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Heartwarming / Evangelion 303

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"If I was dreaming... Will you let me go on believing that it was real?" "For the rest of my life."
This page is for Crowning Moments of Heartwarming found in Evangelion 303:
  • In chapter 4 Shinji and Asuka made amends and opened up a little... and then Asuka smiled.
  • And in chapter 5 Asuka blushes and tells that she never claimed hating him.
  • Usually, whenever Shinji and Asuka blush profusely the moment is heartwarming, funny or both.
  • In chapter 7 Asuka reminds Shinji that he needs learn to value and treasure his life and there is "people" depending on him to live.
  • In chapter 10 a doctor suggest Shinji that if he wants to help Asuka he can try and talk to her.
  • Also in Chapter 10, Gendo Listening to Shinji's "Reason You Suck" Speech and softly telling him that he could perform his duties and be with Asuka. Considering his personality in canon, this is pretty huge.
  • In chapter 12, after several depressing, dark chapters where Shinji and Asuka's relationship was sinking, we have this single panel.
    • We can not forget the former page where we finally have a glimpse of a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • And in chapter 13, desperate for keeping her by his side, Shinji proposes to Asuka. She had been talking to Jessika's grave and was planning on leaving forever. He hands her a small box with an engagement ring, and she looks inside. He's still unable to get her to come back so he asks for the box back, but she say's she'll accept if he can give her a reason why. Why would he be willing to be with a broken suicidal girl for the rest of his life?
    Shinji: The time we've spent together may be relatively brief... but in these last few months... have I not seen every possible side of you? Asuka, I've seen everything from your romantic tastes... sense of humor... your wisdom... sadness... anger... I've seen you at your absolute darkest haven't, I? You know... the things you feel worst about, the things you think make it impossible for you to be around me anymore... those are your OWN fears. They have nothing to do with what I'm feeling! I remember those moments too... but they don't make me love you any less...
    Asuka: What did you say??
    Shinji: Anyway, that's my reason. The fact that there's no side you can show me that will make me love you less. You call it imprinting... that's all love is, isn't it?? A form of imprinting! The kind of imprinting that can survive anything!
    • He again asks for the box and she tearfully responds:
      Asuka: You can have this back... when you pry it off my cold lifeless finger.
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  • Chapter 15: how much time do you think I'm gonna let you spend out of the hotel room?
  • When Shinji shows up in Pancho's, Asuka is brimming with joy and glee. After seeing her feeling miserable or mad for so many chapters it is heart-warming seeing her so happy and carefree.
  • From this page:
    Shinji: I promise. Asuka.
    Asuka: Think about it- That's a LONG time! Can you imagine keeping a promise for sixty or seventy more years!
    Shinji: Yes, I promise!
  • Out of universe example: Grummancat was pretty pleased to discover he had a page here.
    Someone over at Smackjeeves was pointing out that EVA-303 now has its own page on TV!

    Every chapter and scene of the whole comic dissected and analyzed for its tropes and plot devices. It's quite an honor as whoever did it has intimate knowledge of the comic and its characters. To think that someone would care enough to analyze my comic that much is probably the highest honor EVA-303 has received.


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