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Music / The Lightning Seeds

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The current incarnation of the band. Ian Broudie is on the far left.
You're never going to be like all those fools,
You're coming out tonight,
There's nothing to lose,
You're going to give it all a try,
Don't ever change.

The longstanding recording project of British singer / songwriter / producer Ian Broudie.

Tropes in the work of The Lightning Seeds:

  • Cool Shades: Broudie is rarely seen without these.
  • Cover Version: One of their biggest hits is "You Showed Me". The Lightning Seeds version is similar to The Turtles' arrangement but with the addition of a trip hop beat.
  • I Am the Band: It started as Broudie recording under a group name before becoming a Revolving Door Band with Broudie as the only permanent member.
  • Lyrical Dissonance: "Lucky You" disguises its viciousness with a very catchy musical backing. "Sugar Coated Iceberg" is an upbeat song about a dysfunctional relationship with someone who's superficially nice but is actually not a good person.

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