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Benn Jordan, best known as The Flashbulb (and lesser known as Flexe, Acidwolf, Human Action Network, DJ ASCII, 66x and Benn Jordan, among many other names) is an IDM, breakcore, glitch, drill and bass, ambient, modern jazz, and acid producer from Chicago. He is known for his unique take on breakcore; rather than being harsh and heavy, it's soft and ambient-oriented.


  • Ambient: Frequently. His ambient leanings have only gotten stronger with time, to the point that his albums eventually turned out to be more ambient than IDM.
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  • Amen Break: Omnipresent.
  • Genre Mashup: From time to time. Notably, there's the ambient/hard rock/breakcore Soundtrack for a Vacant Life.
  • Lighter and Softer: Compared to, say, Venetian Snares, his take on breakcore is focused more on calming ambient noises, melodic intervals and string sections and is very light on the Sensory Abuse.
  • Sensory Abuse: Downplayed. Some songs of his have odd unpleasants synths (such as the weird feedback bassline in The Big Orange Love), but they're not necessarily as unpleasant as most examples of the trope.