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The Crazy Buffalo just clobbered another opponent, but you're not really paying attention to that fact, are you?
Sometimes Fanservice is provided not by a major or supporting character, but instead by a very minor character who doesn’t even appear in the story until almost the very moment of fanservice. She will be on screen for anywhere from a few seconds to no more than a minute or two. (For a long time Fanservice Extras were almost Always Female. While male examples have appeared more often in recent years, female examples still far outnumber them.) The character exists solely to give the movie, show, or comic book a little extra titillation.

Fanservice Extras are rarely characters with actual names. If she receives billing in the credits (many don’t get any billing at all), it will be far down in the end credits, and her character's "name" will usually be an Exactly What It Says on the Tin kind of description like “Showering Blonde Cheerleader” or “Topless Girl in Car”.

Fanservice Extras are most commonly found in comedies, but also appear frequently in action movies and horror movies. A Fanservice Extra in a Slasher Movie often falls victim to Death by Sex, with a risk of Fan Disservice depending on the level of gore. While this trope exists mostly in "moving" media, Fanservice Extras do appear in manga and comics also. They will usually appear in only one panel and will be drawn to a level of detail not normally seen in the rest of the panel. They can add a "Just Here for Godzilla" aspect to an otherwise forgettable B-Movie, boosting sales and rentals and making the movie Poor Man's Porn or Best Known for the Fanservice.


The performers who play Fanservice Extras frequently have a background more in modeling than in acting. To illustrate, note how many of the films listed below, particularly from the 1980s and 1990s, use women who have appeared in either Playboy or Penthouse for these roles. The job usually pays a little more for the nudity or near-nudity required and requires almost no line memorization or acting. Not every person who plays one of these roles is Waiting for a Break; often they are simply models who have decided that they are young and need the money. As the years pass, some performers will view their role(s) as their Glory Days of back when they had a memorable role in a big movie, while others will consider the job an Old Shame that they don't want to admit to their grandchildren.

A large number of different Stripping Tropes and Nudity Tropes frequently involve Fanservice Extras. Some of the more commonly used ones include Clothing Damage, Marilyn Maneuver, Naked Freakout, Panty Shot, and Wardrobe Malfunction.


This trope is Ms. Fanservice without the necessary screen time or character development.

Compare Lady Not-Appearing-in-This-Game, which is when a fanservice character gets no screen time.


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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • In the Judge Dredd storyline "Day of Chaos: Nadia", there is a scene in the girls' dorm at the Academy of Justice. One of the cadets apparently sleeps wearing nothing but a pair of panties.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • From A Goofy Movie, Lisa, the scantily clad high-school student, and the three buxom cowgirls looking for Nashville during "On the Open Road". Power Line's background dancers are this as well.
  • Aladdin. Besides Jasmine, there's the harem Aladdin falls into during "One Jump Ahead", the harem girls in "Friend Like Me", the girls in "Prince Ali" ... let's just say there's a lot of pretty girls in sheer, low-cut fabric.
  • Beauty and the Beast: Besides the Bimbettes trio and Bebette, in the song "Belle", while Belle is riding on the back of a carriage cart, one of the merchants selling bread to one of his female customers and is very clearly eyeing her very noticeably exposed cleavage.
  • El Cid: The belly dancers in Ben Yusuf's Royal Harem. Even though they quickly make way for Jimena when she is given the Go-Go Enslavement treatment, they are notoriously more scantily-clad than her.
  • Miss Kitty from The Great Mouse Detective has a suggestive song and dance number, which starts fairly tame, but ends with a '20s-style stripper act.
  • In Lilo & Stitch, the female blonde lifeguard who Nani attempts to get a job from; her swimsuit, hair, and especially figure recall Pamela Anderson in Baywatch.
  • Interstella 5555: During the song "Crescendolls", we see a Brazilian dancer in a skimpy carnival costume.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Airplane!:
    • The buxom Francesca "Kitten" Natividad pulls uncredited Gag Boobs duty as the jiggly lady in the white T-shirt. She has since said that she is not the topless woman who goes bouncy-bouncy in front of the camera when the passengers panic, so this second Fanservice Extra remains anonymous.
    • As in the first movie, Francesca "Kitten" Natividad makes another blink-and-you'll-miss-it uncredited Gag Boobs appearance in The Sequel as the jiggling woman in the "Moral Majority" T-shirt.
  • Anna: As part of her modeling work, a lot of other attractive models are seen with Anna.
  • Anon: Two women appear in a single scene to have sex with Sal, then disappear. Another couple of women appear topless and making out before being murdered.
  • The Assignment (2016): Near the beginning, Sebastian has a sex worker over in very revealing clothes. Frank's girlfriend Johnnie also appears briefly topless, and he interrupts one of his targets having sex with a naked Asian woman.
  • Early in Back to School, Rodney Dangerfield's character accidentally walks in on actress Leslie Huntly in the middle of her Shower Scene. Dangerfield and "Coed #1" have a brief Shower of Awkward played purely for Fanservice. Her 5 seconds of screen time earn her 26th billing in the credits.
  • Bad Boys 2 had a then 15-year-old Megan Fox as Stars-and-Stripes Bikini Kid Dancing Under Waterfall
  • Beerfest. Fanservice extras are everywhere when the heroes are in Europe. Most notable in the Oktoberfest scene are the six women who get their tops pulled down, and the two girls who begin to make out with each other only to end up with wet T-shirts. At the Beerfest competition, the Swedish women's drinking team, and Misses Barley, Hops, and Yeast also qualify. Also, the hookers in the windows in Amsterdam at the very end. All of them save one, "Ulsa", are uncredited, but a few have done modeling and B-movie work elsewhere.
  • Beethoven: The titular dog has a scene where he jumps over a girl sunbathing in a bikini.
  • Blood of the Tribades: A lot of minor characters are seen partially or wholly nude, starting with a female vampire who's shown topless while bathing, and a pair playfully splashing each other in a lake. However, we also see a number of men show full frontal nudity. In a lot of these cases though it veers into fan disservice as they're killed or tortured by other people.
  • Blue Thunder has the more experienced police helicopter pilots introduce the newbies to "Nudy Lucy", who is apparently perfectly happy being observed by the pilot and crew as she practices nude yoga in front of a large window at a certain time every day. Actress Anna Forrest got 21st billing in the movie. It is her only credited acting role (an Ana Forrest, possibly the same woman, teaches yoga today-possibly this was a side gig. She pioneered her style a year prior to the film being released).
  • Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman: When Santiago first arrives at the Tango Club, Che Longara is surrounded by a group of topless dancers.
  • Bruce Almighty. The girl in the blue sundress is on-screen for all of 5 seconds, during which Bruce (on whom God has bestowed all His powers) uses his powers to blow up her dress to do a panty check. Actress Rina Fernandez gets 32nd billing in the movie as "Beautiful Woman", and we never even get a good look at her face.
  • Both the short and feature film versions of Cashback feature multiple Fanservice Extra naked ladies, as the plot centers around a bored young artist, working night shift at a convenience store, who has the power to make time stand still, and uses it to undress women and draw them.
  • In Casino, Millicent Sheridan as "Senator's Hooker" slips out of her gown in the senator's hotel room.
  • In Click, the protagonist slows time down when he drives near a jogger to see how her large breasts bounce up and down, complete with a deep bouncing slo-mo sound. The scene only lasts three seconds.
  • Commando, in which Matrix and Cooke unintentionally barge into the motel room of a man apparently filming a porn flick with a young woman. Interestingly enough, the extra who played said woman, Ava Cadell, then went to become a successful sexologist.
  • In Charlie Bartlett, two girls run topless down the hallway after Charlie has sold students drugs at the dance.
  • Pick a random spot in any Cheech and Chong movie. You're never more than five minutes away from this.
  • In Colors, a naked woman is among those arrested when the police raid a drug house. She does absolutely nothing in the scene — or for the scene — except be the subject of Penn's Male Gaze. The actress is uncredited.
  • Conan the Barbarian (1982): The multitude of women who strip off at various points in the movie. Lots of chiseled shirtless men as well.
  • Conan the Barbarian (2011) has, toward the beginning, Conan and his crew rescuing a group of men and women from slavers, with the women uniformly being buxom and topless. They're collectively listed in the credits as "Topless Wenches".
  • Early on in The Covenant, there is a scene at a roadhouse bar in which young men with supernatural powers are taking bets on what kind of panties a waitress is wearing under her skirt. One guy uses his magic to make her do a Marilyn Maneuver and settle the bet. It turns out the waitress is Going Commando. The whole scene takes about 15 seconds of movie time. Actress Basia Jasinski gets 13th billing as "Nicky's Bar Waitress".
  • Crash: Ballard bones a nameless camera girl in the backroom of a movie set in the opening, who shows up for a split second in a later scene.
  • Deathstalker: This movie could be said to have something for everyone, featuring unclad slave girls and oiled-up muscle men in gladiator armor as minor characters/extras.
  • There is a scene in Death Wish II in which the main bad guy, Nirvana is hanging out in his apartment with two naked girls. Unlike the other characters who appear nude in the film, these women have absolutely no relation to the plot. Interestingly enough, the buxomer of the two women, actress Leslie Graves, had been a regular on Sesame Street before her untimely death from AIDS at age 35.
  • When Sylvester Stallone gets to his private quarters in Demolition Man he immediately gets a wrong number on his video phone from a nude woman.
  • Die Hard. When armed terrorists crash the Nakatomi company Christmas party they interrupt a couple having sex in one of the offices and drag them out with the woman screaming and topless.
  • Dobermann: Most of the female patrons at Joe Hell are dressed in either fetish wear or lingerie. It's that kind of club.
  • In Driven when Sylvester Stallone and Kip Pardue's characters are racing through the streets of Chicago in formula one cars, they speed by a girl so fast they blow her dress up for a rear Panty Shot.
  • A male example appears in Drop Dead Fred; an attractive waiter wearing only a toga appears at a fancy party, before Fred plucks a pin from the guy's toga, leaving him naked. This scene is REALLY popular for some reason.
  • In the 1983 comedy Easy Money, Rodney Dangerfield's character catches his busty Innocent Fanservice Girl neighbor "Ginger Jones" sunbathing topless. She is played by Playboy playmate Kimberly McArthur and has about 20 seconds of screen time. Hilarity briefly ensues as Dangerfield gets Distracted by the Sexy and fires off one of his typical one-liners.
  • The Eiger Sanction: Ben's climbing school is now used by single men and women seeking partners, so there are plenty of young men and women relaxing by the pool in swimwear.
  • Euro Trip. The most glaring example is the all-female nude beach at the base of the workers' monument. Also, the orange juice commercial with the nude lesbians making out.
  • The Evil That Men Do: We get a brief glimpse of a prostitute stripping in Claire's apartment to have sex with her.
  • Pretty much any woman without speaking lines (and a few women with speaking lines) in any of The Fast and the Furious films fall under this trope.
  • 70% of jobs for females in the world portrayed in The Fifth Element have Fanservice Extra as a mandatory requirement. While you would expect flight attendants, receptionists and hotel personnel to be strikingly attractive, it goes to gratuitous levels when bodyguards and McDonald's clerks happen to be quite hot and show some cleavage at work.
  • From Dusk Till Dawn has the Titty Twister strippers, with some of them even more scantily clad than Salma Hayek's character - the main attraction of the bar - by virtue of being topless.
  • Get Him to the Greek has several examples, but one in particular stands out. Shortly before the infamous "Jeffery" scene in Vegas, the gang is seen sitting at a table with drinks, when a waitress in full fan-service attire enters the frame asking if they want any more.
  • Good Luck Chuck features a gaggle of nude women in various sex scenes with the main character, attempting to take advantage of his "curse" that they will then immediately meet the man of their dreams.
  • In Grandi Magazzini, two women do a Marilyn Maneuver dance on a ventilation grate. One woman is a Kelly LeBrock lookalike wearing the red dress from The Woman in Red. The other is a long-haired blonde wearing Marilyn Monroe's iconic white dress.
  • During the party scene in Grandma's Boy (2006), a porn star makes an appearance only so that Barry (Jonah Hill) can suckle her. At least one main character acknowledges her existence, as, when the party winds down, Alex says they can start cleaning up when Barry is "done with the Milk Maid", which is the name given to the character the porn star played when her name comes up in the credits.
  • Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay: Pretty much every good-looking woman at the Bottomless Party belongs to this trope.
  • In Hellboy (2019), part of the flashback that tells of how Hellboy was conceived shows his mother, a beautiful young woman, topless from the side for a second or two. Nipple and Dimed is in place, though.
  • The 1980 comedy The Hollywood Knights features a brunette sunbathing nude (Kim Hopkins as "Pom Pom Girl"), a cheerleader who forgets to wear panties while performing at a school pep rally (Playboy playmate Michele Drake as "Cheerleader"), and several uncredited skinny dippers at a midnight pool party.
  • This trope is at least as old as 1916 and Intolerance, which shows a bevy of scantily clad and topless girls in Prince Belshazzar's harem.
  • In Into the Night, there are two big fan service extra scenes, both illustrating the more "loose" world Ed is touching upon. The first is the "Take off your shirt" scene at the boat after the airport, and the second the woman who is pulling up her dress as she steps out of the bathroom stall while Ed is waiting in the men's room.
  • I'm Gonna Git You Sucka. While the protagonists are raiding a brothel, Jack Spade becomes interested in a well-endowed topless hooker who comes running out of a room. This trope is lampshaded somewhat by another hooker who is wearing a T-shirt that reads "Another Model Turned Actress".
  • Almost all of the James Bond films. Particularly if Bond meets a contact/the villain/somebody else by the poolside; there are bound to be bikini-clad girls all over the place, plus the occasional skinny dipper. Turned Up to Eleven in The World Is Not Enough, where Bond enters a bar and his X-ray glasses make all the random women appear as if they are only wearing their lingerie.
    • Lisa Guiraut's Belly Dancer character in From Russia with Love; she has no dialogue of any sort, and her sole function in the plot aside from titillating the audience for four minutes is that her performance, entirely by coincidence, provides distraction for the Russian agents sneaking up on the Romani camp.
    • Used for Chekhov's Gunman in Moonraker. While investigating Drax's worldwide enterprises, Bond runs into the usual highly-attractive extras as receptionists and so forth. Then he encounters the same people in Drax's Supervillain Lair. Turns out Drax's Evil Plan involves a Master Race involving physically perfect people from throughout the world, and these are the people he's recruited.
  • Joe Dirt: While taking some people hostage with a phony A-bomb (It Makes Sense in Context), Joe demands that an attractive woman in the room flash him revealing some gratuitous Sideboob.
  • In The Kentucky Fried Movie, almost every actress in the fake trailer for "Catholic High School Girls in Trouble" segment falls into this trope. Uschi Digard, who appears naked in the shower with the front of her body pressed against the glass, was a famous Swedish porn star of the late 1960s and early 1970s.
  • In Liar Liar, "Elevator Girl", played by Krista Allen, says hello to Jim Carrey then gets to pop him one after he tells her that her boobs are huge and he wants to squeeze them. One of the rare cases where a Fanservice Extra not only speaks but actually keeps her clothes on and does something connected to the plot (i.e. demonstrate how Carrey is incapable of lying).
  • Subverted by script girl Anne-Marie Sakowitz in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. In her first few scenes, it looks like her only function is to sun herself topless on-deck. As the film progresses she becomes the voice of crew dissent against Zissou. She's also fully dressed at this point.
  • The Little Hours: The background witches are all dancing around naked at the sabbat. Most of them are young, attractive women (though it's subverted in one case with a woman who's very much not).
  • The Love Witch: The Wiccans are often naked while conducting ceremonies, which includes some good-looking men and women (not all though). A stripper also performs her show in the background while Elaine is speaking with two of her fellow Wiccans in the club, which the camera frequently moves to focus on.
  • The Tent Lovers, Anne Jones and James McCardell, whose tent is ripped away from them by Max driving by, revealing them fully naked and going at it in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. For McCardell, this is apparently his only film credit, while Jones seems to have had another Fanservice Extra role in the same year, appearing as "Shower Girl" in Centrespread ("The story of a photographer's struggle in the glamorous world of nude modeling. "). Yeah.
  • Mank: To emphasize the hedonistic atmosphere of the writer's room in the 1930 flashback, the secretary taking dictation is topless with glittery pasties. The Internet Movie Database lists Kaylee Matton's role as "Scantily-Clad Secretary (uncredited)."
  • Margarita: Margarita and Jane's lesbian friends are shown while in the hot tub wearing only underclothes. All of them are young women and attractive.
  • The Matrix: The lady in the red dress.
  • Me, Myself & Irene: Shannon Whirry plays the character "Beautiful Mom". Of the two scenes she is in, one features a gratuitous shot of her cleavage, and the other involves "Hank" suckling on her teat.
  • In The Merry Widow (1925), a bevy of topless nightclub dancers sit down with Prince Danilo. In a movie from 1925.
  • The gentleman's club scene in Mystery Team... right up to the point where it dives into Fan Disservice.
  • In the original Night of the Living Dead (1968), the only "zombie" who is naked is female and young.
  • Late in Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, an age-regressed toddler version of Buddy Love rips open the shirt of "Receptionist", played by Playboy Playmate Julia Schultz. Dean Richmond in the immediate aftermath of Receptionist's Clothing Damage is a textbook example of Distracted by the Sexy.
  • The Outsiders: Two-Bit pulls up a female Soc's skirt, exposing her panties.
  • Old School: Jenny and Jeanie, the topless wrestling opponents of Joseph "Blue" Pulaski in an inflatable kiddy pool full of KY-Jelly whose toplessness gives Blue a fatal heart attack. There is also the blindfolded couple (referred to in the credits as "Naked Man" and "Naked Woman") exiting the bathroom in search of Mitch's soon-to-be-ex girlfriend, Heidi. And of course, the rampant but hilarious Fan Disservice espoused by a nude Will Ferrel must also be mentioned.
  • The Party has a gratuitous shot of a bikini-clad starlet toward the end of the opening sequence. Linda Gaye Scott is credited dead last as "Starlet."
  • The Penalty: A nude model is seen in Barbara's studio, posing for a sculpture.
  • In Piranha 3D, a falling cable rips off the bikini top of extra (Nancy Walters). However, within seconds this becomes Fan Disservice; note that Walters is credited as "Girl Cut in Half".
  • Pretty Cool and its sequel are full of these.
  • In Pulp Fiction, the Marilyn Monroe waitress at Jackrabbit Slim's Diner qualifies. She reenacts the original Marilyn Maneuver and then adds something the original never had: a Panty Shot. Actress Susan Griffiths has actually had a long and successful career as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator.
  • The rooftop sunbathers in Q: The Winged Serpent, particularly the one who takes off her bikini top and lotions herself right before being snatched away by the monster. Bobbi Burns gets recognized at the bottom of the cast list as "Sunbather" for being a good sport.
  • During the chase through the marketplace in Quick, Ki-su rides through a tent that is staging an underwear fashion show. He rides past a model who treats the audience to some Toplessness from the Back.
  • RoboCop (1987): On Murphy's tour of his new precinct, a momentarily topless female cop is seen in the foreground of the apparently coed locker room. Later on, when RoboCop goes into a club to collect Leon, a woman is seen dancing topless.
  • The "unrated" DVD of Sex Drive has nude actresses (and a couple of actors) digitally superimposed throughout the film. The creators show up at the beginning saying that you should watch the regular version first.
  • She: The opening scene finds Leo, Holly, and Job in a Cairo bar taking in some Belly Dancers. One of the dancers apparently decided to up the Fanservice factor by going with pasties over her nipples rather than any kind of bra.
  • Shortbus: In the orgy scene, an entire roomful of unnamed characters are shown having sex (much of it unsimulated).
  • Sorceress: The scantily clad dancers, some of whose breasts come out from their very sheer clothing.
  • Early in Speed, the SWAT team are rescuing people from an office building elevator that's about to drop. As they help one woman in a business suit down, her skirt rides up revealing a white thong. Everybody in the elevator is credited at the end of the cast credits as "Elevator Passengers", but there's no easy way to tell which actress this is.
  • Split Second: Stone visits a strip joint where he's convinced the killer will show up next (he's right), and briefly observes a stripper dressed in bondage gear.
  • In Strange Days, Ralph Fiennes' character acquires a SQUID recording in a bar that was recorded from point-of-view of a very buxom stoner girl, played by real-life porn star Kylie Ireland. The recording in question plays no role in the plot of the movie.
  • The Stunt Man: While doing a stunt involving falling through a window into a room, the hero falls on top of a nude woman on a bed, who is actually a stunt woman placed there to break his fall.
  • Summer Job: There is a scene by the swimming pool where two girls walk by topless wearing only bikini bottoms just so one of the guys can say "Did you get a look at those tits?" But then, this is a teen Sex Comedy in the spirit of Porky's, so there isn't a lot of "plot" to advance in the first place.
  • In Tango & Cash during a car chase in a parking garage, one of the vehicles bumps into a parked car where a couple is having sex in the back seat. The girl is on top and her naked upper half is shown as they stop and see what's going on. Several topless female strippers are seen in the strip club too.
  • Tommy Boy has Richard peep on a woman who's Skinny Dipping in the hotel pool - and gets no end of grief from Tommy for doing so.
  • Turkey Shoot: A number of the prisoners are shown nude in the showers (both male and female).
  • In Used Cars, Penthouse pet Cheryl Rixon plays "Margaret", a model that gets her dress stripped off on live TV when it gets caught in the hood of a car that Russell opens.
  • The naked girl that's seen getting out of Bud Fox's bed in Wall Street. Suzen Murakoshi is credited as "Girl in Bed".
  • Virgin Territory: The two sexy young nuns who disrobe to have sex with Lorenzo in the bath, largely seen from the back and side. Later another there's another undressing as well for sex with him beside her friend and shows her right breast doing so (they're equally attractive).
  • In War, a woman appears topless in a scene for seemingly no reason other than to show that Jet Li has sex like the rest of us mere mortals.
  • In Wedding Crashers, the Sex Montage of women falling into bed with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn is filled with Fanservice Extras. Most seem to be uncredited, but two that stand out: Owen's final girl is Diora Baird, who has since found steady work in the Gag Boobs area; Vince's final girl is Rachel Sterling, a former Juggy Dancer on The Man Show.
  • When Evil Calls: Some of the minor characters on the girls' basketball team appear topless as a result of Michael's wish.
  • In Weird Science, Gary and Wyatt try to create a second woman during the Wild Teen Party near the middle of the movie. Hilarity Ensues and two Fanservice Extras make an appearance:
    • The "Girl in Upside-Down Bathroom" giggles while giving a gratuitous Panty Shot as the bathroom is rotating. Actress Alison Carole Lowe, whose only other film credit is as "Gymnast" in Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, gets her 5 seconds on the screen.
    • The "Girl Playing Piano" vs. The Invisible Nudifier, or whatever it is that is sucking everything in the room into the fireplace and out the chimney. Playboy playmate Kym Malin did her own stunts here.
  • X-Men Film Series:
    • X-Men: First Class: In addition to every major female character showing some skin at one point or another, the women hired by Hellfire Club all have a Lingerie Scene.
    • X-Men: Apocalypse: The skimpy ensemble of the lady with the "Kampf 11" sign bares her buttocks.
    • In Logan, there is a girl that bares her breasts out in a car scene who only appears for a few seconds. She's also the only scene of nudity in the entire movie.
  • In xXx, Xander has a stripper waiting for him in his bedroom, courtesy of the Big Bad.
  • Zapped! (the 1982 Scott Baio sex comedy, not the 2014 Disney Channel TV movie): Baio's character gains telekinetic powers and often uses them to separate pretty girls from their clothing. Examples include:
    • The two uncredited girls in the convertible who get their tops zapped off.
    • The dozens of people of both sexes in the film's climactic scene, where a telekinetic windstorm blows the clothes off of most everyone at the prom.
  • Every beach scene in Beach Party is full of attractive people of both sexes in swimsuits.


    Live-Action TV 
  • CSI: Miami: By the dozen whenever the action takes us to a beach full of women in skimpy bikinis, or a nightclub full of women in skimpy dresses. Which happens a lot.
  • In the Las Vegas version, just replace the beaches of Miami with the hotel pools.
  • In the New York episode 2.10, 'Jamalot,' Mac is in the locker room of a female roller derby team and tells them all he'll need their clothes. "Polly," who has the hots for him, proceeds to rip off her blouse, thrusts a hip at him & asks him to help her off with her mini-skirt. You can actually see him blush as he tells them all that Lindsay will collect everything.
  • Hawaii Five-0 similarly has a lot of beach shots.
  • Entourage: The only purpose most women have on this show.
  • Game of Thrones: Littlefinger's whores (some played by real porn actresses), the captain's daughter Theon beds en route to Pyke, the bedslave Mero fondles while discussing Daenerys, etc. The character of Ros was initially conceived like this but was later expanded because the showrunners were so impressed with the actress.
  • The Sopranos: Any stripper we see on stage at the Bada Bing qualifies, unless, of course, one of them becomes part of the episode's plot.
  • Burn Notice: Everything stated for CSI: Miami also applies to this show.
  • In Casualty and its Spin-Off, Holby City, the Fanservice Extra characters occur and re-occur multiple times, and with names, too. They are Mary-Claire (now an Ascended Extra), Nikki, Kate, Rita. It's only the tan-skinned Portuguese/Asian-looking woman who does not get named.
  • The Scrubs episode "My Day At The Races", has a scene where JD goes swimming; for a few seconds the camera focuses on the scantily-clad women on the beach.
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand makes heavy use of these. From female spectators flashing their breasts at gladiatorial fights to an inside look at a Roman brothel to naked slaves providing "entertainment" at a social gathering, the show generally managed to squeeze gratuitous nudity and sex into quite a few scenes. It is not unusual for main characters to hold conversations while extras are going at it in the background (or even when they're having sex with these extras).
  • At least once an episode in the 1980s version of Mike Hammer, Stacy Keach would get approached by a well-endowed female extra wearing some kind of skin-tight and/or low-cut top who would give a line loaded with sexual innuendo toward Hammer, he'd reply with an equally loaded line, often a pun, and then everyone would get back to the actual plot. If the extra was lucky, she might show up in the background in another scene.
  • Robin of Sherwood has the Baron de Belleme's two girlfriends in the opening episode (they reappear in a later episode, played by different actresses, in which they play a more important role than set decoration), and Gulnar's two barbarian babes in "The Time of the Wolf".
  • Outlander: A number of minor female characters are shown nude (at least topless) in sex scenes or otherwise. On the male side, there are also plenty of good-looking guys in shirtless scenes.
  • Star Trek: Picard: In the "Et in Arcadia Ego" two-parter, some of the well-toned male androids are shirtless, and some of the attractive female androids wear fairly revealing outfits.
  • Criminal Minds: The episode "Supply & Demand" has a lot of cute brunette women in their underwear.
  • Just Shoot Me!: The Blush covers that are shown between scenes. Also, the setting is a fashion magazine and often features real-life supermodels as guest stars.
  • Vida: A number of minor/background characters appear either nude to varying degrees or having sex in the series.
  • Legend of the Seeker: In the first five minutes of the pilot, we have Dennee's heaving bosom. The fanservice by minor characters continues throughout the series with sexy backs and shirtless scenes all around, while the Mord Sith provide the most-gorgeous women in very tight red leather bodysuits.
  • Hightown: A lot of minor female characters are shown nude and having sex.
  • Brave New World: A number of minor characters are shown nude and having sex in orgies.
  • We Are Who We Are: A lot of attractive young people are shown at the beach in their swim suits playing around or dancing. That's on top of the very buff, entirely naked soldiers seen earlier in the shower.
  • A French Village: A French prostitute and German soldier have sex pretty explicitly while Marcel sneaks into the room to steal the man's gun.
  • The White Queen: There is a lot of nudity and sex from the start, even apart from all that involving Rebecca Ferguson, who's quite attractive (her character Elizabeth has multiple love scenes with Edward right in the first episode). Other characters get in on the action too, with copious nudity and sex. This is not really necessary to the plot, naturally.
  • The Nevers: The scenes with Hugo's sex club have plenty of fully naked male and female eye candy.

    Music Videos 
  • Cat Hairballs: The woman who appears within the first minute of the video wearing a dress made of hairballs, and strikes a Head-and-Hip Pose. Mrs. Pipes also makes a couple brief appearances in her high heel shoes.

  • The scantily-clad/topless Amazons in Hercules.
  • Premier's Hollywood Heat features two bikini-clad women on the backbox translite, whose only purpose is to reinforce the game as a Miami Vice mockbuster.
  • Stern Pinball's High Roller Casino has scantily-clad Las Vegas showgirls on the backglass, backbox sides, and playfield.
  • The various Bond girls in Gottlieb's James Bond 007, who appear all over the playfield and backglass but have no effect on the game itself.
  • The sides of the KISS (Bally) pinball playfield show two women wearing KISS facepaint and ridiculously thin leather thong bikinis.
  • The serving maids in The Champion Pub.
  • Flash has several women wearing various revealing outfits, ostensibly followers of the game's Thunder God and with zero relevance to the game.
  • Striker Xtreme features a woman wearing a blue soccer top and shorts posing next to a winning player.
  • Evel Knievel has several female admirers, all with large breasts and wearing tight T-shirts.
  • The playfield for Guns N' Roses (Data East) depicts numerous bikini-clad female groupies around the band members (the game's main focus).
  • Data East Pinball's Tales from the Crypt:
    • Subverted with the sexy bikini-clad blonde perched on top of the "Creature Feature" well, whose face is that of an eyeless ghoul.
    • Played straight with the woman wielding the chainsaw on the backglass.
  • In Airborne Avenger, both the hero and the villain are accompanied by nameless sexy women wearing form-fitting dresses who do nothing but stand there.
  • The Party Zone features an assortment of attractive young women accompanying Captain B. Zarr, all wearing skin-tight outfits with Jet Packs, fishbowl space helmets, and go-go boots.
  • True to the show, The Sopranos has the Bada Bing! strip club, complete with a pair of spinning bikini-clad pole dancers.
  • The back glass for Time Machine (Zaccaria) includes two attractive women wearing skin-tight Space Clothes, high heels, and bubble helmets in Boobs And Butt Poses.

  • The corset model in The Women. Though one of her lines is actually thematically significant, even then she's obviously there to show off the kind of body that doesn't really need a corset. IMDb notes that Judith Allen, who played her (uncredited) in the 1939 film version, had previously done modeling under the name Mari Colman.
  • In Jesus Christ Superstar, Judas' backup singers during the title song and often portrayed as sexy angels or demons.
  • In Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson's (in)famous black mistress Sally Hemings shows up in a low-cut frock during his spotlight number, receives a Double Entendre from Jefferson and does a provocative dance with him climaxing in a high kick. She never appears again.

    Video Games 
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features Assist Trophies, which summon a fighter for a few seconds. Some of these are fairly attractive and show off a lot of skin.
  • Duke Nukem 3D: Set in an alien-infested future world, and for some reason features scantily clad women prisoners but with no plot relevance at every turn. To quote Duke, "No one steals our chicks and lives."
  • God of War: The unimportant, unnamed women who offer Kratos sex in each game of the series.
  • The Witcher: Many, many women in-game will have sex with Geralt in exchange for stuff like flowers or drinks - and most of them aren't major NPCs. A few of them even have generic names like "Farmer girl".
  • In the 2007 Conan video game, random topless slave girls are hidden around the map like trophies, and you are rewarded if you free them.
  • NightFire featured James Bond at an art gallery with x-ray glasses. And a number of waitresses and female partygoers.
  • A bonus level in The Warriors (showing how musclemen Ajax and Snow joined the gang) starts off with the pair being ambushed by the Destroyers (the Warriors' main rivals on Coney Island) and being stripped of their trademark red vests (leaving Snow bare-chested and Ajax in a black tank top). Ajax and Snow pursue the vest-thieves deep into Destroyer territory, and Snow soon gets his vest back after he and Ajax corner a few Destroyers in one of their hideouts and beat the living crap out of them. Ajax then tracks another one of the thieves to an apartment building, where he catches the guy in an amorous embrace with a girl who is wearing nothing but a pair of panties and his vest. Ajax beats the guy unconscious and then confronts the girl, who gladly agrees to give up the vest if Ajax will sleep with her. Their mission accomplished the next morning, Ajax and Snow try to sneak out of enemy territory, only to spot a huge party of Destroyers rounding the corner down the street. The boys frantically try to duck out of sight, only for the girl from the night before to appear on the fire escape overhead in her bra and panties and innocently call out: "Ajax! Make sure you call me!" The gang members down the street overhear and immediately spot the two Warriors, triggering a wild chase sequence down the boardwalk that ends with Ajax and Snow fighting off a seemingly endless stream of thugs before they are rescued by their fellow Warriors.
  • The Mass Effect Trilogy takes players to several nightclubs, almost all of which have asari pole dancers.
  • Some Fighting Games often have scantily-clad women among the cheering mob that stays in the background of stages.
    • In Street Fighter, casino-based stages often feature nameless women in skimpy leotards.
    • In Tekken 5 there's a stage, set near a pool, with girls in bikinis dancing and watching the fight.
    • In Guilty Gear, the Mayship stage, where you can usually find May's all-female crewmates of the Jellyfish Pirates.
  • The burlesque dancers at the beginning of The Saboteur.
  • Scarlet Blade is set in a Fetish-Fuel Future populated by clones hot sexy girls, and many of them in Delilah Nightclub are clad in nothing but Barely-There Swimwear and super revealing lingerie.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Most (though not all) games in the series will have at least one Random Encounter enemy type that resembles a naked woman. Many will use Charm or Confusion attacks based on flirting with the characters. A handful of examples include Lamia from I and II, Leshy from IV, Lemura from V and Jemnezmy from VII (her palette swap, Snow, does have a small role in the storyline).
    • The Dancers in Final Fantasy IV, who leap back and forth in bikinis for Cecil's entertainment, are a relatively tame example.
    • Final Fantasy VII has a few scantily-clad girls standing around for the player (as Cloud) to flirt with if they so choose, like the girl who asks Cloud to rub suntan lotion into her back, and the Honeybee Inn girl who shakes her butt for the camera (and will do so faster if Cloud insults her). It's worth pointing out that the field graphics make these extremely tame. Deconstructed somewhat with a couple of the other Honeybee Inn prostitutes, who have detailed internal monologues explaining their actual feelings about Cloud treating them the way he does.
  • Metal Gear:
    • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty features a lot of scantily-clad photo pinups (many courtesy of the "Konami Eyes" modelling agency) that became something of a signature of the game, as well as porn magazines as a guard-distracting weapon, and a couple of gravure idol videos that can be seen when the AI Colonel is breaking down towards the end of the game. There are a few humorous Easter Egg bits with these things, like how positioning Snake so his hand touches a posters' breasts when he knocks on the wall triggers a "boing" sound effect (while touching the poster's genitals in this manner triggers an Alert), or how getting Snake to stare at one in first person and contacting Otacon will cause him to get rebuked for masturbating on the job.
    • When infiltrating the Shell 1 Core in Metal Gear Solid 2, there is a young woman amongst the hostages. The player can knock her out to look up her skirt (and get rebuked by Mission Control for doing so), ask her name ("Jennifer") and then hit on her with the Holler Button, comment on her measurements (which are also written down on the table she's tied to), or generally sexually abuse her. She later gets hit (possibly killed) by a ricochet in a cutscene. Snake can also flirt with her if you're playing the Snake Tales (where her personality is fleshed out somewhat), and he even has new voice work for this.
    • Cécile Cosima Caminades in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a sexy French woman mandatory party member who is almost entirely plot-irrelevant, only really serving as a bit of foreshadowing about the fact that Paz might not be totally honest. Somewhat averted in that she does have a pretty complex and well-developed personality and backstory, it just all takes place in her optional audio tapes and has nothing to do with anything else. Counts somewhat as Self-Fanservice too in that she was based on a real-life Konami employee who had a name Kojima found amusing ("Cosima Caminades" sounds like Kojima kami nan desu, "Kojima is (a) god").
    • Metal Gear Solid V opens with a cutscene where your comatose main character is lying on a hospital bed while a nurse in a low-cut top leans over to fiddle with his life support, with predictable visuals.
    • Metal Gear Ac!d has a handful of Joke Items featuring models, with their vital statistics and interests amusingly documented in the style of the game's gun stat system. They have virtually no use, as they have hefty COST and using them just causes Snake (not Teliko) to be hit with the BLEED status effect.
    • Metal Gear Ac!d 2 features collectible 3D videos of models messing around with the gun collection in the Konami offices, one of which (the video unlocked by collecting the Alice Hazel card) shows one of the girls casually masturbating - a bit extreme for a game that's pretty tame in content otherwise and raised the game's age rating.
  • Policenauts started out with only a couple of relatively tame fanservice interactions with female side characters, a couple of which were plot-important or had some content to them (the stewardess will explain that her thin legs and swollen breasts are a result of being in microgravity, the Tokugawa receptionist is supposed to be dressed in a objectifying outfit to indicate how deranged her boss is). However, players in Japan loved them and all later versions of the game incorporated multiple, detailed fanservice scenes with every secretary, receptionist, coworker, nurse and teenager the player can encounter. Western audiences tend to find them creepy and out of place, and the English fan patch programmer Slowbeef nearly quit working on the project because of how weird they are.
  • Ryse: Son of Rome has several half-naked dancers in Basilius and Commodus' celebration party.
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind has the House of Earthly Delights in Suran, essentially a strip club with three exotic dancers dressed only in their underwear who have unique dance animations. Throw on one of the many "full nudity" Game Mods to take this to another level.

    Web Comics 
  • Greg: These attractive non-recurring women are often seen with the comic's second lead character Ted. They're usually shown after he's had his way with them or shown trying to murder him after breaking their hearts.
  • Ménage à 3 has a rather sexually hyperactive cast, and illustrating this often means frames featuring characters with no names and few clothes. Notable examples include the procession of porn stars who show up for (and rather hijack) Gary's 30th birthday celebration and the participants in various group sex sessions seen in flashback.
  • Sandra on the Rocks shows nameless attractive women in the beds of the sexually highly successful Domenico and Cammi. Given that it's a comedy about modelling, and far from shy about a little fanservice, it can be expected to show a little attractive flesh in the background at other times too.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Some women in Animaniacs that are not Hello Nurse or Minerva Mink. Special mention to Yakko's Chorus Girls that he summons in two episodes.
    "I love cartoons!"
  • Family Guy sometimes has scenes with large groups of unnamed attractive girls in swimsuits/underwear (such as the girls at Stewie's Sexy Parties, or the Asian girls that Quagmire often kidnaps). These scenes have become more frequent post-uncancellation.
  • Shandra Jimenez of Gravity Falls only rarely appears for this reason.
  • In The Looney Tunes Show appear many beautiful women both in the plot and in the musical number. The best examples are the female backup dancers in the Merrie Melody "Blow My Stack", Starlett Johansson in "Casa de Calma", Foghorn Leghorn's assistant, and the contestants of a beauty pageant in "Year of the Duck".
  • Phineas and Ferb has lots of this, usually the background dancers in the Once per Episode music video. The most known of which are the background dancers for "A Real Boy" and "Hey Ferb".
  • Ren & Stimpy: "The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball" briefly features a shapely model in a figure-hugging dress made of hairballs who strikes a Head-and-Hip Pose.
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks:
    • In "Second Contact":
      • When Boimler shows Tendi the hallway where the ensigns sleep, a hunky man wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist (he had just used the sonic shower) passes them by.
      • Mariner runs an Olympic training room program filled with buff naked men. Tendi notes the program is very detailed.
    • In "Envoys", there are a lot of scantily-clad people at the Risan district of Tulgana IV.
  • Dizzy's girlfriends in Tiny Toon Adventures, especially Mitzy Avery.
  • Pretty much any attractive female is this in Tripping the Rift.


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