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Patricia Louise Holte, professionally known as Patti LaBelle (born May 24, 1944) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. First starting out her career as front woman of the group Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles (later just known as Labelle), she embarked onto a successful solo career in 1976. She scored a string of hits throughout The '80s. She is also an actress and voice actress, first appearing in A Soldier's Story and starring in her own sitcom Out All Night.

She's also a businesswoman with a diabetic-friendly lifestyle brand in the vein of Martha Stewart, including a line of sweet potatoes pie that sold out in 2015 after a viral YouTube video.


With Labelle

  • Sleigh Bells, Jingle Bells, and Bluebelles (1963)
  • Over the Rainbow (1966)
  • Dreamer (1967)
  • Labelle (1971)
  • Gonna Take a Miracle (with Laurie Nyro) (1971)
  • Moon Shadow (1972)
  • Pressure Cookin' (1973)
  • Nightbirds (1974)
  • Phoenix (1975)
  • Chameleon (1976)
  • Back to Now (2008)

Solo Albums

  • Patti LaBelle (1977)
  • Tasty (1978)
  • It's Alright with Me (1979)
  • Released (1980)
  • The Spirit's in It (1981)
  • I'm in Love Again (1983)
  • Patti (1985)
  • Winner in You (1986)
  • Be Yourself (1989)
  • This Christmas (1990)
  • Burnin' (1991)
  • Gems (1994)
  • Flame (1997)
  • When a Woman Loves (2000)
  • Timeless Journey (2004)
  • Classic Moments (2005)
  • The Gospel According to Patti LaBelle (2006)
  • Miss Patti's Christmas (2007)
  • Bel Hommage (2017)

Selected Filmography




  • Break Up Song: "On My Own", a duet with Michael McDonald, is about a relationship falling apart and picking up the pieces.
  • The Diva: One of R&B/Soul's biggest divas.
  • Genre Shift: Was initially a Rock and Roll/Funk artist with Labelle, but she transitioned to more of an R&B artist with her solo work.
  • Let's Duet: "On My Own" with Michael McDonald.
  • Melismatic Vocals: Like a true R&B diva, her vocals can be this at times.
  • No Indoor Voice: Also like a true R&B diva.
  • Oblivious to Love: The subject of "If You Only Knew" doesn't know that Patti is in love with him.
  • Protest Song: Her 1986 hit "Oh, People," is a plea for peace, brotherhood and equality.