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Literature / Return to Neverend

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Return to Neverend by J. M. Sloderbeck is a story about David Inari and the world he created with his mother. Naming it 'Neverend' (since David hoped his mother would get well so that the story would "never end") he abandoned it after her death.

Twenty years later, he receives a message from Aya, the girl he left behind to manage it, who begs him to come back to Neverend. Returning to Neverend (with his sister Sara unknowingly following him), he soon discovers that Neverend isn't quite how he remembered it...

This book provides examples of:

  • Character Development: David starts out as a selfish, self-absorbed man who can't let go of his mother's memory. He learns how to stand up for himself and put the past behind him. It's the key to how he defeats the Queen.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: David really should have considered what would've happened when he abandoned the world he created. He pretty much invents the main villain, so it's all his fault Neverend became a Crapsack World.
  • Unicorn: A bit different from their traditional portrayal. The unicorns are the guardians of Neverend. They have the ability to conjure/control fire, and one doesn't need to be a virgin in order to ride one (although Sage seemed awfully happy to meet one).