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Video Game / Ruiner Pinball

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Here's a Mirror Match you don't see every day.

Operator: "Current level: DEFCON 5."

Ruiner Pinball is a pinball Video Game for the Atari Jaguar, developed by High Voltage Software and released in 1995. The game cartridge contains two separate Digital Pinball Tables, presented with a scrolling overhead view. The only common theme between the two tables is in their uncommon designs:

  • "Ruiner" consists of two pinball playfields connected side-to-side with each other. Taking place in 1962 during the Cold War, you must raise global tensions to DEFCON 1, then start World War III against the enemy in a multiball exchange across both fields.
  • "Tower" takes place in a six-screen-tall playfield, representing the evil tower of an Evil Sorceress. Defeat her minions, then cast three magic spells to destroy the tower and end her reign.

Ruiner Pinball left gamers with mixed feelings. Fans enjoyed the game for its straightforward action, unorthodox gameplay, and creative use of its video pinball design. Detractors bemoaned the choppy scrolling, lackluster music, and unrefined polish.

Ruiner Pinball demonstrates the following tropes: