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The Crazy Buffalo just clobbered another opponent, but you're not really paying attention to that fact, are you?
"With a figure like that, you don't need a name!"

Sometimes Fanservice is provided not by a major or supporting character, but instead by a very minor character who doesn’t even appear in the story until almost the very moment of fanservice. She will be on screen for anywhere from a few seconds to no more than a minute or two. (For a long time Fanservice Extras were almost Always Female. While male examples have appeared more often in recent years, female examples still far outnumber them.) The character exists solely to give the movie, show, or comic book a little extra titillation.

Fanservice Extras are rarely characters with actual names. If she receives billing in the credits (many don’t get any billing at all), it will be far down in the end credits, and her character's "name" will usually be an Exactly What It Says on the Tin kind of description like “Showering Blonde Cheerleader” or “Topless Girl in Car”.

Fanservice Extras are most commonly found in comedies, but also appear frequently in action movies and horror movies. A Fanservice Extra in a Slasher Movie often falls victim to Sex Signals Death, with a risk of Fan Disservice depending on the level of gore. While this trope exists mostly in "moving" media, Fanservice Extras do appear in manga and comics also. They will usually appear in only one panel and will be drawn to a level of detail not normally seen in the rest of the panel. They can add a "Just Here for Godzilla" aspect to an otherwise forgettable B-Movie, boosting sales and rentals and making the movie Poor Man's Porn or Best Known for the Fanservice.

The performers who play Fanservice Extras frequently have a background more in modeling than in acting. To illustrate, note how many of the films listed below, particularly from the 1980s and 1990s, use women who have appeared in either Playboy or Penthouse for these roles. The job usually pays a little more for the nudity or near-nudity required and requires almost no line memorization or acting. Not every person who plays one of these roles is Waiting for a Break; often they are simply models who have decided that they are young and need the money. As the years pass, some performers will view their role(s) as their Glory Days of back when they had a memorable role in a big movie, while others will consider the job an Old Shame that they don't want to admit to their grandchildren.

A large number of different Stripping Tropes and Nudity Tropes frequently involve Fanservice Extras. Some of the more commonly used ones include Clothing Damage, Distracted by the Sexy, Marilyn Maneuver, Naked Freakout, Panty Shot, and Wardrobe Malfunction.

This trope is Ms. Fanservice or Mr. Fanservice (depending on the character's gender) without the necessary screen time or character development.

Compare Lady Not-Appearing-in-This-Game, which is when a fanservice character gets no screen time.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • A few filler stories of the Dragon Ball anime have some cute girls, often the object of Muten Roshi's attention.
  • Gintama occasionally feature fanservice from hostesses in dominatrix leather outfits, pole-dancing strippers, or courtesans wearing their kimonos off the shoulders, especially when something happens in Yoshiwara.
  • The cheerleaders in Gundam: Reconguista in G, because...cheerleaders?
  • A scene in the manga of Love Hina has Keitaro distracted by a Panty Shot of a random girl before taking a train... and bumping his head on the closed door!
  • Provided in the anime of Miss Machiko by some random women or schoolgirls.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi: The Cat Girl waitress in the lower left panel of one page adds nothing whatsoever to the story except some eye candy and a large number of fanservice tropes. This is pretty par for the course for any scene with a large number of extras in it.
  • The waitresses in Space☆Dandy, as their uniforms are the equivalent of Hooters in space.
  • In To Love Ru all the other schoolgirls that are involved in the "incidents" with Lala inventions.
  • Manyu Hikencho episode 3 has the filler character Sakura-chan, the most popular girl of the local Chifusa is working in, as an absurdly adorable beauty with pigtails, humongous breasts, cute voice, heart-shaped pupils and a skimpy pink Meido outfit showing off her legs and cleavage, who's also a Shameless Fanservice Girl who performs some pole dancing for the customers. So invoked it's almost funny.

    Comic Books 
  • In the Judge Dredd storyline "Day of Chaos: Nadia", there is a scene in the girls' dorm at the Academy of Justice. One of the cadets apparently sleeps wearing nothing but a pair of panties.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • From A Goofy Movie, Lisa, the scantily clad high-school student, and the three buxom cowgirls looking for Nashville during "On the Open Road". Power Line's background dancers are this as well.
  • Aladdin: Besides Jasmine, there's the harem Aladdin falls into during "One Jump Ahead", the harem girls in "Friend Like Me", the girls in "Prince Ali"... let's just say there's a lot of pretty girls in sheer, low-cut fabric.
  • Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman: Several background female Gotham citizens show a lot of skin (mall-dwellers in midriff-baring tops, a waitress with a long slit in her dress, etc.).
  • Beauty and the Beast: Besides the Bimbettes trio and Bebette, in the song "Belle", while Belle is riding on the back of a carriage cart, one of the merchants selling bread to one of his female customers and is very clearly eyeing her very noticeably exposed cleavage.
  • Coco: Played with. Miguel walks past a woman posing for a nude painting, but since she's a skeleton, there's nothing there but bones. Amusingly, he acts as if her flesh and skin is there.
  • El Cid: The Legend: The belly dancers in Ben Yusuf's Royal Harem. Even though they quickly make way for Jimena when she is given the Go-Go Enslavement treatment, they are notoriously more scantily-clad than her.
  • Miss Kitty from The Great Mouse Detective has a suggestive song and dance number, which starts fairly tame, but ends with a '20s-style stripper act.
  • In Lilo & Stitch, the female blonde lifeguard who Nani attempts to get a job from; her swimsuit, hair, and especially figure recall Pamela Anderson in Baywatch.
  • Interstella 5555: During the song "Crescendolls", we see a Brazilian dancer in a skimpy carnival costume.


    Live-Action TV 
  • Castle: In "Til' Death Do Us Part," the two women Bailey's fellow pickup artist are seducing when the police barge in. One is wearing a Modesty Towel, the other's shirt is open (showing her bra), and neither of them gets any dialogue.
  • CSI-verse:
    • CSI: Miami: By the dozen whenever the action takes us to a beach full of women in skimpy bikinis, or a nightclub full of women in skimpy dresses. Which happens a lot.
    • In the Las Vegas version, just replace the beaches of Miami with the hotel pools.
    • In the New York episode 2.10, 'Jamalot,' Mac is in the locker room of a female roller derby team and tells them all he'll need their clothes. "Polly," who has the hots for him, proceeds to rip off her blouse, thrusts a hip at him & asks him to help her off with her mini-skirt. You can almost see him blush as he tells them all that Lindsay will collect everything.
    • NY also featured the Suicide Girls and a lingerie football league.
  • Hawaii Five-0 similarly has a lot of beach shots.
  • Entourage: The only purpose most women have on this show.
  • Game of Thrones: Littlefinger's whores (some played by real porn actresses), the captain's daughter Theon beds en route to Pyke, the bedslave Mero fondles while discussing Daenerys, etc. The character of Ros was initially conceived like this but was later expanded because the showrunners were so impressed with the actress.
  • The Sopranos: Any stripper we see on stage at the Bada Bing qualifies, unless, of course, one of them becomes part of the episode's plot.
  • Burn Notice: Everything stated for CSI: Miami also applies to this show.
  • In Casualty and its Spin-Off, Holby City, the Fanservice Extra characters occur and re-occur multiple times, and with names, too. They are Mary-Claire (now an Ascended Extra), Nikki, Kate, Rita. It's only the tan-skinned Portuguese/Asian-looking woman who does not get named.
  • The Scrubs episode "My Day At The Races", has a scene where JD goes swimming; for a few seconds the camera focuses on the scantily-clad women on the beach.
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand makes heavy use of these. From female spectators flashing their breasts at gladiatorial fights to an inside look at a Roman brothel to naked slaves providing "entertainment" at a social gathering, the show generally managed to squeeze gratuitous nudity and sex into quite a few scenes. It is not unusual for main characters to hold conversations while extras are going at it in the background (or even when they're having sex with these extras).
  • At least once an episode in The New Mike Hammer, Stacy Keach would get approached by a well-endowed female extra wearing some kind of skin-tight and/or low-cut top who would give a line loaded with sexual innuendo toward Hammer, he'd reply with an equally loaded line, often a pun, and then everyone would get back to the actual plot. If the extra was lucky, she might show up in the background in another scene.
  • Robin of Sherwood has the Baron de Belleme's two girlfriends in the opening episode (they reappear in a later episode, played by different actresses, in which they play a more important role than set decoration), and Gulnar's two barbarian babes in "The Time of the Wolf".
  • Outlander: A number of minor female characters are shown nude (at least topless) in sex scenes or otherwise. On the male side, there are also plenty of good-looking guys in shirtless scenes.
  • Star Trek: Picard: In the "Et in Arcadia Ego" two-parter, some of the well-toned male androids are shirtless, and some of the attractive female androids wear fairly revealing outfits.
  • Criminal Minds: The episode "Supply & Demand" has a lot of cute brunette women in their underwear.
  • Just Shoot Me!: The Blush covers that are shown between scenes. Also, the setting is a fashion magazine and often features real-life supermodels as guest stars.
  • Vida: A number of minor/background characters appear either nude to varying degrees or having sex in the series.
  • Legend of the Seeker: In the first five minutes of the pilot, we have Dennee's heaving bosom. The fanservice by minor characters continues throughout the series with sexy backs and shirtless scenes all around, while the Mord Sith provide the most-gorgeous women in very tight red leather bodysuits.
  • Hightown: A lot of minor female characters are shown nude and having sex.
  • Brave New World: A number of minor characters are shown nude and having sex in orgies.
  • We Are Who We Are: A lot of attractive young people are shown at the beach in their swim suits playing around or dancing. That's on top of the very buff, entirely naked soldiers seen earlier in the shower. A party Fraser goes to also has attractive Italian and American young people wearing very little (also ending up in nothing sometimes), with some shown having sex.
  • A French Village: A French prostitute and German soldier have sex pretty explicitly while Marcel sneaks into the room to steal the man's gun.
  • The White Queen: There is a lot of nudity and sex from the start, even apart from all that involving Rebecca Ferguson, who's quite attractive (her character Elizabeth has multiple love scenes with Edward right in the first episode). Other characters get in on the action too, with copious nudity and sex. This is not really necessary to the plot, naturally.
  • Married... with Children naturally had those when Al met the editor of a lad magazine (played mostly by Playboy playmates) and when he went to a lingerie shop.
  • The Nevers: The scenes with Hugo's sex club have plenty of fully naked male and female eye candy.
  • The Nutt House: When Norman calls Big Jake on the phone, two attractive young women at Big Jake's place are playing pool in miniskirts and low-cut tops. They have no lines, and appear to just be there for him to comment how he loves playing dirty pool.
  • Sex/Life: The swingers' party Billie and Cooper attend has many minor characters in little clothing or none, plus several having sex.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: The season 3 premiere "Houseboat" is mostly about Malcolm trying to mend his relationship with Hal while on vacation, and Francis emancipating himself and dropping out of military school, but there's also a subplot about Reese and Stevie partying with some Shameless Fanservice cheerleaders. Brooke Anne Smith, Shannon Woodward, and Stella Bach get about a minute of screentime as the cheerleaders, yet Fox featured them heavily in promos for the episode.
  • She's Gotta Have It: Nola provides the most fanservice in the series, naturally, as the main character who's quite promiscuous. Some minor characters though are also shown getting at it briefly, such as Cheryl and Reed (plus many women Greer's been with in a brief sex montage).
  • The Sex Lives of College Girls: While this series has quite a bit of nudity, it's mainly the secondary, minor and background characters who bare it all — hardly ever the main characters. It's most noticable in the secont episode, "The Naked Party" in which said party has many minor characters in the nude with everything shown. However, apart from one brief scene, the main characters are mostly shot only from the shoulders up.
  • Hacks: On the lesbian cruise, many of the lesbians are attractive young women with lots lounging around in their bikinis (as does Ava, making out with a couple).
  • Tidelands (Netflix): Many of the supporting characters.
    • Leandra is very beautiful and introduced topless before proceeding to murder a man. She continues to wear pretty revealing clothing. Later she is also shown eating out a pretty young woman from their group who's topless as well before Cal interrupts things.
    • Violca is also beautiful, wearing low cut dresses and once a very brief swimsuit that shows her cleavage off.
    • Other Tidelanders also get it on (often in groups), which reflects their free love ways.

    Music Videos 
  • Cat Hairballs: The woman who appears within the first minute of the video wearing a dress made of hairballs, and strikes a Head-and-Hip Pose. Mrs. Pipes also makes a couple brief appearances in her high heel shoes.
  • Halsey: "If I Can't Have Love I Want Power" features her character's handmaidens undressing to bathe her, with them showing full frontal nudity. All of them are attractive young women-most don't appear in other scenes.

  • The scantily-clad/topless Amazons in Hercules.
  • Premier's Hollywood Heat features two bikini-clad women on the backbox translite, whose only purpose is to reinforce the game as a Miami Vice mockbuster.
  • Stern Pinball's High Roller Casino has scantily-clad Las Vegas showgirls on the backglass, backbox sides, and playfield.
  • The various Bond girls in Gottlieb's James Bond 007, who appear all over the playfield and backglass but have no effect on the game itself.
  • The sides of the KISS (Bally) pinball playfield show two women wearing KISS facepaint and ridiculously thin leather thong bikinis.
  • The serving maids in The Champion Pub.
  • Flash has several women wearing various revealing outfits, ostensibly followers of the game's Thunder God and with zero relevance to the game.
  • Striker Xtreme features a woman wearing a blue soccer top and shorts posing next to a winning player.
  • Evel Knievel has several female admirers, all with large breasts and wearing tight T-shirts.
  • The playfield for Guns N' Roses (Data East) depicts numerous bikini-clad female groupies around the band members (the game's main focus).
  • Data East Pinball's Tales from the Crypt:
    • Subverted with the sexy bikini-clad blonde perched on top of the "Creature Feature" well, whose face is that of an eyeless ghoul.
    • Played straight with the woman wielding the chainsaw on the backglass.
  • In Airborne Avenger, both the hero and the villain are accompanied by nameless sexy women wearing form-fitting dresses who do nothing but stand there.
  • The Party Zone features an assortment of attractive young women accompanying Captain B. Zarr, all wearing skin-tight outfits with Jet Packs, fishbowl space helmets, and go-go boots.
  • True to the show, The Sopranos has the Bada Bing! strip club, complete with a pair of spinning bikini-clad pole dancers.
  • The back glass for Time Machine (Zaccaria) includes two attractive women wearing skin-tight Space Clothes, high heels, and bubble helmets in Boobs And Butt Poses.

  • The corset model in The Women. Though one of her lines is actually thematically significant, even then she's obviously there to show off the kind of body that doesn't really need a corset. IMDb notes that Judith Allen, who played her (uncredited) in the 1939 film version, had previously done modeling under the name Mari Colman.
  • In Jesus Christ Superstar, Judas' backup singers during the title song and often portrayed as sexy angels or demons.
  • In Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson's (in)famous black mistress Sally Hemings shows up in a low-cut frock during his spotlight number, receives a Double Entendre from Jefferson and does a provocative dance with him climaxing in a high kick. She never appears again.

    Video Games 
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features Assist Trophies, which summon a fighter for a few seconds. Some of these are fairly attractive and show off a lot of skin.
  • Duke Nukem 3D: Set in an alien-infested future world, and for some reason features scantily clad women prisoners but with no plot relevance at every turn. To quote Duke, "No one steals our chicks and lives."
  • God of War: The unimportant, unnamed women who offer Kratos sex in each game of the series.
  • The Witcher: Many, many women in-game will have sex with Geralt in exchange for stuff like flowers or drinks - and most of them aren't major NPCs. A few of them even have generic names like "Farmer girl". Some do not have sex with Geralt but can still be seen hanging around near-nude, such as the people in the Novigrad bath house in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  • In the 2007 Conan video game, random topless slave girls are hidden around the map like trophies, and you are rewarded if you free them.
  • NightFire featured James Bond at an art gallery with x-ray glasses. And a number of waitresses and female partygoers.
  • A bonus level in The Warriors (showing how musclemen Ajax and Snow joined the gang) starts off with the pair being ambushed by the Destroyers (the Warriors' main rivals on Coney Island) and being stripped of their trademark red vests (leaving Snow bare-chested and Ajax in a black tank top). Ajax and Snow pursue the vest-thieves deep into Destroyer territory, and Snow soon gets his vest back after he and Ajax corner a few Destroyers in one of their hideouts and beat the living crap out of them. Ajax then tracks another one of the thieves to an apartment building, where he catches the guy in an amorous embrace with a girl who is wearing nothing but a pair of panties and his vest. Ajax beats the guy unconscious and then confronts the girl, who gladly agrees to give up the vest if Ajax will sleep with her. Their mission accomplished the next morning, Ajax and Snow try to sneak out of enemy territory, only to spot a huge party of Destroyers rounding the corner down the street. The boys frantically try to duck out of sight, only for the girl from the night before to appear on the fire escape overhead in her bra and panties and innocently call out: "Ajax! Make sure you call me!" The gang members down the street overhear and immediately spot the two Warriors, triggering a wild chase sequence down the boardwalk that ends with Ajax and Snow fighting off a seemingly endless stream of thugs before they are rescued by their fellow Warriors.
  • The Mass Effect Trilogy takes players to several nightclubs, almost all of which have asari pole dancers.
  • Some Fighting Games often have scantily-clad women among the cheering mob that stays in the background of stages.
    • In Street Fighter, casino-based stages often feature nameless women in skimpy leotards.
    • In Tekken 5 there's a stage, set near a pool, with girls in bikinis dancing and watching the fight.
    • In Guilty Gear, the Mayship stage, where you can usually find May's all-female crewmates of the Jellyfish Pirates.
  • The burlesque dancers at the beginning of The Saboteur.
  • Scarlet Blade is set in a Fetish-Fuel Future populated by clones who are hot sexy girls, and many of them in Delilah Nightclub are clad in nothing but Barely-There Swimwear and super revealing lingerie.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Most (though not all) games in the series will have at least one Random Encounter enemy type that resembles a naked woman. Many will use Charm or Confusion attacks based on flirting with the characters. A handful of examples include Lamia from I and II, Leshy from IV, Lemura from V and Jemnezmy from VII (her palette swap, Snow, does have a small role in the storyline).
    • The Dancers in Final Fantasy IV, who leap back and forth in bikinis for Cecil's entertainment, are a relatively tame example.
    • Final Fantasy VII has a few scantily-clad girls standing around for the player (as Cloud) to flirt with if they so choose, like the girl who asks Cloud to rub suntan lotion into her back, and the Honeybee Inn girl who shakes her butt for the camera (and will do so faster if Cloud insults her). It's worth pointing out that the field graphics make these extremely tame. Deconstructed somewhat with a couple of the other Honeybee Inn prostitutes, who have detailed internal monologues explaining their actual feelings about Cloud treating them the way he does.
  • Metal Gear:
    • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty features a lot of scantily-clad photo pinups (many courtesy of the "Konami Eyes" modelling agency) that became something of a signature of the game, as well as porn magazines as a guard-distracting weapon, and a couple of gravure idol videos that can be seen when the AI Colonel is breaking down towards the end of the game. There are a few humorous Easter Egg bits with these things, like how positioning Snake so his hand touches a posters' breasts when he knocks on the wall triggers a "boing" sound effect (while touching the poster's genitals in this manner triggers an Alert), or how getting Snake to stare at one in first person and contacting Otacon will cause him to get rebuked for masturbating on the job.
    • When infiltrating the Shell 1 Core in Metal Gear Solid 2, there is a young woman amongst the hostages. The player can knock her out to look up her skirt (and get rebuked by Mission Control for doing so), ask her name ("Jennifer") and then hit on her with the Holler Button, comment on her measurements (which are also written down on the table she's tied to), or generally sexually abuse her. She later gets hit (possibly killed) by a ricochet in a cutscene. Snake can also flirt with her if you're playing the Snake Tales (where her personality is fleshed out somewhat), and he even has new voice work for this.
    • Cécile Cosima Caminades in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a sexy French woman mandatory party member who is almost entirely plot-irrelevant, only really serving as a bit of foreshadowing about the fact that Paz might not be totally honest. Somewhat averted in that she does have a pretty complex and well-developed personality and backstory, it just all takes place in her optional audio tapes and has nothing to do with anything else. Counts somewhat as Self-Fanservice too in that she was based on a real-life Konami employee who had a name Kojima found amusing ("Cosima Caminades" sounds like Kojima kami nan desu, "Kojima is (a) god").
    • Metal Gear Solid V opens with a cutscene where your comatose main character is lying on a hospital bed while a nurse in a low-cut top leans over to fiddle with his life support, with predictable visuals.
    • Metal Gear Ac!d has a handful of Joke Items featuring models, with their vital statistics and interests amusingly documented in the style of the game's gun stat system. They have virtually no use, as they have hefty COST and using them just causes Snake (not Teliko) to be hit with the BLEED status effect.
    • Metal Gear Ac!d 2 features collectible 3D videos of models messing around with the gun collection in the Konami offices, one of which (the video unlocked by collecting the Alice Hazel card) shows one of the girls casually masturbating - a bit extreme for a game that's pretty tame in content otherwise and raised the game's age rating.
  • Policenauts started out with only a couple of relatively tame fanservice interactions with female side characters, a couple of which were plot-important or had some content to them (the stewardess will explain that her thin legs and swollen breasts are a result of being in microgravity, the Tokugawa receptionist is supposed to be dressed in a objectifying outfit to indicate how deranged her boss is). However, players in Japan loved them and all later versions of the game incorporated multiple, detailed fanservice scenes with every secretary, receptionist, coworker, nurse and teenager the player can encounter. Western audiences tend to find them creepy and out of place, and the English fan patch programmer Slowbeef nearly quit working on the project because of how weird they are.
  • AI: The Somnium Files has Ritsuko Enshu, Renju's well-endowed, Dumb Blonde, Valley Girl secretary. Date quickly becomes enamored with her, and in one Non Standard Game Over quits the investigation to run away with her.
  • Ryse: Son of Rome has several half-naked dancers in Basilius and Commodus' celebration party.
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind has the House of Earthly Delights in Suran, essentially a strip club with three exotic dancers dressed only in their underwear who have unique dance animations.

  • Greg: These attractive non-recurring women are often seen with the comic's second lead character Ted. They're usually shown after he's had his way with them or shown trying to murder him after breaking their hearts.
  • Ménage à 3 has a rather sexually hyperactive cast, and illustrating this often means frames featuring characters with no names and few clothes. Notable examples include the procession of porn stars who show up for (and rather hijack) Gary's 30th birthday celebration and the participants in various group sex sessions seen in flashback.
  • Sandra on the Rocks shows nameless attractive women in the beds of the sexually highly successful Domenico and Cammi. Given that it's a comedy about modelling, and far from shy about a little fanservice, it can be expected to show a little attractive flesh in the background at other times too.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Some women in Animaniacs that are not Hello Nurse or Minerva Mink. Special mention to Yakko's Chorus Girls that he summons in two episodes.
    "I love cartoons!"
  • Family Guy sometimes has scenes with large groups of unnamed attractive girls in swimsuits/underwear (such as the girls at Stewie's Sexy Parties, or the Asian girls that Quagmire often kidnaps). These scenes have become more frequent post-uncancellation.
  • Shandra Jimenez of Gravity Falls only rarely appears for this reason.
  • In The Looney Tunes Show, many beautiful women appear in the plot and in the musical numbers. The best examples are the female backup dancers in the Merrie Melody "Blow My Stack", Starlett Johansson in "Casa de Calma", Foghorn Leghorn's assistant, and the beauty pageant contestants in "Year of the Duck".
  • Phineas and Ferb has lots of this, usually the background dancers in the Once per Episode music video. The most known of which are the background dancers for "A Real Boy" and "Hey Ferb".
  • Randy Cunningham: Ninth Grade Ninja: Randy's French teacher appears for all of ten seconds. She crosses her legs (with a close-up shot of her butt as she does so), and it's heavily implied that she flashes her students.
  • Ren & Stimpy: "The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball" briefly features a shapely model in a figure-hugging dress made of hairballs who strikes a Head-and-Hip Pose. She appears again in the music video based on the episode.
  • Spy Groove, each episode has at least a few girls wearing some revealing clothes. Most notably is Mac the waitress in the bar Agents 1 & 2 hangout.
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks:
    • In "Second Contact":
      • When Boimler shows Tendi the hallway where the ensigns sleep, a hunky man wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist (he had just used the sonic shower) passes them by.
      • Mariner runs an Olympic training room program filled with buff naked men. Tendi notes the program is very detailed.
    • In "Envoys", there are a lot of scantily-clad people at the Risan district of Tulgana IV.
  • Dizzy's girlfriends in Tiny Toon Adventures, especially Mitzy Avery.
  • The Transformers: In "Dinobot Island" , when pirates end up in the present due to the Decepticons, there are two ladies in bikinis on a boat which they try to capture.
  • Pretty much any attractive female is this in Tripping the Rift.