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The band no one wants to admit they listened to as kids.

"You wanted the worst... you got the worst. The one... the only... Limp Bizkit."
Intro to Significant Other


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You want the worst, you got the worst. Describe the one...the only...Limp Bizkit here.

Limp Bizkit is a band from from Jacksonville, Florida, responsible for being a Trope Codifier of the Nu Metal genre. They're also a definite case of divisiveness, as they have a rather large fanbase with 33 million albums sold worldwide, in addition to a Hatedom derived largely from Heavy Metal fandom. The band, particularly their frontman, Fred Durst, act as Heels of the rock world to a certain extent, but there is actually a fair amount of Self-Deprecation in their lyrics and live performances, not to mention the heavy amount of Stealth Parody in their lyrics.

The band formed in 1995, and recorded a demo consisting of material Durst wrote for a pair of previous bands. Original guitarist Rob Waters left the band after recording the demo, and the final line-up was solidified with the introduction of Wes Borland. The latter's role in the band also played a part in the band getting ahead in the music industry: Through Durst's job as a tattoo artist, he was able to get the band Korn to listen to Limp Bizkit's first demo, but they were unimpressed. After they recorded a second demo with Borland, however, Korn responded more favorably, leading to Ross Robinson working with the band and a record deal with Mojo, and eventually Flip Records (and later Interscope).


Their debut, Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$ sold poorly initially, but sales increased via active touring. Participating in the Family Values and Ozzfest tours gave the band mainstream recognition. Memorably, the band's live set included a giant toilet which Fred Durst emerged from during performances (there was Lampshade Hanging; Fred would frequently yell "I'm a piece of shit, and my band is a piece of shit!" and inform audiences they were coming "from the sewer"). Also noteworthy was a tour in which the band allowed women to attend their concerts for free, which successfully increased their female fanbase. The band did this because their concerts were formerly attended largely by males.

The crossover hit Significant Other sold well on both rock and Hip-Hop charts and was followed by a controversial appearance at Woodstock '99, where Limp Bizkit was blamed for the audience's bad behavior, which included sexual assaults and rapes; The Red Hot Chili Peppers were blamed for inciting the crowds to start fires. Durst also got into quite a few feuds with other musicians.


The band's next few albums were generally poorly received by critics and despite some media appearances (including one of their songs being used as the theme for Mission: Impossible II), the coverage of the band focused less on the band's music and more on controversies surrounding their concerts. A 2001 tour in which teenager Jessica Michalik was crushed in a mosh pit and died of asphyxiation during Limp Bizkit's performance was the subject of lawsuits; it was generally determined, however, that the death was the fault of poor security, and not the band.

The relationship between Wes Borland and the rest of the band, particularly Durst, also suffered, to the point where Borland left the band to form Black Light Burns, while Limp Bizkit released an album, Results May Vary, without him; it was the band's worst-reviewed. Borland rejoined the band for The Unquestionable Truth, Part 1, released on Geffen Records, which was better received, but left the band again. Borland eventually rejoined the band, because it was decided that "We were more disgusted and bored with the state of heavy popular music than we were with each other." During the band's comeback, they released their most critically acclaimed album, Gold Cobra. As of 2012, the band signed with Cash Money Records.


  • Fred Durst - vocals
  • Wes Borland - guitar
  • Sam Rivers - bass
  • John Otto - drums
  • DJ Lethal - turntables

Former Members:


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