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You Are Not Alone

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Batman: I can't do it... I can't stop them...
Alfred: No, you can't... not on your own. But it's high time you realize you're a man, not an island. And a man's strength comes not from just brawn and intelligence... but also from his allies.

Disambiguation: This is the WAFFy trope about friends and loved ones being with you in times of distress. For the dark trope that could have been dubbed this, about something nightmarish nearby, see Enemy Rising Behind, No Peripheral Vision, and Paranoia Fuel.

For many of us, Dying Alone is particularly depressing. Maybe The Hero is fighting alone against impossible odds with his confidence shot to hell. Maybe that Breaking Speech delivered to The Smart Guy over his non-existent love life hit too close to home. Maybe the Grumpy Old Man is especially grumpy with having to spend the upcoming Christmas alone again this year. Maybe the Shell-Shocked Veteran has decided that he can't live with what happened anymore.

This is when a character has their personal Darkest Hour (or are just down in a slump) and is brought out of it by the people who truly matter. It could be that the villain's Evil Gloating is interrupted by the Big Damn Heroes delivering a bone shattering punch to the jaw and rousing the hero with a motivational speech, assuring him that his struggle isn't meaningless and that he has inspired people to greatness. Maybe The Smart Guy comes home depressed only to discover that the recently reformed Femme Fatale is waiting for him wearing nothing but... Huh! The Grumpy Old Man gets an unexpected visit from his nephew and his family. And the Shell-Shocked Veteran receives a phone call from his estranged daughter just when he's ready to put the gun to his head.


Or maybe someone feels lonely and simply needs a hug.

Maybe it's the villain that needs the hug.

People, both real and fictional, often find themselves isolated and overwhelmed by the circumstances surrounding them. It is when this happens that The Power of Friendship and The Power of Love shines. Someone lending you a hand when it is truly needed is a great way to be told that "You Are Not Alone".

Is frequently a Heartwarming Moment. Can overlap with Big Damn Heroes if it involves a rescue. Can be used to bring people out of a 10-Minute Retirement. All-Loving Hero or the Good Samaritan will offer this kind of help even to random strangers. The Anti-Nihilist often practices this philosophy as a response to the nihilistically lonely world around him. Many a Badass Creed is based on the idea that the badass is just part of many; kill them and another will be there to carry on the fight. Extreme cases can even involve You Are Worth Hell (e.g., "it's okay to suffer a Fate Worse than Death, as long as nobody's lonely!"). Compare You Are Better Than You Think You Are.


Compare with Loners Are Freaks. Contrast I Just Want to Have Friends , Et Tu, Brute?, In the End, You Are on Your Own and Unwanted Assistance. In certain cases, can be contrasted with Don't You Dare Pity Me!.

For the Anime movie You Are (Not) Alone, see the Rebuild of Evangelion series. Not to be confused with "we are not alone", which refers to extra-terrestrial life, or the We Are Not Alone Index (unless your angst stems from feeling like you're troping alone).

WARNING: Reading this page, the subpages (particularly the Real Life subpage) and any attached links may cause tears.

And yes, this applies specifically to YOU. You are unique, you matter, you make a difference in many people's lives, and people can like you exactly the way you are. We're glad you're here.


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    Films — Animated 

  • This is the message that the anthropomorphic representation of philosophy brings to Boethius in The Consolations of Philosophy: once you have become a philosopher, philosophy will always be with you, no matter what.
    "Could I desert thee, child," said [Philosophy], "and not lighten the burden which thou hast taken upon thee through the hatred of my name, by sharing this trouble? Even forgetting that it were not lawful for Philosophy to leave companionless the way of the innocent, should I, thinkest thou, fear to incur reproach, or shrink from it, as though some strange new thing had befallen?

    Tabletop Games 
  • Legend of the Five Rings gives us this exchange when the Water Dragon offers Yoritomo to take his twenty strongest samurai to Volturnum, most likely to face certain death
    Yoritomo turned to the Dragon, lifting his kamas from their sheaths. "I am my twenty strongest samurai!" he roared. "Take me, and I shall show you how the Son of Storms faces death!"

    The Dragon rolled through sea foam and salt tears, prepared to work its magic, when another voice echoed from beside the Mantis general. Aramasu, Bayushi no more, stood at his father's side.

    "And I am twenty-one."
  • Warhammer 40,000
    • The Eldar capture the souls of their dead to save them from being absorbed by Slaanesh, the god of excess. The Eldar keep them inside soulstones, which are used to amplify the psychic powers of their descendents and to pilot giant mech suits. Given that every hour they live is their darkest hour, this example qualifies.
    "You are our children. Dead though we are, we shall not abandon you"
    • This is also one of the central points of the Imperium's faith. This is a vast and merciless universe filled with eldritch abominations and untold cosmic horrors, where everything hates humans. But the Emperor of Mankind watches over and protects His servants. Any human, as long as he or she believes in Him on Terra, will have something worth fighting for and have Him as Father, Guardian and God. This isn't just their religion, by the way. This is actually the part of the laws of physics in this universe. The Emperor watches over all mankind, but he cannot, and therefore will not, protect those who do not serve him faithfully.
    "There is only the Emperor, and he is our Shield and Protector."
  • Hunter: The Vigil uses this as a game mechanic, emphasizing that hunter cells will always work together no matter what they face in the darkness of the unknown.
  • There is an example in Nobilis that's at once moving and horrifying. In the world of Nobilis, Hell loves you. It loves you even if the entire rest of Creation hates you, loves you even if you hate yourself, loves you even if you are so wretched that hate is all you truly deserve. And it's evil and twisted and hideous, and it's going to hurt you and break you and torture you, because it's Hell, and that's what it does. But it has always loved you, and it always will.

  • Good Smile Company's Hatsune Miku (Support Version) Nendoroid's flag says this. The Nendoroid was redistributed with special pom-poms and a flag to support the relief for the victims of the 2011 Sendai Tsunami and Earthquake. For every Nendoroid purchased, GSC donated ¥1,000 (about $12.00 USD) to The Red Cross in Japan. 74,394 were ordered, meaning GSC donated a whopping ¥74,384,000 (about $913,260 USD).
    • Gaia Online had a similar fundraiser for the same disaster through their Cash Shop.

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