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DPRagan is an artist on who is known for producing a large number of connected story pictures depicting transformation and transgender siituations. He generally produces reaction shots rather than showing us the event that produced the action shot.

His most well known storylines include:

  • The various sorts of Satyri, including one that's set After the End and another that's a straight up Urban Fantasy. Satyri being a form of magical corruption that is invoked via a few ways (curse, abduction, having one's "male essence" stolen, etc) — but in all cases, the victims are left looking vaguely like a Succubus with horns, tail, neon-colored latex skin, hooves, and a predisposition towards walking around in the nude. (Wings optional.)
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  • Fanworks of the Whateley Universe.
  • Catscratch Fever, a storyverse about a disease that causes involuntary, one way transformation to the shape of an anthropomorphic cat. Crosses over with some Satyri stuff.
  • A Magic School with a somewhat detailed back story.
  • Hangfire, a superhero in the Aberrant setting.
  • Characters in EverQuest II.
  • References to a fictional MMORPG.
  • A science fiction setting.
  • And a handful of other random victims.

Despite repeated suggestions, DP Ragan has not started up a consistent story arc in the form of a webcomic or some form of serial, preferring to switch between the 5 or 6 "storyverses" he works in.


Associated Tropes:

  • Animorphism: Cat Scratch Fever, a magical disease that has permanent transformation into a {{Cat |Folk}}Person as part of the symptoms.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: All over the place, male and female. Generally speaking, all Satyri are very attractive.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Played with and invoked. First off, regardless of the setting, Satyri eyes are all catlike with slit pupils. However, depending on which specific alternate universe the Satyri are in, they may also have solid black sclera (the "whites of your eyes"). If so, this either means they're actually a true Succubus, or they may be a Lillithian — a Satyri that has part of a Succubus soul stuck in them. For Lillithians, the more yellow that appears in their irises, the less humanity the Satyri has left. Once it goes all the way yellow, the Lillithian turns into a true Succubus and can no longer be saved or resist their instincts.
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  • Blessed with Suck: A lot of the superheroes and satyri seem to have this issue.
  • Body Horror: Adonis Depilatory and Lilith Brand Soap literally melt the skin off, leaving the face for last. Usually it is painless until it is time for the face, which will itch terribly provoking most to tear it off, making the species change permanent. This usually happens in seconds, while the victim is in the shower, eyes closed, meaning that very, very few people avoid making the change permanent.
  • Cursed with Awesome: A number of basically innocent bystanders get condemned to hell as newbie demons, but get some powers out of it.
  • Disguised Hostage Gambit: Some Satyri are people that have undergone a physical transformation induced by either a drive-by possession, Lilith Brand Soap or, for the creation of male atyri, Adonis Depilatory. The purpose behind this is to throw society into chaos and get people looking suspiciously at essentially innocent and still mortal victims while real demons can go about their business unhindered.
  • Dressed All in Rubber: All throughout a number of his works, to the point of Author Appeal levels. Satyri, for example, have latex-like skin and some characters have a condition where their sweat does this to any clothing. The magic school Handwaves this by stating that it insulates the mages from crests and lows of the mana field, making it practical attire for mages.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: Lillithian Satyri. For all the humiliation, rage and despair they feel over their newfound Succubus instincts, it hides a harsh truth — they need male essence in order to live. They literally cannot go without "feeding" on random men every few days/weeks, to do otherwise would be akin to a human trying to live without air. The realization of this often sends the Lillithian Satyri right past the Despair Event Horizon.
    • Worse, there are only three long term fates that a Lillithian can hope for after their transformation — either they put up with this torment for the rest of their lives, they give in completely (inevitably losing their humanity and souls in the process), or they strike a voluntary balance between living a normal life and embracing their nature as part-succubus, part-human sexual beings.
  • Fantastic Arousal/Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Satyri do have one major metabolic difference from humans — cocoa (read: chocolate) is highly appealing (to the point of near addiction) and causes intense feelings of pleasure and arousal — the darker the chocolate, the stronger the effects. In addition, exposure to holy relics such as religious icons and holy water both causes arousal and destroys their clothing.
  • Fantastic Racism: Even in the Lilith brand soap universe where non-human creatures have started to be seen everyday, some people still immediately assume that Satryi are true-demons rather than a magically produced basically normal species without any real superpowers. Attempts to banish the people misidentified as "evil" range from Hilarity Ensues (when the attempt does nothing more than leave the Satyri naked, horny and annoyed) to horrifying (when they decide to just Burn the Witch!).
  • First Law of Gender-Bending: Sometimes inverted in that the transformation is reversible but entered into voluntarily. Women that have been changed also seem to be stuck. In a lot of cases, it is indicated that some of the accidental and unwilling transformations have done magical damage that makes trying to turn the person back into a not good thing.
    • There is no cure for being transformed into a Satyri. Victims who manage to avoid tearing their own faces off (something that's apparently very difficult to do due to the torturous itching that tries to force the issue) still become the opposite gender. Likewise, outside of illusion magic (which only the true Succubi — aka, the Horny Devils — know), there's no way to deal with the other effects (horns, possibly wings, neon colored rubber skin, hooves, tail, nudism, etc), either.
    • Second Law of Gender Bending: In full effect, save that some shapeshifters vehemently prefer their "natural" gender.
    • Third Law of Gender Bending: Played with. The obvious and most common one — feminine clothing — is flat out, as Satyri permanently forget all about wearing clothes as part of their transformation. Most other stereotypes do come into play and are played up straight, however.
  • Gender Bender: Multiple versions. There are actually three versions of the Satyri — one which involves a Succubus personally stealing a victim's masculinity (and implanting the victim with a "seed" of Succubus soul, leaving them a Satyri), another that involves cursed items (bodywash being the most common) that only works on virgins, and the last of people in a Revelations inspired universe who refuse the mark of the beast and are made into demonic appearance to avoid people trusting them.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: Soap Satyri have the part of their minds that handles body shame and the nudity taboo modified or damaged during their transformation. As a result they are all Innocent Fanservice Girls — they literally cannot grasp the concept of ever wearing clothing nor can they understand why others would, and the idea that others would be offended, shocked, or titillated by the sight of a naked body is utterly alien to them. Worse still, as this is what amounts to brain damage this can never change — While they can be convinced to dress (mostly by friends and family) they can never understand just why they have to.
  • It Amused Me: The reason why Lillithian Satyri are forcibly given Succubus instincts. The queen of the Succubi finds the permanent sexual torment they are forced into absolutely adorable.
  • Latex Space Suit: Several examples, see Organic Technology.
  • Mama Bear: Quite a few Succubi consider their Satyri victims to be their children, and are all too willing to watch over them and defend them, up to and including draining the souls of / condemning to hell people who threaten them.
  • Metamorphosis: Multiples — Satyri and Cat Scratch victims get one way changes to their resultant forms, for example.
  • The Mind Is The Plaything Of The Body: A frequent part of the works. Early versions of the Satyri imply that their sexual orientations were forcibly normalized (gay Male became lesbian Satyri), but this has been played down in recent revisions. They still gain some instincts from their new forms — for good and bad, see Innocent Fanservice Girl and My Instincts Are Showing.
  • My Instincts Are Showing: Lillithian Satyri have all the instincts of a Succubus, but retain human morality. These instincts include a powerful dislike of clothing, an urge to be titillating with everyone, and a compulsive need to "feed" with men every few weeks. They can resist these urges temporarily using willpower and generally being miserable, but eventually all Lillithians give in — first by losing the ability to wear clothing, then by subconsciously acting perverse despite themselves, and finally eventually losing control and finding a nearby man to "feed" off of. It's only then that the cycle resets, giving them a short period of relative normalcy again.
  • The Nudifier: Three forms. First off, all true Succubi can destroy clothing that's "in the way" — this is a standard magical effect and nothing particularly special to Succubi, but they are well known for using it. Second, all Satyri have the urge to wear clothing and the ability to feel modesty about being nude zapped from their brains, permanently, as part of their transformation. Thirdly, all Satyri have a permanent magical effect on them as a result of their transformation — being exposed to holy relics such as holy water or religious icons causes them to experience a pointed sexual arousal and a compulsive disintegration of their clothing. Since they don't see anything wrong with being nude and already have a reputation for being overly lascivious, this can complicate matters significantly.
  • Organic Technology: Latex Spacesuits which have some sort of retractable helmet, amongst other things. Hell in the settings is shown to use the more nightmarish version of this — transformed sinners into household objects, such as office plants and furniture.
  • Perpetually Shiny Bodies
  • The Plan: Whoever is behind the Satyri transformations has a multi-layer plan — to make it so no one would be surprised to see a succubus, to corrupt pure men, and to raise the level of ambient lust on Earth.
  • Plaguemaster: Lillith Brand Soap Co. Cat-scratch fever and Soad Satyri are The Plague.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Lillithian Satyri are Satyri variants that have part of a Succubus Soul forced upon them as part of their change. Part of this manifests as a series of constantly growing instincts to act like a Succubus — the first one being an intense dislike of wearing clothing or otherwise covering their bodies. They can resist this, but only if they've "fed" fully recently, otherwise they simply cannot bear the feeling of clothing on their skin.
  • Virgin Sacrifice: Several mentioned, but special mention goes to the Soap Satyri, which were all exclusively virgin men before being transformed (the curse does not affect any other targets).
  • The Virus: Lillithian Satyri are human men who have had their masculinity ripped out by a Succubus and replaced with a fragment of the Succubi's soul. This almost invariably results in the Lillithian Satyri hitting the Despair Event Horizon and giving up on resisting their instincts, which very quickly results in them becoming a true Succubi... which can (and will) transform other victims into Lillithian Satyri, given enough time.

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