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Tear Jerker / Evangelion 303

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"How, after everything... All I've amounted to is a lot of pain and misery for those who actually cared about me... and wasted their compassion on me.
This page is for Tear Jerker moments in Evangelion 303:
  • The last scene between Asuka and Jessika, where Jessika explains Asuka that it is not her time yet and Asuka does not want to face it.
  • Asuka talking to Jessika's grave and telling her about all her mistakes and failures and how she wanted to go some place where nobody knew her or cared about her.
  • Rei's backstory, specifically the reveal that she didn't always use to be the Emotionless Girl we see.
  • In chapter 11 Shinji saw like his complicated but fulfilling relationship with Asuka -he called it "the only good thing what had happened to him"- devolved into an emotionally abusive relationship due to an accident. And his friends could only advice him to endure and wait because she would need to hit rock-bottom before she was able to accept help.


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