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Nightmare Fuel / Evangelion 303

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This page is for Nightmare Fuel moments of the doujin Evangelion 303:

  • When Unit-04 crashed both war plane and pilot were torn apart and ripped to shreds, and their remains scattered over the place completely. Several days later the army was still finding Jessika's body parts. When Ritsuko informs that "The head and the other arm were located this morning" the way that she tells it -her sentence is clipped, brief and to the point and their look is dispassionate- heightened the horror of the situation.
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  • Asuka's suicide attempt in chapter 12. She's sitting there, smirking while talking about how she's going to force Shinji to watch the love of his life "splatter her brains all over his wall".
    Asuka: I was thinking I might take you with me, but no. I want you to remember this moment for as long as you live. The moment when your coveted trophy girlfriend died right in front of you and there wasn't a damn thing you could do about it! I want you to spend the rest of your life remembering it!


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