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"What do you call that noise
That you put on?
This! Is! Pop!
Yeah, yeah!"

"Pop", or "Popular music", refers to the tradition of music being listened to and played through the use of recording technology, as opposed to Classical Music (where music may or may not be distributed through recordings, and the written score was the means of performing music) and Folk Music (where music is distributed by oral tradition).

It can be said that this tradition began in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the United States. African-based musical styles feature heavily in Popular music, giving rise to genres such as Jazz and Rock'n Roll. Unlike in Classical, Popular music is based on the principle of having a wide audience appeal, and is thus marketed in a different, more commercialized manner.

A blanket term for modern music with popular appeal. May draw influence from R&B, Rock'n Roll, Jazz, Doo-wop, Folk Music, Hip-Hop, Electronic Music and/or Classical Music.

Musical styles and tropes connected to or otherwise associated with pop music include:

Pop acts and creators: