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"The human body is a beautiful thing. Most of the time. Ew."
Guybrush Threepwood, Escape from Monkey Island

The Evil Twin of Fanservice from another dimension, possibly with a goatee (especially if female). Fan Disservice looks like regular garden variety Fanservice, except that the creators intentionally use the circumstances around it to make the scene outright creepy or disgusting. Corpses in sexy poses, dialogue that adds Mood Dissonance, seeing someone naked who you really wouldn't want to see naked...there's a hundred and one ways that titillation can transform into horror. Just think of how many Slasher Movies have Fanservice Extras meet their demise by way of Death by Sex.

Note that it often seems that film schools grind this into their students, as far too many movies intercut sex scenes with scenes of violence or squick, to truly rub in our faces the polarity of beauty and horror. Of course, the directors just want to be artists (that, or they're puritanical types who are obsessed with portraying sex in the most negative light possible). But sometimes it's implemented in a funny way, so the director can just mess with you.


Fan Disservice can still wind up being Fanservice, if you're into that sort of thing. Also, due to Troper Demographics, there are many examples linked elsewhere on the wiki which are listed as disservice solely because they involve naked men. Male nudity by itself is not Fan Disservice; there are demographics that male nudity tends to be Fanservice for. Some Drag Queens are often subject to this trope. (See also Unsettling Gender Reveal.)

Also, it's pretty important to state that not all Fan Disservice is 100% tied into graphic squick. Context can also be vital into separating Fanservice from Fan Disservice; for example you can have a very gorgeous person in diverse states of undress and the visuals are technically pleasant to the eye, but the circumstances that led him or her to be like that can come from Break the Cutie, Break the Haughty, a Trauma Conga Line, etc. Therefore, neither the most artistic and perfect drawing style nor the most tasteful angle shots can make this particular scene/shot enjoyable - you're too busy feeling sorry for the protagonist instead. Alternately, the character is an Ax-Crazy psycho launching a bloody Full-Frontal Assault. Fan Disservice may also overlap with Nightmare Fuel.


For the unintentional version, see Fetish Retardant.

This trope can often overlap with Naked People Are Funny — as often as not, naked people are funny precisely because of Fan Disservice.

Note: This trope is for deliberate, intentionally unsexy things.

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  • This ad for billboard space is built on this trope. Buy this space or the fat man gets nekkid! (Also has some Unfortunate Implications, as this explains.)
  • A Finnish ad for Fixus car services. There's an old guy with two beautiful daughters, but the daughters talk with their father's voice.

  • Hieronymus Bosch, especially in his religious/cautionary works.
  • Gustave Doré, all too often.
  • Henry Fuseli, best known for The Nightmare.
  • Francisco de Goya, especially with the mental and physical health problems he experienced towards the end of his life.
  • Carolee Schneemann's Interior Scroll, a performance piece where she reads from a scroll literally pulled from her vagina.

  • Comedian Jeff Foxworthy mentions this in his stand-up.
    "I figured it was God getting even with me for wanting to see women naked. 'Hey, you wanna see naked women, huh? Here's your grandma!' AAH!"

    Fan Works 
  • Ace Attorney fanfic Dirty Sympathy: normally a shirtless Klavier Gavin would be a treat, but not when his chest is covered with bloody bite marks and abuse scars.
  • There's a few scenes from What Lies Beyond the Walls, but one of the most infamous ones is when Lakler pees on a hedgehog to try and arouse her...and succeeds.
  • For the Legend of Zelda fanfic, Zelda's Honor, as much as Ruto-x-Link shippers would love to read about Link receiving one hot BJ from the sexy Zoran princess, the way it is presented ends up feeling more like assault and rape. Opinions may vary.
  • Star Wars: Paranormalities: A naked Dynn Manthis wouldn't normally sound too bad, except when she is in Episode I - Chapter 13, she's been possessed by a Forceless symbiote and she's been horribly mutated. While her body shape seems normal, she has another layer of leathery black skin covering most of her orifices, her breasts have been turned into eyes, she's got a mouth on her stomach and the glowing red eyes typical of Forceless hosts. Even worse, she's fully conscious but unable to do anything about the parasite while it tries to use her body to either kill Zolph Vaelor - her love interest - or have him kill her and utterly break him. And the symbiote has altered her insides in a way that makes her dependent on its presence for her survival. Unfortunately for the reader, Paranormalities - being a fan fic mostly driven by original characters - frequently has artwork supplementing it, so, the author doesn't leave it up to the reader's imagination as to what happened to Dynn.
  • DTKraus, a Derpibooru user who alters screenshots from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic to make them surreal or horrific for a cheap laugh, delights in inflicting this trope on users who ask for genuine Fanservice and assume a guy with his sense of humor is going to play nice. One user asks for "Twilight Sparkle in a bra" and gets this, another asks for "Spike kissing Fluttershy" and gets this, and a third asked for "Twilight Sparkle giving Flash Sentry a sexy makeover" and got this horrific thing.
  • Thousand Shinji: When Nurgle follower Rei turned into Reigle, she modified her body to give herself curves that most women would kill for… and to look like a corpse. So she looked like a beautiful, naked, living cadaver.
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series episode "Fanservice". The episode occasionally cuts to Mai Valentine (who isn't wearing her usual jacket) yelling "FANSERVICE!" for no reason. After one of said cuts, it suddenly cuts to Bandit Keith, who decides it's time to show some of his own fanservice..."in America!" Combined with the "Oh Yeah" song from Ferris Bueller and a caption of "Ladies, he's single!", we get the single most disturbing scene of that episode, if not the entire series.
  • Potter Puppet Pals version of Dumbledore, in and out of universe. He's an old man puppet and he's constantly getting naked.
    "Oh my God! Stay away!"
  • Several examples in Vale's Underground:
    • Surprisingly, a lot of things involving Cinder. She would be a plain Ms. Fanservice if she wasn't so goddamn sadistic.
      • The way that Cinder licks blood off her hands after beating up Robert is described as sensual, but considering the context, it is meant to be seen as disturbing.
      • Mercury having sex with Cinder would usually be fanservice. However, the titillation kinda ends when Mercury's dirty talk involves him talking about how they'll brutalize their enemies and Cinder getting progressively more aroused by it.
      • Kissing Dave after cutting his tongue while tasting the blood is all kinds of Squickinvoked.
      • When she seems to be going through a bit of a Sanity Slippage, she starts being more violent during sex.
    • The sex scene with Neptune and Weiss. Due to the Weiss not being interested in it, the idea isn't really as sexy as it could be otherwise.
    • Raven's attempts at seduction could be pretty sexy… if she wasn't trying to use them on her twin brother.
    • Adam's second scene in the story has him in the middle of raping a poor crying girl while he chokes her. He later shoots he several times before one of his workers has to Mercy Kill her.
    • Raven raping Qrow is not portrayed as sexy in any way (and it shouldn't be).
    • Salem pushing herself on Vernal and caressing her is played more for tension rather than fanservice. Especially when she starts threatening Vernal.
    • Taurus violently face-fucking his mistress to the point that she can't breathe isn't really the most titillating thing in the world.
    • Later on, his mistress is seen raping one of his sex slaves as well.
    • Not all of Yang and Pyrrha's clients are desirable, and those encounters are sometimes shown such as in Chapters 6 and 11.
    • Salem feeling up Cinder after the latter has stripped to her underwear is just incredibly uncomfortable since Salem is her mother in this story.
    • After the sexy striptease that Cinder put on, it is followed up with another stripper... who has been stripped of her skin.
    • Even worse, in the middle of a threesome with Mercury and Emerald, Cinder can't stop thinking about the gruesome act. It's the reason she was so turned on in the first place.
  • The Job Gone Wrong has Gambit being naked for the biggest part of the story. Except that he's a fifteen years old who has been captured by the government and forcibly stripped to be electrically tortured and prepped for a sojourn into a glass tube, all this while he screams for his papa.
  • Zelda and Link making out is usual The Legend of Zelda fanfic fair but in Their Bond it is less attractive than it initially seems. For one, both see each other as siblings and are also gay at that, so it's uncomfortable for them. The reason for the behavior is less actual sex and Zelda trying to cope with her pain, and reclaim her sexuality, after years of sexual abuse and torture by Ganondorf dating back to her tweens. As a result, scenes like Link acting as Zelda's non-sexual dom are not remotely used for fanservice.
  • In Lost Causes, Jessica Rabbit being a cartoon sex-symbol is Played for Drama. She was actually created to be in pornographic cartoons, but was treated as a little more than a prop. It's decidedly non-sexy because Jessica couldn't consent to anything or even talk until she was a week old. Jessica was eventually forced into prostitution, which is how she met her husband Roger when he rescued her from a man who was beating her up.
  • In This Means War by Jeconais, Voldemort orders Lucius and Flint to prepare Narcissa for her role as a Honey Trap for Harry (it's actually part of Harry's plan of feeding Voldy false info). The result is Gag Boobs, Uncanny Valley Makeup, and a Stripperific outfit which makes Harry actually laugh and note Flint must have some serious issues including color blindness.

    Films — Animation 
  • Coraline loves this:
    • First there's the street play in the Other World. The main performers are two fat old ladies, who are completely naked save for some skimpy swimsuits... emphasis on skimpy.
    • When the Other Mother transforms, much of her chest becomes clearly visible, but she's so hideous otherwise that you don't even want to see it.
    • Even before then, when Coraline first meets the Other Mother. She's kind, kinda witty, and unbelievably hot for someone still wearing trousers and a turtleneck jumper. The Hartman Hips help. What pushes it into Uncanny Valley Fan Disservice is that you can tell something is off about her. The button eyes are one thing, but she smiles too widely, seems too eager to be around Coraline. She's dissonantly calm and cheerful up until Coraline starts outright rejecting her. A great example of Fan Disservice not being from Body Horror but being more subtle and creepy.
  • Played for Laughs in The Emperor's New Groove when the very old Yzma starts to hike up her dress, causing Pacha and Kuzco to scream in terror. They're relieved when it turns out she was just going for the knife strapped to her thigh.
  • Ruber's shirtless minions from Quest for Camelot.
  • Felidae is a noir film and, as with many, it has a sex scene in it. The problem is that they're completely non-anthropomorphic cats who make a lot of noise. It also doesn't help that, narrative wise, this occurs not soon after Francis finds his first love interest Felicity beheaded.


    Music Videos 
  • Nine Inch Nails:
    • The music video for "Closer" from The Downward Spiral has this in spades. There are naked women (and naked bondage-Trent) but the other images and the music itself prevent it from being anywhere near Fanservice.
    • Meanwhile, the music video for "Happiness In Slavery" makes "Closer" look tame. It involves a naked man torn to pieces in gruesome ways. If it weren't in black and white, it would be completely unwatchable. And this is just the most widely seen portion of the semi-unreleased Broken Movie, which is apparently twenty minutes of stuff like this, though most of it is rather tame music videos by Happiness in Slavery standards. The rest will remove parts of your soul that you can never reclaim.
  • In the full version of Robbie Williams's "Rock DJ," Robbie takes it all off. By "all off," that includes his skin and muscle tissue.
  • P!nk:
    • The "Stupid Girls" video has three scenes of Pink wearing not very much — the first is her in a bikini getting a completely ugly orange spray tan, the second is her pants getting ripped off completely in the gym to her humiliation and the third is her topless but getting ready to have a ton of cosmetic surgery. She was probably going for this as well with the pisstake of Jessica Simpson in "These Boots Are Made For Walking".
    • In "Perfect" the girl in the video is seen in a bathtub, carving the word "Perfect" into her arm. Squick.
  • There are plenty of bikini-clad women in Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker." The catch: all of them have Richard D. James's face.
  • The music videos for "Pon De Floor" and "Keep It Goin' Louder" by Major Lazer.
  • Divine's I'm So Beautiful music video. The title doesn't help to "her" jiggling.
  • Lady Gaga uses this trope as frequently as she uses fetish appeal:
    • In "Bad Romance" she's seen naked several times, but she also looks unnaturally thin... and then you see that in-video, she's actually portraying a Sex Slave.
    • Also the random hairless cat that flashes for a fraction of a second in Bad Romance.
    • Then there's the (NSFW) short movie The Abramovic Method Practiced By Lady Gaga, directed by Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović, in which she stalks through a glade completely naked except for a blindfold and poses nude on a rather uncomfortable looking crystal, all set to rather unsettling throat singing and synthesizer noise.
    • A fair few of the pictures she released via twitter over the years may also qualify as this.note 
    • The music video for "Paparazzi" features a large amount of attractive looking supermodels. They all appear to have been murdered in various gruesome ways.
  • The music video for "Girls & Boys" by Good Charlotte. Elderly people dressed like younger people.
  • The Scissor Sisters' video for "Invisible Light." Among other moments, a man licks the stigmatic hand of a naked, bone-thin woman while the screen cuts to a cleaned (as in, for cooking) rabbit crucified.
  • LMFAO:
    • The video for "Sexy and I Know It". It starts with the band members themselves nearly naked, and while they're not all that good-looking, they're not bad-looking either. But by the climax of the video there's a huge, hairy overweight man at the camera.
    • Most fan videos for "Sexy and I Know It" use unattractive characters in joking reference to this. There's even one using a lot of incredibly unattractive pictures of various exposed flesh from People of Walmart.
  • The Foo Fighters promoted their 2011 US Tour with "Hot Buns" (this might still be NSFW, even though it's censored), which apparently was inspired by Dave Grohl waiting for his food in a truck stop.
  • In the uncensored version of her video to "Pagan Poetry" from Vespertine the ever lovely Björk presents us with some very candid shots of her topless self... interspersed with visuals of needles piercing through skin and then revealing herself to be covered in bead chains attached to her whole upper body. Nightmare Fuel to some — wicked sexy to others...
  • The (NSFW) music video for the British group Hefner's song "I Took Her Love For Granted" features some very pasty blokes running around in the nude. In slow motion. Not only are they not exactly attractive, the way their genitals bob and sway in the wind (completely uncensored, mind you) is 100% pure Uncanny Valley.
  • In the video for Los Fabulosos Cadillac's "Matador", it's hard to focus on the hot and sexy dark-skinned dancers wearing few more than white bikinis... when the video in itself shows the story of a freedom fighter being bloodily murdered. Including the guy being shot on-screen, squirting lots of High-Pressure Blood...
  • The music video for "Black Skinhead" features Kanye West either shirtless or fully naked depending on the shot. However, it is also full of symbolism about the suffering of African Americans, including shots towards the end of Kanye with tribal tattoos and whip scars, barking dogs, and people wearing black pointed hoods. Not to mention that it's actually a CGI model of him, dipping right into the Uncanny Valley before the animation glitches up.
  • Aha:
  • The (NSFW) music video for "Fantasy" by DyE begins with four teenagers breaking into a pool together, but shortly after they start getting frisky, a series of seriously disturbing events is triggered.
  • While mostly full of fanservice in the form of scantily clad dancing women, The Revolting Cocks' "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" video has a couple of moments of fan disservice: Early on in the video, a woman dancing in lingerie suddenly has her face morph into that of Al Jourgensen and starts miming the song's chorus, causing Chris Connelly to do a Spit Take. Later on, Connelly is making out with a beautiful woman when he finds a zipper on her back — she turns out to be some kind of ghoul in a Latex Perfection full body suit.
  • Vocaloid/Evillious Chronicles: In "Flower of the Plateau", we get a completely nude image of Mikulia. Pretty hot, huh? Nope. Not only is her lower half seemingly mutated graphically to look like a flower, but one of her breasts has a massive slug crawling on it. Ewwwww.
  • Even for an extreme Metal band, Cephalic Carnage takes this beyond the fringes on their confrontational, NSFW video for Ohrwurm. Moments of fanservice abound.
  • Around 2011, T-Mobile asked Watsky to participate in one of their commercials. Watsky refused, but T-Mobile made the commercial anyways, casting another rapper in Watsky's place. Watsky responded by creating a scathing parody of the commercial. This doesn't so bad... aside from the fact that the parody video replaces Carly Foulkes, T-Mobile's famously attractive former spokeswoman, with a fat bearded guy... who's still wearing her dress, and makes plenty of sexy poses.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Two words that strike fear and terror into even the most jaded Pro Wrestling fan's gonads: Mae Young.
    • The 2000 Royal Rumble "Miss Rumble" bikini contest. Hot women in bikinis, often getting skimpier per woman. The last bonus entrant... Mae Young. A woman in her 80s. She then promptly attempts to kiss Jerry Lawler, and ends up baring her breasts. DVD version of this was unfortunately very poorly censored.
    • WWE had a thing called "Divas Undressed" in which the Divas paraded around in skimpy outfits. It was aired at 1 in the morning and they decided the event needed WWE style "comedy". So we got Mae Young again. And for good measure, Rico in a pineapple bra.
    • The Bra and Panties Gauntlet match at "New Year's Revolution 2006" had her come out and perform a full striptease in front of the crowd.
  • The Katie Vick angle. Triple H brings up Katie Vick during a feud with Kane, a supposed incident where Kane was in love with a cheerleader named Katie Vick, but then she died, and he promptly had sex with her corpse. The lowpoint of this angle was a supposed "video" Triple H produced of Kane committing the act—-it was Triple H in a Kane mask, climbing into a coffin with a cheerleader mannequin, pretending to have sex. Ended with Triple H reaching over towards her head, grabbing a handful of spaghetti with sauce and throwing it at the camera, proclaiming that he "screwed her [brains] out".
  • "Big" Dick Johnson. Or, as he was known before he was named on-screen (and his counterpart in TNA was actually named), Big Fat Naked Oily Guy. Yes, it's as bad it sounds.
  • Tha Weedman of Juggalo Championship Wrestling smokes as much as his name implies and blows his smoke into the crowd. This usually counts as a cheap pop, as many ICP fans do happen to be stoners but for non smokers, it's this trope.
  • Big Daddy V (aka: Mabel: aka: King Mabel aka: Viscera)'s standard attire consisted of a singlet. This doesn't sound too out of the ordinary, but remember that he was billed at 500lbs. The singlet did a job of showing off his huge man boobs. This didn't go unnoticed by, and grossed out, a lot of smarks.
  • If you are dipping into Japanese pro wrestling, don't forget watching matches of Otoko Sakari and W-1's Ryota Hama. They have a... bizarre beauty.
  • Dramatic Dream Team: Suguru Miyatake and Takayuki Ueki bra and panty from bubble match, unless two hairy guys in that situation is your thing.
  • Daffney Unger was once involved in a match where she opened a lockbox that said she had to perform a striptease in the middle of the ring. While she's not unattractive, there is something inherently skeevy about someone being forced to strip or be fired. This is presumably the reason Lacey Von Erich interrupted and tried to do it herself.
  • Is Mickie James sexy? Hell yeah. Is she sexy when she's all wet? Most definitely. How about when she's wet from having punch dumped on her, right after being assaulted and humiliated by LayCool? Tear Jerker instead.
  • A straight example turned into a subversion in Christy Hemme's first night on Raw. Trish Stratus announced that she would have her first match: a bra and panties handicap match. She, Gail Kim and Molly Holly proceeded to restrain Christy and strip her to her underwear. Christy was left terrified in the ring afterwards...until she realised she had no problem showing off her body and turned it into an Insult Backfire.
  • Whenever Rikishi was setting up to deliver a stinkface to his opponent, the camera would always zoom in on his gigantic, cottage cheese butt cheeks.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000:
    • Slaanesh, the Chaos god of desire, excess, decadence, beauty, pleasure, love, lust, and this trope. Its lesser demons, Daemonettes, exemplify this trope and all its servants eventually become this through the "blessings" of Chaos mutations.
    • The spin-off Blood Bowl has this too. All races have cheerleaders. Now, for the humans and especially the elves, this is no problem at all. When it comes to Orcs, Ogres, Dwarves and Mutants-Dedicated-to-the-God-of-Disease-and-Decay, however... Pass the Brain Bleach. Averted (perhaps thankfully) by the PC game; the Orcs have drummers, the Lizardmen have Skinks with football rattles, and the Nurgle devotees are actually quite attractive note .
    • The Bloodwrack Medusa model in Warhammer has exposed breasts... and sculpted blood pouring from every orifice. If you read its background, it gets even more disturbing: this is what it does to anyone who happens to look at it, and it's implied to be slowly suffering the same fate itself.
  • Exalted: Sulumor, aka Hellnun, is the most heavily sexualised Infernal Exalted, being a gorgeous woman in a sort of stripper-nun outfit. How could her being topless be anything other than sexy? Simple. The picture of Sulumor topless in the Infernals book is demonstrating a Malfeas Charm that allows you to render yourself immune to disease for a while by self-inducing horrible supernatural radiation sickness, complete with tumoriffic skin. It's really, really, really not sexy.
  • Pathfinder has Urgathoa, the goddess of Undeath, as one of the core deities. From the waist up she is a beautiful, buxom, and raven-haired (though also red-eyed) woman. But once you get below that...
  • Played for Laughs in Pokéthulhu. Thulhu have four moves: Injure, Dodge, Trap and Frighten. Series mascot Pikathulhu's Trap ability is "Adorable Pose"; its Frighten ability is "Adorable CHEESECAKE Pose" (and it's actually reasonably effective, particularly against enemies weak to Fungous moves).

    Web Animation 
  • Lunch Lady Belinda is a walking example of this trope in The Most Popular Girls in School, In-Universe and Out. She's caused numerous people to puke their guts out at the sight of her in a cheerleading uniform that exposes her lower parts.
  • Homestar Runner:
    • In the short Somber Vacation, Strong Sad ends up with an embarrassing tanline that looks like he's wearing a bra. To top it off, he even shows a postcard of himself lying on the beach smiling, and yes, he is sporting the tanline.
    • Then, there's Coach Z imagining his butt in Decemberween Short Shorts. Matt Chapman noted in the DVD commentary that he originally made Coach Z's buttcheeks big, round and pulsating, to his friends' disgust.
    • Plus, for more of Coach Z you wish you hadn't seen, there's an easter egg for the Costume Commercial short of him wearing the Authentic "Marzipan" Costume (a purple bikini complete with cat ears and a devil tail).
  • In Da Amazin OT Advenchr episode 22, a Freeze-Frame Bonus shows Lite wearing Curly Brace's panties.
  • In Salad Fingers episode four, the titular character appears shirtless, and appears to have an orgasm. However, he's green, emaciated, hairy, and creepy as hell.
  • Who Needs Science? is a Take That! to fundies who criticize science while unwittingly benefiting from scientific advances. It does so with a Captain Ersatz Becky Fischer answering trivia questions about the Bible and losing any possessions that were improved by a particular scientific discovery. At 2:52, she loses all her possessions with polyurethane in them... which includes her spandex pants.
  • Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls is full of this. From the bishonen Hitoshi to Raku and her Gag Boobs and scenes such as the girls going underwear shopping, this would make for a very fanservice bait series... If it wasn't for the incredibly ugly, poorly done animesque MS Paint art-style. If the lack of any sort of model doesn't kill it then the ear-piercing voices will. Luckily the series is an ironic Stealth Parody so at least all of this is intentional.