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The Children in reality are an incarnation of the Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets team
They are a Five-Man Band and pilot the most advanced warplane in existence. Moreover, Shinji and Asuka are like a Gender Flipped version of Mark/Ken and Princess/Jun.

Shinji and Asuka are a reincarnation of Kouji and Sayaka
They were strongly drawn to each other from the beginning because they felt deep down that they had been soulmates in other life. Asuka was constantly angry, fiercely competitive and yearning for proving her skills because she was subconsciously aware that her talent had been slighted in a past life; and Shinji was more prudent and more patient because he was subconsciously aware that picking on a Tsundere and making her even angrier is a bad idea.

Shinji and Asuka are a Gender Flipped reincarnation of Jun and Tetsuya
Let's see:

Asuka: Tsundere? Check. Ace Pilot? Check. Jerkass Woobie? Check. Prideful and boastful? Check. Bad temper and hubris are a mask to hide a very insecure, vulnerable personality full of mental issues? Check. Inferiority Superiority Complex? Check. Conveniently an Orphan? Unknown, but given her backstory, most likely. The only difference between Tetsuya and her is the hair color and the chromosome Y.


Shinji: The Rival of the Tsundere? Check. Shows amazing patience and understanding when the Tsundere is getting very annoying? Check. Prone to bite back when he gets pushed too far? Check. Conveniently an Orphan? Check. Issues with surrogate parental figures? Check. Father treats him like a soldier rather a son? Check. Yes, he is like Jun. (Geez, he even looks like a half-black chick).

Clearly they are reincarnations.

Asuka subconsciously wanted Shinji walking on her in chapter 4
Shinji went to his bathroom not knowing what she was inside. She did not ask for permission or warn about it. Who takes a shower in someone else's house without warning the host? Clearly she secretly hoped that he saw her body.
  • Supporting that theory, pay mind to that towel. Either she was so determined to have a shower in his house that she did not mind to use Shinji's towel and wear her old clothes or she brought her own towel and a change of clothes. And it would mean that she had already planned spending the night and taking a shower.

Gendo was behind the Unit-04's crash
Look at this. The motor is clearly exploding. The explosion's origin is unclear, it might be an accident, but it also may be sabotage.

And then you have that Evas are programmed to to eject the entire crew capsule in case of emergency, but only one the seats was fired. Maybe it was a programming error, but given the other circumstances, it seems suspicious.

Now look at this scene. Gendo is UP to something, and he does not care losing an aircraft if it furthers his agenda.

So maybe Gendo planned to destroy Unit-04 to further his goal. But since he has shown that he does not intend to interfere with his son's love life -at least as far as it does not interfere with his plans-, he planned spare both pilots. Or he spared Asuka because was his son's lover but Jessika was not so fortunate.

Asuka tried to commit suicide in the past
Read this scene of the chapter 12. Asuka is accusing herself of "once again" running away from her troubles using a medicine cabinet full of narcotics.

Asuka's past is largely like in the original series
In the original series Asuka pretended to be abrasive and boisterous due to a very specific set of circumstances that drove her to create a fake "obnoxious" personality to hide her real self (a vulnerable, wary, lonely kid that could be nice when she wanted -and she was actually nice to people that she trusted, such like Misato, Kaji or Hikari).

So that in this doujin her past must be similar: her mother got crazy and hang herself, her father remarried (and maybe he cheated on his wife, his second spouse was the woman he had committed adultery with, and Asuka was aware of it) and stopped to take care of her daughter... and then you have what the second pannel may be implying, and Asuka thinking that Shinji and she are not so different after all after he has told her about his mother's death, his father's estrangement and his difficult relationship with his father's girlfriend.

Asuka will learn what was written in the Jessika's diary
Not very likely since Shinji will not tell, Mandi has disappeared from the story and there is no plot reason that demands her return, and Asuka and she live in different places so they can not run into each other, but...

Shinji and Asuka will bump into her accidentally, and she will rant about Asuka being a home-wrecker and make sarcastic comments. Asuka will have no idea of what Mandy will be talking about, and Shinji will defend Asuka. Mandy will leave, as telling: "Ask your boyfriend. He had to pick the pages."

Shinji will be forced to tell Asuka about the diary and its contents. Asuka will be mad in the beginning but she will quickly understand what Jessika would not want her knowing and Shinji did the right thing.

And then she will ask Shinji describing Jessika's fantasies. And she will ask him if he wants to try any of them.

The Super Robot Wars army will show up in the story to help the Children to avoid Third Impact
Why? Because Super Robot Wars makes all awesome or more awesome, hence it MUST show up in everywhere. Bonus points if SRW Shinji and Asuka meet their Eva303 counterparts and learn that they got engaged (and younger Shinji thinks that adult Asuka is totally hot. Of course, younger Asuka will think the same thing from older Shinji).

Rei is not an Angel or a clon, but she is Shinji's sister
Neither Shinji nor Rei remember each other because they were very young, but they are siblings. For some reason -possibly to prevent Seele from finding them- Gendo decided sending her away from him and her brother.

At some point of the crossover they will travel to the original and Rebuild universes. Butts will get much ass-kicking, Gendo, Seele and even Yui will get a reckoning, each Canon Shinji will get his red-haired girl and each Canon Asuka will get her not-so-wimpy-now Shinji.

Due to a weird time-space warping caused during the battle against Leliel, Canon Shinji and Asuka will fall in the Sea of Dirac and will be transported in the hotel room where Eva-303 Shinji and Asuka are staying during Las Vegas trip
Very awkward but very funny moments will follow.


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