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"I work out."
Redfoo, "Sexy and I Know It"

LMFAO was an electro pop group consisting of Redfoo and Skyblu (respectively Stefan Kendal Gordy and his 10-years-younger nephew Skyler Austen Gordy). The group was originally created in 2006, and named "Sexe Dude", but they changed it on advice from their grandmother.

In 2011 their single "Party Rock Anthem" hit the charts, peaking at number one. The group proved to be popular enough to get a quick cameo in Madonna's Super Bowl XLVI halftime show.

The duo announced an indefinite hiatus in 2012.


"Party Troping":

  • Affectionate Parody: A running theme is taking everything they love about party music and pushing it to absurd levels with just a touch of self-awareness.
  • Auto-Tune: Almost all of the vocals on "Champagne Showers".
  • Band of Relatives: Redfoo is Skyblu's uncle, and he party rocks like the best of them. (Redfoo's father/Skyblu's grandfather is Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown.)
  • Boastful Rap: Tons of them, including "Yes", "Sexy and I Know It", etc.
  • Bowdlerize:
    • "I'm in Miami Trick" is not the song's real name.
    • Most of their references to fellatio, etc. get censored for airplay, but somehow entire songs about hard drinking and partying are okay.
  • The Cameo: Most prevalent in "Sexy and I Know It" with Wilmer Valderama and Ron Jeremy. "Yes" also has a major appearance by Jamie Foxx.
  • Catchphrase: They use the phrase "Party Rocking" everywhere (both album titles, some of their songs, their clothing line...).
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  • Cheap Heat: The Bowdlerized version "I'm In Miami Trick" had an album's worth of changing the city name.
  • Cool Shades: Redfoo tends to wear them most of the time.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • The end of the music video for "Sorry For Party Rocking" leads up to the beginning of the music video for "Party Rock Anthem".
    • Then the video for "Champagne Showers" seems to pick up at some point after the video for "Party Rock Anthem".
  • Europeans Are Kinky:
    In Europe, they show titties all the time...
  • Expy: The guy at the beginning of "Party Rock Anthem" looks like Another businessman facing zombies.
  • Fan Disservice: The video for "Sexy and I Know It", especially Ron Jeremy.
  • Fanservice: Just about any of their videos contains plenty of barely-clothed women, but especially the videos for "Shots" and "Sexy And I Know It".
  • Fan Vid: "Sexy and I know it" is very popular for fans' re-cut videos.