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"Want you to sign your contract, want you to sign today
Gonna give you lots of money, workin' for MCA"
Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Workin' for MCA"

MCA (Music Corporation of America) Inc. was an American media company. It was founded in 1924 as a music booking agency in Chicago. It eventually moved to Beverly Hills and expanded, absorbing a number of talent agencies, soon growing to represent many famous actors, like Ronald Reagan, James Stewart, and Bette Davis. In 1945, it established a country music division, MCA Nashville.

In 1962, MCA merged with Decca Records, dissolving its talent agency, but obtaining ownership of Universal, which Decca owned at the time. It was during this time period that Universal began to expand, obtaining the infrastructure it is known for today.

In 1967, the British branch of US Decca (Brunswick, which was distributed by British Decca) changed its name to MCA Records; the American branch finally followed suit in 1973. Over the next two decades, MCA would continue to expand, absorbing many record companies, including ABC Records (and its sublabels, most notably Dunhill and Impulse!) in 1979, Motown in 1988, and Geffen Records in 1990. MCA itself would be purchased that same year by Japanese company Matsushita Electronics.

In 1995, after Seagram Company purchased the majority of MCA from Matsushita, MCA was renamed Universal Studios, Inc., with its music division renamed Universal Music Group.

MCA Records continued to exist within UMG until 2003, when it was merged into Geffen Records. MCA Nashville continues to operate today as UMG Nashville.

Not to be confused with Adam "MCA" Yauch.

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