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Innocent Fanservice Girl

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Makes sense to me.

"What I want to know is what is so wrong with my body that nobody wants to see it?!"
Grace, El Goonish Shive

A character (usually female) with No Nudity Taboo, who doesn't understand the concept that not wearing clothes is considered indecent. This can be justified any number of ways, but nine times out of ten, it's really for fanservice.

A very common subtype is the creature that is ostensibly inhuman enough to supposedly not need clothing, like the Zora of the Zelda games, Exposed Extraterrestrials, certain furries or weres (with or without Non-Mammal Mammaries), or of course, practically any kind of pixie. This subtype is so overwhelmingly commonplace with these inhuman characters that it usually does not come into play at all, making it an Averted Trope.

...Until they shapeshift into a normal human shape for a while, that is. At that point, the character's nudity is a very serious problem that must be addressed, immediately.

In a more meta sense, this trope is also frequently used to reveal that the character has an entirely different, unusual mindset:

  • She is an Emotionless Girl or Robot Girl, and may genuinely not understand what everyone's getting upset about (showing a lack of humanity).
  • She is Raised by Wolves or Raised by Natives, and will simply not understand why nudity is a problem for everyone else (showing that she is Closer to Earth).
  • She is a Green-Skinned Space Babe who feels that people with a nudity taboo are backwards and primitive (showing a narrow-minded view of their norms and customs). Alternatively, her people may have a different form of modesty (showing a lack of cultural awareness).
  • She is a local goddess-avatar who might not fully understand why this "nudity" thing is getting in the way of proper worship, but it had better stop (showing a loftier set of priorities).
  • She is a Sugar-and-Ice Girl and/or Genki Girl who might fail to understand why the Childhood Friend is getting upset — after all, they've been together for years, right? (Showing how close she considers the main character.) As a common evolution of this variant, the first outward symptom of a growing attraction or romantic awareness is when she does start caring that they are watching, or when they begin to become flustered.
  • She is from a culture with either no nudity taboo, or differing ones.

Often such characters are Naked on Arrival; it's not unheard of for a work to use the two tropes together to add a Fanservice Non-Sequitur (or to set up a Ms. Fanservice or Mr. Fanservice) and then never mention it again.

Special mention goes to "Feral Children" stories — Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book and Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan being the biggest ones here, where a character is raised in a situation where they simply don't learn human body shame. In this case, it legitimately is innocent, is depicted for realism or for other reasons necessary for carrying the story, and neither Fanservice nor Freud are anywhere in sight. (Until Disney or other adaptors make them randomly decide to wear a loincloth for censorship reasons.)

Closely related to Shameless Fanservice Girl, a character without a nudity taboo but who still understands the concept, and Reluctant Fanservice Girl, a character with a nudity taboo thrust into a universe that conspires to make her show as much skin as possible. Our Nudity Is Different is when there is a nudity taboo, but it's different enough that the character is naked by the local standard. National Geographic Nudity is this trope applied to society rather than an individual. Not Distracted by the Sexy is basically the reverse of this when the other people in-series aren't noticing the Fanservice of that character. For a rough Spear Counterpart, see the Clueless Chick-Magnet.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Night Tenjo from Absolute Boyfriend is a rare male example, being an android sex doll he assumes his lover will want to see him naked and is programmed to enjoy being naked. Riiko has to explain to him that stripping off quite so often is considered at least a bit unusual.
  • All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku: The eponymous Nuku Nuku. Since she has the brain of a cat and an android body, she qualifies for both the Robot Girl and Raised by Wolves subtypes.
  • Kris Kristopher in Battle Athletes comes from an isolated culture with little in the way of body-modesty or nudity taboos, and seems confused by those who are uncomfortable with nudity:
    Akari: Will you stop going around the apartment naked!?
    Kris: Why?
    Akari: It's embarrassing!
    Kris: I'm not embarrassed.
    Akari: We are!
    Kris: ... you guys are weird.
  • Berserk:
    • Isma has no compunctions with walking around nude in front of others, due partly to being ostracized by the islanders, never learning modesty; and partly to the fact that she frequently goes swimming to fish. This series taking place in a roughly Medieval time period, bathing suits did not exist. She still wears clothes most of the time but doesn't react to others seeing her nude.
    • Deconstructed in the case of Casca, who suffers enough Clothing Damage in the series as it is. After being stripped of her person-hood in a very heinous way and having her mind regress to that of a child, Casca also shows no compunctions about being naked — so long as someone isn't intending on having his way with her, which seems to be the only time that Casca has any memory of her past. However, her current state of being has also been presented as a problem when it comes to Guts, who is still very much in love with — and sexually attracted to — Casca after all that has happened. His Enemy Within KNOWS this and tries to take advantage of his male urges whenever he sees Casca indecent — and one time, it almost worked.
  • Pluto in Black Butler: He is a hellhound with the ability to turn into a human. However, he retains a dog's mind even after transforming, so he does not know he should wear clothes when in his human form.
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun:
    • Professor Kiyama Harumi has no hang-ups about removing her clothes in the middle of the street for flimsy reasons.
    • Also, the Sisters. One of them is shown coming out of a cloning vat and making no effort to cover herself until given a hospital gown to wear. One of the scientists present comments that her utter lack of embarrassment is embarrassing in the first place. Later, 10032 places Touma's hand on her chest to measure his heartbeat, seemingly clueless to the implications, and later is undisturbed when Touma walks in on her undergoing "body adjustments" (which have her nude in a life support tank). This is justified in that their memories and knowledge have to be "programmed" into their minds (they are a blank slate when created), and the scientists didn't consider modesty to be important enough to include, as the Sisters were only meant for getting killed by Accelerator.
  • Mikiri in Change 123. Having the mind of a Cheerful Child, she sees nothing wrong in answering the door wearing nothing but panties and a towel casually thrown over her breasts.
  • Chii from Chobits, especially in the manga. Since she's a Robot Girl whose memories have been completely wiped, she has a very childlike mind and at first doesn't understand that she needs to wear clothes and shouldn't try to imitate what she sees in Hideki's Porn Stash. It's a constant source of torment for Hideki, especially when she attempts to buy panties (even with her imperfect understanding of what panties are).
  • Choko of Chocotto Sister can behave this way at times. Especially early in the story where she sincerely believed a Hadaka Apron was something sisters were supposed to wear for their brothers.
  • Though only lasting for a few episodes, C.C. from Code Geass becomes this when she loses her memory of her life before becoming a witch. During this period, in contrast to her usual personality of apathetic sarcasm, she reverts to the terrified, completely obedient slave-girl she was before she obtained Code, even taking Lelouch's joking command to "dance around on one foot with [her] clothes inside out" completely seriously and without question. In a more uncomfortable instance, she continually asks Lelouch to take his clothes off when he says he has a pain that's not on the surface, leading to some grim implications of what made this the first thought that came to her mind.
  • Crazy Food Truck: Arisa is frequently naked, and even when she's clothed doesn't wear much. Since she's an Artificial Human who Escaped from the Lab, she doesn't know or care about nudity taboos (plus, wearing less clothing in the desert makes sense, at least during the day).
  • Sanae Shiratori of Daltanious is a Yamato Nadeshiko, but she's oblivious to how much skin she shows when she's in her hot-pink bikini.
  • Aero of Deadline Summoner. She doesn't quite have the mental capacity to know better, and her outfit consists of a top made of feathers, and straps for panties. Also? The feathers covering her breasts aren't secured around the bottom end, and she's a very active harpy.
  • Ren in the anime DearS starts out uncomprehending and only gains a partial understanding of it: "I'm not naked, I'm wearing an apron!"
  • In Delicious in Dungeon, Izutsumi casually strips down to nothing but a fundoshi, stating that nobody would actually be interested in seeing a naked beastkin. It turns out she has no secondary sex characteristics at all (being half cat) and any naughty bits are covered by full-body fur. The only person in the party who’s excited about her getting naked is platonic Nightmare Fetishist Laius, who wants to know how many nipples she has and examine how her tail connects to her spine (and is quickly restrained and blindfolded by his party members).
  • This happens frequently with Goku in the Dragon Ball series. Having been raised in the woods with the only other human he'd ever seen being his adoptive grandfather, the social taboos against nudity don't occur to him, so quite often he'll end up having his clothes destroyed or casually pulling down his pants, and not understand why everyone else is so concerned about him being naked. Heck, had he not been told by the referee to Please Put Some Clothes On after reverting back to a human after turning into the ape, he would've continued his fight against Master Roshi completely naked with no problems since he doesn't have a problem with being naked while fighting. In Dragon Ball SD, Goku actually does fight him naked.
  • Both personalities of diclonius Lucy/Nyu from Elfen Lied, though the show alternates this character trait from genuine Fanservice, to deeply disconcerting Fan Disservice. The Nyu personality lacks an aversion towards nudity because of her innocent and blissful ignorance of any such social taboos (due to amnesia), while the Lucy personality lacks such an aversion because of the extreme deprivation and trauma she suffered in the twisted research facility that she was imprisoned in for three years (though she received roughly the same treatment nearly all of her life). In fact, almost every diclonius on the show is an example, despite nearly all of them being young children, though most of them aren't exactly innocent. Considering the nudity is almost invariably accompanied by copious amounts of gore, it ends up as Fan Disservice.
  • Eureka ended up naked in front of Renton in the Eureka Seven movie ending which symbolizes her rebirth. She showed no shame or anger at being naked due to her mind being reduced to that of an infant when she is reborn, but she does constantly cover her chest area.
  • A male example with Gray in Fairy Tail - though this is on a subconscious level and a result of his training as a child.
  • Sakuraba Yurika of Gacha Gacha is utterly clueless as to why her friend Akira-Chan (a boy who can change into a girl at will) often has nosebleeds whenever the two are naked together, which makes it doubly funny when the male Akira is called out on his perversion (even when he's being genuinely un-perverse).
  • Parodied and gender-reversed in Galaxy Angel. Ranpha's unsolicited android "boyfriend" comes shipped to the space station naked, and has no intention of putting on clothes. Ranpha finally forces him into one of her own dresses, and when that doesn't work out, she steals a suit of Volcott's.
  • Aisha from Genesis Climber MOSPEADA in at least two episodes of the series. During the fortress siege episode, Yellow rather poetically explains it as her being too innocent of the ways of the world to have a concept of modesty.
  • Miharu and every human resident of the alien world Seiren from Girls Bravo have absolutely no restraint regarding nudity due to their planet being composed of (apparently heterosexual) women. This lets the show completely indulge in every kind of Fanservice imaginable.
  • The main female lead of G-On Riders, at least in the manga. The In Medias Res opening has her chasing down a spaceship that accidentally caught her (unworn, floating in the wind) panties on its wing. The second chapter is much the same. After a while, they just stop trying to justify it. Author Appeal at its most blatant (much like the rest of the series).
  • In episode 3 of the anime adaptation of Grimoire of Zero, the titular character Zero casually strips naked in the middle of a clothing shop.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
    • North Italy is fond of getting some or all of his clothes off when he wants to sleep, which gets him often in trouble with others.
    • During a flashback, Hungary had no qualms about her Childhood Friend Prussia seeing her with her shirt ripped. Mostly because at this time in her life, she thought she was a male.
    • A certain portion of the fandom loves to peg Ukraine as this due to her Naïve Everygirl status, but in-series this is played with. She is very prone to being the subject of bouncing and the Male Gaze, but she's shown to be very aware of her "large tracts of land" and still dresses rather conservatively, even sewing on buttons that keep falling off of her shirt rather than showing much cleavage and politely declining to wear a Stripperiffic dress.
  • Ranmaru, from the yaoi manga and OVA adaptation Ikoku Irokoi Romantan, is an Innocent Fanservice Guy, much to the delight of his love interest and the female audience.
  • Im from Im: Great Priest Imhotep is another Rare Male Example. Justified in that he is a Fish out of Water AND a Fish out of Temporal Water, thus making it a case of Deliberate Values Dissonance. Not that anyone really complains, except Hinome.
  • In Itsudatte My Santa!, it seems Mai has no idea how short her skirt is at the beginning of the first OVA - though she does get a taboo during her shower scene.
  • K has Neko, a Reality Warper of sorts who wished herself into a cat and stayed that way until she encounters the main characters. She really sees herself as a cat and hates clothes, as cats do, and the two main characters struggle to get her to put some on for the first few episodes. In one of the episode preview bonus dialogues, she notices that it's only a problem to be naked because everyone else has clothes on - so she'll use her powers to make the boys naked, too!
  • Kagerou Project: A male example: Haruka Kokonose, resident Cloud Cuckoo Lander. After falling into a fountain while petting a cat, he strips down to nothing (underwear aside) in the classroom. And doesn't seem to get why his friend (and only classmate) Takane is freaking out so much. Even when she has it spelled out for him, Haruka still seems oblivious to exactly what he did wrong. Did we mention that this scene is his introduction (in the novels)?
  • In Kamisama Kazoku, protagonist Samataro's goddess mom is the Innocent Fanservice Girl, shamelessly mixing it up with a deep affection for her son that adds to the Oedipus Rex plot of the series. She goes so far as to fall asleep in her son's bed nude and he wakes her up to chastise her, she is completely unashamed about it.
  • At the end of the first episode of Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl, Hazumu, who has just been transformed into a girl, is naked when Tomari and Yasuna see him (or rather, her). Hazumu, however, had no reaction to the fact that she was naked because she just regained consciousness. In the next episode, the Innocent Fanservice Girl behavior is justified as she just turned into a girl and is therefore unfamiliar with how they should act, such as using her skirt to cool her legs and asking Asuta to measure her bust size (as seen in the second episode).
  • Military servicewoman Jodie Bakuryu-Karen from Kochikame has no issue shown in her debut appearance. She attempts to take off her shirt in front of her father and other men preparing for a shower and steps out of the door naked requesting a towel. Hard for Volvo for not being good with women always getting a nosebleed.
  • Kyou No Asuka Show, a.k.a Innocent Fanservice Girl: the Anime. Asuka would probably be a saint... if she had any nudity taboo whatsoever. The entire premise of the show is her lack thereof.
  • Late in Love Hina, the girls try to cheer Keitaro up in the hot springs, which Kei initially thinks is going to be a trap to get him to peep at naked girls again. Though the plan had everyone in bikinis, foreigner Nyamo doesn't get it and is completely nude.
  • Faputa in Made in Abyss. As a beast girl who's lived her entire live in the deadly wilds of the 6th layer, she has no concept of conventional modesty. For most of her life she's been prowling her home domain completely unclothed. The only garment she's ever worn were a pair of goggles, and even then it was only because they were a treasured gift from her love interest; She goes back to wearing nothing again once the goggles break. The trope is partially subverted as Faputa's nudity is very rarely played for fanservice. Only Reg finds it awkward initially, but even he seems to have gotten over it. Most of the time it's given little to no attention.
  • Maken-ki!:
    • In the anime version, Inaho isn't particularly bothered by the idea of Takeru seeing her naked. She even stripped and offered to help wash his back in episode 2 (season 2), when she overheard him and Harukonote  in the bath together.
    • The anime also portrays Aki as being naively unaware of all the attention she gets from the male students. And because she wears a revealing blouse with a skin-tight skirt, she usually ends up flashing them without realizing it.
  • Tima of Metropolis (2001) frequently runs around with no pants, or even underwear for much of the movie, and makes no effort to hide this, but nobody seems to notice.
  • Mischievous Twins: The Tales of St. Clare's: Allison O'Sullivan. Her swimsuit shows off a lot of skin, which she's oblivious to. Yes, all the girls have the same suit, but Allison in particular gets Leg Focus and close ups of her shoulders. Considering she's The Ditz, it actually makes sense why she's this trope.
  • In Mission: Yozakura Family, Mutsumi has no problems inviting Taiyo to bathe with her at a hot spring despite his clear embarrassment over it. She reasons that since they're married, there's no issue with them being in the same bath, and it's not too different from when she bathed with her siblings when they were younger. Taiyo pointedly notes that the situation is quite different, but she covers herself with a towel the entire time.
  • Dragons in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid don't have a nudity taboo (being Technically Naked Shapeshifters and all) and they only really wear clothing to blend in. This leads to a scene when Ilulu starts getting changed in the middle of a store and it's only after someone else starts freaking out that she remembers "oh, right, this is supposed to be embarrassing."
  • Lacus Clyne from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED initially appeared to be this when she pretended to be a Cloudcuckoolander.
  • In Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Rosamia Badam (due to Fake Memories implanted in her through the process that made her an Artificial Newtype) had some, well, trouble keeping her shirt on when the AEUG doctors check on her, much to Fa Yuiry's despair and Kamille's embarrassment.
  • Monster Musume:
    • Papi frequently walks around with very little clothing and has just about as much upstairs. Her interactions with Kimihito make how innocent she actually is unclear, though.
    • Suu shares the same role. Being unable to wear normal clothing, not knowing much, and learning mostly through imitation, she's almost always nude or unknowingly being quite... questionable.
    • Pegasania the winged centaur is as much of an airhead as Papi, with no understanding of things like modesty or money. However, most people don't realize this because she's got such a noble bearing and an antiquated, regal manner of speaking that people mistake her for being extremely wise.
  • The eponymous heroine of Nanako-san Teki na Nichijou (Translated as Nanakoish Days or Nanako-san's Daily Life) has little to any shame about her body, considering the very universe itself conspires to steal her clothing at every opportunity.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • Rei appears to have no nudity taboo thanks to a lifetime of scientific experiments. Her reaction to Shinji walking in on her naked, falling on top of her, and accidentally groping her was limited to politely asking him to get off her without a hint of embarrassment or annoyance, let alone asking him to leave the room while she dressed.
    • Kaworu is a male example, being seen fairly often without anything on, or with only pants. He doesn't really seem to mind, probably because he isn't exactly human.
  • Nuida from Oddman 11 is forced to be this. Many Oddmen have some kind of mental compulsion to certain behavior, even if it's to their detriment, and Nuida's compulsion is a complete aversion to clothing, to the point that she's shocked when she's able to wear a hair ribbon given to her by brother Itami (and a different one from Setsu.)
  • Luffy from One Piece doesn't mind showing his naked body to a huge group of girls and even bluntly answering their questions about his genitals (because the girls in question have never seen a man before). Of course, that scene could be interpreted as him being proud of his manhood, but since Luffy is an extreme Chaste Hero, it is for sure just a child-like lack of body shyness.
  • The sisters Tatsumaki and Fubuki from One-Punch Man aren't meant to be overtly slutty per se (heck, Tatsumaki even looks like an infantile teenager), but they're frequently drawn in provocative poses in their exquisitely unrealistically form-fitting slit dresses.
  • Two examples pop up in Outlaw Star: the first is Melfina, who is not only Naked on Arrival but also has to be nude when she's plugged into the ship because... some reason having to do with the fact that she's a gynoid. Those times aside, she's usually fairly well covered up, and only gets cutely embarrassed when her nudity is bluntly pointed out. On the other hand, Aisha Clan-Clan of the Ctarl-Ctarl is the resident member of a Proud Warrior Race whose particular hat is near-invulnerability; as such her race has few compulsions against showing some skin, up to and including going to a hot-spring and never caring about covering up with a towel.
  • Mokuren in Please Save My Earth has her shower interrupted by Shion, who needs to update her security card. She lets him into her quarters, and searches frantically around the room for her security card, in the nude. This is because Mokuren was raised as a nudist. When she discovers her mistake she's embarrassed; not because Shion saw her naked, but because she embarrassed him.
  • Pokémon Adventures:
    • Y has no issue with nudity around her friends, whether it be her or with them, much to their chagrin. She has attempted to strip her friends in public at one point, and she once was about to take off her flight suit in front of them before she was pushed into a tent. Keep in mind it takes her at least twenty minutes to change in or out of that suit. She reasons that there's nothing to be embarrassed about since they're all Childhood Friends.
    • Her spiritual predecessor, Sapphire, is toned down in comparison but has absolutely no compunctions about stripping in front of Flannery at a hot spring, and prior to meeting Ruby went around in a leaf bikini and naught else.
  • Thanks to being an Emotionless Boy due to a missing heart, Mytho from Princess Tutu spends a lot of the first season wandering around in nothing but a long, baggy loose shirt.
  • Psycho Busters has Ayano. And it doesn't help that her teammates are all guys.
  • Queen Millennia: When Hajime goes to the hangar, he finds Yayoi bathing. For sanitary reasons, she makes him bathe with her and the two continue naked with her not finding it weird, as the ship they're using requires the pilot be submerged in Breathable Liquid.
  • Ranma ½:
    • Ranma himself frequently runs topless in girl form, especially in the early episodes. For obvious reasons he lacks feminine modesty. Though later on s/he seems to cross over into Shameless Fanservice Girl as he is aware of social taboos, but just doesn't care enough to cover his/her chest.
    • A monkey tossed into the Spring of Drowned Girl comes out as a naked girl who looks almost exactly like female Ranma. She, being a monkey and having no knowledge of any nudity taboo, is unashamed of her unclothed state. Her nakedness causes some difficulties for the prince who did the tossing, resulting in him suffering a Gender Bender himself — and getting stuck in female form.
  • Mamiko Kuri from Shadow Star prefers to be naked while she's indoors, to the shock and amazement of her visitors. Outside she wears little more than a flimsy dress (or on rare occasions, her school uniform). She's actually "closer to nature" in a way, since the Earth itself is one big Mon for her and her Good Counterpart, Shiina; furthermore, while the nudity may be innocent, Mamiko's personality most certainly isn't.
  • Space☆Dandy features a cast of scantily clad women, mostly at the behest of the show's red-blooded namesake, Space Dandy. The most notable of which is Honey, a waitress at the intergalactic breastaurant Boobies, and Dandy's personal favorite of the lot. In the episode The Gallant Space Gentleman, Baby, it is revealed that Honey is half descended from an alien species known as Cloudians, a race that travels around the galaxy in their floating cloud fortresses, tracking down and seducing the most desperate people they can find (well, not exactly seducing so much as, showing them a nice night of dinner and conversation, which is apparently still considered pretty pathetic by most people). This would help explain why she is so fond of Dandy, as he is shown to be one of the most desperate people in the galaxy.note 
  • Musubi in Sekirei does not have any common sense about modesty. Case in point, when she slept in Minato's apartment after they met, she was willing to undress in front of him and was confused when he got out and for most of the series, Musubi has no problems undressing or appearing in front of Minato naked. Later, when another Sekirei shreds her clothes apart, she covers her breasts only because Minato told her to protect her modesty.
  • Shelter: Inside the virtual world, most- if not all- of Rin's outfits show off her legs and omit footwear, with some of her dresses leaving much of her skin exposed. Her physical body is completely naked. Since Rin's the only one living in the spaceship, a lack of clothing isn't a problem at all.
  • Holo in Spice and Wolf, being a wolf goddess of the harvest and not bound to human conventions, spends a good portion of the first episode in the nude. She does get dressed by the end of the episode: human bodies don't have fur, so without clothing she's cold.
  • Strike Witches is very well-known for its characters running around without any pants, Hand Waved by it making it easier to connect to their Striker Units. None of the girls seem to have any problem being bare-legged. Not that any of the few non-Witches seem to care, either. It's explained that Witches came to be seen as an example of female empowerment in the Alternate History of their world, so women going about bare-legged in emulation of witches (who do it for practical reasons) became fashionable.
  • Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee:
    • Niche often goes commando, and she also tends to leap around a lot (she's quite powerful), leaving for gratuitous bare-bottomed upskirts.
    • Her older twin sister is much worse.
  • Hikari from This Ugly Yet Beautiful World unzips the jacket Takeru gives her upon meeting her, prompting him to rezip it. Her sister Akari is a little better, stealing a sundress as her only clothing before she joins Ryou's family.
  • Lala from To Love Ru has no qualms about walking around naked. Her excuse is that as a princess, she's always had servants help her bathe, dress, etc. so she's used to being nude around other people. Other people of her race (including her family members) do not seem to share this lack of a nudity taboo.
  • Kokuyou from Tsugumomo doesn't mind enduring things describable as sexual harassment.
  • In Umi Monogatari, Marin's skimpy clothing is commented on when she first comes ashore, though Kanon eventually gets her and Urin to wear something a little less revealing.
  • Amuro Ninagawa of Umisho, who has no shame around someone she likes. Swimming naked is a hobby, and she considers taking a shower to be using a garden hose in the backyard of the male lead.
  • Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Moroha, Kagome and Inuyasha's teenage daughter, doesn't understand why there would be any issue with walking around in front of her human uncle while wearing nothing but a towel draped over her shoulders.
  • In Yona of the Dawn, after unexpectedly running to Su-Won, Yona went into a state of shock and after spilling food on herself, began to absentmindedly take off her clothes while in the presence of others.
    • Despite the fact that she is the only girl in a group of men, she comes to trust everyone enough that she has little problem with them seeing her topless (while being treated for a wound). Kija doesn't share this sentiment.
  • In early volumes of Yu-Gi-Oh! where it doesn't focus much on the game Duel Monsters, Anzu does fanservice in an arc where the gang has to go through various challenges and puzzles set up by Kaiba. She has to babysit a perverted baby who keeps nibbling on her tits, and later she gets groped all over (pronouncedly by the breasts as opposed to the male characters) by mechanical hands on the chair she's trapped in.
    • Most other instances of fan-service girls are in the forms of female monsters. These include the Harpie Ladies, and especially, Dark Magician Girl. And the censor gods at 4Kids and Yu-Gi-Oh! international had to work hard on these.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Yuzu suggests to Serena that they change their outfits as a disguise. Serena agrees and starts disrobing even though there is a man present. Yuzu freaks out and drags her behind a large rock, while Serena asks what the big deal is.
  • Zoids: Chaotic Century: Fiona has some shades of this during the first half of the series. In an early episode, she went out of the shower and didn't care one bit that Van saw her completely naked. Somewhat justified given that she's got no memory of her past, so modesty isn't something she seems to grasp. She drops this behavior during the second half, though.

    Comic Books 
  • Cable: Cable: it's not played up, but he has no problems with stripping off and showering while discussing his next move with his (female) chief of staff on Providence Island. In the Bad Future he grew up in, people had more important things to worry about than modesty.
    Irene:...does it make sense for you to be always shedding your clothes around me?
    Cable: I'm sorry. In my future, soldiers of both sexes fought, bathed, and dressed side-by-side.
    Irene: Well, let's hope the evangelicals win this one...
  • D-List superheroine, "Birthday Girl", introduced in the British-centric Knight and Squire #1. Her name is a rather horrible pun — "Birthday Suit" is a reference to total (usually nonsexual) nudity, so what better costume for Birthday Girl? Her superpowers are the ability to create Scenery Censor objects — she's constantly hidden from the camera via helium balloons (which she has some limited control over), although she appears to also have some form of martial arts training — she's shown taking down a Mook in hand-to-hand combat in Knight and Squire #6.
  • Italian action comic Nathan Never features Rebecca "Legs" Weaver, who got the nickname due to her slender physique. Both she and her partner are usually clothed when outside, but whenever they're in their home they have no qualms with shedding clothing and strolling around bare naked. Results in plenty of Fanservice.
  • The French graphic novel Pyrénée is a take on The Jungle Book with a young French girl growing up in the Pyrenees mountains instead of a young boy in the jungle. Stranded away from civilization and raised by a sentient bear since before she could walk, she has no body shame, and it's on more or less every page (but definitely not sexual). Actually does come up - she has to survive a winter without her Bear friend, so her Eagle friend shows her what a fur coat and boots are (which she gets rid of the second she can).
  • In the old Marvel comic The Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior, the magma warriors all go naked. The males are monstrous-looking enough that it's only a borderline case of the trope, but Lavour is just, well, a naked woman with textured red skin.
  • The title character of Wally Wood's Sally Forth, full stop. She's almost always naked and doesn't find anything unusual about it.
  • Horridus, a Cute Monster Girl from Savage Dragon and Freak Force, has two excuses for this — she spent most of her life chained up in her parents' basement without clothes; and most of her body is covered with sharp spikes that shred clothing.
  • Secret Six: Catman is a male example. Though he understands and still respects the cultural need for clothing, he has absolutely no taboo about running around naked after his time living among a pride of lions.
  • Both of the most prominent females in Supreme Power initially follow this trope: The Amphibian (the female Aquaman Expy) is a Wild Child, having lived in the sea ever since her parents abandoned her there as an infant. Princess Zarda (the Wonder Woman Wannabe) essentially sees herself as a god who's above silly human customs. At one point after Zarda's crossed over into Ultimate Marvel, she runs across a Magic Pantsless Ultimate Hulk and, in spite of her sharing his resentment at having to wear clothes, is tasked with making him wear pants.
  • Teen Titans:
    • In her earlier appearances Starfire would often appear with Censor Steamed nudity, due to both her time as a slave and her society's lack of nudity hangups. She still likes to shuck the clothing, but now she does it in (what is usually) private. One time, Starfire strips out of her casualwear to change into her costume, right in the middle of a park. Another time when going to the pool, a naked Starfire asks Donna Troy what the point is on wearing a bikini to the pool as opposed to going as is, to which Donna replies it's to keep the boys from going even more lust crazy in comparison.
    • Prysm (a character from Dan Jurgens' '90s run) had her nudity on display as her default appearance, due to the mutation from her alien blood causing her to appear as an abstract, vaguely humanoid figure made out of translucent crystal.
    • Near the end of the eighth issue of Teen Titans Go!, the comic book adaptation of the 2003 animated series, Starfire does not notice that she is naked after Cyborg uses a sonic blast to destroy Mad Mod's hypnotic clothes and is even oblivious of Cyborg and Robin leering at her in amusement.
  • The Top 10 comic features an Artificial Human martial artist, Sung "Girl One" Li, who can precisely alter the color of her skin at will, doing so to create fake "bodypaint" clothing and random patterns. Subverted, however, when it is revealed that she doesn't particularly like that people can see her naked, but had an aversion to wearing clothes implanted in her by her horny teenage creators.
  • In Violine, the Pygmy women walk around bare-breasted. This is also reflected in their goddess statue.
  • Watchmen: Doctor Manhattan is a Gender-Inverted Trope example. He looks like a very tame biology class drawing of the human body (other than being bright blue). That was done intentionally to make it past the censor board. On the other hand, in the film adaptation, obviously the CGI artists were taking great pride in their work on Lower Manhattan.
  • X-Men: Storm comes from an African tribe with National Geographic Nudity aplenty; in fact, in her very first appearance, she was topless (her breasts covered by her Godiva Hair) and wore a sort of long loincloth. Not only that, but her mutant powers included a physical immunity to weather extremes, so she had no qualms going naked in New York in the dead of winter. However, she eventually grew accustomed to Western norms, so the issue rarely comes up anymore. Except for the time when she was sunbathing topless and Gambit's students were trying to get a look... it's hard to change old habits entirely.

    Comic Strips 
  • The Playboy comic strip Little Annie Fanny featured a feather-brained young blonde with big breasts who always lost her clothes in awkward situations.
  • Sabrina at See-CAD: Sabrina falls asleep naked in the shower. A commentary box calls out the reader saying "No Drooling."
  • In the old Dragon magazine comic strip, SnarfQuest by Larry Elmore, Snarf hooks up with Telerie Windyarm, an Action Girl whom he later discovers has no sense of modesty when she casually changes clothes right in front of him. Although he is initially embarrassed at this, when they are invited into a starship and she changes into a skimpy nighty for dinner, Snarf firmly tells one of the attending robots to say nothing so he can enjoy her company as is.

    Fan Works 
  • Advice and Trust: Due to her upbringing Rei is completely clueless social-wise and she has no idea why people -like Shinji- freak out when she walks naked or flashes her underwear. When they argued the subject Asuka could not tell whether Rei was innocent or trollish until she realized Rei was indeed oblivious. Then Asuka explained to Rei why people had those reactions when she flashed them... And Rei started doing it on purpose.
  • In An Anthem for Sheltered Bays, Eren, as a former mermaid from the tropics, understands the act of wearing clothes as protection from the elements but not much else.
  • Rare male example. In A Brighter Dark, Keaton sees absolutely nothing wrong with being stark naked in front of Elise.
  • A Certain Droll Hivemind: Yui's flatmates complain about a time when, after a shower, she just walked out of the bathroom sopping wet and buck-naked. She had forgotten her towel in her room and didn't see much wrong with going to get it. In fairness, she lives with a bunch of girls so it wasn't that big a deal, but various other incidents (and canon) make it clear that she wouldn't have done anything differently if boys had been around.
  • Fates Collide:
    • Astolfo is legitimately confused about why Ruby Rose fainted after seeing him naked.
    • Ushiwakamaru and Jack the Ripper both don't understand what is wrong with their incredibly revealing outfits.
  • Vanilla the loli vampire in FREAKIN GENSOKYO is perfectly happy to romp around in nothing but panties and a cloak.
  • Harry Potter fanfiction occasionally casts Luna Lovegood as one, particularly if the fic is broadly comic or a Lemon (or both). In For Love of Magic Luna Sleeps in the Nude, even when she's sharing a bed with Harry and/or Tonks. She also bathes with Harry and wants to watch him and Tonks have sex, all with nothing sexual about it on her end.
  • Mr.Evil's Original Character Ren from his Hero High series has a habit of walking around naked. Though this is justified by her alien customs of her species having no problem being nude while in their home.
  • Heroes of the New World; due to her sheltered upbringing, Yamato has No Social Skills and doesn't realize when she does something with her body that sets Izuku or others off, such as subjecting multiple people to Marshmallow Hell or flashing Izuku while dress shopping (ironically, Yamato was dressed in Victorian-style clothes during that last incident and thus was wearing more than she usually does).
  • The fact that Starfire of the Teen Titans comes from a culture with no nudity taboo came in very handy in the JLA Watchtower Olympics plotline. Hades, in an effort to humiliate the Titans, demanded they compete in the "traditional" Olympian style. The rest of the Titans balked and had to fight their embarrassment. Starfire casually stripped off her costume and reassured her True Companions that they had nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Tsuruya in Kyon: Big Damn Hero, who has no problems with getting undressed in front of Kyon and taking baths with him.
  • Lyrical Sword: Shirou Emiya from Fate/stay night gets sent to the Lyrical Nanoha universe, where he is eventually accepted into Riot Force 6. On his first mission, he gets shocked and embarrassed when his collegues (Nanoha, Subaru, Teana, Erio, and Caro) all do the typical Lyrical Nanoha Magical Girl Transformation Sequence that makes their regular clothes disappear and briefly leaves them naked before the Barrier Jacket forms around them. He awkwardly tries to bring it up, but they just get confused about why he is embarrassed. He then laments to himself when he realizes such transformations are so commonplace in this universe that no one bats an eye at them. Fortunately for him, his own transformation has his combat uniform form over his regular clothes.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In erotic fanfictions for the franchise, it is a popular theme in "Human in Equestria" (second-person variant is also referred to as "Anon in Equestria" on 4chan) type of stories, where lack of nudity taboo among ponies is often discussed, and human protagonists can usually see everypony's private parts all the time (since in this kind of stories, unlike in the show, the characters are anatomically correct, for obvious reasons).
    • In the humanised fanfic Guppy Love, neither Rarity nor Sweetie Belle wears bras, being mermaids. When learning to speak English, Applejack gets flustered when Rarity curiously asks about the word "breasts" and the purpose of clothing. She tries not to stare as Rarity lifts and lowers her own while practicing saying the word. And fails.
    • In Mass Effect The Equestrian Equation, ponies, at the beginning of Shades of Twilight, walk around without any covering, despite being like Earth horses and having private bits. It takes Rarity pointing out that many other species are disturbed by this to get the ponies to cover up.
    • In A Twilight Landing a now human Twilight Sparkle fumbles into this trope a few times. Having until recently been a unicorn whose default dress code is "nude" it takes her forgetting to dress up after a shower a few times before she remembers to be dressed all the time. It causes the human giving her shelter, Jo, to be Mistaken for Gay a few times. Ironically, this may be a subversion, as, despite their lack of nudity taboos, ponies are complete prudes. When Twilight learns just how sex-crazed humans are in comparison, and of the many, many pieces of Rule 34 pony fanart, she is horrified.
    • There are several My Little Pony: Equestria Girls comics and fan-art where Twilight Sparkle has some trouble getting used to the humans' clothing-not-optional approach.
  • In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Iris grew up with a family of Dragon-types. As a result, she doesn't see the point in wearing clothes if the weather's warm enough for her to go naked. That is, until Misty explains things to her. Even then, she still has no issue showering with Ash with no sexual intent on her end.
  • Ripples: Will spends most of the story convinced she's in a Lotus-Eater Machine when in reality she's Trapped in the Past; one consequence of this is that she cares a lot less about being fully dressed since she thinks none of the people around her are real.
  • Downplayed in the Teen Titans Our Own League novels, to the point the casualness to nudity is an Informed Attribute. Donna Troy was raised in a Lady Land where communal bathing is the norm, so she doesn't see nudity as sexual. However, she never shows more skin than is appropriate for a fifteen-year-old because her overprotective sis Diana's no. 1 rule for living in the outside world is to never ever let male eyes see her without clothes. The Titans learn Donna's lack of taboo only when she almost undresses in front of her female teammates and assumes it's okay for her to see male teammates naked.
  • Zig-Zagged with Adora in Sora and the Princess of Power, who has no qualms about Sora seeing her in nothing but her underwear (to the point of sleeping alongside him in it) due to her upbringing in the Horde, but she becomes a Reluctant Fanservice Girl when she has to wear a swimsuit that she feels is skimpier than said underwear.
  • Solaron in The Tale of Solaron, though he is the innocent fanservice guy. Being a Snake Person he has a case of Our Nudity Is Different, meaning he barely wears clothes ever, and even then not much.
  • Lindsay in the Total Drama fanfic Total Drama: Cody's Redemption exploits this trope. It might seem like she's doing fanservicey things note  by accident, but it's all part of her campaign to seduce Cody.
  • Vow of the King: Nemu is completely oblivious when it comes to exposing her body for all to see thanks to her upbringing under Kurotsuchi, though her time with Ichigo has averted it somewhat.

    Films — Animation 
  • In Ghost in the Shell (1995), there is much nudity amongst Major Kusanagi and the other female cyborgs in the series. It's meant to invoke a detached nonsexual mood, emphasizing the mechanical nature of their bodies. As such, she has very few qualms about being naked.
  • In The Last Unicorn when the unicorn is transformed into the Lady Amalthea all she wears is her hair.
  • The Little Mermaid (1989): Ariel is naked upon first becoming human, but doesn’t seem to notice until her seagull friend Scuttle tells her that she needs to cover up in order to fit in.
  • Tarzan appears in Stripperiffic form due to him being raised by apes in the jungle all his life.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Alien Visitor, a.k.a. Epsilon, an alien woman teleports to Earth naked. She is apparently immune to temperature since she wanders through the desert for a day and night without being bothered by it. She runs into a man who goes Please Put Some Clothes On. She gets confused and says she doesn't see the point but complies to get him to quit bugging her about it.
  • One of the segments of Amazon Women on the Moon involves a woman parodying the typical portrayal of Hollywood women / Models of the time by acting like this — that is to say, she walks around completely nude (in lingerie in the edited for TV version) while doing typical daily things (going to an art show, walking around town, going to church, etc.). She gives the stereotypical vapid interview responses as narration, talking about how much she loves the area, how nice people are to her, etc.
  • Barbarella: Because the movie takes place in a very hippie vision of the future, our eponymous heroine has very few compunctions about being seen naked, even if it's during a conference to discuss a top-secret mission with the President of Earth.
  • Barbie (2023): Barbie looks like a blonde bombshell and comes from a world of gorgeous women. However, she isn't aware of how the real world perceives women, so when she shows up in Los Angeles rollerblading in a tight leotard, she's confused at the appreciative glances and gestures she gets from men.
  • The Bride: Eva walks downstairs to Frankenstein early on stark naked, with no knowledge of how this might seem or would be considered indecent, given she's very newly "born" and thus ignorant.
  • Sally Martin from Carry On Loving states that she's been a lingerie model for so long, she is used to being in a room with a man in her underwear. Through a large misunderstanding, she finds out this way that Bertram Muffett, the man that has turned up at her house, isn't the modeling photographer she's expecting.
  • In the Russian absurd-like (probably) comedy City Zero an engineer arrives at the titular provincial town and goes to visit the CEO of the local factory for negotiations. The first hint he gets that something is very, very wrong with the city is that the female secretary that greets him is completely naked. There's nothing sexual about her disposition, she's just sitting there, typing diligently... stark naked. Neither she nor her boss is disturbed in the slightest, unlike the poor visitor.
  • Giselle from Enchanted doesn't get why Robert is so flustered when he walks in on her stepping out of the shower or why his girlfriend is jealous of her after she gets into a Suggestive Collision with Robert wearing only a Modesty Towel.
  • Leeloo in The Fifth Element has no problem changing her clothes in front of men (who hurriedly turn around so that they're not looking).
    Korben: Coffee?
    Father Cornelious: Yes, please.
    Leeloo: (wringing out her shirt) Autowash!
  • Altaira from Forbidden Planet has no problem skinny-dipping in front of strangers, having lived with only her father and a robot most of her life.
    • She is swimming in a pool and asks a crewman to join her. When he says he hasn't brought his bathing suit, she innocently asks "What's a bathing suit?"
  • George from The Movie of George of the Jungle espouses the strangeness of the ablution practice of using "strange slippery rock"... while nude, in front of the heroine and her Best Friend.
  • The James Bond films have a couple of these — Miss Caruso in the opening of Live and Let Die comes to mind.
  • Done in a The Jungle Book-like way in the German movie Liane - Das Mädchen aus dem Urwald ("Liane - The Girl from the Jungle"). Living among African tribespeople, 16-year-old Liane, the long-lost granddaughter of a wealthy industrialist, never wears anything else than a loincloth.
  • Abby from Let Me In lies innocently naked in bed with Owen and doesn't understand why this situation bothers him.
  • In Lifeforce (1985), Mathilda May plays a vampire from outer space who walks out of a research facility and into the streets of London completely naked, and completely oblivious (she may even be taking advantage of Distracted by the Sexy). Was apparently the inspiration for Species, also about an alien Femme Fatale who takes on the appearance of a hawt human babe (though not an example of this trope, since Sil actually wears clothes in an attempt to blend in).
  • In Molly (1999), Buck has to take his autistic sister Molly to a meeting because no one's available to babysit her. While the receptionist isn't looking, she takes off her clothes because "Molly hot," then walks into his meeting completely naked.
    Japanese businessman: Is this a great country, or what?
  • The Jodie Foster vehicle Nell, where the title character is an innocent young woman who grew up way out in the sticks and has no conception at all of modesty.
  • The Nubile Savages in Revenge of the Virgins are all topless (and wear loin clothes that only just conceal what is underneath), so this seems to be the norm for their tribe.
  • In Robot Jox, a bystander is quite surprised to see Athena stripping down and showering with her male counterparts, with none of them so much as looking at each other's nudity, in a scene similar to the aforementioned one in Starship Troopers. Instead of soldiers, Athena and the others were raised together and are pretty much non-caring of anything except piloting.
  • The mermaid Madison in Splash sees nothing at all wrong with walking up to a crowd of people on Liberty Island completely in the altogether, although this is of course due to her not being properly human.
  • In Splice the uncanny valley creature is at first conditioned to get used to clothing, but seems perfectly happy when they get taken from her 'because they make us see her as human'. Yeah right.
  • Starship Troopers has a scene where all the Roughnecks (male and female) are taking a shower naked with no signs of sexual arousal or interest whatsoever.
  • In Suicide Squad (2016), Harley Quinn changes from her prison jumpsuit to her normal outfit in the middle of a military base, and seems completely baffled why everyone (including a couple of women) are stopping to stare at her.
  • Used in the movie Summer School. The cast of high school students have gone to the beach together and Italian exchange student Anna-Maria starts to take off her bikini top. To the disappointment of the male students, one of the other girls stops Anna-Maria and tells her "this ain't the Riviera."
  • In Tom And Lola, the titular Tom and Lola are two children who have grown up in hermetically sealed plastic bubbles with no concept of shame, and they spend most of the film completely nude.
  • There's a Lampshade Hanging on Vampirella's costume in the 1996 Vampirella movie when, after she saves a man from a mugging, he asks her why she's wearing such a revealing outfit and she just replies "Why not?". He lends her a trenchcoat to be more inconspicuous anyway.
  • In Wonder Woman (2017), Diana enters London in her swimsuit-like armor with a cloak. She gets confused when Steve Trevor gets uncomfortable and tries to persuade her to wear regular clothes so she won't attract attention. When he and Etta Candy take her to a clothing store, she starts stripping until Etta ushers her into a dressing room.
  • X-Men Film Series:
    • In the original trilogy, mutant shapeshifter Mystique goes naked in her natural form (human, except with blue skin and yellow eyes).
    • Male example. Weapon X from X-Men: Apocalypse exits a government facility entirely nude and clueless as to where and what he is. Though, he seems to be in a feral state as a result of the government testing on him.

  • Brutally Played for Drama in Al Capone Does My Shirts. Natalie is severely autistic, has sensory issues with clothing, and is known to strip naked from time to time. She knows that her family scolds her for doing this, but has no meaningful understanding of the social obligation of clothing. Her brother Moose tells a story of one time Natalie did this at a cousin's wedding when they were children. Then it was merely horribly embarrassing for their family. Now Natalie is a teenager with a sexually mature body. Their father works as a guard on Alcatraz, and (like all the staff and their families) they live in an apartment on the island. The prospect of Natalie stripping naked now, where violent, sexually repressed criminals may see her, is absolutely terrifying for their family.
  • In Being a Green Mother, when Orb becomes the new Gaea, she finds the role comes with invulnerability and immunity to heat and cold. At one point, she becomes so used to this that the other characters have to point out to her that she's naked. Afterwards, she becomes more careful and remembers to check herself.
  • Eris in Cat Planet Cuties seems to have no understanding of why being naked around Kio might be problematic. Which is strange given that when the rest of the Catians arrive on Earth, they're shown to definitely have nudity taboos roughly in line with those of modern Japan. Eris is apparently a special case.
  • Codex Alera: Subverted with Proud Warrior Race Girl Kitai. Her race's standard dress (for men and women both) is a Loincloth and little else, justified by their considerably higher natural body temperature. She's still smart enough to recognize that humans are generally not comfortable with someone showing that much skin, and almost always dresses in a plain soldier's shirt and pants or similarly "appropriate" clothing.
    • Tavi is able to get the Marat riders who are assisting him to wear clothes by giving it to them as a gift. They would never be rude by refusing to wear it.
  • Discworld:
    • The Fifth Elephant: Some of the Überwald werewolves eschew clothing as a matter of pride, to show that they are separate from (and superior to) humans. Angua doesn't share these views as much.
    • Thud!: Despite being a stripper, Nobby's girlfriend Tawneee (described as so beautiful even goddesses might pale in comparison) seems to think she has so many admirers because she's a good dancer.
  • Doctor Who: In the Tie-In Novels, the Eighth Doctor, being a Cloudcuckoolander and an alien, has a habit of just cheerfully going with it whenever he loses his clothes or happens to be seen naked. In Parallel 59, he tried to hug his companion Compassion while they were both naked. Being every bit as prickly and antisocial as he is extroverted and affectionate, she really didn't appreciate it. This is a trait that carried over to the 11th Doctor, though not as often.
  • Dolphin Trilogy: John is raised by dolphins and consequently has no nudity taboo. Even after he's reintroduced to society and taught to wear clothes, he prefers to go without. When he rescues Della, he reminds her so much of a Greek god that she nicknames him Triton.
  • Dragonlance: Usha, particularly in Dragons of Summer Flame. Quick relatively spoiler-free explanation — she's half Irda, a supernaturally beautiful race, and half human. She spent most of her life living with the Irda and was ugly compared to them. Then she ended up in human lands, and by their standards, she's dazzlingly beautiful. She does learn fairly quickly, however.
  • The Dresden Files: The Alphas are werewolves, which in this context means they can turn into wolves at will. More skilled shapeshifters have shown the ability to shift their clothing along with them when they change shape, but the Alphas just have to deal with shedding their clothes whenever they change. The werewolves are initially awkward college students trying to look tough, but as time goes on and they get used to their powers they all get much more comfortable with random bits of casual nudity. They do still do their best to stay clothed whenever it's reasonably possible though.
    • The Alphas get their initial training from Tera West, a LUPINE theramorph. Translation: She's a wolf who can assume a human form. She finds the whole nudity taboo amusing.
  • The Elenium: Aphrael is of the Goddess type. When she takes on mortal form, she stays clothed (thankfully, since her preferred form is that of a six-year-old girl), but whenever she has to revert to her real form, she sees no reason to bother with clothing — much to the consternation of Sparhawk. Although there is some implication that she is aware of how people would react, but doesn't bother with clothing partly because she'd prefer not to be seen in her real form in the first place and so only stays in the form for the minimal time necessary (it'd undermine her Deliberately Cute Child act, as the glimpse Sparhawk sees is a young but definitely adult woman).
  • Firekeeper Saga: Firekeeper herself, a Wild Child raised by wolves, actually does wear clothing, as her Royal Wolf parents taught her to make basic leather clothing. However, she was taught this purely for pragmatic purposes of protection from the environment, not out of modesty, thus she still has to be taught not to strip wherever.
  • Gor: A group of girls like this are produced artificially in one of the books. They're raised from birth with no nudity taboo and no contact with men. When they reach 18 or 20 they're sent out to the royal court to be raped. Then they are killed the next day because the experience drives them irretrievably insane. Even the protagonist finds the whole thing sickening.
  • In Haruhi Suzumiya, Haruhi herself is a strange case. She doesn't, strictly speaking, fit any of the accepted types, but is technically closest to an Emotionless Girl since, in Kyon's words, she seems to "view guys on the same level as potatoes," as evidenced by her beginning to change into her gym uniform before any of the boys have vacated the classroom. Later on, however, the feelings that she's developing (and trying desperately to pretend don't exist) for Kyon make her refuse to change outfits if he's in the clubroom, and in an even more drastic departure, after they get soaked by the rain in "Remote Island Syndrome", she takes off her shirt and wrings it out, but changes her mind about doing the same with her bra... even though they're separated by a rock wall and he can't even see her.
  • Hothouse: None of the future humans wear clothes. Lily-yo assesses her bare breasts in one scene, disappointed that they're much saggier than they used to be.
  • Jackrabbit Messiah: The eponymous protagonist has zero qualms about stripping down anywhere (in his hospital room, or at the top of a hundred-storey building), any time (before a press conference, or just before going off to take on the Big Bad), in front of anybody (the cops and his shrink, or tourists and staff), usually in his zeal to get his trademark outfit back on. Being a homeless, cheerful paranoid schizophrenic who's also a god who has to save the world, he has entirely different priorities.
  • John Carter of Mars: Dejah Thoris. And all the other women of Barsoom. And the men. The various Barsoomian races wear plenty of jewelry (which denotes social status) and in many cases leather harnesses (for attaching weapons/tools/possessions to), but nothing else. They also seem to find the Earthly custom of wearing clothes to be amusing—particularly hats, for some reason.
  • The Jungle Book: Mowgli was an Innocent Fanservice Boy, having no experience with human modesty. Funny, that part didn't make it to the Disney version. Although in the first instance when he encounters humanity he's only 11, and later on, after he's spent 6 more years naked in the jungle, the only human who sees him naked is his own mother. Well, she thinks she's his mother anyway...
  • Kate Daniels says that shapeshifters are all either very modest or very open, since their changes leave them nude afterwards. Thus Dali drops her towel after drying off without seeming to notice that she's in a crowded room, and several times after fighting beside Curran, Kate has to force herself to keep her eyes on his face.
  • Oar in James Alan Gardner's Expendable and Ascending novels of The League of Peoples 'Verse. Notable because due to genetic engineering gone horribly wrong right, Oar is breathtakingly beautiful, Nigh-Invulnerable, and completely see-through — she looks like a walking, talking glass statue.
  • Double subverted in the Lensman series. Illonia of Lonabar couldn't bring herself to go naked as the Lyranians do — but then Kinnison points out to her that she is very scantily clad (by Tellurian standards) herself (it's strongly implied that on her homeworld, the concept of "fully dressed" includes Diamonds in the Buff).
  • Kas, the main viewpoint character of Henry Sackerman's The Love Bomb, is a Human Alien from a clothing-optional culture. This is both Played for Laughs and Played for Drama, as he's arrested for indecent exposure several times.
  • Mistborn: The Original Trilogy: After Vin fights off a team of assassins after her boyfriend, she returns to her lair, battered and bruised in her underwear (she had to rip off her dress to fight effectively).  She thinks nothing of it since noble underwear often covers more than peasant normal clothes, but poor Spook looks like his eyes are going to pop out of his head.
  • In Isaac Asimov's novel The Naked Sun, the protagonist, Elijah Baley investigates a murder case on the planet Solaria, where people despise human contact, and communicate with very realistic holograms (called "viewing", as opposed to "seeing"). When Baley wants to talk with the victim's pretty, young widow, she appears naked on the hologram; she doesn't understand his embarrassment, since it's just viewing — it's not as though he's actually seeing her. She is noticeably agitated by the concept of "seeing" anyone in person, regardless of apparel; when they do meet briefly, he knows she is physically present because she has gloves on.
  • Ria, Kirino's track rival in Oreimo has a Naked First Impression with Kyousuke and doesn't even seem to care. Later, she tries to take a bath with him. Especially awkward because she's twelve, and under the influence of a Precocious Crush.
  • Mashiro in The Pet Girl of Sakurasou is enough of an Idiot Savant that she clearly doesn't have an idea about when nudity — or, at least, wearing underwear — would be acceptable.
  • Played with a bit in The Pillars of the Earth with Ellen. With her soldier father and his friends being her only company during her childhood, she was showing signs of growing up as a Tomboy and would do "manly" things with them (such as urinating outdoors together or cursing). This trope was among those "things." When she began entering puberty, however, the soldiers' attitudes changed, and her father tried to send her off to a convent for her well-being. Instead, she rebelled and ran off.
  • The Puppet Masters by Robert A. Heinlein had an unusual case where this was applied to the United States. Slug-like aliens were trying to take over the world covertly, and were caught halfway through taking the United States. These aliens could control you utterly, body and mind, if they could touch your skin. Once this was discovered, and the fear of the aliens was at a fever pitch, everyone insisted on being able to see all of your skin every time you left your house. Failure to be naked in public, or at most to wear a g-string and shoes, was likely to get you shot by vigilantes before the police could show up and strip you.
  • Reign of the Seven Spellblades: On their first full day of classes, Oliver stumbles on Nanao conducting "a cleansing ritual", i.e. bathing her upper half with a bucket outside in broad daylight, and in full view of the boys' dorm no less. He hurriedly throws up a spell to block anyone else's view, but she seems mildly baffled that he's put off by it. Given she's a samurai,note  presumably the nudity taboos where she came from are rather different.
  • In Restaurant to Another World, Black Queen/Kuro is a dragon who gets transformed into a girl. The transformation didn't come with clothing, and she stands there oblivious until she is politely asked to put clothes on.
  • The kodama from Return to Neverend are a species of nudists; being trees, they see no need to wear clothing.
  • Seven Senses of the Re'Union: Asahi Kuga was killed as a child, then six years later, is brought back with no memories of an afterlife and thinking it was the same day she was killed. Since she still thinks like a child, she sometimes casually strips in front of her now teenage friends and does not understand why they would be embarrassed, since they used to do it as children.
  • In Shadow of the Conqueror, the Tuerasians vary between this and Shameless Fanservice Girl/Guy when interacting with people of other cultures.
  • Shimoneta: Hyouka's mentality stems directly from Japan's ever-increasing censorship laws, which have prohibited the teaching of even basic Sex Ed for the last 16 years. Which combined with her scientific curiosity, has left her with No Sense of Personal Space or feminine modesty. So she finds nothing unusual about approaching her classmates from beneath their desks whenever she has a question. And she was just as nonplused while naked, in front of Tanukichi.
  • Septa Lemore in the fifth book of A Song of Ice and Fire. Kind of funny, since she's a woman of the cloth who likes to bathe naked in front of a bunch of seafaring men. This hints at her Mysterious Past since she's shown to have stretch marks from pregnancy.
  • In The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted when the conscripts are ordered to undress by their sergeant, Jim finds himself alone in the middle of the floor as there's no nudity taboo on his planet, so he quickly moves to the walls to hide the fact that he's an offworlder.
  • Because he was raised by highly spiritual and otherworldly Martians, Valentine Michael Smith of Stranger in a Strange Land has little to no nudity taboo and a quietly thoughtful curiosity about earthling sex.
  • A possible inversion occurs in the Sword of Truth series, with the Mud People. While they're not prone to running around naked, they are more lax than the rest of the people when it comes to otherwise taboo subjects. For example, to the Mud People, "You have very nice breasts," is nothing more than a compliment, indicating they think the woman is beautiful and/or fit for motherhood—which causes some awkwardness when some of the males leave their village to travel with one of the main characters. Fortunately, these guys don't speak English very well, so the awkwardness is confined to him asking the female lead, "How do I tell that girl she has nice breasts?" She responds with the general rule: only compliment things that aren't covered by clothes.
  • Tarzan doesn't wear clothes even as an adult in a few of Edgar Rice Burroughs's original novels, calling them "a hindrance and a bother".
  • Several examples in Unlimited Fafnir:
    • Zigzagged with Iris. She is initially embarrassed when Yuu sees her naked. But after she learns to trust him, she doesn't seem to mind trying to get more intimate with him, such as trying to wash his back while he's taking a bath.
    • Played straight with Tear, who seems quite comfortable being Yuu's "wife". In one instance, she declares his seat to be hers as well and is seen sitting on his lap in class. This doesn't "sit well" with Iris at all.
  • Vampirocracy crisscrosses between this and Shameless Fanservice Girl with Rosie, a member of Amy's coven. She strips down to perform a spell with the coven for Leon, but that's just how she feels most comfortable performing magic. She is acutely aware of Leon's reaction, but she wasn't specifically trying to get a rise out of him.
  • In Vanas Heritage Nirvy has no nudity taboo and at the beginning of the story doesn´t care if anyone is looking at her naked body. While the story progresses, she starts to care about it more, but her outfit remains somewhat revealing.
  • Towards the end of the Venus Prime series, Sparta abandons her clothing, having been altered to the point where she no longer needs a spacesuit, even in the vacuum of space. Some of her human companions are a little unnerved by this.
  • The Wheel of Time:
    • Aviendha is of the "from a culture with no nudity taboo" variety. When she's assigned to "watch over" Rand al'Thor, she sleeps naked and changes in front of him at every opportunity, presumably because she's amused at his flustered reaction.
    • The same gag is used in Shienar, where there's a tradition of mixed-gender communal bathing. Rand is likewise targeted by every female around because they want to see him blush.
  • Tempi the mercenary from The Wise Man's Fear is a Rare Male Example, who normally dresses in tight clothing and has no problem wandering around shirtless or stripping off to bathe next to a (very startled) colleague. He's a "no nudity taboo" type.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In one episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun, Harry decides that clothing is just a big scam and goes around naked with strategically placed objects hiding his crotch.
  • Angel: It's a very brief scene in "Shells", but Illyria rips off Fred's old clothes in front of Knox. Illyria is the "goddess-avatar" type mentioned above and presumably doesn't really get that doing this sort of thing might have people lusting after her, which she seems to find unpleasant when Connor is doing it.
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003): Most of the humanoid Cylons have no nudity taboo. Apparently, public nudity is common on the Cylon base ships, though they do wear clothes most of the time.
  • An episode of Bewitched has a statue of the Roman goddess Venus brought to life. Until she can resolve the situation, Samantha decides to pass Venus off as her housekeeper and instructs her to put on an apron. Venus doesn't realize that Samantha meant for her to wear more than just an apron.
  • Bitten has it that werewolves are very comfortable naked. Justified by the fact their clothes don't change with them and they have to undress if they don't want to ruin them.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Although she never got as far as actually being naked, the character of Leela (who was born and raised in a tribe of jungle savages and wore relatively little clothing) had a habit of stripping down to her underwear in front of men of cultures where this was inappropriate. She remained completely innocent about the effect this seemed to keep having, as such things were not an issue in her own society.
    • If the interviews are to be believed, the actress Louise Jameson who played Leela also counts, since she was amazed that she became a sex symbol from running around in a leather bikini on television right after the football.
    • In the 1960s, Zoe's Barbarella-influenced dress sense goes rather oddly with her innocently geeky personality.
    • The Doctor himself has shown these tendencies in many incarnations. The Eighth Doctor spends quite some time wandering around with amnesia and wearing nothing but a sheet, the Tenth Doctor was too busy saving the world once to care about being stark naked, and the Eleventh finds himself face to face with danger when he's in the shower and only has time to grab a towel. The Eleventh Doctor also doesn't care much about whether or not his companions see him naked, telling them to just look away if it bothers them.
    Rory: (to Amy) Aren't you gonna turn around?
    Amy: Nope!
  • Farscape: Delvians have no nudity taboos amongst themselves, although they recognise that other species aren't so comfortable with the practise. Zhaan frequently strips down to meditate or bask in the sun. In one episode, the crew strip a prisoner to borrow his clothes as a disguise. When he wakes up, he accuses Zhaan of doing it just to see him naked and flashes her. She serenely asks if his species has a problem with nudity and drops her own robe to unsettle him.
  • Flash Gordon (2007): At the end of "Pride", Baylin, the female bounty hunter from Mongo, is nude and oiling herself up while seated in Flash's backyard when his girlfriend Dale Arden comes over. Flash explains that on the planet Mongo because clean water is so rare, that is how its inhabitants clean themselves. When Baylin stands up to scrape the oil off, Dale notices that Flash is paying too much attention to his guest and irritatedly pulls him back into the house.
  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys:
    • In "One Fowl Day", Katharine was a pig who fell in love with Hercules and was turned into a woman. Hercules tried to explain to her that Humans wear clothes. Hilarity Ensues.
    • In "Love on the Rocks", Discord granted the mermaid Nautica's wish to be human but did not provide her with clothes, and she ends up obliviously wandering into a town naked.
  • An episode of Kenan & Kel had a naked fat man trying to apply for a job at Rigby's. Kenan, Kel, and Chris are disgusted and try to get the man to put on some clothes or go away, but he claims not to understand what the problem is. Kel did however start to like him once he found out the man likes Orange Soda.
  • Raised by Wolves Parker in Leverage displays this from time to time.
  • On Mann & Machine, Mann has to explain to his robot partner why she shouldn't undress in front of him.
  • Klay from Maria Clara at Ibarra is technically this since she does not understand the clothing standards of the 19th century. She is often mistaken as shameless and indecent even though she dresses normal in modern eyes.
  • In an episode of Night Court (of all places) a young, attractive woman is brought in on an indecent exposure charge; as it turns out, she is royalty from a small island nation where nudity isn't a taboo. The culture gap — among other things — causes a lot of trouble over the course of the episode; when Harry brings her into his office and tells her to "make herself comfortable", she actually takes her top off.
  • Sydney Fox of Relic Hunter. She has no problem with changing clothes in public or strangers seeing her in her underwear. When her mission leads her to a nudist resort, she is completely comfortable going naked. In one episode she insists on sharing a shower with her assistant Nigel (there is no sexual intent, she is just really dirty and needs to clean up fast). Nigel ends up waiting outside the bathroom door, wrapped in a towel, while Sydney keeps asking him to come back in and join her, saying that bathing with people of the opposite sex is a great way to relax.
  • An early episode of Quantum Leap had Dr. Sam Beckett leap into the body of a World War II veteran, who returned to his rural midwestern home with a Japanese bride. His mission was to get her accepted and assimilated into her new life with him. One day, while hanging laundry, the young woman removed her top, as was her cultural norm. Unfortunately, she was seen by her mother-in-law, who was not amused.
  • In Seinfeld episode "The Apology," Jerry was dating a woman who spent a lot of time naked, even in Jerry's apartment, at least when nobody else was around. She was convinced to wear clothes when Jerry let her see him naked for no apparent reason.
  • Smallville:
    • The fake Kara from the episode "Covenant" shows up at the Kent Farm completely naked, talking seriously about important issues. The Kents convince her to put on a dress, but she still goes barefoot for the rest of the episode.
    • Aquaman's wife Mera casually strips in front of Lois in the episode "Patriot".
    • And Clark was an Innocent Fanservice Guy in the season-four premiere "Crusade", having just returned from another dimension where he had Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions and giving Lois Lane an eyeful upon meeting her.
  • In the 1988 sci-fi mini-series Something is Out There the beautiful alien Ta'Ra comes from a culture with no nudity taboo, which leads to a Please Put Some Clothes On moment. She's rather confused by this as she knows full well that Jack Breslin wants to see her naked. Then Breslin's girlfriend turns up, but fortunately she's decided to take his advice by then.
  • The Star Trek franchise has quite a few examples of this:
    • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Inheritance", Data's "mother" (an android) mentions that when he was first created, he argued that he had no use for clothes, as his strong android body meant he didn't need them for protection from the elements, and thus wore none. As he was created with the "fully functional" body of an adult, they quickly added a modesty subroutine.
    • The Betazoids, due to being a race of Telepathic Spacemen who evolved from amphibians, not only have no nudity taboo, but they also have their wedding ceremonies performed in the nude. The explanation by Lwaxana Troi in The Next Generation is almost textbook nudism as a funny hat. In fact, Lwaxana Troi showed up nude at her wedding, which caused the groom to back out (which was the effect she wanted since she realized that her Blithe Spirit ways and his stodgy conservatism made them incompatible). Also, amazing how they managed to get Worf's underage son into a hot tub with the naked Betazoids.
    • To Ferengi women, wearing clothes is taboo. In their first introduction in TNG, they glare at Tasha Yar with disgust and act like she's being forced to do something that she probably "shouldn't" want. It's because Ferengi females are viewed as property, and wearing clothes would indicate their male has something to hide. In Deep Space Nine, Quark's mother fights this and earns the right to wear clothes. It's played for some serious laughs when Quark and his brother return home to deal with her "deviant" behavior. Both of them act extremely uncomfortable around her in clothing (much in the way human sons might be expected to act around their mother who suddenly decided to NOT wear anything), keeping their eyes cast down so they don't have to see her non-nude body.
    • Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager has no problem dressing in Sensual Spandex due to being Raised by Orcs. She's not unconscious of her effect on men, just indifferent to it.
  • Eleven in Stranger Things falls in the realistic category. Since both she and the boys she starts undressing in front of are pre-pubescent, there is no actual fanservice involved - their reaction is more along the lines of grossed-out horror.
  • The Tales from the Darkside episode "Ring Around The Redhead" has Keena, a girl from another dimension who is a scientific genius and Space-Time Master, but very ignorant of human culture, like when she casually exposes herself to Billy.
  • The Terminator spin-off Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles features Cameron, a female-modeled Terminator who doesn't always wear a full set of clothes. Like all Terminators, she also has no qualms with kicking ass while in the buff. In the Terminator-verse, you can't take anything with you, so you're Naked on Arrival. It turns out that Cameron is in fact very aware of the effect she has on others while wearing scanty clothes. More than once she's used her physical body to manipulate people around her. Then again, she also nonchalantly strips in front of John in the series finale, so it's quite clear that she simply doesn't care what others are seeing.
  • Ea, the main character from Toumei Shoujo Ea, is a young woman who escapes from a government lab. She just happens to be able to go invisible. Her clothing cannot. Which is fine, since she never wears any the entire 6-episode miniseries. No effort is made to cover her nudity up, other than some decent CG for when she becomes invisible and some occasional camera work to cover up things that are too much for Japanese TV (which, apparently isn't much).
  • Tracker (2001): Cole's species are Energy Being aliens and don’t normally wear clothes, so he keeps walking around in his underwear in the first episode. Mel had to convince him it’s not nice in human form. And he’s all too willing to do a Mr. Fanservice striptease in a later episode.
  • In the Netflix series Travelers, Marcy Warton is from the future, which does not have a nudity taboo. The first time she spends time at Davids apartment, and sleeps on the couch, she is naked, much to the horror of David.
  • Wonder Woman (1975): As far as Wonder Woman is concerned, she's wearing an indestructible warrior's uniform that announces her status as an ambassador and carries a truly formidable arsenal of a razor-sharp tiara, belt of strength, and lasso of truth. To everyone else, she's a drop-dead gorgeous woman in a strapless bathing suit.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Adam and Eve, for exactly 24 verses.
    And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed. — Genesis 2:25
  • This may even include Jesus Christ as a male example. The son of God is stated to be the most innocent and beautiful person ever to exist, but he does appear nearly exposed on crosses and rosaries frequently while he carries on God's work. Though in most tellings, this was utilized as a tactic to humiliate Christ, but he was mostly unfazed by it.
    • Considering he was in the process of dying a slow and painful death after hours of torture, the actual event was probably more of a case of Fan Disservice, though.

    Tabletop Games 
  • BattleTech: The warrior caste of the Clans has little nudity taboo. Mechwarriors generally wear as little as possible while piloting a mech due to the heat generated by fighting anyway, and the Clans have a very relaxed view of sex. So it's not unusual to go into an exercise room on a Clan dropship and find an eight-foot-tall Elemental woman doing weightlifting while she's completely naked due to not feeling like bothering to put on clothes beforehand.
  • The Nazzadi in CthulhuTech have no nudity taboo and are scantily clad as a general rule.
  • Dungeons & Dragons has a few.
    • Pistis Sophia from the 3.5e Book of Exalted Deeds, the Lawful Good archon paragon of asceticism and self-perfection. Since she's an angel who fights like a Bare-Fisted Monk and whose personal philosophy discourages material baggage, clothing is just another superfluous possession to her.
    • Elves of the Forgotten Realms normally don't see any problems with nudity, and humans who dealt with them too much (including the Seven Sisters) sometimes pick up their habits. Though they make adjustments to not become too much of a distraction when among the humans. In books, citizens of Cormanthor (Elminster in Myth Drannor) considered a handful of enchanted gems stuck to the skin to be a fashionable dress, and for the ladies of Evereska (Return of the Archwizards), the discovery that men who see them swimming start to breathe heavily was rather disconcerting.
    • This is one of the traits of the Drow, depending on the source. The Drow are so supremely vain that it's considered proper form to wear as little as possible except during special occasions; after all, with "perfect" bodies, wearing clothes obviously just means you're hiding something (the fact that Drow tend to suffer from Chronic Backstabbing Disorder means that the Strawman Has a Point though). "Special Occasions" does not always include "interacting with outsiders", nor "armed combat." The fact that formal Drow wear is a mixture of dominatrix gear and spiderwebs might have something to do with it. Drow also got Eilistraee — as one of the authors put it, "goddess of butt-neckid moon dance".
    • Races of the Dragon gives kobolds this attribute, though they wear clothing when it's practical and/or fashionable.
  • Exalted has the Alchemical Thousand-Faceted Nelumbo, who, given that she's a cold-proof robot and a loner by necessity, usually doesn't wear anything other than a cloak, which she casts off during a fight. Subverted, however, in that she's actually aware that this attracts stares-the cloak can reshape itself into normal clothing if she's forced into a social situation.

    Video Games 
  • Used somewhat humorously for the Iskai in Albion. As it turns out, there are some body forms that while still "humanoid", and while having similar sexual organs to humans, are just different enough that seeing them naked can't be called anything but mild Fan Disservice.
  • Pretty much all female characters from the BlazBlue series are, to some extent, fanservice girls (including the Moe characters). The designers do seem to have done their best to have them show their skin as much as possible, mainly with skimpy, revealing clothing designs.
    • Second lieutenant Noel Vermillion dons quite a revealing mini-dress for her timid, submissive personality. She's depicted as underwear-free in suggestive poses in several merchandise artworks. After transforming into a Cyborg living weapon, she wears skimpy armor instead.
    • Makoto Nanaya basically wears a bikini: her slit skirt is so short it barely has any practical coverage at all. And her crop top also leaves room for her underboobs, too.
  • In Breath of Fire III, Deis (Bleu) is completely naked when you first meet her. She then immediately commences with the ass-kicking of Garr for all the things he's responsible for, all the while remaining completely naked and a pastiche of "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor starts playing in the background. When she shows up in her true form, with clothes, she seemed to amused that you might have expected her to show up naked. Telling her you preferred her that way will annoy her, though; saying you prefer her clothed naga form means you can get her as a tutor later.
  • Dante's Inferno: Beatrice and later Dante are entirely naked as souls upon ascending into Heaven.
  • Darkstalkers:
    • Felicia is always naked outside of a fur bikini. It may be providing the absolute minimum coverage where it counts, but that's her own fur, not clothes. However, Felicia's butt is fully exposed, as some animation frames and some character design sheets show that her fur "panties" only cover her front part. This is a specific type of Japanese fanservice called maebari — the use of tape (or, in this case, fur) to cover up the genital region, a relic from when Japan prohibited the display of such in adult media. Contrast "pasties" from US and Carnaval. The designers are well aware of this too, as Felicia's "Dancing Flash" super move involves a barrage of kicks and scratches to her opponent. At one point, she delivers a high kick that leaves her butt fully exposed to the player. Her right hand just so conveniently drops down to her waist in order to censor it for that split second right before she uses it to scratch again.
    • This could be said of a lot of Darkstalkers characters, really, including the males. Even Morrigan and Lilith are technically wearing part of their own substance as clothes, as indicated by the way they can shift them around at will. Basically, they wear "clothes" for society's sake.
    • Rikuo (a male character) is a fish man, but with a half-human-looking physical appearance who combats most enemies in the buff. Since he lives in the ocean he requires no need or understanding of clothing.
  • In The Elder Scrolls series' lore, the Kothringi were a silver-skinned race of Men native to the Black Marsh. They preferred to be naked at all times when in their homeland, even when fighting but were known to wear clothes when traveling outside of their homeland. They are now presumed to be extinct after being wiped out by the 2nd Era Knahaten Flu.
  • Fatal Fury: Mai Shiranui is a downplayed example, as she's very much aware of how Stripperiffic she dresses, but unlike how other characters perceive her, she doesn't inherently view her outfit as promiscuous, and takes offense to those who tell her otherwise.
  • Fate/Grand Order:
    • The Lancer version of Altria seems oblivious to why people would be distracted by her and stare at her enormous breasts.
    • The Lancer version of Minamoto no Raikou seems oblivious to why her Barely-There Swimwear would be distracting.
    • Leonardo da Vinci is a man turned into a woman. Since she still thinks like a man at times, she sometimes wanders around naked after bathing.
    • Xuanzang Sanzang wears a skimpy outfit after her three perverted disciples convinced her it was in fashion so they could ogle her without her realizing it.
    • The goddess Kukulkan used to walk around naked because she was alone most of the time and had never met humans or anyone else who looked like her (her world is inhabited by dinosaur people). She only wore clothes as a disguise. Of course, when Mash Kyrielight learns about this habit, she demands that she keep her clothes on around her Master, Ritsuka Fujimaru.
  • Genshin Impact has Yanfei, a kind and friendly professional legal advisor residing in Liyue that just so happens to wear one of the most revealing outfits among the entire playable cast. She never seems to clock that her outfit is very much not fitting of the job that she has in her life.
  • While Dizzy of Guilty Gear doesn't go completely naked, she seems to be unaware of how Stripperiffic her regular outfit is. She was actually raised by Testament, a Stripperiffic male Gear. And she's just 3 years old and lived most of her life secluded from civilization.
  • Halo: Cortana is plainly nude (unless Tron Lines count as clothing), although her "body" is just a hologram. Unlike most examples, her nudity is never once mentioned or lampshaded In-Universe; it helps that Cortana is often inserted into your helmet, which doesn't have the tech to project her full avatar.
  • The Handmaiden from Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Naturally, the Jedi Exile asks her to Please Put Some Clothes On. She then dons a "unique" Jedi robe. From there, the player can unequip it and have the Exile make her put clothes on again. This will cause her to put on a new set of the same "unique" robes. This can be done as many times as necessary, effectively granting a source of unlimited credits and components. Atton implies she's not as innocent as she says (he says that, based on his knowledge of Echani training and rituals — the Handmaiden being Echani — training hand-to-hand in the buff is a somewhat intimate thing not supposed to be done just like that. The Handmaiden went directly for that kind of training with you, and stated it's how Echani training usually is...), but it's not entirely certain he is telling the truth.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • In the case of Midna, the resident Imp from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, it's hard to tell if she's wearing skintight clothing or is naked with patches of lighter and darker skin. But she is a small, round-ish imp with only hints of a feminine physique, so it's ambiguous as to whether or not she's intentional fanservice. She does however gets bumped up to clear-cut fanservice at the end of the game.
    • Princess Ruto (and most of the other Zoras) in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time wear no clothes, but being fish people, the closest thing to naughty bits we see are nipple-less breasts. Although they're a clear case of no nudity taboo, the Zoras have been shown to sometimes wear clothes, such as in the sequel The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask which features a female Zora singer who wears a dress.
  • Lunar: Eternal Blue:
    • Lucia starts off having no concept of human behavior. As such, when she hears Hiro and Ruby having fun in the men's hot springs, she enters completely naked to join them. This is later contrasted in the game when Hiro stumbles upon Lucia naked one night, and she screams and hides from him. This is used to show she's becoming more human, as she's starting to care for Hiro. The hot spring scene is only available in the remade Playstation version titled Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete.
    • In the Japan-only installment of the series Lunar: Walking School, the main character, Elie, is even more willing to show up naked in cutscenes than Lucia is, if you can believe that.
  • Starlow from Mario & Luigi is always naked, and she doesn't seem to think anything strange of it, not that her body leaves much to the imagination. Calling her a nudist seems to also be a bit of a Berserk Button for her.
    Starlow: HEY NOW! Who's nude?! Open your eyes! I have SHOES!
  • In Mass Effect 3, EDI qualifies as this trope after gaining a Robot Girl body.
  • Metal Gear:
  • Either this is the case for every female warrior in the Outworld of the Mortal Kombat franchise or Stripperiffic outfits are a dress code for females who work for Shao Kahn. (Of course, even his outfit is pretty skimpy, so the former is likely.) Mortal Kombat 11 goes with the latter interpretation, because as of this game (set 30 years after Shao Kahn has died), all the female characters wear Tamer and Chaster outfits, and Shao Kahn (brought Back from the Dead by new Big Bad Kronika) says that he misses Sheeva's skimpier attire.
  • In one fan-produced expansion for Neverwinter Nights (female characters only, for story reasons) entitled A Dance with Rogues your character has the option of doing this. Not recommended, because having no armor does not help you survive combat (and Dhorn guards will arrest you if they see you like this), but some of the NPC's responses when you talk to them nude are just hysterical.
  • Ragnarok Online:
    • Moonlight Flower may qualify because her in-game sprite makes her look like she is bottomless.
    • This is used rather comically in Ragnarok Battle Offline, as when her fox minions transform into her, even they have the decency to wear a leaf, while she's the same as usual.
  • Flor from Ridgeside Village, in her 2 heart event she greets the player character in the hotel she's staying while covered only in a towel. She doesn't realize this until the player points it out to her, after which she flusters out.
  • In Stone Idol, a spin-off of Swords and Claws, main and single one character, a rogue archer anthropomorphic fox is nude throughout the game, wearing only a utility belt. There is no reaction or comment on nudity in the game and there is no in-game sexual content.
  • Dryads in The Witcher see no particular reason to wear clothing and while they do have sex it's usually only for procreation so they don't seem to register why this would bother others.
  • Bigby Wolf from The Wolf Among Us is confused as to why Snow White blushes and looks away from him when he walks out of the infirmary shirtless. Justified since he is actually a wolf in a human form.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Downplayed; the soldiers bound by the Flame Clocks have no concept of sex or nudity. One of the first scenes is a mixed-gender bath scene with zero fanservice where a bunch of naked people yell at each other without so much as a blink. Overall, everyone just wears whatever would be most convenient to fight in, which does result in a bit of fanservice—Sena shows a lot of skin, and Noah wears a very tight shirt. Ethel and Eunie are probably the most blatant, as their default outfits have a Cleavage Window to display the life tattoos on their chests.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 
  • Zero Punctuation:
    • In the review of Age of Conan, Yahtzee has a black female called "Thinderella the Necromantic Naturist."
    • Similarly, Calypso — a "sub-aquatic" superheroine with basically the same powers and origin as Aquaman — comes from Atlantis, an entire society with no nudity taboo. Because she spends all her time nude when she's back home, she tends to do the same when she's wandering around the "surface world". Even after a decade of being a superhero, she still can't wrap her mind around why so many people get so upset over her lack of clothing.

    Web Comics 
  • Ellen Eleanor, the title character of Absolute Hot Sister, seems to have no idea of the effect she has on men, including her own brother.
  • The cast of the furry webcomic Apollo 9 includes 3 centauroids (2 feline and 1 wolf) who only wear tops. Somehow the fact that they wear no pants never comes up, except for an April Fools page where everyone was turned into a human, and the (ex)wolf (along with the two cats only shown from the waist up) simply stares down and shrieks "I'm not wearing any pants!"
  • Blade Bunny sometimes appears to be this, although as a master of Obfuscating Stupidity, you can never be sure.
  • Since the female dragons in Dragon City have their private parts under their tails, they walk around naked (male dragons do not have this luxury) and so when one of them turns into a human, they often overlook the fact that they're naked. That is until a human points it out.
  • Myan from Cat Nine when in her Cat Girl form. She's much more surprised about her lack of fur than the fact that she isn't a cat anymore and she's naked.
  • Dominic Deegan:
    • The werewolves are nudists (called that in-comic) and thus follow this trope fairly closely, if only because they can switch to a fur covering anytime they want — the lack of Magic Pants is also a factor. Subverted somewhat in that the less mature guys (and gals) still like to leer at the attractive naked people walking around. (Although the single Werewolf guy we've seen doing this is considered very immature.)
    • Also played with the human Nimmel, who is going to the biggest Werewolf college. He has become "immune to boobs" — the sight of naked college students walking around no longer causes any reaction, even embarrassment or interest. (The subversion comes when he is still "very affected" by his female [werewolf] friend Katya disrobing in front of him... right after he assured her he wouldn't be affected by it.)
  • The Satyri from DP Ragan's various storyverses combine this with Succubi and Incubi and Metamorphosis. The Satyri are a group of half-human half-succubus victims of a one-way Gender Bender (with a little of The Virus mixed in for good measure). For some reason, never explicitly spelled out, part of the Satyri transformation zaps the victim's brain in such a way that they completely and permanently lose all modesty and shame — they cannot understand why people wear clothes, the very idea of doing so is utterly alien to them. Worse, as this is a form of what amounts to brain damage, they can never understand the idea no matter how hard they try, nor can they even grasp the viewpoint that their own nudity is somehow considered perverse, erotic, or shocking.
  • Dregs: The nudist. She's lived alone in the sewer for so long she no longer has any nudity taboo, if she ever did.
  • Dumnestor's Heroes: The adventuring party decides to rest overnight at a temple of Tythus, the river god, only to discover that his temple is staffed by 16 virgin priestesses. These priestesses are required to stay nude at the temple (and another character later points out that being naked is a requirement of their faith — although one is willing to wear a vest and pants to fool an ogre, at least temporarily). This is apparently due to a tradition involving a sculptor creating one statue per major river, a horny river god animating them, and a 5th-dimensional love triangle — but the explanation was cut off. This is down from the original 100 or so virgin nudists that he used to have.
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Grace initially played the Innocent Fanservice Girl trope 100% straight — no nudity taboo, oblivious as to why people are nervous about the subject, vaguely offended when people ask her to cover up, etc. However, Susan explains some of the cultural implications of nudity, which leads to Character Development — she still has no nudity taboo but understands that it makes other people uncomfortable and titillated and so reserves "naked time" for private moments. Later she deliberately uses her Fanservicey past to tease Tedd. Word of God from Dan Shive is that Grace's original lack of a nudity taboo was intended to be a mercy for a shapeshifter lacking Magic Pants. Then he went and introduced the Magic Pants anyway...
    • Sarah, starting off firmly as a Reluctant Fanservice Girl (at best), becomes an Innocent Fanservice Girl in the expanded canon of the Patreon exclusive content. Nicknamed "Casual Sarah," something occurs to her in the timeline between the current comic time and the various Patreon stuff that leaves her with absolutely no nudity taboo at all. This goes beyond merely being unfazed by being seen naked while testing Transformation Ray stuff and enters the troubling as she begins to forget to even put clothes on — almost leaving Tedd's house naked on several occasions and starting to show up already naked, never having gotten dressed in the first place.
  • Errant Story: Discussed. Elves have no cultural nudity taboo, which human stories generally take to mean that elves don't understand clothing and run around naked all the time. This is incorrect; elves don't care about nudity, but they understand human cultural norms and the utility of clothing. Even in their own city, they usually wear clothes, if only because pockets are too convenient to go without. In fact, the only time we see the no nudity taboo come up is in the giant naked statue of their goddess in their town square. Everyone hates it, but because it's tacky, not because it's naked.
  • Shelly Mander from Femmegasm is always naked, but doesn't realize there's any problems with it.
  • Maytag from Flipside has shown these traits (spreading to an lack of any sexual taboos, period) ever since the start of the comic, but she sums it up excellently in this comic:
    Maytag: Yeah, but I just don't get it... Your face, your hands, your arms, your legs... It doesn't matter if anyone looks at those bodyparts, correct? [...] But your sexual parts, like your nipples... those have to be private... Why is that?
  • In spite of her typical modesty, Agatha of Girl Genius strays into this territory with astounding regularity since her habit of sleepwalking (and sleepworking) tends to result in her waking up in her lab elbow-deep in engine grease and wearing only her (Victorian-era) underwear. As mortified as she is each time it happens, you would think she would start wearing pajamas at the very least — but then, this is Fanservice we're talking about, so common sense need not apply. Later on, she comes up with the ploy of startling any would-be assassin that would barge in her train compartment by wearing just a Modesty Towel. Unfortunately for Agatha just about everyone who does barge in on her is an ally or a friend. By England, she seems to have stopped worrying about it, casually stripping off her party dress to work. (Although when Dr Rakethorn does likewise, she's less comfortable, and decides they should both find some kind of overalls.)
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!: Since Molly is a vaguely Muppet-like furry monster, she rarely wears clothing, despite actually having a pretty nice figure. Her clone-sister Galatea has taken to wearing clothes, however, which helps tell them apart.
  • Portia from My Life In Blue, who goes shopping in her underwear at one point just because she can't find a nice enough dress to wear.
  • Angora is the protagonist of The Meek and lives naked without a care in the world. Eventually she's made to wear a pair of pants, but further efforts to clothe her are unsuccessful.
  • MegaTokyo:
    • Largo, preferring to strip to avoid static discharge when working on computers, but not caring who else is in the room. Ping, the Robot Girl, is not like this, and is in fact the one who usually beats Largo with brooms for his behavior. Also interestingly, when he is called on this by one of the classrooms full of schoolkids he's encouraging to follow his example. He denies any suggestion of impropriety by simultaneously berating the few kids in the class who are calling for the girls to get their kit off for paying more attention to their classmates than the components they are supposed to be working with, thus, for him, the lack of respect is not about the nudity, but not showing the proper respect/caution for working with your components.
    • Miho begins to strip down in front of a very flustered Piro, claiming that "it's nothing he hasn't seen before."
  • Ménage à 3:
    • Over-developed French-Canadian blonde Amazon DiDi is a hybrid between Ms. Fanservice and Innocent Fanservice Girl. She has little in the way of a nudity taboo and has no problems with other women walking in on her in the shower, or with walking around both her roommates in translucent lingerie. She's just about bright enough to understand that habitual public nudity would be socially unacceptable, but she really isn't worried about it. She also seems to know that people find her gorgeous, but not to be quite aware of how gorgeous. Her general choice of clothing often verges as fanservice but is mostly treated as innocent. However, she knows what sort of effect she can achieve (on guys, and she was pleased to note, also on some women) with a Little Black Dress. Ironically, on one occasion when she actually tried to use naked physical beauty to entice a guy, it didn't work.
    • Several other characters display at-most-minimal concerns about nudity, largely for fanservice purposes, but it’s somewhat justified in the especially blatant cases of Matt and Senna, who are professional models who would have to have suppressed such concerns in the course of their work. Both do know they’re having an effect but tend to find this either useful or amusing.
  • Missi from Misfile has very few body-shame issues, but subverts this very hard by pointing out that being naked and being nude are two very different things — she's comfortable being seen nude by Ash, but being naked is straight out. (This is a bit of Shown Their Work — as most nudists will happily explain, there is a difference between being naked and being nude.)
  • Male example: Artie from Narbonic, originally a hyper-intelligent gerbil who gets turned into a human. He knows humans wear clothes but he's spent so much time without them that it sometimes slips his mind.
  • A Nerf NOW!! strip explains that the reason Slithice of Dota 2 always goes around topless is because nobody told her about the surface dress code. Slardar pings her to try to warn her about it all the time... but because all he could say was "top is missing" she mistook it for a lane instruction.
  • The Noordegraaf Files has Akila. She's a nymph that has no taboo against nudity, and it is stated she'd prefer not to wear clothes but does so out of respect for Katrina's dignity. Even then, the clothes are not very covering.
  • Almost the entire cast of Not Quite Daily Comic lack nudity taboos or even outright despise clothing, due to being from Belgium, Little Green Men, a Cat Girl, a Tortoise Girl, a succubus, or just not very modest — with predictable results.
  • Used in an early strip of The Order of the Stick when Elan, the resident idiot, decides that, due to the way armor check penalties work in D&D 3.5, the less he wears, the harder he is to see. Taking this to its logical extreme, he concludes that if he strips he will be invisible. Hilarity Ensues. It kind of works. Men turn away from him in disgust. His friends object, though... well, most of them do; Haley expresses an interest in checking out what an 18 Charisma is like "under the hood", so to speak.
  • The dryad Eland Em Tor from Our Little Adventure shows up completely naked in the comic. It seems so innocent that not even the male group members say anything about it. To be fair, she's about as anatomically correct as a child's doll.
  • Baalah from Pawn. A ridiculously buxom, most likely lesbian, perpetually naked demon girl. She apparently doesn't even own any clothes.
  • In Pearl of Mer, the Mermaid Arra doesn't think twice about stripping in front of a guy before returning to the ocean.
  • Sandra on the Rocks is largely about the professional modelling business, so all the fanservice is quite logically justifiable. One minor plot thread actually involves Sandra learning to repress her modesty, while ultra-confident long-time model Zoé is quite capable of using brazen nudity to intimidate people.
  • Squirrel girl Scarlet in Sequential Art first appeared dropping out of the attic buck-naked. At Kat's insistence, she started wearing a shirt (one shirt), and panties as seen when the shirt got ripped.
  • Sluggy Freelance:
    • Aylee fits this trope on the two occasions when she's taken very human-like forms. The first time her nipples and reproductive area (if she had them at all) were covered with scales, falling into the obviously inhuman category. The second time, she actually has "human female naughty parts," though she's able to cover them up with a pair of wings that (when folded) resemble a dress. On both occasions, she doesn't understand why Torg and Riff keep gawking at her new body. She also doesn't understand why, when riding behind Zoe on a hoverbike, it's not acceptable to grab her breasts.
      Aylee: I don't understand! If these aren't handholds, what the heck are they for?
    • And Oasis is as casual about her nakedness as she is about slaughter. See "Love Potion" and "The Bug, the Witch and the Robot".
    • Sasha appears to have elements of this too. She has no problem changing out of her clothes in front of Torg, who is far more embarrassed than she is.
  • There's a recurring female character (later revealed to be named Justine) in Subnormality who is both incredibly attractive and tends to wear very tight-fitting clothing, low-cut tops, daisy dukes, etc. However, she seems to be largely oblivious to the effect she has on men, who are usually so gob-smacked by her geeky interest that they spontaneously expode.
  • In SwordCat Princess, fairy princess Julia flies from Avalon to New York naked (appearing to be body-painted/latexed blue, with no defined genitalia). She doesn't need protection from the elements and has no body shame, therefore she doesn't see a need for clothing. James Barrington clothes her via shoplifting.
  • Tawawa on Monday has this built into its premise. Its characters go about their lives as normal, but their ample chests make their routine just a bit more sexy. There are a couple of shameless ones flaunting what they've got, though.
  • TwoKinds:
    • Flor is a Tiger-girl from a Rainforest tribe ends up naked a lot — although with her being a furry character, it might not count. The artist has lamented that Flora just seems to naturally end up naked despite his intentions. Subverted a bit as she lived with humans for half her life, and thus should know better — doubly so as the other Keidrans seem quite comfortable staying dressed in human company (and wear loincloths when in the forest). In other words, she has even less of a nudity taboo than the race of people with no nudity taboo!
    • Other Keidrans with names run the gambit: Kathrin was bred as a sex slave that's appealing to human sensibilities and seems to be genetically predisposed towards having no nudity taboo (and keeps invoking Accidental Innuendo); Laura (who grew up with Keidrans) is a Shrinking Violet and dresses very conservatively, Natani has his own issues being Transgender and dresses from head to toe (or at least tries to), Mike and Evals seem to mostly have human ideals about clothing while working, but flashbacks on the author's Deviantart site suggest that Evals used to enjoy walking around his original owner's estate in the nude, etc etc.
  • Velamma: The title character is outright called innocent by Word of God and isn't naked at any unconventional time like most examples of the trope, but attracts scores of men and women just by being alone with someone and is initially too softhearted to reject them then finds out her husband's having an affair and then goes about it with a clear conscience.

    Web Original 
  • The Jenkinsverse:
    • Sara Tisdale, the eldest child of a pair of Hippie Parents, makes both Adam and Ava uncomfortable with her complete lack of body modesty. She finds their discomfort ridiculous and annoying. This, however, is decidedly not a case of fanservice. The age of the character in question would make it Squick if it were.
    • Keffa (from the Salvage storyline) on the other hand is an adult human female who was born and raised in space among aliens without a nudity taboo. She has kept the habit of walking around in the buff even after meeting other humans and knowing the effect she has on them, graduating her to something of a Shameless Fanservice Girl.
  • Some Protectors of the Plot Continuum have been Innocent Fanservice People, but with Agent Lux around, they soon learn to cover up.
  • This is the hat of the Nymph race in Tales of MU, and a prominent part of Mermaid culture as well. Justified in-universe as Deliberate Values Dissonance stemming mostly from patron deities that aren't really all that human-compatible despite the titular institution's attempts at integration. Initially used solely to set up sex scenes, this eventually became a major element of the several characters' arcs, since it's a racial characteristic in an RPG mechanics universe rather than an individual personality trait and at least one character reacts rather catastrophically to the fact that it's not even a little voluntary.

    Web Videos 
  • Critical Role: For Nahla the nymph, perpetual nudity appears to be her natural state. It doesn't seem to bother her to be talking to a group of strangers while completely naked.
  • Subverted with YouTube star Hannah Minx, who likes to give the impression that she's this, even though she knows exactly what she's doing. It works on some of her less perceptive viewers.
  • In Potter Puppet Pals, Dumbledore, being a senile old man, often gets naked without a care in the world. Dumbledore, as a distinctly anatomically incorrect puppet, probably does not qualify as Fanservice for any demographic. The nudity is baldly irrelevant to the plot, and rarely (if ever) referenced by any of the characters — the character appears naked simply because he is a senile, elderly lunatic, and everyone accepts him as such.

    Western Animation 
  • Ben, from Ben 10: Omniverse is a spin on this trope that doesn't even have any fanservice implications. He obviously is presumed to have a nudity taboo. However, at first Rath (his Appoplexian form) runs around naked until Ben finds out that Appoplexians are supposed to wear clothes.
  • Captain Planet from Captain Planet and the Planeteers is an attractive humanoid blue man who dresses in a very Stripperiffic superhero outfit as he does everything within his power to save the world. Well, he is relatively new to modern human society.
  • In Family Guy, Brian's attempt to break off his relationship with Jillian prematurely fails when the latter, having just gotten out of the shower, innocently takes off her towel in front of him.
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe contains a lot of male examples of heroic men fighting in Stripperiffic armor. The titular He-man himself exposed most of his body after gaining his power.
  • Justice League:
    • One episode has Wonder Woman surprised and angry when a journalist with an agenda wonders how she can be a role model because of how much skin she shows. She then asks her teammates what's wrong with her getup.
    • Male example. Martian Manhunter may qualify as well since he wears an even more revealing outfit than Wonder Woman does.
    • Aquaman is always walking around shirtless in the surface world, but all the guys in Atlantis treat it as a norm. Presumably because wearing a shirt when you spend so much time underwater is pretty annoying.
  • Samurai Jack: Ashi doesn't seem to understand the nudity taboo, possibly due to having been raised in an all-female cult. In Season 5, as part of her Training from Hell, Ashi and her sisters were shoved into hot coals until they got a covering of the stuff that acted as a Spy Catsuit. She scrapes it off as part of her Heel–Face Turn, replacing it with a pretty leaf dress, but otherwise shows no concern about Clothing Damage or fighting naked (Jack, however...). Her lack of a nudity taboo comes back in episode XCIX when they fight against Lazarus-92. Due to the monster's ability to eat away things with acid, Ashi's leaf dress falls apart fairly quickly, prompting Jack to try and cover her up with his gi with the claim that she "needs protection".
  • Hunter from season 2's "Hot Chick" from Superjail!. She has Barbie Doll Anatomy but is also a subversion because she's dead set on hunting down the Twins.
  • In ThunderCats (1985), the titular Cat Folk heroes were all completely naked before traveling to Third Earth. They only donned their trademark costumes because they were designed as magical armor for combat.
  • Gender-flipped and downplayed on Young Justice, when Superboy takes his shirt off in front of Miss Martian, completely unaware of the effect it's having on her.

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