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  • Far, far too many examples to count. Let's start with the obvious one of the Emperor in the body of a Terrasque attacking one of the four Chaos gods so he can rescue a kidnapped Eldar goddess, and he gets away with it practically scot-free. And it starts with the main page's quote, adding to Awesome factor.
  • LIVII managing to call out the Emperor. Later, the Emperor actually admits that he was somewhat humbled by the experience. LIVII has balls as big as titans, man.
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  • Emperor causing a class 3 Apocalypse How from the orbit, without moving a bit, just to kill one Ork.
  • Before Emperor manages to find him, Vulkan has spent ten thousand years on a world with literal Everything Trying to Kill You, armed only with chisel, unable to sleep, with nothing to eat and no rest. It's not really a matter of him surviving - by the end of the day, everything dead is resurrected - but he survived and remained sane. Made even better by the fact that as canon goes, he was clinically insane by the time he left the Empire.
  • The Emperor decides that the best way to fix Chaos Corruption on Cadia is to rescue Isha, the Eldar Goddess. Isha is in the throne room of the Chaos God of Disease. So naturally, the Emperor decides to sneak in and- oh, no, wait, he decides to bust through the wall like a hybrid of a T-Rex and the Kool-Aid Man, screams "KNOCK KNOCK MOTHERFUCKER WHO ORDERED A BEATING," Blasts a Chaos God in the face with a Breath Weapon, Grabs Isha, and runs. Crazy Awesome at its finest.
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  • Leman Russ has spent ten millenniums rampaging through the Eye Of Terror - again, Everything Trying to Kill You there - with no promise of resurrection, and by the time he returns, he still had some of his men with him.
  • Corvus Corax ramming his ship into Fulgrim's to take as many bastards with him as he can. And surviving.
  • Jagathai Khan presenting to us that Primarch is not just brawn, it's brains too, and nearly turning the entire Ork force, numbering in thousands, on itself by himself.
  • The battle on Zhorg 3, especially the one in the canyon. Ork casualties? Thousand. Imperial? Zero. Made even better by Dante showing off during the battle, making it look as if he was exploding Orks with his laspistol and stroboscope lights, and made funnier when someone called this edition of him "super disco Dante".
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  • There is something to be said about Salamanders' retrieval of the Engine of Woes.
    Faptau: Care to explain why an entire continent of my moon on fire?
  • The entire raid on Comorragh is an awesome sight to behold.
  • The fight between Slaanesh and Khorne. Sure, it's villain versus villain, but it's also two immensely powerful deities dozens of meters tall battling it out with swords.
  • All of the Eversor assassins attacking Khorne's forces - in his own throne room, no less - at once. All of them perish, but before they do, Khorne's - War God, remember - legion stops being a viable fighting force for years to come.
  • All three of the above are connected parts of Emperor's Batman Gambit in the works since when he returns to Terra after his Cadian joyride, and it's wonderful - and awesome - to watch it come together. It works flawlessly.


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