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Cash Cash is a Synth-Pop and electronic dance music group from Roseland, New Jersey. Originally formed by Jean Paul Makhlouf and Sam Frisch as The Consequence, the two were later joined by Anthony Villacari and Jean Paul's brother Alex (though Villacari has since left the band) and their name became what it is now.

They have done some work on the Sonic The Hedgehog series, such as working with Jun Senoue of Crush 40 on a remix of the American Stardust Speedway present music from Sonic the Hedgehog CD and several tracks in Sonic Generations, as well as working with the entire Crush 40 band on a remix of Sonic Boom from the former and the band alone working on some other tracks (as well as Jean Paul and Alex working on some music in Sonic Colors).

In 2013 they released the Overtime EP and their song Take Me Home (ft. Bebe Rexha) became their first radio hit, placing 86 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Cash Cash provides examples of:

  • Anti-Love Song: "Victim of Love."
  • Auto-Tune: Used in the band's remix of "Escape from the City" on Ted Poley's vocals from the original version. Averted with their original songs, which use vocoder.
  • Deal with the Devil: Selling one's soul is used as a metaphor in "Radio."
  • Genre Shift: Shifted away from synthpop and towards a more commercial EDM sound on Overtime.
  • Intercourse with You: Multiple, especially on their Love or Lust album. (Like Crush 40, which had covers of "Fire Woman" and "Hot Cherie," it's unusual considering their video game work.)
  • Precision F-Strike: "Ain't got shit" at the end of "Still Got It" and "You know I like it loud... can't hear a fucking sound" from "I Like It Loud."
  • Self-Titled Album: The Cash Cash EP.
  • Shout-Out: "Michael Jackson (The Beat Goes On)" is one big tribute to Michael Jackson.
  • Title Drop
    • "Breakout" has one to the song itself and one to its album, "Take It to the Floor," in the form of the lyrics "Break out and take it to the floor."
    • "Overtime" is said a bunch of times on the eponymous song from their Overtime EP.
  • A Wild Rapper Appears!: MC Oz in "Everytime We Touch" and Spose in "Red Cup (I Fly Solo)."