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The Original Green Skinned Space Babe, the Orion Slave Girl. note 
"Just once, I want to be captured by the sexy alien!"
Dr. Rodney McKay, Stargate Atlantis

An exotic yet attractive female alien, tending to look exactly like an attractive female human except for odd coloring and a couple minor features added.

A Weird Science staple, usually coming from a Sensuous Culture. If non-mammalian, will nonetheless inevitably have Non-Mammal Mammaries. To further accentuate the Fanservice, they tend to wear Stripperiffic clothing, often justified by saying that in their native culture it's as ordinary as shirts and pants (or dresses) are for us. May overlap with Cute Monster Girl; meanwhile the males of the species, under less pressure to appear sexy to the audience, may look much less human, and nothing like the females.

It's usually assumed as a matter of course that the attractive alien chick will also be attracted to human men. If she turns out to like human women instead, she may be an example of Discount Lesbians. Occasionally, creators go even further in subverting gender expectations by revealing that the sexy space babe is really a male of "her" species.

They need not actually be green, and indeed blue seems to have become a more prominent color nowadays (possibly due to Little Green Men becoming a Dead Horse Trope). One big reason green and blue are favorite skin colors for otherwise-human aliens, according to most creators, is because there's no Real Life human equivalent among human ethnic groups, reducing the chances of Unfortunate Implications.

See also Boldly Coming. Warning: There may be some disagreements as to who will carry any children resulting from the union.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • The Mazones of Captain Harlock are an entire race of these. They're also Plant Aliens, and at least one Half-Human Hybrid exists.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • The 9th movie of Dragon Ball Z has Zangya, Bojack's henchwoman with bluish skin and orange hair.
    • The advent of Dragonball Online brought us the Majin race and several pink skinned space babes.
    • Several beautiful multicoloured alien women from different universes show up during the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super such as: Sanka Ku, Vikal, Caway, Lilibeu, Cocotte and Darkori (despite her oversized hands).
    • The new Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie introduces Cheelai, a literal green-skinned space babe with white hair and a killer body.
    • Many female fans would argue that Piccolo is a male version of this.
    • Zarbon also a Male version of this trope, but not in his true form.
    • Further male examples include Jeice and the non-canon Salza from Cooler’s Revenge who are attractive red and blue coloured alien humanoids with fancy hair. According to supplementary bios Jeice and Salza even have a rivalry over who's the more attractive fighter.
  • Eureka Seven: Title character Eureka is a cute girl and the main protagonist falls in Love at First Sight with her. It's only revealed about halfway through the series that she's actually a Coralian in human form.
  • In Macross, pretty much every Zentraedi female ("Meltran") is this (though the males also look mostly human); in fact, an in-universe sign that an otherwise human character has Zentraedi heritage is that they have an unusual hair/skin color (or at least one that doesn't fall under Hair Color Dissonance, anyways). Justified in that the evolution of both Zentraedi and humanity were heavily influenced by the Protoculture.
    • Super Dimension Fortress Macross features a Green Haired Space Babe in Millia Fallyna, whom after losing to Max in battle, seeks to defeat him in person by infiltrating the Macross. Max ends up running into her at an arcade where he defeats her in a video game, then misunderstands her intentions and asks her on a date, at which she tries to kill him with a knife. He wins again and she breaks down since he's the first person she's never been able to beat, but comes to realize that she's actually fallen in love with him; the two of them quickly marry after that.
  • Martian Successor Nadesico parodies this trope by introducing Aquamarine, a cookie-cutter character of exactly this type in the Show Within a Show Gekiganger 3. The protagonist Akito immediately identifies her as his dream girl, but when he finally meets a young woman with a similar name (just "Aqua") who appears superficially similar, she turns out to be a borderline psychotic with suicidal tendencies.
  • My Hero Academia: Subverted a bit; Mina Ashido has pink skin and hair and two yellow horns on her head, giving her the appearance of an alien. She even produces acid from her body, à la the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise (and a cutaway gag in one episode even shows her as one), and her original choice for a Hero name was "Alien Queen". In spite of these traits, however, she is human.
  • One notable similarity between the three shows used to make Robotech (Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA) is that they all have a green-haired alien girl who ends up falling for one of the good guys: Millia/Miriya in Macross, Musica in Southern Cross, and Solzie/Sara in Mospeada.
  • En from Sailor Moon qualifies. Her male partner Al is just as pretty and green.
  • Sgt. Frog: Every female alien if they are not from the keronian (or viper) race. The keronian females can change into human females though and do this VERY often. Did we mention this manga/anime is created by a GUY yet?
  • Melda Deltz from Space Battleship Yamato 2199, an alien Gamilon with blue skin.
  • UFO Robo Grendizer: Rubina is a beautiful, red-haired woman. She's also a pink-skinned alien.

    Comic Books 
  • The Prise from Amory Wars, are an all-female race of feather-winged, blue-skinned blondes who often went naked.
  • The DCU:
    • Green Lantern:
      • The Green Lantern Corps being what it is, there are plenty of Green Skinned Space Babes to go around: Katma Tui, Soranik Natu (both of the former are from Korugar, the home world of Sinestro who is actually Soranik's biological father, and are red/fuchsia) and Arisia Rrab (kind of orange), for example. Kraken started as a literal (i.e. actually green) example, complete with midriff-baring outfit, although her conversion into an Alpha Lantern made her much less attractive (and no longer green).
      • The Red Lantern Bleez, a beautiful, blue-skinned female alien. In the New 52, however, her skin color is white. And then Green Lanterns has her back to blue again.
    • In Countdown to Final Crisis, Jimmy Olsen had Forager from New Gods for an insectoid alien babe love interest (complete with breasts).
    • L.E.G.I.O.N. has a few oddly colored but otherwise in appearance attractive alien women in its ranks, including the orange Stealth, whose revealing clothing becomes considerably less attractive after she rapes a teammate, and blue Lydea Mallor who is Shadow Lass' ancestor.
    • Being what it is, Legion of Super-Heroes has had a few over the years. Foremost among them is Shadow Lass/Umbra, a blue-skinned space babe.
    • Lobo Unbound: Lobo encounters a beautiful green skinned woman in Butt Thump Willie D's car.
    • Teen Titans:
      • Starfire first appeared as a hot alien babe with orange skin, who learned languages by kissing people. Her general lack of modesty is often used for copious Fanservice, and even her normal hero outfit leaves little to the imagination. Starfire's status is indicative of most Tamaranians — visits to her homeworld show that clothing is generally scant and many of her people are Statuesque Stunners. The friendly and flirtatious Oleand'r, who shows up in Superboy and the Ravers, wears a metal thong bikini and most men are even less covered since they are all Walking Shirtless Scenes.
      • Miss Martian, who in an interesting twist is actually a White Martian and monstrously inhuman and hideous in her true form. Think "albino xenomorph".
    • Tanga, a lavender-skinned space babe super heroine created by Kevin Maguire for the comic book Weird Worlds and My Greatest Adventure.
    • Several of Wonder Woman's Space Pirate Revolutionaries from Volume 2 are attractive humanoid women with odd skin tones, most notably the two blue skinned women with plump lips and nice helmets who often accompany Sakritt.
    • Zusen is a blue skinned humanoid female, with pointy ears and some triangular things atop her head reminicent of cartoon cat ears from Wonder Woman (2006).
  • The Tenth Doctor's companion Majenta from the Doctor Who Magazine comics.
  • Princess Arkashia, a one-shot character from Empowered, with whom not-yet-Protean sleeps with, catches an alien STD and thus turns from a human into the Blob Monster we know him as.
  • Khaal: The Chronicles of a Galactic Emperor features a couple of examples:
    • Female Psycogs come in a variety of different colors (though they are mostly blue) and are capable of inducing lust in other males, and such are highly prized as slaves and concubines by powerful warlords. They are specially sought because having sex with them grants powerful visions of the future during climax. Unusually for this trope, they are actually a Human Subspecies evolved from mankind.
    • The Xenopsyllian Queen qualifies being a female humanoid alien with fuchsia-toned skin and wearing a Stripperiffic outfit while the rest of her race are inhuman Bee People.
  • The water girl in King City is a blue, tentacle-haired, tailed water-breather, but looks otherwise like a cute human woman.
  • Marvel Universe:
  • In the Ice Sword saga in the Italian Mickey Mouse Comic Universe, Goofy is chosen to awaken a sleeping princess who has been sent by a shooting star. He first imagines her as a human Princess Classic, but when he finally sees her, he is surprised to see that she is a green-skinned, noseless alien with gigantic bug-like (though cartoony) eyes... Despite this, he still finds her cute.
  • Paperinik New Adventures has some Xerbian women. Some because Xerbians look like green-skinned humans, so there's no guarantee they'll be gorgeous. Then again, when they look good they look good, as proven by Xado and Xalya.
  • Star Trek: Untold Voyages: Lampshaded in "Past Imperfect". Dr. McCoy tells Admiral Kirk to stay away from his daughter Joanna as she is not "some half-naked alien bimbo."
  • Star Wars:
    • Star Wars (Marvel 1977): The Falleen (green, but red when excited), who in addition to all being drop-dead gorgeous have powerful sex pheromones under conscious control that work on nearly all humanoid species.
    • Vader's Quest: Dubravans have slightly fuzzy green skin, and the only prominent female Dubravan, Nevana, plays the trope straight by wearing a low cut dress that has long slits.
  • Top 10:
    • Used delightfully but deceptively in the form of retired heroine/alien pornstar M'rgalla Qualtz, the Vigilante from Venus, whose true form turned out to be a huge green insect thing that had to kill and eat people at certain stages in its life-cycle.
    • "Girl One" is an artificial human with chameleon skin and a genetically ingrained compulsion to stay naked. Ditto her replacement, Girl 54.
  • Warlord of Mars: The Martian peoples come in 5 distinctive flavors: red, green, white, black and yellow. With the exception of the Green Martians, who are monstrous Humanoid Aliens with two pairs of arms and giant tusks, all others resemble humans very closely except for their skin color and are considered very alluring and handsome due to being dressed only with leather harnesses and gold ornaments and nothing else.
    • Although the White Martians look like Caucasian humans, while Black Martians look more like grey-skinned humanoids than resembling actually ethnic Black people.
  • Belgian comic book series Yoko Tsuno features the Vineans, of which the protagonist character is Khany. They all look like this.

    Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 
  • Discussed in Avengers: Infinite Wars, particularly in regards to Aayla Secura, Ahsoka Tano and Bariss Offee; Aayla has a tentative attraction to Steve Rogers and Ahsoka and Bariss are attracted to both Peter Parker and each other. When Tony Stark learns about Peter's potential romantic relationships, he expresses amused satisfaction at the notion of his protege having earned the affection of two hot alien women, explicitly quoting this trope (while conceding that Ahsoka has orange skin and Bariss is a lighter shade of green than the typical concept).
  • A Crown of Stars: Parodied and invoked using the trope's name in chapter 5. When Daniel mentions her wife, Asuka asks if she is an alien or a "green skinned space babe".
    "That's an unusual name," Asuka said in a low voice. "Is she from some exotic planet of your wild space empire? A green skinned space babe? It'd be the perfect capper to today's weirdness."
  • The Kerbal Space Program fandom has had a great deal of fun with this trope:
    • Parodied in this fancomic.
    • An ambitious and apparently rather promising fanfiction project called "Postcards from Laythe" was forcibly ejected from the official forums over some illustrations that played this trope very straight.
    • The Next Frontier and its semi-prequel First Flight invert the trope with a couple of joking references to "pink-skinned space babes". Then the Kerbals make First Contact and find some.
  • The Naked Jedi: Sarza is a Zeltron, a species whose skin tones tend to be shades of light red and pink.
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim: The third entry in the non-canon Mature Edition spinoff (which features aged-up versions of the characters) has Dib seeing Tak naked and being surprised to find that she's just as busty and curvy as in her human disguise. A part of him (the part not preoccupied wondering why an insectoid alien has breasts) questions whether or not he should find her more attractive this way.

    Films — Animated 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Avatar has the Na'vi, male and female. Appropriately, the main character falls in love with and has sex with one of them.
  • Jay muses about this in Clerks II.
    Jay: You know, sometimes I wish I did a little more with my life instead of hanging out in front of places selling weed and shit. Like, maybe be an animal doctor. Why not me? I like seals and shit. Or maybe an astronaut. Yeah. Like, be the first motherfucker to see a new galaxy, or find a new alien lifeform... and fuck it. And people'd be like, "There he goes. Homeboy fucked a Martian once."
  • Inverted in Earth Girls Are Easy. We have Blue, Red, and Yellow Alien Space Hunks (in the forms of Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey, and Damon Wayans respectively), although their colorful fur ends up shaved off as part of a makeover so that they can pass for humans, as the Earthly heroine knows they'll be targets for They Would Cut You Up-types otherwise.
  • Diva Plavalaguna, the opera singer in The Fifth Element is a blue-skinned woman with weird head appendages. Justified in the novelization since she is a hybrid of humanity and every alien species in the galaxy, except the Mangalores.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Thor: Gender-flipped; in his Frost Giant form, Loki is a lot more attractive than the grotesque, monstrous-looking members of his race. Another way to look at this is that Colm Feore (who portrayed Laufey) is wholly unrecognizable with the make-up and prosthetics, yet Tom Hiddleston's prettiness remains even when we see Loki with red eyes and raised patterns on his blue skin. Interestingly, this is consistent with his depiction in Norse Mythology; Loki is the sole male Giant who is "pleasing and handsome" while the other men of his kind are extremely repulsive.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy (2014):
      • Gamora, green-skinned assassin and love interest. Still a babe (just not one that shows as much skin as in the comics), still just as lethal.
      • Nebula is a blue-skinned space pirate. Though in spite of the tight suit, the trope is downplayed, especially compared to the above: Gamora is just a green Zoe Saldaña, but Nebula is not only blue, but bald and disfigured by cybernetic implants. And then What If…? (2021) shows an alternate Nebula that is a very straight case.
      • Ophelia Lovibond plays a pink-skinned assistant to the Collector.
      • Rhomann Dey's wife, and consequently, their daughter, are fuchsia, as is Bereet, Peter's one-night-stand.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Ayesha is golden-skinned, and ridiculously beautiful, along with the rest of her people.
  • The 1968 film version of A Midsummer Night's Dream has all the fairies wearing green body paint. All of them, but most of them are children, two of them are dudes, and only one is a young, gorgeous Judi Dench wearing nothing but the body paint and ivy for pasties and bikini bottoms.
  • Blue-skinned women run a Lady Land society in the '60s B-Movie Missile to the Moon. Only in the colorized version, this originally being a B&W film. The GSSB attitude was there from the beginning, though.
  • Star Trek (2009). Kirk is in bed in the dark with a beautiful woman. Nothing unusual... until the lights are turned up and we see she's a full-on version of this trope. She's an Orion girl named Gaila, who has been told off by Uhura before about bringing men back to their quarters. At least one other appeared in the film. Uhura, however, is not, despite being played by Zoe Saldaña, the current face of this trope.
  • Star Wars:
    • Female Twi'leks, a species resembling humans with a pair of tentacle-like growths, called lekku, on their heads, are known for their beauty, and often targeted by the slave trade as a result. Early works in the franchise tend to feature them almost exclusively as slave dancers; later works diversify their portrayals more and include more free Twi'leks and ones in non-sexual occupations. They come in a considerable variety of colors; two particular color variants are given in-universe names, the Rutians (blue-skinned, and fairly common) and the Lethans (red-skinned, and extremely rare). Other common shades include green, yellow, orange, pink/magenta, white and brown.
      • The first Twi'lek female was seen in Return of the Jedi: Oola, Jabba the Hutt's ill-fated dancing girl who ends up Rancor chow. In the same movie, a pale blue Twi'lek named Lyn Me is seen in a cameo talking to Boba Fett; she hero-worships the bounty hunter. He's also seen kind of flirting with dancer Rystáll Sant, who's identified as half Human, half Theelin (she has red hair and pale, mottled skin).
      • Sebulba has a pair of female Twi'leks that he uses as his personal servants. They act as his massagers but more importantly, simply as a status symbol (meaning that he has them with him in public to flaunt his wealth.)
      • Aayla Secura was a female Twi'lek who first appeared in the prequels (blue-skinned), but a subversion among her species; she was attractive, but was a female Jedi, and very much a serious Action Girl (sadly, she was one of many Jedi murdered in Revenge of the Sith by her own Clone Troopers.)
      • Star Wars (Marvel 1977) has Darth Talon, a Lady of the Sith who is red with black tattoos (making her look like a female Darth Maul) and dresses just as revealing as any other female Twi'lek.
      • Notably, the male Twi'leks tend to be more mundane colors and are often rather ugly, such as Jabba's right-hand man Bib Fortuna. Currently being subverted by The Book of Boba Fett, in which an attractive, buff and shirtless male Twi'lek works at the Sanctuary.
    • The Prequel Trilogy introduces the Togruta; they're roughly similar to Twi'leks, but are all red-skinned and have more elaborate, blue-and-white striped lekku in addition to a Nubile Savage species hat.
    • More unusually, the Pa'Lowicks, who are renowned throughout the galaxy for their smoky, semi-erotic singing style, with at least one of them winning an intergalactic beauty pageant. Physically they resemble wrinkly globular blobs with eyestalks, anteater snouts, and long spindly limbs. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this galaxy has far more species than just human beholders.
    • Also from the Prequels, perhaps the race that exemplifies this trope the most are the Mirialans, the race of which Luminara Unduli, Barriss Offee, and the Seventh Sister are a part of. All of them have olive green skin, black hair and sometimes facial tattoos. Also like the Togruta, there are no known Mirialan slaves, and the most prominent ones in the series are Force-sensitive.
    • Star Wars Legends has the Zeltron (magenta-skinned and blue-haired), who are perfectly aware of their attractive appearance and flaunt it. Some sources also claim they have mild pheromones, but not to the degree of the Falleen. They have a reputation (mostly deserved) as cheerful hedonists who'll do anything that moves. In a bit of a subversion both sexes are like this and male Zeltrons look like (magenta-skinned) handsome human men.
    • Near Human races in general, Canon or Legends tend to be like this. Often they are some exotic color but otherwise indistinguishable from baseline humans.
  • Steps Trodden Black: Meddler acts as a gender-flipped Grey Skinned Space Babe in the stinger.
  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets has the Pearls, a race of pale humanoid beings that happens to be completely bald, but are still very attractive in an exotic manner. It helps a lot that they are scantily-clad and their princess is one of the three Ms. Fanservice type characters besides Laureline and Bubble.

  • Amtor: Duare of Vepaja, the Venusian princess and Carson Napier's love interest. Her people slightly resemble Middle-Easterns on Earth, but are ageless thanks to an anti-aging serum.
  • Auf zwei Planeten (Two Planets): Although not portrayed as sexy (she is from a book written in 1897 by a German science teacher), the Martian La is shown as attractive. She has large eyes that change color and reddish-blond hair. She ends up marrying Earthman Josef Saltner.
  • Confederation of Valor: The Taykan, a race of Human Aliens with expressive pastel-colored hair and extremely active cross-species sex drives.
  • In The Demon Princes, cosmetic dying is widely used, making Pallis Atwrode a literal example of the trope. (She's also a Sexy Secretary).
  • In the Eldraeverse, while eldrae skin tone most commonly varies between cream and copper, there is a small minority with skin translucent enough to qualify as the pale blue variety. Having blue blood, and all.
  • In Foreigner (1994), there is such a relationship between the main human character, Bren Cameron, and one of his assigned alien bodyguards, Jago, who finds his small size amusing and cute (the "aliens" are much taller than the humans usually on this planet). Also, the humans are technically the "aliens" here, since they were forced to land on the planet after a malfunction left them stranded far from their intended destination.
  • Dejah Thoris of John Carter of Mars is a red-skinned space babe; Technically, all female love interests (Thuvia, Tara, Tavia, Valla Dia, Llana and etc.) qualify for this trope as they are all Red Martians too, but Dejah is the ur-example.
  • The Martian: Referenced, but ultimately not used, when Mark Watney admits that he's started wishing for "the green-skinned Queen of Mars" to come save him. By this point he's been alone on Mars with no other humans for months so he's getting desperate.
  • Nah-ee-Lah, the title character of The Moon Maid, is a beautiful black-haired, pale-skinned Moon princess who falls for the protagonist Julian of Earth.
  • Irsil and her race of Nauticae in Mission: Levity are Blue-Skinned Space Babes. They are amphibious, have a tentacled head and scaly skin (that needs to be kept moist, so they often wear tight-fitting latex suits to that end).
  • The Queen of Perelandra is her world's Eve, and thus the first of many Green Skinned Space Babes to appear on Venus... and, although nude, she's shielded from the protagonist by an aura of innocence.
  • Jeffrey Thomas had the Ha-Jiin/Jin-Haa in his Punktown stories. In a parallel to the U.S.-Vietnam war, humanity in one of their explorations into alternate dimensions encountered the jungle planet of Sinan, whose natives' females looked like beautiful, blue-skinned Vietnamese women. Naturally a decades long guerilla war was fought there and many of Sinan's women became hookers during and after the war.
  • Shadows of the Empire: Xizor's people, the Falleen, have skin that's bright green. It changes to a light orange when they're aroused. Aside from having little hair (enough to form a topknot) plus slightly ridged skin, except for the skin they're pretty indistinguishable from Humanity and considered very attractive (however much of that's due to their pheromones). In the book, Xizor is a Gender Flipped version of this, though given his pheromones cause women (Leia included) to experience a strong attraction which they can rarely resist, it's more predatory than most other examples.
  • The Taysans in Spaceforce look more or less like humans, except that their skin is silver. Although Ashlenn, the most beautiful of the Taysan female characters, is from a minority ethnic group and is golden instead.
  • Stardoc: The Jorenians are an entire race of seven-foot-tall, built-like-a-brick-whatever Blue-Skinned Space Hotties. (However, one should watch out for Accidental Marriages.)
  • Edmond Hamilton's Starwolf features Vreya, a pale-gold skinned Amazonian Beauty.
  • Fyana, in John Maddox Roberts's Stormlands series, is a Blue-Skinned Post-Apocalyptic Mutant Babe.
  • Viagens Interplanetarias: One of the prominent planets, Krishna, is populated by a humanoid species that happens to be sexually compatible with humans (though matings won't result in offspring). Some of them wear nothing but jewellery and body paint. Needless to say, one of the human characters gets to seduce a local princess. De Camp knew exactly how unlikely this would be, but wanted to write swashbuckling, two-fisted adventure stories but in space, and worked very hard to come up with a setting that would let him get away with this while maintaining some degree of hardness in the science. The biological difficulties are frequently lampshaded, and provide a fair amount of the comedy in the series.
  • Vorkosigan Saga: Rish and the rest of the Jewels from Captain Vorpatril's Alliance are a Transhuman Aliens variation. They're a set of technicolor genetically modified siblings with colorful skin, pointy ears, enhanced senses, and great strength and agility... and they're professional dancers.
  • A short story by James Tiptree Jr., "Your Haploid Heart", features an outwardly humanoid and physically seductive human species (the Flenni), but the problem is that they happen to be just a phase in a complex reproductive cycle, and their post-coitum lifespan is counted in weeks.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Andromeda has Trance Gemini. She's a purple skinned space babe. With a tail. Until she becomes a golden skinned space babe when her future self changes places with her.
  • Defiance: The show has the Castithans, who are a race of (literally) white-skinned, white-haired aliens. To be more specific, there's Stahma Tarr. There are also the Irathients, who have uniformly red hair and pale skin, but particularly Irisa. Both have a lot of male (or for Stahma, also female) attention in the series, irrespective of species.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Fairly rare in the Classic series due to the relative difficulty of sexy alien makeup as opposed to just having sexy Human Alien characters, but there's still a few, like Eldrad's Sarah-Jane-inspired humanoid form in "The Hand of Fear" and the entire Thal species (which also includes sexy alien men). Also, the mannerisms and speech patterns of the Cryons seem to indicate that they're intended to be Blue-Skinned Space Babes.
    • Quite a few examples in the revival series, including Chantho and Jabe — the former has mandibles and the latter is technically an Earth-descended humanoid tree. The revival also has (male and female) Silurians for those not put off by scales, in stark contrast to their appearance in the original series.
  • Aside from the Sebaceans, Farscape lived this trope - if the aliens weren't actually portrayed by Jim Henson puppets, they were certainly as weird-looking and brightly-coloured as possible. Regular characters include Zhaan (scaly-looking, blue from head to toe, as her frequent casual nudity will attest, and a Plant Person), Chiana (entirely grey-white, and a nymphomaniac to boot), Jool (human-esque, although with forehead ridges, bright green eyes and giant bushes of hair that change color when she's angry), and Sikozu (Caucasian-colored skin with fish scale-like patterns, red hair, and teal eyes). Chiana's race, the Nebari (or at least the Nebari most likely to be encountered by other races), seem to have this as their Hat, for both the males and females. They're almost all free-love hippie drifters who have no problem at all with casual sex and sometimes have problems with fidelity and settling down. This turns out to be an evil plan by the Nebari government so they'll spread a mind-control virus across the galaxy.
  • Mocked on Frasier, when Noel attempts to immortalize Roz by making her a character in the Star Trek universe.
  • A literal green skinned space babe was in Lost in Space. She had a crush on Dr. Smith, who had to use her to find out where to get fuel for their stranded ship. And ironically, her name is Athena.
  • Lovecraft Country opens with Atticus—a Korean War veteran and science fiction fan—dreaming of his wartime experience which somehow becomes an Alien Invasion. A red-skinned princess of Mars dressed in a metal bikini floats down from a Flying Saucer in a pillar of light and embraces Atticus who—it later turns out—really did have an otherworldly lover in Korea, but of an entirely different kind.
  • Mentioned in Red Dwarf by a Genre Savvy Lister:
    Lister: Rimmer, there's nothing out there, you know. There's nobody out there. No alien monsters, no Zargon warships, no beautiful blondes with beehive hairdos who say, "Show me some more of this Earth thing called kissing."
  • All of the aliens Tracy Morgan meets in his "Astronaut Jones" sketches on Saturday Night Live.
  • Space Cases had Elmyra, who became the love interest for the Human Alien Radu.
  • Stargate:
  • Star Trek:
    • The Trope Namer appeared in the Star Trek: The Original Series pilot episode "The Cage". Captain Pike is tempted with a Lotus-Eater Machine fantasy where he's a decadent Orion slave trader and the green-skinned and scantily clad Vena dances erotically for him. Orion women are presented as a dark male fantasy come to lifeexotic, animalistic Sex Slaves from a culture where they actually want to be taken advantage of (so you don't have to feel guilty about doing so) and supposedly irresistible to human males.
      • Fans tend to forget that James T. Kirk never made it with a green space babe! Vina appeared in the pilot opposite Kirk's predecessor, Chris Pike. And Marta tried to seduce him while he was recovering from torture. Marta is also a patient in a mental institution — nothing happened beyond kissing (which Kirk is clearly deeply uncomfortable with but forced to go along) and she immediately tried to kill him (which he was also clearly expecting). This is probably why Star Trek (2009) explicitly showed alternate-universe Kirk in bed with an Orion cadet, but it's actually the first time this piece of "Common Knowledge" has ever happened.
    • TOS also featured a Green-Haired Space Babe in the person of Shahna the Drill Thrall, in the episode "The Gamesters of Triskelion". Her ignorance of kissing is possibly the original source of another trope, What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?, applied to space aliens; she requested another example from Kirk to broaden her sample set.
    • Jadzia Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (the spots go all the way down). More intellectual than the usual Space Babe, but sexy as hell and perfectly willing to indulge her sensual side (her prior male host was a Dirty Old Man, and it seems the libido carried over). Her species, the Trill, had been previously established in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Host". Both male and female members sported bumpy faces, but no spots. Actress Terry Farrell was supposed to appear in DS9 in similar makeup, but one of the writers took one look at a production photo of Farrell with the forehead bumps and asked, quote, "What did you do to her head? She used to be beautiful!" So the make-up crew gave Farrell leopard spots instead, and thus an entire species was retconned simply because a makeup prosthetic looked unflattering on Terry's face.note 
    • Star Trek: Enterprise has the blue-skinned Andorian Action Girl Talas — Commander Shran's Number Two. The Trope Namer also show up in the episode "Bound".
    • Star Trek: Lower Decks shows just how annoying it is to be considered from this race. Ensign D'Vana Tendi is an Orion who doesn't at all live up to the stereotype. Instead of the usual sexual predators and pirates that most Orion are considered, she is a sweet and socially awkward medic. When Mariner creates a holodeck program that plays out like a stereotypical action movie, she recasts Tendi as a pirate in a skimpy outfit and Tendi walks out of the program in disgust after one too many comments about her race.
  • The Wild Wild West: The episode "The Night of the Flying Pie Plate" features several literal Green Skinned Space Babes — at least until it's discovered that they're human women painted green as part of a con game.

  • Martian Girl! by The Aquabats!
    Well, Here's a story that must be told
    It's kinda new, not very old
    About a female Martian with a wild grin,
    Big orange eyes, and green skin
    Blue was her hair
    She came from way up there
    She wore silver underwear
    Almost naked but she didn't care
  • The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band's "Beautiful Zelda" (though in their TV performance she seems to be a rather boxy Robot Girl).
    She's broken all the super-hearts
    Of the super-heroes of the galaxy
    So why does she want to
    Mess around with me?
    Beautiful Zelda from Galaxy Four
    Suddenly walked through my door
  • Devo's "Space-Girl Blues," a song from their demo period which was covered by Toni Basil. The lyrics were inspired by an issue of DC's Mystery in Space.
    Space girls are as cold as ice
    They'll kiss you once and kiss you twice
    You'll shiver, shake, and then turn blue
    Then you've got the space girl blues
    I want your mechanism!
    Give me your mechanism!
  • Katy Perry plays a white skinned space babe in her video for E.T.
  • The video for "Spaceship" by Puddle of Mudd has a few.
  • My Alien, from Simple Plan:
    She has two arms to hold me
    Four legs to wrap around me
    She's not your typical girlfriend...
  • Jamiroquai's Cosmic Girl:
    Step into my transporter
    So I can teleport ya
    All around my heavenly body
  • "Little Space Girl", the one-hit wonder by Jesse Lee Turner, is probably the original Green Skinned Space Babe anthem.
    She's got four arms (the better to hold you)
    three lips (the better to kiss you)
    four eyes (all the better to see)

  • As in the movie, Avatar has the blue-skinned Na'vi.
  • Big Bang Bar has green-skinned space babes, blue-skinned space babes, orange-skinned space babes...
  • The original backglass art for Devil's Dare featured various green-skinned demonic succubi lounging around the score displays.
  • Embryon has the player incubate bald multicolored alien women from organic pods.
  • The Evil Sorceress of Ruiner Pinball has dark violet skin and neon green hair and eyes.
  • True to the television series, Data East's Star Trek includes a green-skinned Orion slave girl on the playfield.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Nazzadi women from CthulhuTech are often treated as such by the artists on this project; go through the books and try to find one Nazzadi female who isn't Stripperiffic. The fact that they have no nudity taboo doesn't help matters.
  • Damaya Lashunta in Pathfinder. The Lashunta are a species of Rubber-Forehead Aliens from the setting's equivalent of Venus (which, in proper Planetary Romance fashion, is a lush jungle world). Damaya, the scholars resemble beautiful humanoids with insect antennae, while the Korasha are short, hairy, and unprepossessing (but badass and hardly lacking in ruggedness). Both genders are psychic. In 1E, this was even more blatant, as the castes were tied entirely to gender (all Damaya were female and Korsasha were male), but 2E and Starfinder retconned it into Pathfinder-era Lashunta being very strict about gender roles; biologically, what caste one becomes as an adult depends on preference and biological pressure.
  • Julandri Courtesans and the Silthuri from Rocket Age both qualify, despite the fact that they are copper-skinned and hairless. They also excrete pheromones that enhance this effect.
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse: It's attempting to replicate comics, meaning that this comes up a lot.
    • Sky-Scraper is a female Thorathian superhero, meaning that she resembles an attractive, muscular and tall pink-skinned human woman with glowing eyes, green hair, and bone spikes on her back, knees and elbows. She also wears rather less clothing than, for example, male Thorathian villain Grand Warlord Voss (funny, that): her standard art is wearing a costume that consists of a fairly small top and shorts, both notably tight-fitting, while her Extremist variant favours an even tighter-fitting Leotard of Power.
    • Kaargra Warfang is grey-skinned and is generally considered attractive in a shark-like kind of way. (Given that Kaargra is also built like she punches monorails for her daily workout a pattern starts to emerge.)
    • Male hero Tempest isn't as emphasised as Sky-Scraper, and isn't entirely human-looking by virtue of his lack of a nose and tentacle hair, but he's still cut like a Greek god.
    • Greazer Clutch definitely sees himself as a male example, being a blue-skinned space rockabilly dude who buys hair product by the ton and clearly thinks he's the hottest, grooviest cat to hit the space lanes.
    • Galactra is an alien from a Straw Vulcan planet, whose combination of cosmic power and costuming decisions makes her look like a sexily drawn human woman in a very tight-fitting superhero spandex outfit who happens to have a purple mohawk jutting through the one hole in her suit.
    • In the lore podcast, The Letters Page, the developers get a question about how many of the one-off aliens in Sentinel Comics's history look like attractive humans with new and interesting skin tones. The answer is a quick and unanimous "lots".
  • Warhammer 40,000:
    • The Eldar are sometimes depicted as this trope. Other depictions however have them be absurdly tall and bony by human standards, with intensely narrow faces (for reference, those two images are supposed to be the same character). In any case it's very unlikely they'd be involved with any humans, as most humans and most Eldar would consider it bestiality.
    • The Tau females are in a similar situation. Males are gaunt and very distinct from human, but the official fluff is somewhat conflicting as to whether or not female Tau are attractive by human standards (not that most humans would admit to it, what with the religiously-enforced Fantastic Racism present in the Empire). The official art and models have them looking exactly like the men except for the shape of their nostrils. It certainly doesn't stop fan-artists in any way.

    Video Games 
  • From Battleborn:
    • Alani's a literal green skinned fish babe from the planet Akopos. More specifically she's a green skinned half-human half-Helician who through Emulan surgical modification has the ability to breathe and swim underwater.
    • Galilea is a purple skinned Helician.
  • Galactic Commander from the earliest days of the Blaster Series was one of these, but the mid-nineties reboot changed all that by changing her skin color. Nowadays she's a Gray-Skinned Space Babe.
  • The Awoken from Destiny are a rare justified example; they were originally a fleet of humans who fled Earth during the Collapse and when they returned they were basically a Human Subspecies. So in other words they look like humans because they're descended from humans.
  • Enemy on Board has Xenna, a crew member. She has a light teal skin tone.
  • Believe it or not, the San'Shyuum (aka Prophets) of Halo used to be this, a race of beautifully sensual pleasure-seekers known throughout the galaxy for their near-universal appeal. Unfortunately, societal degradation, genetic bottlenecking, and slight genetic manipulation on the part of the Forerunners have created the feeble, ugly creatures we fight today.
  • Celeste in Huniepop, although she's blue-skinned and has horns. She even has a 'slave Leia' type outfit you can unlock.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
  • Mass Effect:
    • The asari are one of the most blatant examples, with The Art of Mass Effect explicitly stating they were designed from the beginning to be sexy aliens, and one of the first conversations you can have with your asari squadmate in the first game is how her species mates. Not only are they a One-Gender Race that look near-identical to human women despite all other aliens being drastically different, not only can the player character enter a relationship with one of them regardless of Shepard's gender, not only are they considered desirable by nearly all species in the known galaxy, but they can mate with and produce offspring with any sapient individual regardless of gender or species (though granted, sex isn't necessary for reproduction). Liara mentions all of this:
    Liara: Adolescent males have an unhealthy obsession with my people.
    • Most asari are blue, but there's one, Shiala, who is literally green-skinned, provided she survives the events of the first game - her skin pigment changed a few months after Shepard's mission to Feros (after she was mind-controlled by the Thorian during said mission). If the rest of the Feros colony survived as well, she even flirts with Shepard. And there's a scene where a turian, salarian, and human are watching an asari dancer and they all think that she looks like their species, leading to the Fan Wank/Epileptic Trees that they have some sort of mind-control going on to make them seem attractive to all species. They turn out to be a bit of a Deconstruction and Justified Trope, however, as we see why asari seek out mates that are different species. Turns out that asari "purebloods" have a small but still above-zero risk of some very bad genetic defects.
    • Thane, a drell, is a rare male example. Bonus points for being both literally green-skinned and specifically designed to invoke this trope and appeal to the female fans.
    • Mass Effect 3 finally resolves what quarians look like underneath their masks, but only if you've romanced Tali and make sure the quarian fleet survives the battle over Rannoch, and it turns out that they're practically Rubber-Forehead Aliens.
  • Rola, the player's trainer in Metal Combat, is later revealed to a green-skinned alien woman in disguise.
  • Elerians, one of the playable races of Master of Orion 2, are purple and blue-skinned space babes (the males of the species are never seen).
  • Downplayed with Gandrayda from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption; While she's one of the more humanoid characters among the cast, she has translucent pinkish-purple skin that reveals an odd skeletal structure and weird tentacle-like hair.
  • A common enemy in Redneck Rampage is just that; leather clad sadomasochistic big-breasted green/blue/red skinned alien babes who seem very interested in tying up and/or getting beat up by the redneck main characters. Arguably a parody of the trope, as despite claiming to love you they'll just kill you dead unless you kill them first.
  • Rift has Blue Extradimensional Babes with a dash of Statuesque Stunner and/or Amazonian Beauty, and Gray Tribal Elf Babes.
  • Dr. Anesthesia's superstar persona in Rumble Roses XX.
  • Psyme, one of your two possible Love Interests from Sigma Star Saga, is a Purple-Skinned Space Babe.
  • Aliens in The Sims 2 often come with maxed out Outgoing and Nice. One with a Romance aspiration can be very good at wooing plenty of Sims very quickly. Even more the case with user-created game mods that change the physical appearances of aliens and alien-offspring, from coloration to facial structure (as the default alien look is a noseless bug-eyed little green man).
  • Space Quest V: The Next Mutation: Flo is a subversion. Sure, she's a humanoid female who's green... but as for the 'babe' bit, Flo looks to be in her forties!
  • The Syreen in Star Control are blue-skinned space vamps who fly a dildo-shaped ship called the Penetrator and telepathically sing to lure enemy crew members out an airlock where they can be collected and added to the Syreens' crew. Star Control II developed a serious backstory for them while in the same breath heavily lampshading their daftness.
  • Krystal from Star Fox Adventures crosses this trope with Foxy Vixen.note  She has blue fur and wears a Stripperific Nubile Savage outfit consisting of little more than a bikini top, a Loincloth, sandals, and some choice jewelry. She's Fox's love interest to boot; his first encounter with her is accompanied by Sexophone music while he marvels at how beautiful she is. At the end of the game, when she boards the Great Fox and joins the crew to thank Fox for helping her, the Sexophone music plays again, and ROB 64 notes that Fox's temperature is rising.
  • Obviously, the Orions in Star Trek Online. The females have the ability to induce confusion, as well as have a natural resistance to confusion and generate less threat than other races thanks to the natural pheromones they give off. As mentioned in the TV section above, the females rule the race (and the Orion Syndicate that rules the race) because of this.
  • World of Warcraft:
    • Where the Draenei males are burly catfish-faced oddities who resemble barely-tethered hot air balloons, the females are much more humanoid.
    • Garona Halforcen: Green, very attractive, and was born on Draenor, not Azeroth. (Originally she was Half-Human/Half-Orc, then Retconned to Half-Orc/Half-Draenei. This opened several Plot Holes that were somewhat fixed by making her the latter through rape, but making her think she was the former, and making her artificially aged.)
    • Although they're far from universally attractive, female orcs in general can be this (mixed with a healthy dose of Amazonian Beauty). They're all technically aliens since they're all originally from another planet.

  • Cassiopeia Quinn:
    • A number of characters major and minor — including Captain Madison Vrax and her junior officer Kettering — are blue-skinned human/alien hybrids. The Bounty Hunter Mercy likewise has blue skin, but how and why she has this has not been explored in the comic.
    • Kettering has an ongoing relationship with Talps, a Vanaa who manifests to him as an attractive human female shape, but green and translucent, although it's common knowledge that this is not her normal appearance — Vanaa normally resemble rounded, just barely humanoid blobs of jelly, but can sculpt themselves into specific shapes if they so wish.
  • El Goonish Shive: Justified with Lavender. Her race's natural appearance is closer to The Greys, but she has access to transformation magic and has customized her form to appeal to her male human boss (who she has a huge crush on).
  • Far Out There has Neva: the buxom, silver-bikini-clad main character of a long line of films. However, Neva is just a fictional character, so she only appears in film clips or the occasional holiday parade. Ironically, there actually ARE real green-skinned people in Far Out There, but they're genetically modified humans, not aliens (and so far, none of them have been babes).
  • Girl Genius: Ultimately subverted with the three waitresses/cabaret singers at Mamma Gkika's Bar. As far as is so far established, these three are humans disguised as Jägermonster females for the tourist trade. However the three ACTUAL Jägermonsters known as "Da Boyz" seem to find them attractive, which is reciprocated — but of course the Jägerkin are mutated humans, rather than aliens, anyway. Enter the eponymous Mamma Gkika, who IS a Jägermonster, complete with the usual elastic grin full of fangs and pointy ears, but also (usually, though not always) shown with normal human skin tones — unusual among the Jägerkin — and so, hiding in plain sight. We later find out that Gkika can change her skin color at will, and it's unknown what her natural color is.
  • Grrl Power has Dabbler, who's a combination of this and Succubi and Incubi. She's also able to cast a glamour on herself, and has taken the form of the original before.
  • Homestuck: Female trolls have grey rather than green skin and are a bit on the young side for "space babe" status (not that that necessarily stops fans from thinking of them as such); when they first appear in the story they're mainly about the equivalent of 13 years old (by the end of the story they're closer to 18 and a certain amount of human/Alternian romance has taken/is taking place). However, the Condesce, an adult Alternian, is usually drawn as a (literally) black-skinned space babe.
  • Intragalactic features a gender-flipped example — the Pink-Skinned Space Bish Axl, who has gills and was once a tadpole, but now is the human Captain's Brainless Beauty boyfriend.
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!: Subverted. Princess Voluptua looks the part of the stereotypical alien space nymphette, right down to her skimpy one-piece outfit. However, this is an illusion; underneath it, she is a giant butterfly creature, and this is common knowledge among the cast. When designing her shapeshifted human form, Voluptua claims to have gotten the normal human female proportions wrong unintentionally; she has not corrected the error.
  • The KA Mics: Emsi of Drunk Aliens has green skin, blue hair, antennae, & a tail.
  • MSF High has the true legion, planty alien chicks that can convert other people into more true legion.
  • In Nip and Tuck, the Show Within a Show Rebel Cry has them. This then entered into the main comic as a theme restaurant.
  • Outsider:
    • The comic, which started as a Master of Orion fan-comic, centers around the Loroi, a species of mostly-female Space Elves who come in various shades of light to medium blue, and all individuals seen on-page are depicted as some stripe of cute or beautiful.
    • The comic's website also includes the Registry of Blue Peoples, a list of blue-skinned humanoid aliens and fantasy races from popular culture, including the asari of Mass Effect, the Pantorans and Twi'leks of Star Wars, the various iterations of dark elves, the Devlians of Farscape, the Xerrans of Cassiopeia Quinn and the comic's own Loroi, alongside several other species of varying degrees of humanoidness and attractiveness.
  • Schlock Mercenary got some humanoids, but no quite Human Aliens. Jevee Ceeta fits the image well (there was even some Ship Tease), yet turned out to be a member of the genetically modified race of humans with photosynthetic skin ("purp"), not an alien. Lampshaded here, and later mocked another common kind of "hot" alien babe.
  • Sluggy Freelance:
    • Parodied an an early plotline: There is a Green-skinned Space Babe, but it turns out (s)he's the male of that species. Riff and Torg oddly don't seem to care, and continue ogling him as blatantly as before.
    • Aylee plays this straight when not in a draconic or serpentine form.
  • Space Case: Parodied, as the curvy, bikini-clad Phranc would be an excellent example of this trope... except that he's a male Zedzenine. Apparently, for his species, most gender tropes are reversed, so he's actually quite the manly man.

    Web Animation 
  • HANDS UP (Joel G) plays this straight with Margo, who even has green hair (though she's dyed it on occasion), and also features Ula, who contrasts her partner with bright orange skin.

    Web Videos 
  • Critical Role: A denizen of another plane of existence, the nymph Nahla is described as extremely beautiful and with skin the color of water. Also, she's naked.
  • The web series Star Trek: Renegades gives Trekkies another Andorian babe in Shree, a hot blue-skinned lady with a black leather getup and a penchant for (lesbian) BDSM.

    Western Animation 
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius has April The Gorlock in the episode "Win, Lose and Kaboom".
  • Ben 10:
    • Grandpa Max married and had a family with a purple-skinned Energy Being (who hides it well), and later dated a literal Green-Skinned Space Babe.
    • Ben himself seems to have more luck with alien girls than human ones, and like his Grandpa he has caught the eye of an actual green skinned alien, a princess at that. Ben also seems to have caught the eye of a red skinned, four armed alien warrior princess he bested in battle.
  • Mira and Gravitina from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command are both blue, with Gravitina leaning closer to an aquamarine shade, but the idea is the same. Played straight with the college-age, hip Petra Hammerhold. And with three extras: a serving girl on Warp’s moon who pops up in two other places, Keno Kentrix’s girlfriend, and Buzz’s blind date in a flashback.
  • The Martian Queen from Duck Dodgers. A pitch black-skinned and white-haired alien who walks around in nothing but a golden bra thing and an almost see-through long skirt. Impressive given that, aside from eyes, she has no features on her face at all, unless seen in profile.
  • A villain in an episode of Eek! The Cat parodying Star Trek uses this exact wording to refer to his highly attractive spies.
  • Princess Mandie on The Fairly OddParents!, a yellow-skinned alien babe and an Ax-Crazy warrior princess.
  • In Futurama, to many women over the course of the show, Kif is the green skinned space babe. The Amazonians, for example, considered him the most beautiful man between him, Fry, and Zapp. A couple straight examples have appeared as background characters, most notably at an alien Beauty Contest.
  • Wendy Garbo from Galaxy High, sort of. And while Aimee is human, she briefly colours herself blue in the pilot.
  • In Green Lantern: The Animated Series, the aliens who comprise most of the Star Sapphire Corps (where it's all but a requirment for members to wear revealing outfits) are Zamarons, a blue skinned all-female race.
  • An entire planet filled with them kidnap Johnny Bravo. They later dump him in favor of Mel Gibson.
  • Warmonga from Kim Possible. Her partner, Warhak is also green-skinned, but since he's male, he doesn't count.
  • D'Vana Tendi of Star Trek: Lower Decks.
  • Megas XLR:
    • The ultimate dream of Jamie is to visit a planet full of these. He even picked up a few such girls in "Battle Royale", though it was entirely due to the money he made from betting on Coop's winning streak.
    "Coop, what're you doing man? I've got digits from green-skinned girls! GREEN-SKINNED GIRLS!"
    • The bounty hunter in "Department of Megas Violations" is a blue-skinned one.
  • In Men in Black: The Series K has a Friends with Benefits relationship with a beautiful purple-skinned humanoid police alien.
  • Merrie Melodies: A rocket is sent to Mars, and comes back with the astronaut, his Martian wife and his kids. Eh, can we count it as subversion given the fact that the astronaut is a rabbit?
  • Marion Moonglow from Patridge Family 2200 AD.
  • Even Rick and Morty have their share of encounters with these from time to time during their eponymous show. For example, the female Gazorpians from the episode "Raising Gazorpazorp" resemble tall, beautiful, exotic-looking human women with hair colors in sides of blue, green, and purple and three pairs of arms, one such pair in place of their ears. The males, on the other hand, don't look human in the slightest.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars is full of them. The above mentioned female Twi'leks appear in practically every other episode, often wearing very Fanservice-y outfits even if they're not outright club dancers or slaves. The two Ms. Fanservice characters, Aayla Secura and Su Lawquane, are both sexy female Twi'leks. Then, there's Ahsoka Tano (a teenaged female Togruta who was running around in a tiny tube top for the first two and a half seasons), Asajj Ventress is a sexy Dathomirian female who just loves to show off her legs, and Luminara Unduli and her padawan Barriss Offee, who are literally Green Skinned Space Babes, are very beautiful (though their outfits are much more concealing but form-fitting). Then, there's Senator Chuchi (a blue skinned Pantoran diplomat who tends to wear outfits that aren't bad either).
  • Both Hera from Star Wars Rebels and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy (2015) qualify. The former qualifies due to her well developed curves while the latter qualifies due to her toned physique. They both even have the same voice actress, Vanessa Marshall.
  • The Gems of Steven Universe are like this. Physically, they're just rocks, but with projections made of light, they take the forms of human women — but retain colorful skin and hair due to Morphic Resonance. Pearl, Garnet and Rose Quartz are considered quite attractive by humans in-universe (though Rose has peach-pink skin).
  • An episode of Stroker and Hoop deals with this. She was a secret government agent sent to kill him the whole time.
  • Subverted in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! and replaced with Shapeshifting Squick Starfish Aliens as An Aesop against womanizing and being Distracted by the Sexy from your duties.
  • Starfire in Teen Titans (2003) like her comic version; however here she is more a cute alien girl than a hot babe with orange skin.
  • In the Teen Titans Go! episode "How's this for a special Spaaaaaaace!", when Robin (acting as Captian Kirk) is showing the other Titans around the spaceship, he shows them a room filled with green skinned space babes. Beast Boy and Cyborg are actually interested, but Raven and Starfire will not have it.
  • In the Tek Jansen cartoons shown on The Colbert Report, Tek is constantly having no-setup sex with various space vixens. On one occasion, the woman in question was a fleshy outgrowth from the forehead of a man-eating space anglerfish.
  • From Wander over Yonder we have the incredibly popular Lord Dominator, who first shows up in bulky full-body armor. Eventually we find out Dominator is a cute green-skinned alien girl who wants to destroy the entire universe.
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender has quite a few beautiful alien ladies, including Allura, Acxa, Romelle, Krolia, and Nyma.
  • Young Justice (2010) has one Miss Martian. Turns out it's an Invoked Trope, as like in the comic she's actually a monstrous white Martian.

Alternative Title(s): Green Space Babe, Blue Skinned Space Babe, Cute Alien Girl, Blue Space Babe, Alien Hottie