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This page is for quotes of the doujin Evangelion 303:

Asuka: I'll confess one thing; I've never been very good at getting used to new people.

Shinji: The debauchery in there is staggering...
Asuka: You're one to talk! How many beers did I see you knock back?
Shinji: You too! You're not 21 either, right?
Asuka: Hmph! I'm too busy to keep track of stupid, prudish American laws!
Shinji: I think we made a bigger mess than we cleaned up...
Asuka: It was a moving party! It's not supposed to be clean.
Asuka: Ya know... You'd be a pretty good pilot if you knew how to control yourself...
Shinji: Weirdest way of conceeding I've ever heard...

Asuka (to Asuka): You know, this is a pretty critical time for you. You need a wingman if you are gonna get your life together in time.
chapter 4.

Kensuke: “For getting beat up by women this much, shouldn’t you be sleeping with at least one of them?”
Kensuke to Shinji after Asuka AND Rei struck the latter

Jessika: What about this new guy? Shinji?
Asuka: He’s the worst of them! He’s reckless… And can’t even do what he is told… I told him to call as soon as he got to Nevada. And that was this morning!
Jessika (thinking): Boyfriend: Found.
Asuka: Ungrateful idiot Shinji… I’m gracious enough to worry about him and he doesn’t even notice! I hope he doesn’t expect me keep the house clean while he’s gone!
Jessika: Whoa Whoa Whoa! You’re staying in this “idiot’s” home?
Asuka: Well, yeah… It’s bigger than my apartment. And it’s got a more comfortable bed.
Jessika (thinking): Aaaand she’s sleeping in his bed.

"Forgiveness? You dumped me in a fit of jealousy fanned by the flames of your own imagination. There never was anything to forgive."
Kaworu to Saburo

Gendo: You disappoint me… Letting your emotional ties to a pretty girl blind you to the crying needs of the entire civilized world… You would turn your back on every innocent soul on the planet because you can’t see past your infatuation.
Shinji: YOU disappoint me! You think that duty is the ability to deny your own feelings? To pretend that you were never vulnerable to love? You know what I’m feeling… You were in love once in your life!
Chapter 10

Asuka: Nobody understands what I’m going through!
Asuka: Do YOU understand?
Asuka: ?!
Asuka: Do you see what you are doing? What you’ve been doing ever since you woke up? You wrap yourself up in this warm blanket of hate because it makes you feel powerful! It’s the only way you can feel powerful again without the help of others! But it’s only a drug. A quick chemical that hides your troubles! Meanwhile they’re still there GETTING WORSE. So, once again, the great Asuka Langley Sohryu is retreating from her troubles armed with a medicine cabinet of powerful looking narcotics! My, how self-reliant you are!

"I kinda… love you. […] Damn it, I love you!"
Asuka to Shinji

Someone I can be honest with... About what a failure I ended up becoming. I remember a time when I knew there was no one better than me. Now all I can see is the huge mess I've made.

Asuka: ... I... couldn't do it...
Shinji: I won't let you.
Asuka: That's not it... I had been in this room for five hours before you got home... trying finding a way to do it.
Asuka: But... I just couldn't do it! Seriously- I'm a failure at everything! When all I had to do was the pull the trigger and my suffering- everyone's suffering- would be over... Even then I couldn't do it! How weak can one get?
Shinji:Asuka... What do you mean weak? Is that weak to you? You are the one who taught me that all living creatures have an instinctive need to survive and protect themselves... You're the one who taught me how important that was...
Asuka: Pretty words. I don't need such bullshit anymore!
Shinji:Don't you see what's going on? Why you couldn't pull the trigger? It's not because you are weak but because you are strong! It makes perfect sense! Your very life is the biggest, most important piece of who you are! It's the foundation of everything that is Asuka. All the other stuff- ambition, charisma, loves, hates- That's all just stuff that grows out of the basic foundation of who you are... And you've been fighting to hang on to that, Asuka! Today, you walked into this room to kill yourself. But whether you realize it or not... There's a side of you that just refuses giving that up! And it's the biggest part of you... The hardest thing to hold on to. You're probably the only person I've ever known who had the courage not to kill themselves after going through what you've been through.
chapter 12

Asuka: Are you happy now?
Asuka: Eh? Exactly what do I have to be happy about?
Asuka: You made the decision, right? To make peace with Shinji...
Asuka: What gave you that idea? The sofa WAS uncomfortable!
Asuka: That may work on him, but not me... I'm you, remember? There's nothing you can hide from me...
Asuka: ... You're no smarter than him...
Asuka: I'm just as smart as you. And just so stupid...
chapter 4

Asuka (thinking): I think maybe it's time to let go... my very last secret. But... DAMMIT!
Shinji: Hm? (seeing her crying) A- Asuka!! What's wrong?!
Asuka: Dummy! It's because I... (thinking) An idiot like him would make me say it! C'mon, dammit! How can you expect Shinji to stand up for himself if you can't?! (aloud) I... I...
Asuka's inner voice (smugly): Are you SURE you don't need my help?
Asuka: I kinda... love you.
Shnji:... I love you too Asuka.
chapter 14

Asuka: What's wrong with you?
Shinji: Sorry!
Asuka: Quit apologizing! Geez...

Asuka: So your mother...
Shinji: Died. I guess around the time that my dad and I came to the U. S.
Asuka: How... did she die...?
Shinji: I don't know. I don't remember much about that time.
Asuka: Your father didn't tell you?
Shinji: He doesn't talk about it. Or her... Now I have to wait the rest of my life to see her... And I have to wait that long to see my father, for that matter...

Asuka: Don't you roll your eyes at me! You're in the big league now. Everyone here -even "Homo boy"- is here because they are the best there is. As the new kid, you are automatically the least of the best.
Shinji: Well, I feel a lot better now that I know the pecking order is well stablished.
Asuka: You better start taking me seriously!
Shinji: Hey. Wait a minute- You're the one who challenged ME to that duel!

Mari: I find you... exciting. Like a really challenging summit. The more energy I use to best someone... The more distracting they become.

Maya: I can't get comfortable with this, Dr. Akagi... This particular aircraft has not even flown once... And we're asking it to fly to the other side of the world and back at nearly Mach 4!
Ritsuko: I share your concerns, Maya... However, the day after tomorrow, Director Ikari will be facing a very contentious Senate finance committee... He needs an ace in his pocket. And we don't know how long we have until Third Impact. Those are good enough reasons to be doing this now.

Shinji:Why is it so hard for you to believe that he can love someone for who they are and not whether or not it's a boy or girl?
Asuka:It just means he's bi!
Shinji:I don't even think it's like that. He's not the type to be interested in 'boys' or 'girls'... He's just in love with the person. As If Ayanami is the only other human in the whole world.

Asuka:"You're making it really hard for me to get in the mood!"
Shinji:"You're making it HARD ON me!"
Asuka:"Double entendre? Kinda advanced for you..."
chapter 17


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