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Last of His Kind

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Oh, where did the dinosaurs go?
They were all here not long ago.
This burden that we used to share
Has now become mine to bear.
Goodbye forever, friends of yore,
For I am the last of the dinosaurs.

"You know the problem with being the last of anything; by and by there be none left at all."

A character who is a species unto themself, the only survivor of some calamity that has wiped out their entire civilization. If this civilization used to be important in the power balance between civilizations that still remain, it's now considered missing.

This might mean that they're the last survivor of a particular society or secret order, but for full effect they are actually the last of an entire civilization, or even biological species.

Such a character is liable to manifest some profound Survivor Guilt, and the prospect of avenging their kind may develop into an obsession that acts as an Achilles' Heel. It will also provide an excuse for them to be substantially different (read: "better") in skill, abilities, or morality than the rest of the characters. However, the writers still need to be careful as to how they construct this Survivor Guilt: owing to Angst Dissonance, even something as traumatic as this can still degenerate into Wangst if the character seems determined not to get over it and eventually move on, or if the character's pain is written in an unconvincing fashion.

Will often manifest qualities of the Warrior Poet or the Stranger in a Strange Land.

Since this kind of loneliness is the sort of thing that could easily drive you mad, evil versions are about as common as good ones, particularly of the Straw Nihilist strain. In general, being the last of one's kind is a polarizing experience: the only folks who tend to survive the death of their species are either the very best examples, or the very worst. The evil version will often carry a thematic notion that their very existence is an affront to the natural order, as they "ought" to have died with the rest of their kind, and it's rather rude of them to keep hanging on to life well past their time. Some really evil versions might even be responsible for the deaths of the rest of their race in a way (see Lobo below), as may The Atoner every once in a blue moon (see Tetrax, further below). In either case, if it was an engineered genocide, it just backfired.

Very often, at least for the heroic sort, it will eventually be revealed that There Is Another.

It is fairly uncommon for such a character to be the lead character, even if they are an important member of the regular cast. Perhaps that level of isolation is just too much for the audience to really wrap their minds around — with most characters who are cut off from their own kind, there is at least the prospect of an eventual reunion. This character lacks even that prospect. However, a common Aesop (for the heroic ones at least) they learn is that, even if their race is gone, they aren't truly alone, having people with them who still love and care for them.

Compare Fling a Light into the Future, Humanity's Wake, Uniqueness Value, and Living Relic. Genocide Backfire and Genocide from the Inside can both cause this trope. Endangered Species and Dying Race are not as extreme versions, although they may lead to this eventually. Sometimes paired with The Aloner for truly horrifying angst. Occasionally Played for Drama or Played for Laughs with Only You Can Repopulate My Race. Occasionally the Last Of His Kind is of a previously extant Barbarian Tribe of some kind. If There Is Another, see Adam and Eve Plot. The Collector likely wants to put him in their Fantastic Nature Reserve.

If there was only ever one member of a species, see Single Specimen Species. Not to be confused with A Kind of One. Note that the very last of any species is called an endling.

Contrast with Monster Progenitor and The Chosen Many. Compare Racial Remnant. Overlaps with Single Specimen Species. If this is taking place in an After the End setting or such, don't be surprised if The Last Man Hears a Knock.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • In one A.I. Love You story, the cast finds a stray puppy and immediately take a liking to him. Complications arise when they discover that the puppy isn't a dog, but rather the last Japanese Wolf cub in existence. (In Real Life Japanese Wolves have been extinct since the early 1900's.)
  • In Attack on Titan, Mikasa is the last person descended from the East-Sea Clan (East Asians) and has Mixed Ancestry. Her mother was the last full-blooded member of their people, and was murdered by human traffickers trying to sell mother and child off as "exotic" slaves. At least, she's the last living inside the Walls; it turns out that East Asians are doing just fine outside Paradis, as made evident by the Japanese-esque nation of Hizuru.
  • The Kuriyama clan in Beyond the Boundary were exterminated out of jealousy and fear and Mirai is the last living member of the clan.
    • Though Akihito is technically not this, the extreme rarity of half-demons are frequently commented as such.
  • Bleach: The shinigami pogrom that decimated the quincies two centuries ago has lead to a rather complicated idea of what constitutes the Last Of His Kind in this story:
    • The last known practitioner is self-styled Last Quincy Uryuu Ishida. It's eventually revealed that he doesn't really know what "Last Quincy" means.
    • The last known master (and the official Last Quincy) is Uryuu's father, Retired Badass Ryuuken Ishida. He notably refuses to explain what "Last Quincy" actually means even though he makes it clear that it's an hereditary title that's been passed to him by his deceased father Souken Ishida.
    • The Vandenreich has abandoned the old ways entirely, resulting in the last known users of the old traditions being the two Ishida quincies. The Emperor wiped out all mixed-blood quincies. The last mixed-blood quincy in existence is Uryuu Ishida, who mysteriously survived The Purge. Also, the last pure-blood quincy left outside the Vandenreich (and the last quincy left outside the Vandenreich since Uryuu joined up) is Ryuuken, thus reinforcing the mystery of why the Ishida Quincies are so different to the Vandenreich.
  • In Blood+, Lulu winds up as the last survivor of the Schiff.
    • The movie the anime was based on, Blood The Last Vampire, has Saya (here of a different species than her foes) as the last member of her kin.
  • Mime from Captain Harlock as her alternate counterpart in Mugen Kido SSX, La Mimay.
  • Goku and Vegeta are the last of the Saiyan race on Dragon Ball Z. Each of them eventually had (part human) kids of their own, though Vegeta still likes to remind people of his status of 'last full-blood Saiyan'. Of course, both he and Piccolo directly contributed to this state of affairs by killing Nappa and Raditz respectively, the other last two Saiyans. It is stated by Raditz that only 4 Saiyans survived, but There Is Another is averted if you ignore the non-canon movies and the specials mentioned below. And of course, Goku and Vegeta BOTH shared the title of the last Saiyan, Vegeta during the 7-year timeskip, and Goku (briefly) during the final parts of the Buu Saga. And also the pure blooded Saiyan race died out before Goku's revival by the Old Kai, thanks to Vegeta blowing himself up.
    • There's Turles and Tarble from one of the movies and the new special, respectively. Turles is killed by Goku, and Tarble was apparently a weak embarrassment of a little brother to Vegeta who was sent to some backwater planet because he couldn't fight.
    • And Broly and Paragus, Broly later kills Paragus and since Broly is too psychotic he is eventually killed by the combined attacks of Goku and his sons. The movies are quite fond of this theme.
    • After the death of Future Gohan, Future Trunks is the last person with Saiyan blood in his timeline.
    • Dragonball Z featured Majin Buu killing every human on Earth except Hercule, simply because he absorbed the good Buu whom Hercule was friends with.
  • Bebi from Dragonball GT is technically the last of the Tsufuru-jin, as he was created by Dr. Myuu using the DNA of their king.
  • By the final episode of Eureka Seven, Eureka is the only known Human Coralian alive after Sakuya and Gonzy "disappeared". This fact still holds true in the sequel Eureka Seven Ao.
    • Also, in the movie version, Eureka is the 7th and last Human Image ever created before Image disappears from Earth in the ending.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist's Hohenheim, who is the only survivor of the destruction of Xerxes 400 years ago.
    • In an end-of-series example, Pride ends up as the sole surviving Homunculus, though he has no memories or knowledge of the fact that he is one.
    • Ed and Al by descent are the last two ethnic Xerxians.
  • Gon: A manga series which revolves around Gon, a diminutive and seemingly ageless baby dinosaur roaming a prehistoric Earth, having somehow survived the cataclysm that ended the reign of the dinosaurs.
  • Kurapika from Hunter × Hunter is the last survivor of the Kurta Clan who were massacred for their scarlet eyes. Not surprisingly, he's keen to exert revenge on the group responsible for it.
  • Not as impressive as some of the other examples here, but Sango from InuYasha is the last of her village of demon-slayers (unless you count her undead little brother). Wolf-demon Koga also had almost his entire clan wiped out. Both are determined to get revenge for their people.
  • The four Pillar Men from Jojos Bizarre Adventure Part 2 are the last of their kind due to Kars wiping them all out when they didn't go along with his plan to achieve physical perfection with the Stone Mask. By the end of Battle Tendency Kars is the only one, having become the Ultimate Lifeform but doomed to wander space for the rest of time, alive but unable to escape from his powers' preservative abilities.
  • Both Asagami Fujino and Fujoh Kirie are implied to be the last members of their supernaturally-empowered families in Kara no Kyoukai. Kurokiri Satsuki is the only person on Earth who can still use the Unified Language.
  • From Kill la Kill, Ryuuko is the last life-fiber hyrbid, as Nui, Ragyou and Senketsu are dead.
  • Vivio of Lyrical Nanoha is the last member of the Sankt Kaiser royal family via cloning. Extinction was caused by the destruction of Ancient Belka with the few surviving members dying some years after without next of kin.
    • More of them seem to pop up lately though, as both the Sound Stage X and the new Vivid manga have revealed a survivor (in the Sound Stage) and one of as of yet unknown origins in the manga.
      • They're not from the Sankt Kaiser line, but royalty from different Ancient Belkan nations. One is a descendant of the last Sankt Kaiser's best friend, and the other is an actual contemporary of them who's lived for thousands of years in stasis. Each seems to be the last of their respective royal lines, though, Einhart and Ixpellia are examples of this trope in their own right.
  • Kukuri of Magical Circle Guru-Guru is the last of the Migu Migu tribe. The fate of the tribe is unknown, with the only clues being that they had to leave.
  • Tau is the last of the Hiva/Mu people in The Mysterious Cities of Gold.
  • Naruto: Due to many wars and a good dose of Fantastic Racism, this trope is quite prevalent:
    • The clans descended from Kaguya Otsutsuki are considered the most powerful in the Ninja World, and yet precisely because of this reason, many of them have been hunted to extinction or have otherwise bled themselves out. There are six clans are descended from her, only two of which, the Hyuga Clan and the titular Otsutsuki Clan, are not moribund/extinct:
      • Tsunade is the last living descendant of the Senju Clan, after the premature death of her younger brother.
      • Sasuke Uchiha is a lesser case of this. He is the last of his clan unless you count his brother Itachi (who was the very person responsible for wiping out the rest of the Uchiha), Madara (who's brought back to life by a forbidden jutsu), and Tobi (aka Obito, who was believed to be dead until near the end of the manga). By the end of the original manga, Sasuke is the only Uchiha left alive until the epilogue and the Boruto series, where he has a daughter named Sarada.
      • Naruto is also a downplayed case of this; his mother's clan, the Uzumaki, were mostly wiped out when their home village was destroyed. Later in the series, we learn that Tsunade, Karin, and Nagato have Uzumaki blood in their veins as well, though Nagato dies (for good) near the end of the original manga, and none of them seem to actually identify as Uzumaki. In the epilogue, Naruto is revealed to have two kids, both of whom take on his clan name.
      • Kimimaro was the last of the Kaguya Clan (which was wiped out in a civil war against the rest of the Hidden Mist Village), serving Orochimaru until his death. Ironically for such a warlike clan, he fell not to battle wounds, but to a terminal illness.
      • People who carry the Otsutsuki surname used to be thought of as moribund; the main villain of The Last Naruto The Movie introduces himself as the last of the Otsutsuki Clan. As he decides to stay away from humanity after his Heel–Face Turn, the clan will probably go extinct in the long run. We later learn that this is so, so, untrue. The Otsutsuki members descended from Kaguya do become moribund and Toneri is the last of them. But Kaguya is merely a rebellious membernote ; there are others like her who still live outside Earth in the heavens somewhere. Momoshiki and Kinshiki from Boruto: Naruto the Movie are two examples, and although they die in the film, the Boruto anime series introduces another member with hints of more to come, so it is safe to say that the Otsutsuki are far from extinct.
    • According to Zabuza, Haku was the last survivor of the ice-wielding Yuki clan, due to bloody persecutions throughout the Land of Water that wiped out many clans with bloodline limits. The post-manga novel Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky reveals that two of the antagonists (a sibling pair from the Land of Water) also possess Ice Release, with one of them surviving to the end (though it's never explicitly stated whether they're Yuki or not).
  • In One Piece, Nico Robin is the last citizen of Ohara. The people (well, the scholars) of Ohara had the ability to read Poneglyphs, large stones with the world's history inscribed on them. They are also a key to learning about the "Void Century", a 100-year period that's been stricken from the history books, which is the history inscribed onto those stones. The World Government considers this knowledge extremely dangerous and orders the island to be destroyed. Only Robin escapes and ran for 20 years, eventually finding solace in the Straw Hat pirates.
    • In addition, Trafalgar Law is the only escapee of the destruction of the Kingdom of Flevance. Everyone else in the country either succumbed to white lead disease or were killed directly by the neighboring countries' militia out of fear. Law slipped through the country's borders by hiding among dead bodies, then cured himself of white lead disease with his Devil Fruit power.
  • Pokémon:
    • Done in the 9th movie, Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea where Lizabeth and her family were the last members of "The People of the Water".
    • Also, Iris in Pokémon Black and White, where she's the last member of her Dragon village.
  • By the end of Saikano, Shuji is the last human alive, since Chise doesn't count as human anymore.
  • Although not the last of his ethnic people, (the Ainu, the aboriginal people of Japan), Okuru from Samurai Champloo is the last of his particular tribe, as the rest were wiped out by a rampant disease.
  • In Samurai Deeper Kyo, protagonist Kyo is the last true Mibu, an extinct Proud Warrior Race of god-like virtually-immortal berserkers who completely wiped themselves out through in-fighting because they literally loved battle that much.
  • The anime-exclusive villian Valgaav of Slayers is the final Ancient Dragon; the rest of his race was brutally slaughtered by the Golden Dragons out of fear. A young, naive Golden Dragon, Filia, initially refuses to believe this, and has a complete emotional breakdown when the truth actually sinks in...
    • Filia herself doesn't fall directly under this trope, but during the climax of season 3, the Golden Dragons serving one of Ciefeed's four Guardians, Vrabrazard, are mass-murdered by Srius and Eurologos, making Filia the last Golden Dragon under Vrabrazard's service.
  • Tsukihime has a few. Arcueid is the last True Ancestor vampire, and Shiki is the sole-surviving member of the Nanaya clan, a family of elite assassins who specialized in killing demons and demon-hybrids.
  • Vexille has two: Kisaragi, for the Human!Japanese, and by the finale, if only briefly, Maria for the Cyber!Japanese. They are killed at the same time as the platform they're standing on is obliterated from below by a Jag, Maria holding Kisaragi in her arms as they're devoured.
  • In the end of Wolf's Rain, Kiba is the sole surviving wolf, as well as the last living being on earth. He dies as Paradise begins to emerge.

    Comic Books 
  • In The DCU:
    • Superman is sometimes the last Kryptonian, and is the inspiration for most of the other DCU examples and quite possibly the non-DCU examples on this list. However, for much of the pre-Crisis era, Supergirl -who appeared first in The Supergirl from Krypton-, Krypto the Superdog (who, to be fair, is a dog), the bottle city of Kandor, and numerous villains from the Phantom Zone (among others) mitigated this status. John Byrne's Post-Crisis Retool attempted to make Superman Last Of His Kind again, but success of the characters means you'll still see some other Kryptonians pop up from time to time (mainly Supergirl and Krypto).
    • During New Krypton, it's Superman, Supergirl, the Phantom Zone criminals and 100,000 of their kin on New Krypton on the opposite side of Earth's orbit (until New Krypton gets blown up. In Bizarrogirl, Kara brings up the fact she and Superman are the last Kryptonians again.
      Supergirl: My people are gone, Lana. All of them. Mom. Dad. Thara. Even poor Zal-Tel. Me and Kal are the only ones who...
    • In Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade, Superman believes he's the last of his race until a rocket belonging to a certain Kara Zor-El crashes into Lex Luthor's robot he's fighting.
      The planet Earth. Home to the greatest hero of the galaxy, Superman. His native world of Krypton destroyed when he was an infant, he believes himself to be the last survivor of his race. He is mistaken.
    • In Krypton No More, Superman has a breakdown because of his and his cousin's last of their kind status. It gets so bad that the people of Kandor persuades Kara to trick him into believing Krypton was a delusion of his so he doesn't suffer anymore because his birth world is gone.
      Superman: I'm an orphan... Perhaps the most total orphan the world has ever known... The orphan son of an entire world!
    • Discussed in the Supergirl story arc Red Daughter of Krypton. Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner -who had never met Supergirl previously in the New 52 universe- are shocked to learn that there's another living Kryptonian besides Superman, who was supposedly the last one.
    • In Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl, Kara Zor-El -Supergirl- is the last Kryptonian because Lex Luthor murdered her cousin.
    • Power Girl was the only surviving Kryptonian of Earth 2 - after that universe's Superman and Lois Lane died in Infinite Crisis she is the only one to make it out of that universe. In the New 52 universe, she and Helena Wayne -alias Huntress, daughter of Batman and Catwoman- are "the last daughters of Earth-Two" (which is a big lie, since Earth-2 was still very much alive and kicking).
    • In a Bronze Age storyline, Superman and Supergirl come upon Kryptonite Man, the last member of a race that inhabited Krypton long ago.
    • The Martian Manhunter is the last of the Green Martians, although the Brightest Day storyline teased There Is Another, but she turned out to be an Ax-Crazy murderess, and he flew her into the sun.
    • There were also some White Martians brainwashed into believing they were Green, and Miss Martian, one of the few (if not the only) White Martian who's actually nice. Then New 52 came along, and M'Gann was erased from existence.
    • There's also that one other evil Green Martian. When last seen, he was a disembodied psychic essence possessing a shark. He's still around, provided any writers still remember him.
      • The whole "last Martian" thing is actually a pretty recent development - back in the Silver Age, he was not the last of his kind, and the only reason he couldn't return to Mars is because Martian technology had not advanced as much as human tech.
    • Lobo is the last Czarnian, and a mockery of the trope in general (in the comics, he killed fragged all the other Czarnians on a whim; in the DCAU, he blew up the planet for his high school science project and gave himself an "A"). Not that anybody ever considers it tragic.
      • Not necessarily "on a whim": he specifically wanted to be the last Czarnian. So much so that when another living Czarnian turns up later, Vril Dox (the one person Lobo will actually listen to) knows he'll find it particularly galling to be ordered to keep her alive until she gets to someplace safe. Lobo complies and then, as soon as Dox confirms that he completed his mission, kills her.
    • Legion of Super-Heroes member Element Lad is the last survivor of the Trommite race, the others having been slaughtered either by pirates or genocidal superbeings, depending on which continuity you're working in.
    • Another Legionnaire, Blok, is the last survivor of the planet Dryad.
    • And, for a while, Kyle Rayner was the last Green Lantern.
    • And Ganthet, the one who gave him his Ring, was the last of the Guardians of the Universe. Then a group of new Guardians were brought to life. They got whittled down, one by one, until Sinestro finally killed absolutely all of them, save Ganthet and his mate Sayd. However, there are several more of their species still alive and working with the Green Lantern Corps. But they're not calling themselves the Guardians of the Universe.
      • Before that, Appa Alli Apsa, also known as the Old Timer, was the last of the Guardians, not because the others had died, but because they had left for another dimension. The Old Timer couldn't take it, and the others had to come back to stop him.
    • American Eagle in Captain Carrot And The Final Ark is the last bald eagle in the United Species of America.
    • Kilowog, another Green Lantern, is now the last of his species. There was a Hope Spot when he was able to fit all sixteen billion life energies of his home world's inhabitants into his ring when his home world was destroyed and released them on another planet, but that planet was destroyed by Sinestro while Kilowog wasn't there to save them.
    • Helena Bertinelli is the last of the Bertinellis, who were once the dominant of Gotham's Five Families. The Bertinelli name is still highly respected in Gotham's underworld, however, and Huntress uses that to her advantage. Subverted in that she is revealed in Cry for Blood not to be a Bertinelli after all, but a Cassamento.
    • Kraken is the Last Vampire. Humans wiped out his species. As seen in a story in Secrets of Sinister House, humanity destroys itself in an atomic war, leaving him very hungry. He settles down to wait until mankind evolves again but finds out that men have re-evolved from plants.
    • In Shazam 2012, the Wizard is the last wizard and member of the Council of Eternity left, since Black Adam killed them all several thousand years ago.
    • Robin Series villain Jaeger makes money off filming himself hunting down creatures and individuals who are the last of their kind and is considered to have caused the extinction of several species that were on the brink. It's implied he sells their bodies after he's done too.
  • From the Marvel Universe:
    • Galactus is the last of his entire universe, which was reincarnated into the one with Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and all the rest. Subverted recently, however, with the Galacta one-shot: he has a daughter, created via spontaneous generation. And she's pregnant.
    • The Elders of the Universe are somewhat younger, each of them immortal due to having become a one-person Species of Hats—they REALLY ticked off Death. Each is the last survivor of his respective species. The one exception is the Collector, who has a daughter who gained immortality too. (So did his wife, but after a few million years, she lost the will to live and relinquished her immortality. This was, in fact, what made him realize he needed a hobby to keep from going mad, which led him to, well, collecting.)
    • There's also Richard Rider of the Nova Corps, who became the last Nova in the Crisis Crossover Annihilation, up until War of Kings when the corps started to rebuild.
    • Gamora, former sidekick and lover of Adam Warlock, and a founding member of the modern Guardians of the Galaxy, is the last of the Zen-Whoberi, who were exterminated by the Church of Universal Truth when she was a child (though since time-travel is involved, it hasn't happened yet). She never brings it up though.
    • This was part of the premise of the original Guardians of the Galaxy as well — Charlie-27, Martinex, and Yondu were each the last survivors of their respective races, the rest having been wiped out by the Badoon. Major Vance Astro counts himself among them, being a Fish out of Temporal Water and the last survivor of the 20th century. Later they were joined by Nikki, the last Mercurian. Incidentally, it was eventually revealed that Yondu is not the last living native of Centauri IV.
    • The alien prankster the Impossible Man started out like this. After Galactus consumed his planet, he was the sole surviving Poppupian. Eventually, however, he started an Adam and Eve Plot of a sort by himself; out of lonliness, he used the cloning method that Poppupians use to reproduce to create the Impossible Woman to act as his companion; in turn, the two of them spawned more clones of themselves, the Impossible Kids. His species has not come close to recovering yet, of course, but it's a start.
    • Spider-Woman was originally supposed to be the only one of her kind ever, since she was originally a very mutated Wundagore Widow spider, genetically engineered to be sapient and humanoid in appearance (Latrodectus sapiens?), but her origin was later retconned to make her just a genetically altered human being.
    • It was believed for a long time that this was true for the villainous Space Phantom, a servant of Immortus whose species destroyed their home world by using Time Travel far too much. However, this was changed via a retcon, which said that there were, in fact, many surviving Phantoms, all of which worked for Immortus. (It was just hard to tell them apart, it seemed.)
  • James Proudstar AKA Warpath is the last living Apache of Camp Verde.
  • In Spider-Verse, the Inheritors do this towards the creature known as The Other and towards Spider-Totems created by chance or by magic when they infect the Web of Life with the blood of The Other and The Bride (re: Kaine Parker and Cindy Moon). They tried to do this to all Spiders via The Scion (Re: Benjy Parker), but Spider-Ham stopped that easily
  • Y: The Last Man, initially. This was subverted in an early arc where a baby boy was born, meaning though Yorick is the last man, he's not the last male.
  • Shakara: Major Thorn is a wisecracking astronaut who is the last survivor of the Earth's destruction. He is killed on page 3 to make way for the real main character, who it's implied is the last of his own kind. This is later stated to be the case, although it turns that There Is Another, and he was the one who destroyed their race in the first place.
  • Played with in the French sci-fi comic Sillage. The heroine, Nävis (no, she's not that kind of Navi), is the very last one living being of the planet she's from. Despite being the one and only human being aboard Sillage, there is very explicit hints that she's far from being the last human person in the universe.
  • In Nexus, Drizripool was the last of the Merk, again, not because the rest of the Merk had died, but because they had Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence. As with the Old Timer in Green Lantern, he went mad, and another Merk, GQ, had to come back to stop him.
  • The title character from Omega the Unknown, who was created by a race of aliens to be the perfect Übermensch.
  • In Lucifer, The Silk Man is both the last survivor of his species (whatever the hell that was) and, as with Galactus above, the last survivor of an entire lost Creation.
  • The Last Metabaron, voluntarily.
  • Star Wars: Crimson Empire follows the last of Palpatine's imperial guard after the fall of the Galactic Empire, though Kir Kanos's status as the last of the Royal Guard excludes clones of Royal Guardsmen (due to implanted memories, at least one such clone thought he was the real deal), Guardsmen who were given the title and armor under Imperial leaders other than Palpatine, and quite naturally, that one Guardsman who defected to The Alliance.
  • Gilgamesh the Immortal: One of the first humans, the king of ancient Uruk, is an indestructible immortal. He survived the whole human history... and the nuclear holocaust. Earth has been a radioactive planet for millions of years, not even the cockroaches survived, but Gilgamesh is still there.
  • The Bigger Bad (one of them anyway) of Secret Invasion was Kly'bn, the last of the Skrull Eternals. The rest were wiped out along with the mainstream Skrull population by the Deviant shapeshifting Skrulls. Kly'bn convinced the rest that, as the last Eternal unchanging member of their race, he was the embodiment of what it meant to be a Skrull. Sl'gur't the leader of the Deviants fell in love with him and together they became the rulers of the Skrull pantheon.
  • Thrash the Devil in Sonic the Hedgehog is the last of the Mobian-type Tasmanian Devils as all others had been genetically modified into Mobini (more animal-like)-type Devil Dogs. Because this was done by echidnas centuries ago, he decides to return the favor by banishing every last echidna into another Zone save for one: Knuckles.
  • The Punisher: The End: Frank very briefly becomes the last human after killing the remnants of the world's elite in their underground bunker where they hid after the War on Terror went nuclear, as well as his traveling companion who'd once accidentally burned some kids alive. He's already dying from the radiation anyway, but he wanders into a fire and starts burning... and doesn't notice, knowing that he'll join his family again.
  • In Hulk: The End, after a nuclear war Bruce Banner and the Hulk are the last beings... or being... on earth save for the giant mutant cockroaches. In the end, Banner suffers a fatal heart attack and Hulk escapes one last time... and just sits and waits, knowing that when he calms down for the last time, he, too, will die.
  • ThugBoy in Empowered is both the only non-super survivor of the "Capeless Uprising" of San Antonio, and the last survivor of the "Witless Minions", a gang he later formed to rip off supervillains.
  • Rosebud the basselope from Bloom County is the last remaining basselope, a crossbreed of a basset hound and an antelope. (The others died out due to high blood pressure from clogged arteries because they were fond of Pop Tarts and ate them with too much butter.) In a later storyline, she and Hodge Podge sire a litter of young, but seeing as Hodge is a jackrabbit (which is clearly defying the laws of nature again), the young are referred to as "jack-basselopes" leaving Rosebud still the only true basselope.
  • The Multiversity:
    • Nix Uotan is the last of the Monitors.
    • Thunderer is the last survivor of Earth-7.
  • The alien known as Taz in the second Atari Force series was the last of her kind, being the survivor of a civil war with another alien species on her home planet. That is, until she is found to be pregnant with offspring.
  • The Ultimates (2015): Logos, the fused form of Lord Chaos and Master Order, kills the last remaining Celestials... save one, hidden away by the Never-Queen, personification of What Could be.
  • Sovereign Seven: Every one of the Seven is the last survivor of their respective home worlds, said worlds having been destroyed by a force known as "The Rapture."
  • Arawn: Siahm and her mother were the only two amazons who survived the destruction of their tribe. Eventually her mother passed away as well, leaving her as the last amazon.
  • In IDW's run on The Transformers comics, Arcee was originally the only female Cybertronian as a result of being forceably made so against her will by Mad Scientist Jhiaxus. This was because Simon Furman, the writer at the time, disliked the idea of Cybertronians having natural genders. This was eventually retconned away during The Transformers Dark Reign when new female Transformers from the lost colony of Caminus were introduced and it was RetConed to there having always been both male and female Cybertronians, there just not having been any new ones born on Cybertron since long before the war.

    Comic Strips 
  • A meta-example would be the Spider-Man daily newspaper strip; once, superheroes were primarily known to the public through the newspaper strips, and all the major superheroes had their own strips. Now, Amazing Spider-Man is the last superhero daily strip, and one of only a few remaining daily on-goings altogether.
    • Though it really depends on whether or not one considers The Phantom a superhero or a masked "mystery man" like Zorro or The Shadow. The latter would make The Phantom the last daily adventure/drama strip.
  • A couple of The Far Side strips play with this: a dinosaur stands alone among a bunch of caves all labelled "extinct" ("Suddenly Bobby felt very alone") while The Last of the Mohicans fruitlessly calls out for his fellow tribesmen. ("OK fellas, joke's over!"}
  • The Sea Hag, Popeye's arch nemesis, is the last witch on Earth.

    Fan Works 
  • In Child of the Storm, in the sense of family names, Sirius is the last Black, though the bloodline survives in the female line. After the Battle of the M4, it is revealed that he isn't the last, because Regulus is still alive and going by the name Peter Wisdom. However, since Wisdom has made it pretty clear that That Man Is Dead in respect to his past life, it's a touch dubious.
    • The eventual appearance of Clark Kent marks another - though it is stated that one of his ancestors, Kal-El I, was fostered in Asgard as Odin's brother and since he lived under a yellow sun and vanished (it is speculated that he did so to mourn his people), he might still be alive, albeit pretty ancient.
  • As stated in Chapter 39, Rumia is the very last of Team ⑨, as Cirno, Wriggle, Mystia, and Daiyousei have all died (likely killed during the events of Gensokyo 20XX Rise Of Earth)
    • In the same vein, an age-regressed Reimu is the last shrine maiden of Gensokyo, especially since her mother, Reiko, the preceding shrine maiden, had died in 20XXIV.
    • On the note of Mamizou, in 20XXV, Amoridere stated that whether or not she is the last Tanuki in existence can remain speculative.
  • Last Child of Krypton: Before the destruction of Krypton Jor-El sent a DNA sample to Earth (or, if you are reading the second version, Kal-El sent a sample of his DNA before his species' extinction). Yui Ikari found it and used it to modify Shinji's genetic makeup. So Shinji is the last kryptonian despite of having never been in Krypton. In the last scene of the rewrite Asuka reveals he will not be the last child of Krypton for much longer.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: Asuka finds out she is half-Kryptonian since she was conceived by donor sperm, and her biological father was an alien from planet Krypton who died when his rocket crash-landed on Earth. She also finds out baby Kal-El wasn sent to Earth because his homeworld exploded. As the title says, she is the lone heir of Krypton.
  • Diaries of a Madman has two examples: Navarone, the last human, and Celestia and Luna who are the last two remaining alicorns.
  • Lightning Dawn from My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic is an Enticorn, explaining his lack of magical ability inherent to alicorns.
  • Pony POV Series:
    • In the Dark World timeline, Rainbow Dash and Derpy (having been made ageless by Discord's powers) are the only remaining pegasi (all the others crossbred with griffins to spawn hippogriffs). Similarly, Twilight Sparkle who eventually becomes an alicorn and leaves the mortal world, Rarity who also becomes an alicorn, and Dinky are the only remaining unicorns (all the others crossbred with zebras to spawn vigracorns). Applejack, Pinkie Pie who eventually dies, Diamond Tiara, and Screwball are the only remaining Earth Ponies (all the others crossbred with donkeys). Derpy and Dinky are the last ponies with colorful bodies (the rest are in grayed or muted tones).
    • Tirek was the last Centaur until Megan killed him because he killed the rest.
    • Loose Canon reveals that Somnambula (the Wicked Witch from G1) was the last human witch on Equus, and the last human period, surviving into after Discord's first reign by stealing youth from others. Both become truly extinct when Shady knocks her off a theater balcony and sends her falling to her death during a confrontation.
  • The Bridge:
    • The Hyper Gyaos is forced to kill the rest of her flock in self defense. To make matters worse, she is sterile, so there will be no new ones.
    • Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, and Aria Blaze are the only Sirens there have ever been. They are technically just mermares who have inherited a number of traits from whoever or whatever their father was, but such a cross-breeding has never been replicated since. They are also the last direct descendants of Mako Island's first and greatest queen Amatheia (their grandmother).
    • Mothra Lea is the last of both the Mothra and Battra lines, her parents dying in the 1990s, twenty years before the start of the story. Downplayed, as she's fully capable of reproducing asexually, and can produce both of her parents' species. In fact her parents were also this trope thanks to Bagan.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Sunstar invokes and subverts this trope. He told everyone serving under him that they were the last Stardroids, galvanizing them to do well in battle... and hiding the existence of Terra's Milky Way group, who would preserve their race.
  • Taylor Hebert in The Last Daughter is the titular last daughter of Krypton. Word of God confirms that unlike in Superman, there were no other survivors from Krypton.
  • Averted in the prologue of the Mass Effect story Mesozoic Effect. The underground shelter containing a handful of surviving dinosaurs is only one of many, and when the rest are opened the eventual dinosaur population numbers well over a billion.
  • In Queen of Shadows, Yasashi is the last of a long line of demon slayers, her clan having been all killed or enslaved by the Shadowkhan. While she admits that there might still be other members alive in the Shadowkhan prison camps, she can't say for sure, and even if there are, she's the only one left practicing their ways.
  • An elderly Mako officially becomes "The Last of Honnouji" in As the Wind Blows, as Shiro had passed away of illness and old age.
  • The Last Great Time War shows how the Doctor becomes this in Doctor Who in the pre-Day of the Doctor-canon.
  • Yin And Yang Series: Subverted. Rokiki first appeared as the last member of the Sankaku Tribe, only to discover that survivors remain scattered throughout the universe, and he's got a few descendants right here with him...
  • In Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin Sardeth cast a spell which gave his people, the Paar'zheal, enough power to wreak large-scale havoc and as punishment, magic itself destroyed their ancestors millions of years in the past. As such, not only is he the last of his kind but since his kind never even existed in the new reality, he constitutes a paradox and, if he leaves his current home, will vanish into nothingness.
  • As we find out in At the End of Days, Houka Inumuta is the last of the Elite Four (along with being the last of Satsuki's inner circle), as Shiro, Ira,Uzu and, later on, Nonon were killed and eaten by the life fiber monsters.
  • In Neither a Bird, nor a Plane, It's Deku!, Izuku learns that he's the Last Son of Krypton from his father, Jor-El, and K.E.L.E.X. He puts on a brave face, but it's clear that it's a painful revelation for him after wondering why his birth parents never picked him up for the last fourteen years of his life. A week later, he's scouring old newspapers and tabloids with his Super Speed in hopes of finding any evidence that another Kryptonian could have escaped the planet's destruction, but is frustrated to find nothing of substance.

    Films — Animation 
  • In the animated movie Justice League: The New Frontier, aside from Superman obviously being the last Kryptonian (as is fairly usual), this actually happens to Wonder Woman when The Centre attacks Themyscira on its way to America. She is the only survivor, making her the last Amazon.
    • And of course, J'onn Jonnz is the last Martian.
  • In Megamind both the titular villain and his nemesis, Metro Man are a case of this. Hilariously enough, they met on the way to Earth as babies, and as Megamind put it "our glorious rivalry began".
  • Manny the mammoth from the Ice Age series. It's merely implied in the film, where he's the only mammoth seen, but in the second film he worries greatly about being the last one. Until he meets Ellie, another mammoth who thinks she's a possum. He attempts to get her to realize her true species. At the end of the film, they discover there are more mammoths besides themselves, so neither are the last of their kind.
    • They get a baby in the third movie, thus hinting at the chance that they may restart their species.
  • In Rio, Blu and Jewel are the last Spix's Macaws. They manage to have three children at the end of the movie.
    • The sequel averts this when more are found in the jungle, including Jewel's father.
  • Attempts to avoid this trope formed the plot of Pixar's now-cancelled film Newt, which was cancelled for its similarity to Rio.
  • Disney's Dinosaur features Baylene, the last of the brachiosaurs glimpsed in the movie's prologue. There's a reason for it: the movie is set on the Cretaceous, when the species was already extinct. Meanwhile, Aladar and his family of Plio, Yar, Suri, and Zini are the last survivors of Lemur Island, and the mammals believe themselves the last lemurs until the epilogue when Zini discovers a clan in the Nesting Grounds.
  • Kung Fu Panda plays this with Po, the only apparent panda in a village of rabbits, geese, and pigs. The second film shows that his kind was killed off by Lord Shen and his wolf army. Subverted in the Sequel Hook. Not only is Po's real dad alive, Kung Fu Panda 3 reveals that there's a village of about thirty to forty pandas with the children outnumbering the adults.
  • At the end of the original animated film The Lorax, the Once-ler gives the very last truffula seed to the young person he's been telling his story to, along with the duty to grow a new forest and subvert this trope.
  • In the original short film 9, 9 is the last surviving stitchpunk. In the feature he's not, but the scientist who created the stitchpunks is implied to have been the last human.
  • It is heavily implied throughout How to Train Your Dragon and the sequel that Toothless, the dragon in question, is the last remaining Night Fury in existence. The third film confirms this, with its main antagonist revealed to have been responsible for the deaths of all Night Furies (except for Toothless).
  • It is implied in The Incredibles that with every superhero having been a murdered by the Big Bad, Frozone and the Parr family are the last of their kind.
  • The main character of WALL•E is the last functioning member of his production line on Earth.
  • Polly the Dodo in The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! is the last dodo on Earth, which is very important to the plot as Evil Queen Victoria has a thing for eating endangered species.
  • In the 2017 Woody Woodpecker movie, Woody is identitfied as the last known Pileated Red-Crowned Woodpecker.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • This trope gets a lot of play in Hellboy II: The Golden Army.
  • Kill The Irishman, Danny Greene was the last of the Irish gentleman gangsters.
  • Draco in Dragonheart is the last dragon. In a less literal example, his nemesis-turned-friend Sir Bowen is the last Knight of the Old Code. Thanks to the sequel, this title has passed onto his son, Drake. The film also introduces Griffin, an evil dragon that is implied to have been one of Draco's contemporaries, and who is still living in the sequel on account of ensuing humanity. (This is a retcon; possibly justified in that Griffin is a Chinese dragon [with a non-Chinese name]; it's entirely possible that a dragon living in the British Isles may not know about him.)
  • The low-budget but still enjoyable movie The Last Man, basically. Well, almost.
  • Jen in The Dark Crystal is under the impression that he is the last of the Gelflings until he discovers Kira. But even then, they are the only two survivors of their race.
  • Quorra is the last ISO after the ISO Holocaust The Great Purge in TRON: Legacy. By the end of the film there are none left since she has escaped the digital world and become human
  • Riddick of The Chronicles of Riddick is one of (if you can call Necromongers alive) the only Furyans to survive the planet's destruction.
  • In Peter Jackson's King Kong (2005), it is implied that Kong is the last giant ape on Skull Island: the most telling evidence is a shot of him entering his cave and walking past multiple skeletons of giant gorillas. This loneliness, along with the hostility of Skull Island's environment, accounts for both his ferocity and his need for company, which Ann Darrow supplies.

    Furthermore, as stated in the background materials, Skull Island's entire ecosystem is dying because the island is submerging due to geological activity. According to the companion book on Skull Island, the entire island sank not long after the crew's second visit to document the area.
  • The eponymous Last of the Mohicans (film version, see below.) The title says it all.
    • Cingatchgook suggests they find "a Delaware-speaking woman for Uncas" to repopulate his race.
  • Star Wars:
    • Before his death in Return of the Jedi, Yoda says in Return of the Jedi, that Luke Skywalker is the last of the Jedi. Don't worry! There Is Another (implied to be Luke's sister Leia).
    • Hits its zenith in The Force Awakens: Luke did try to reform the Jedi Order, but it all blew up in his face when his nephew Ben Solo fell to The Dark Side (along with a few other students) and slaughtered all the other apprentices training under him. In the thirty years that pass between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, Luke has retreated to a corner of the galaxy in anguished solitude in order to ensure he is the last of the Jedi. After he passes away in The Last Jedi, the title is passed to his final apprentice, Rey.
    • By the end of The Last Jedi, Leia is the last remaining Original Trilogy lead protagonist after the deaths of Han Solo in The Force Awakens and Luke Skywalker in this film. Ironically, Carrie Fisher was the first of the OT leads to pass on, having died in December 2016, whereas Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill outlived her.
  • Transformers Film Series:
    • In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Optimus Prime is said to be the last of the Dynasty Of Primes, which becomes especially true at the end of the film in which he kills The Fallen in combat (The Fallen used to be a Prime until he decided to kill his brothers).
    • In the follow-up, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, it is revealed that Optimus isn't the last one; it was merely assumed he was. This revelation is made by the discovery of Sentinel Prime; Optimus' mentor and father figure, who was thought killed centuries ago, but in reality his ship, the Ark, was disabled and eventually crashed on our moon, whilst Sentinel slipped into stasis. He is reactivated for the events of the film, whereupon the more shocking revelation that he had allied himself with the Decepticons occurs, becoming the film's Big Bad via usurping command from Megatron. Optimus is left with little choice but to kill him at the end of the film, presumably leaving himself as the last Prime for certain.
  • The quote comes from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End where, while Jack isn't specifically the last of his kind, pirates are still a "dying breed" and by the third movie, thanks to the actions of Beckett, are bordering on extinction. Jack doesn't feel like fighting for survival, though, and thinks it might be cool to have the nickname "The Last Pirate". He changes his mind when they encounter the dead Kraken, which was the last of its kind, leading to the above quote.
  • The trailers for The Last Airbender movie has the narrator mention this trope by name: "He (Aang) is the Last Of His Kind, all that remains of a once powerful nation..."
  • In The Fountain it is implied, but not known, if Tom the astronaut who has become near-immortal, is the last surviving human, not least by the soundtrack theme entitled The Last Man, or the fact that Tom is reborn as the First Man within a story at the film's climax.
  • In the Tremors franchise, El Blanco is the last known Graboid alive, and Messerschmitt is the last known ass-blaster.
    • Of course, others pop up in some episodes of the TV series, being promptly eliminated by Burt.
  • The prey in Hunter Prey.
  • Zac Hobson appears to be the last human in The Quiet Earth, after everyone else suddenly vanishes. Later, he finds two other people. However, at the end, he is certainly alone.
  • In Cowboys & Aliens, Ella is implied to be the last of her species. Then she performs a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • While not actually portrayed in a film, the production of Schindler's List has one of these moments. Steven Spielberg approached John Williams about composing the score, but Williams conceded that there were better composers for the job. Spielberg's reply? "Anyone who is better is dead."
  • Highlander. By definition, "in the end, There Can Be Only One "; so at the end Connor MacLeod fulfills this trope. (And no, the sequels don't count).
  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation: The Joes after The Purge. Also Joe Colton as he is the first and likely last of the GI Joes.
  • The docu-drama The Age of Stupid portrays Earth in the year 2055 after runaway climate change ravages the planet. The film is shown from the viewpoint of an unnamed Archivist - the last surviving human on Earth - who laments, "why didn't we save ourselves when we had the chance?", and plays back real documentary footage from 2008, when the film was made.
  • Vermithrax Pejorative in Dragon Slayer is said to be the last dragon in the world after her young offspring are killed.
  • This is a plot point in the movie Dogma: Bethany is the last scion of Jesus Christ and is needed to help save all of creation. When she finds this out, she doesn't take it well.
  • Similarly to the Bleach example above, The Last Samurai had Katsumoto as the last leader of the samurai class, while Tom Cruise's character is an "adopted samurai" and the only survivor of Katsumoto's army's last stand. Also, many of the samurai (including Katsumoto) had sons and grandsons who were trained as swordsmen....
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug features Beorn, a shapeshifter ("Skinchanger") who was once one of a great race. He explains that many of his kind were slaughtered by orcs, and the rest were captured for sport. He's the only one to escape, and still wears a shackle on one hand, apparently in remembrance. He doesn't like dwarves, but chooses to help them anyway because he hates the orcs that are after them far more.
  • In Godzilla (2014), Godzilla is described as the last of a species that lived when the Earth's surface was still being heavily bombarded by radiation, as are the MUTOs.
  • Wonder Woman (2017): The God of War, Ares, slaughtered the rest of the Greek Pantheon, leaving him and his half-sister Diana as the only living gods on Earth. After Diana kills Ares, she is all that remains.
  • In Kong: Skull Island, Kong is the last of the giant apes. This is bad, since the apes were the protectors of the island's native human population.
  • David, the eponymous werewolf in An American Werewolf in London is the last werewolf, which becames an important plot point as every person killed by a werewolf since the dawn of time is unable to rest and stays as a spirit on Earth, thus his death will put an end to the curse. Of course, the sequel disregards this completely.
  • In Thor: Ragnarok, Valkyrie is the last of the Valkyries. The others were killed in battle by Hela.
  • In Ernest Goes to Camp, it's specifically mentioned that Chief Saint Cloud and his granddaughter are the last surviving members of their Native American tribe.

  • Lone Wolf is the last surviving Kai Lord after the Darklords massacred the rest of the order at their monastery. He would later repay the favour through the genocide of the Darklords and rebuilding the Kai Order to the point where it has five Grand Masters. Becoming the first Kai Supreme Master is just a nice bonus.

  • The song "Sole Survivor" by Blue Öyster Cult.
  • The song 'last of a dying breed'.
  • "Last of My Kind" by Alice in Chains
  • "The Last of Our Kind", Rykka's song for Switzerland in the 2016 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • "Last of the Steampowered Trains" by The Kinks from The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society:
    "I'm the last of the good old renegades.
    All my friends are all middle class and grey,
    But I live in a museum, so I'm okay.
    I'm the last of the good old fashioned steam-powered trains.

    Like the last of the good ol' choo-choo trains,
    Huff and puff 'till I blow this world away,
    And I'm gonna keep on rollin' till my dying day."

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Kevin Von Erich: He became the last of the Von Erich brothers in the early 90s, after five of the six Von Erich brothers died young.
  • Memphis was the last of the traditional wrestling territories to still function as an independent entity, unaffiliated with the WWE or WCW. Financial woes and a lack of marketable talent caused the USWA (a merger of Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett's CWA and Fritz Von Erich's WCCW) to fold in 1997. USWA's successor, Memphis Championship Wrestling, was conceived as a WWE developmental territory, like Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). The last pre-Monday Night Wars territory to be established was Jim Cornette's Smokey Mountain Wrestling in 1991.
  • The Undertaker picked up the nickname "The Last Outlaw" during a feud with Triple H and later promos played up his status as one of the last remnants of the 1980s era high-concept comic-book-style gimmicks. (Really, the only other one is his storyline half-brother Kane.) If you want to get technical, it's really Kane who's left from that era, because 'Taker can no longer wrestle on a regular basis, so much so that his appearances in recent years have only been during the lead-up to WrestleMania and the actual pay-per-view itself.
  • With the departure of James Storm in 2015, Abyss is the last wrestler in TNA to have appeared in the company's very first broadcast. And of the TNA Originals themselves, only he, Bobby Roode, and Eric Young remain. As of March 2016, it's just Abyss.
  • Cheerleader Melissa was the longest lasting of the SHIMMER originals, talking about the Heart Of SHIMMER tournament and how it described her, who had seen every woman who had failed in the company. However after giving this speech another original would return on the next volume.

  • The Alien Worlds episode "A Question of Conscience" has the Starlab crew encounter an alien who is the sole survivor of his race seeking asylum from the enemy soldiers that eradicated his kind.
  • The third series of Journey Into Space, The World in Peril, features the last Martian.

  • From around 1982 to his retirement after the 1986 season, NFL kicker Mark Moseley was the last of the "straight ahead" kickers, all other kickers having adopted the more-accurate, harder-to-block soccer style kick.note  There have been others attempting to bring back the style over the years, but none have played above the mid-tier college level.
    • He's also the first, last, and very likely only special teams player to win the league's Most Valuable Player, winning the award in the strike-shortened 1982 season.
  • From 2002 to its demolition in 2005, Busch Stadium in St. Louis was the last of the great "Cookie Cutter" stadiums — five near-identical mufti-purpose stadiums built in the late '60s. The other stadiums were (in order of demolition) Atlanta–Fulton County, Three Rivers (Pittsburgh), Riverfront (Cincinnati) and Veterans (Philadelphia).
    • In a similar vein, Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum is the last multi-purpose stadium of any kind still in use in major American professional sports, shared by the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball and the NFL's Oakland Raiders. Both teams have been seeking modern replacements for years, and the sharing arrangement will end when the Raiders move to Las Vegas in the near future.
  • At the time of his retirement in 1986, NFL Hall of Fame receiver Charlie Joiner was the last active player who played in the American Football League (AFL), having been a rookie with Houston in the AFL's final season (1969). In a similar later case, 6-time All-Pro punter Sean Landeta was the last active player who had played in the United States Football League upon his last NFL game in 2006, having played for the USFL's Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars from 1983-1985.
  • At the time of his last game in 2004, Hockey Hall of Fame center Mark Messier was the last active player in the NHL to have played in the World Hockey Association before its merger with the NHL in 1979, having played with Cincinnati & Indianapolis as a rookie in the WHA's last season (1978-79).
    • Also, the Edmonton Oilers are the only one of the surviving WHA franchises still in its original city. The others are currently the Carolina Hurricanes (New England/Hartford Whalers), Colorado Avalanche (Quebec Nordiques) and Arizona Coyotes (the original Winnipeg Jets, later the Phoenix Coyotes).
  • Upon his last game in 1994, Basketball Hall of Fame center Moses Malone was the last active NBA player who had played in the American Basketball Association before their merger with the NBA in 1976. He had played his first professional seasons with the ABA's Utah & St. Louis franchises from 1974-1976.
  • Upon her last game in 2013, Tina Thompson was the last active WNBA player from the league's first season in 1997.
  • In 1978, the NHL's California Golden Seals/Cleveland Barons were the last team of America's four major sports leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) to cease operations completely (assets folded into the existing Minnesota North Stars) and were the first to do so since the mid-1950s.
    • For the record, the last teams in the other three majors to fold in each league are: (MLB) Baltimore Oriolesnote , Cleveland Spiders, Louisville Colonels, Washington Senatorsnote  (1899), (NBA) Baltimore Bullets (1954)note , (NFL) Boston/New York Yanks/Dallas Texansnote  (1955).
  • A sign of Gordie Howe's unprecedented longevity in professional hockey: He was the last active player in the NHL who had played in the 1940s and 1950s upon his retirement in 1980 at the age of 52. Howe jointly was the last NHL alum of the 1950s alongside then-Hartford Whalers teammate Bobby Hull.
    • In terms of other decades, the last active NHL players were: Reg Noble from the 1910s (last NHL game in 1933), Dit Clapper from the 1920s (retired in 1947), Milt Schmidt from the 1930s (retired in 1955), Butch Goring from the 1960s (last NHL game in 1985), Mark Messier from the 1970s (retired after the 2004 NHL lockout), and Mark Recchi from the 1980s (retired in 2011).
    • Another key historic marker for the league was the 1967 expansion which marked the end of the "Original Six" era, when the league consisted of only that number of teams. The last active player from the Original Six era was Wayne Cashman (last NHL game in 1983).
  • Late NFL Hall of Famer Chuck Bednarik was the last of the "sixty-minute men" — those who played offense and defense for the entire game on a regular basis (playing linebacker and offensive lineman). Bednarik was infamously disdainful of modern players who only play the other side of the ball in emergencies or spot duty.
  • Barron Hilton, heir to the Hilton hotel chain, is the last living member of the "Foolish Club", the American Football League's original eight owners. Hilton sold the Chargers to an investment group in 1966. Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson was the last of the club who was an active owner (the team was sold after his death in 2014).
  • Oksana Chusovitina is the last Soviet-trained (as opposed to Russian) gymnast still competing. She made her Olympic debut in 1992 with the Unified Team, and currently competes for Uzbekistan. The Soviet Union produced 90% of the greatest gymnasts in the history of the sport, including Larisa Latynina, Olga Korbut, Ludmilla Tourischeva, Elena Mukhina, Elena Davydova, Natalia Shaposhnikova, Elena Shushunova, Natalia Yurchenko, Nellie Kim, Svetlana Boguinskaya, and many others, but Soviet gymnastics faded away after the Unified Team competed in Barcelona. The 1996 Games saw multiple Soviet gymnasts return, competing for their now-independent countries, but by the 2000 Olympics, Chusovitina was the last Soviet-trained gymnast still competing at the elite level — a status she retains to this day.
  • The NFL's Green Bay Packers are the last publicly-owned team in America's "Big Four" sports leaguesnote . The NFL barred non-profit organizations (like Green Bay's community-owned trust) from owning teams in 1960, but grandfathered Green Bay (whose ownership structure had not changed since the NFL's inception) in under the new rules.
  • The Tampa Bay Storm of the Arena Football League were the last surviving team from the AFL's inaugural 1987 season (they were the Pittsburgh Gladiators for their first four seasons). They folded in 2017.
  • New England Patriots defensive end Julius Adams was the last player covered by the grandfather clause of the NFL's 1973 standardized number system (players were limited to certain ranges of uniform number, according to position). All players who were active prior to 1973 were allowed to keep their non-standard numbers. Adams wore 85 for his most of his career (1971-1985), where 85 was otherwise limited to wide receivers and tight ends. He did have to switch to 69 when he came out of retirement for the strike-shortened 1987 season.
  • Pitcher Louis Norman "Bobo" Newsom is the last player mentioned in the Ogden Nash poem "Line-Up for Yesterday" to have not been inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  • With the induction of Jerry Kramer in 2018, kick returner Billy "White Shoes" Johnson is the only member of the NFL's 75th Anniversary team not in the NFL Hall of Fame. Kraemer was the only non-special teams member of the team who had to wait to be inducted via the Veteran's Committeenote 

    Tabletop Games 
  • They pop up from time to time in Magic: The Gathering, almost exclusively with the Legendary supertype. For example, Thrun was the sole troll to survive the first Mirrodin block (and God knows how close any other species on Mirrodin has come to it with the Phyrexian takeover), while Momir Vig on Ravnica was supposedly the last of his particular subset of elves (and given that he was also a megalomaniac who unleashed a Blob Monster on the world For Science! it's not like anyone particularly missed them). Subverted with Niv-Mizzet, though; he was supposedly the last dragon on Ravnica, but it turns out that there are actually a bunch of dragons on Ravnica and Niv-Mizzet just doesn't consider them worthy of the title because they're kind of stupid.
  • Mutant Chronicles: Sean Gallagher, the Wolfbane warleader, is the last living member of the Gallagher family. The Gallagher home was attacked by the Dark Legion during a clan meet, and Sean was the only member of the Chief family not present.
  • Deadline, a villain from Sentinels of the Multiverse, became the last of his kind during a catastrophe on his home planet. When he was approached by the being known as the Terminarch, he accepted her offer of immortality to preserve his race's memory.
    • By extention, the Endlings, the group Deadline became part of, also have the same backstory: The last of their kind given immortality.
    • Haka is also this, at least in the far distant future ofThe Final Wasteland, where he is the last human. He spends most of his time collecting books and other knowledge he can find.
  • Parodied in Toon: the Cartoon RPG. The Foogle Bird from the sample adventure "I Foogled You!" is the last of its kind... but there are many kinds of Foogle Bird, all the last of their kind, and all obnoxious and mischievous.
  • In Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Titus Germanicus' letters in Chronicles of the Black Labyrinth describe Brennus, the last White Howler chieftain. After his warriors fell in battle, he was probably the last White Howler left in Caledonia. Black Spiral Dancers later captured and beheaded him.

  • By the third act of the play R.U.R. (a.k.a. Rossum's Universal Robots), the only human left is Alquist who was the Clerk of the Works at the factory and was spared during the robot uprising because he "works with his hands like the robots".

    Web Animation 
  • Bitey, of the Brackenwood series, is the last of a super fast race of creatures known as the Dashkin.
  • In True Tail, Doh-Li the priestess is last half-dragon half-sheep hybrid alive, since then, her race has been known as a lost ancient species and she wants to avenge her race.

    Web Comics 
  • In 8-Bit Theater, Red Mage claims to be the last of his order. Mind you, Red Mage is a munchkin and seems to think purely in RPG tropes. But is later revealed that he is the last RM because everyone in the order was a munchkin as well (to the point they started to hit each other with spells and swords to calculate "damage points"). Dragoon is also the last of the Dragon Knights, because of both the risky activity of slaughtering dragons, and due to a scheme by the dragon Muffin.
    • Fantastically lampshaded in the epilogue, where Red Mage starts a support group for the last members of secret groups. Red Mage and Dragoon are the only members of the support group Sects Buddies.
    • Red Mage is still incorrect, as we know of at least one other surviving Red Mage, named Barry. The real question is if he genuinely is unaware of the other survivors, is delusional, or if he just made up the whole story for roleplaying XP and his support group is actually a Zany Scheme. Knowing Red Mage, it could be all three simultaneously.
    • Also "Muffin" attempted to make herself the last Dragon by founding (then disposing of) the Dragoons in order to kill off her rivals—though this didn't work as well as she wanted, what with Bahamut and all the dragons in the revamped Chaos Shrine that the Light Warriors meet.
  • The alien in Apothecia is proud to be the last of its race.
  • Battlepug: The Kinmundian is The Kinmundian - last of his people, the rest having been wiped out by the Big Bad, Catwulf.note 
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures has several, mostly Cubi.
    • Abel is the last of the Siar Cubi. Clan Siar once numbered in the thousands and was effectively annihilated in the Dragon-Cubi war, reduced down to four members, then one after two changed their clan affiliation and the third committed suicide. By all indications, his father was the last surviving member of Clan Siar until Abel was born, and with the apparent death of Abel's father before the comic began, no sign of him having sired new offspring, and Abel's own apparent disinclination to continue the lineage, he appears to be the last member of Clan Siar.
    • Fa'Lina is a Clan Leader without a clan—hers was also annihilated during the Dragon-Cubi war. Due to Clan Leader genetics, she cannot have children nor can anyone switch their blood affiliation to her clan. Therefore she is the last of her clan as well.
    • Dan and his mother Destania are the last of Clan Cyra. Cyra's clan used to be far greater in numbers, but was almost completely destroyed during the Dragon-Cubi war, due in no small part to her part in starting it. While Cyra survived, she is also bound by Clan Leader biology and cannot have more children, and Destania seems to have both gone a bit off the deep end as well as stopped having children after her first and only child, Dan. Dan seems to be the last hope Clan Cyra has of continuing to grow, but as it stands they are the second smallest Cubi clan yet identified.
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse:
    • As shown in Chapter 48, in half of the universes Coola happened to be the last living Frost Demon... at least, until he went to Earth. Interestingly, the novelization mentions he's sterile, so he would have been the last Frost Demon even if he hadn't gone there.
    • Gast Carcolh in Universe 7. He's sterile, and can't produce Dragon Balls, so he wants to win the tournament to find a way to recreate his race.
  • In Endstone, Kyri having survived the massacre of her tribe joined the nuns Then they were massacred, leaving her once again the last of her kind.
  • Lothar Hex is one of the last of the Echidnas in Exterminatus Now, and he was apparently grown in a lab. Word of God confirms that they are practically extinct. It's not really a major plot point but it does explain why Yuri doesn't believe he is really an Echidna.
  • In Freefall, it turns out that Doctor Bowman, Florence's creator and indirectly the creator of every robot in the setting, is the last remaining uplifted chimpanzee in existence. That's on purpose, though — he doesn't want anyone else to go what he went through.
  • In Girl Genius Agatha appears to be the last member of the Heterodyne family. Her uncle disappeared some time ago, her older brother was killed and we know nothing of what happened to her father.
    • Agatha's Bond Creature is thought to be the last surviving Wasp Eater — weasel-like creatures designed to destroy The Other's Slaver Wasps and detect anyone infected by them. Baron Wulfenbach had the rest destroyed for as yet unknown reasons.note  As soon as she learns this, Agatha starts taking steps to correct this.
  • Guilded Age: Gravedust finds out he is the last remaining Mystic of his people. Their leader killed the rest.
  • Anyone who plays Sburb in Homestuck. Although, they are retroactively clones of themselves and thus products of the game, so the extent to which they can be considered "members of the species" is debatable.
    • Dirk and Roxy are the last two humans alive in their time period. They can still communicate with Jake and Jane thanks to the series' trademark weird time shenanigans.
  • Drake of Hurrocks Fardel is the last dragon in the world. His world is shaped and twisted by the beliefs of the people in it, so he in fact is the only survivor solely because people believe there will always be a single surviving dragon. If he dies, through some method or trick another dragon will be hatched or appear to take his place as last of their kind.
  • In Impure Blood, Roan, growing up, didn't know of any other Half-Human Hybrids with Ancient blood, besides his mother. Apparently there is a full-blooded one out there.
  • Karin-dou 4koma: Mifi is the shaman of a tribe that no longer exists.
  • Only Human, Ely is the last pure human. All other humans have abandoned biological bodies for cybernetic bodies.
  • Koark from Order of Tales is the last Teller in the eponymous Order. This gives him knowledge of many forgotten stories, and motivation to seek the one tale that can save the Order.
  • Although O-Chul is not actually the last of the paladins of the Sapphire Guard in The Order of the Stick, the Monster in the Darkness uses this trope to convince Xykon to not attack the protagonists after the destruction of Girard's Gate, as he recognised them as being friends of O-Chul.
    MitD: Think about it. Which of these sounds like the hero you need to worry about: the last paladin of a conquered city, beaten but never broken, sworn to stop the evil lich who wiped out his holy order - or some random fighter guy you already snuffed once?
  • Subverted twice in Poharex. Poharex thought he was the last dinosaur alive until discovering Mesociam, and the last T-Rex alive until finding out there was a whole population of them on an island in the Oticum Inland Sea.
  • Skin Horse: Unity, the government-made undead bioweapon, is both the first and last of her kind.
    Tip: Wasn't there a UN resolution ensuring that?
    Sweetheart: Yeah, they had this secret tribunal thing. We don't like to talk about it.
  • Sluggy Freelance the author Pete seems to enjoy this trope. Aylee is the last Xenomorph (at least in our dimension), Percy is the last wooly mammoth, Sam is the last vampire of the Lysinda sect vampires (or the first and only member of the Sam Cirkail Mamajama), Lord Grater and Princess Princess are (briefly) the last survivors of the Punyverse, Zhoas is most likely the last of her type of zombie seeing as how the only survivors were slaughtered by Oasis, and Dr Schlock is the only surviving member of a future that no longer exists who knows what the world would have been like had the Deadels won.
  • In Soul Symphony, Carl is the only survivor of a race of magical rabbit-creatures. He also became mutated with new special powers in the process of all his pals dying. Doesn't usually talk about it.
  • Terinu is the last of a genetically engineered Slave Race known as the Ferin, used by their creators as servants and living power plants. But as creator his states upon finding him, "Where there is one, there must be others." Much of the plot of the comic revolves around discovering where Terinu came from to either re-enslave the Ferin or finish the job exterminating them.
  • In The Wotch, the Uricarn Demon killed all the other members of his species. He didn't think it through.
    Uricarn: I enjoy being your bit of controlled chaos. Beats just wandering aimlessly finding cheap thrills like I was doing after exterminating the rest of my kind... Which was kinda stupid in retrospect. Probably should have let myself grow up a bit before making that decision...
  • Wrongside: Amanda is the last living Sapien (human) on in the world. The rest were wiped out in a war instigated by her biological father. She was rescued and raised by Fagan, her biological mother's Mammilian lover.
  • Zap!
    • Robot is the last robot with a learning AI and the Elementaros are the last four members of their species. Also, the protagonist and the main antagonist are two of the last three members of their species. Apparently it is GEF policy to kill all but a few members of species who resist incorporation.

    Web Original 

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