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"Would the last one out kindly turn off the lights?"
Herbert S Watson

Bowen: “I will not stop until I've rid the world of every last one of you”.
Draco: I am the last one!
I raised my unanswered cry, lifting up the only voice that could ever again force the mute air to syllable the human thought”

Doomed planet.
Desperate scientists.
Last hope.
Kindly couple.

My people are gone, Lana. All of them. Mom. Dad. Thara. Even poor Zal-Tel. Me and Kal are the only ones who...

In his tears he sees his face
"I am the end of the human race;
When I'm gone there'll be no trace
''for I'm the sole survivor."
Blue Öyster Cult, "Sole Survivor"

"What is this thing, master?"
"It is just a man. Never have you seen his like!"
Dormammu and one of his children, Doctor Strange: The Best Defense

I'm a Time Lord. I'm the last of the Time Lords. They're all gone. I'm the only survivor. I'm left travelling on my own because there's no one else.
The Doctor, Doctor Who, "The End of the World"

The Soldier', Team Fortress 2

"I'm a black Scottish cyclops! They got more feckin' sea monsters in the great Lochett Ness than they got the likes of me!"
The Demoman, Team Fortress 2

They hunt me with dogs in the daylight,
they hunt me with torches by night.
For these men who are small can never stand tall,
whilst giants still walk in the light.
Oooooooh, I am the last of the giants,
so learn well the words of my song.
For when I am gone the singing will fade,
and the silence shall last long and long.
Wildling folk song, A Song of Ice and Fire

"At the end of time, a moment will come when just one man remains. Then the moment will pass. The man will be gone. There will be nothing to show we were ever here... but stardust. The last man alone with God. Am I that man?"
Captain Pinbacker, Sunshine

"Kal-El, my son, you are all that remains of a once-proud people. And in you Krypton's glory will live on."
Jor-El, Superman Returns novelization

The planet Earth. Home to the greatest hero of the galaxy, Superman. His native world of Krypton destroyed when he was an infant, he believes himself to be the last survivor of his race. He is mistaken.

He wasn't just A Time Lord, he was THE Time Lord. The Last of the Time Lords. His people were no more, vanished from time and space. Forgotten except in myth, legend, and the memories of the higher species who were still in reeling in awe of the War's stunning, cataclysmic conclusion.

"They're all gone," the Time Lord said in his new northern accent as he stumbled forward. "I'm the only one left."

"I can't believe Godzilla was the last member of his species. But if we continue to conduct nuclear tests, another Godzilla may appear, somewhere in the world again."
Dr. Yamane, Godzilla (1954)

I'm an orphan... Perhaps the most total orphan the world has ever known... The orphan son of an entire world!

Something more than death has happened,
or, rather, a different kind of death.
There is no survivor, there is no future,
there is no life to be recreated in the form again.
We are looking upon the uttermost finality which can be written,
glimpsing the darkness which will not know another ray of light.
We are in touch with the reality of extinction.
— The Vineyard Gazette newspaper on Booming Ben's death (see Real Life examples)

As for what this is - what he is - you will see soon enough. This I will tell you: to my knowledge there are only three men like him in all the USSR. One is a Mongol from the Altai region, a tribal witch-doctor, almost dead of syphilis and useless to us. Another is hopelessly mad and scheduled for corrective lobotomy, following which he too will be... beyond our reach. That leaves only this one and his is an instinctive art, hard to teach. Which makes him sui generis. That's Latin, a dead language. Most appropriate.
Gregor Borowitz, Necroscope

"Chicks really dig it when you're the last of something"
Jim Proudfoot, The Simpsons

Karen Bowman: I heard he finally retired.
Sam Fisher: Really?
Karen Bowman: Yep.
Sam Fisher: Then it's only me...

Searcher was a crumpled, twisted mess. I landed on an undamaged spar and stood there a while. The gravestone of my people. The last Ketran now stood vigil at the gravestone of his race. Explorer was in better condition. It lay upside down, which was an inconvenience in gravity, but the engines powered up, and the systems worked. She would fly.
I could leave Father's moon. And go where? I was now as alien as it was possible to be. The only Ketran in a galaxy that, with few exceptions, had never known we existed.
Toomin, Animorphs - The Ellimist Chronicles

"There reply. [...] My people. My followers. I sense...nothing of them. Not even the slightest passing thought. They are...gone. Something must have happened. A great natural cataclysm...A war, perhaps, in which they wiped each other out."
"Even if I could conquer this world single-handedly...what purpose would it serve? There are none others like me to praise my appreciate my greatness. To see me as something other than...a beast. I am...alone."
Fin Fang Foom, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man

"I am the last of my kind," the Perslop said. "I came over here to tell you that you are not."
The History Within Us, by Matthew Kressel

Simon Jarrett: You're the first normal living human I've seen.
Sarah Lindwall: There's not many left down here. Most of them are up on the plateau.
Simon Jarrett: You mean at Omicron?
Sarah Lindwall: Yeah.
Sarah Lindwall: You've been there?
Simon Jarrett: I've been all over: the power plant at Upsilon, the ruins of Lambda, the abandoned Delta, Theta...
Sarah Lindwall: You've been to Theta?
Simon Jarrett: There's not a lot left of Pathos II.
Sarah Lindwall: And, uh... I'm the only living person you've met? You mean I'm the last living person on the planet?

"An infinite number of Harrison Wells... and we're stuck with the one who killed the multiverse."
Cisco Ramon, to Nash Wells, The Flash (2014), "Marathon"

"Come to mock? Come to laugh at the speaker for a fallen empire? Any troll of Zul'Drak not claimed by da Scourge was broken by dem. In there death throws, my people slew our loa, stealing the power of dese gods to wield against the Scourge, and then they died as well. I be here, now, as little more than a pet for these Zandalari. An oddity dey pull out to show dere children somethin' exotic. Leave me be."
Speaker Malaka'raz, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

John Rambo: Baker Team. They're all dead, sir.
Colonel Trautman: Not Delmar Berry, he made it.
Rambo: Berry's gone too Sir.
Trautman: How?
Rambo: Got himself killed in 'Nam, didn't even know it. Cancer ate him down to the bone.
Trautman: I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Rambo: I'm the last one Sir.

"You ASSHOLE! Don't ever piss her off again! As far as we know, she's the only remaining original!"
David on Saya, Blood: The Last Vampire

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