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Music / Fishermans Friends

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A photo of Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends

A Cornish Folk group that consists of local fisherman from the village of Port Isaac in North Cornwall that are known for singing Traditional Sea Shanties.


  • Suck'em and Sea (2000)
  • Home from the Sea (2002)
  • Another Mouthful From ... The Fisherman's Friends (2009)
  • Port Isaac's Fisherman's Friends (2010)
  • One and All (2013)
  • Proper Job (2015)
  • Sole Mates (2018)
  • Keep Hauling (2019)

Fisherman’s Friends provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Based on a True Story: A British Comedy-Drama based on the true story of the Fisherman’s Friends was released in 2019 (it was also filmed in the home village of the Fisherman's Friends "Port Isaac" in Cornwall).
  • Last of His Kind: "The Last Leviathan" tells the story about The Last Whale.
    Last night I heard the cry. of my last companion.
    Then came a blast from a harpoon gun,
    and I swam alone.
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  • Pirate Song: The groups songs are a collection of traditional sea shanty's.


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