top pilot.
  • Shinji throughout the Part II. He stuck with Asuka not matter what, and not only he managed helping her to heal but also he managed talking her into marrying him.
  • You can have this back... When you pull it off of my cold lifeless finger.
  • After over one decade without seeing his son, Gendo meets Shinji... to scolding him for putting his grief over a girl ahead his duties. You know, the same Gendo who is doing what he is doing due to his wife's death. Shinji was NOT amused and called him on it. And it was awesome.