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"Hey, it's Moonkitti, with an 'i' as in..."
—Moonkitti's Catchphrase
The cat version of Moonkitti's fursona.

Moonkitti, or Moon for short, is a 26 year old comedy-based YouTuber who makes animated videos primarily focused around the Warrior Cats series, with a few focused on other topics such as Pokémon or Puyo Puyo. Most of her videos are short (about 30 seconds to 3 minutes long), with the exception of her two main ongoing series: an animated version of the trollfic StarKitsProphcy, and I Spoil..., in which she recaps the Warriors books in chronological order with a humorous view. A recent addition to her channel is an original animated series known as "Frequent Fiasco", involving Reed, an anthropomorphic cat, trying to infiltrate an evil tower disguised as "The White Rabbit".


Moonkitti's animations contain examples of:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal: Each of the Frequent Fiasco episodes has an alliterative 'F' title, such as "Frequent Fiasco Floundering".
  • Author Avatar: In "I spoil Firestar's Quest for everyone", Skywatcher is briefly referred to as "crazy old Moonkitti". Of course, he clears up that his name is Spaceshipfur, a traditional SkyClan name. Also mentioned in "I spoil Rising Storm for everyone" when Cloudpaw has been eating McDonald's every day, "just like Moonkitti."
  • Blatant Lies: "I spoil Sunset for everyone" ends with Moon claiming Warrior Cats is over while zooming in on Leafpool's stomach.
  • Broken Record: In "I spoil Dawn for everyone", "And then everyone walks, and does nothing, and walks, and does nothing, and walks..."
  • Broke the Rating Scale: In "I spoil Firestar's Quest for everyone", a 'Faith-In-StarClan-O-Meter' stays above the screen the whole time (presumably from Firestar's POV), and when Firestar thinks about being with Spottedleaf when he dies, it gets so full the red portion drops to the bottom.
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  • Comically Missing the Point: Nightcloud in "Breezepelt".
  • Creepy Child: Shadowkit in "Tigerheart finds Dovewing". Only just born, and he has a raspy voice saying "Thank you for gifting me with a name, sucklemother."
  • Crossdressing Voices: Within the short videos, she sometimes voices male characters such as Alderheart, Breezepelt, Jayfeather and Brokenstar.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Feathertail in "I spoil Moonrise for everyone" when she dies as a result of the party game Pin The Cat on the Mountain Lion.
  • Drinking Game: Parodied in-universe in "Rabies", where two apprentices drink from gross puddle water at a Gathering every time a leader says "The prey is running well." The end shows them both passed out.
  • Everybody Laughs Ending: Subverted, Moon ends "I spoil Tigerstar and Sasha for everyone" by laughing about how dumb Sasha was for abandoning Hawkpaw and Mothpaw in RiverClan.
  • Fake-Out Fade-Out: Twice during "I spoil Firestar's Quest for everyone", with Moon trying to end the book early saying "That's it, book's over, SkyClan's been found! Firestar's Quest has ended!", far before the book actually ends.
  • Fan Animation: Most of her videos are comedic animations surrounding Warriors.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus:
    • In "I spoil Tigerstar and Sasha for everyone", when Sasha saves the old man's life, the sprites that Sasha defends him from include a fox, another human, and the classic Bramblekit.
    • "I sort-of spoil Spottedleaf's Heart" is more serious than most other videos of hers, but in a brief moment where Spottedleaf helps Bluestar out of camp, Mosskit has a football and bandana.
  • Funny Background Event:
    • In Starkit's Prophecy episode 5, Stargleam and Mistyfoot saying "imptent" is accompanied by a small picture of an imp in a tent.
    • Also, when indirectly mentioned by Lionblaze in "Jayfeather finds the fourth cat", Hollyleaf shows up in the background, looking around suspiciously.
    • In "Leafpaw Calls", Cinderpelt is seen shifting around a pile of leaves when the video first cuts to Leafpaw. The next time, Cinderpelt is stomping on the pile. The third, Cinderpelt leaves it alone...and it sneaks away.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: She never swears aside from the word 'hell' (and only used to mean the place) within her videos, but sometimes slips on other people's videos and in streams. When she feels she needs to censor her swearing, the word 'heck' often bleeps it, regardless if the sentence makes much sense.
  • Implausible Deniability: In "I spoil Moonrise for everyone", Tallstar denies stealing ThunderClan's food while still eating string cheese from their fridge.
    • Also in "I spoil The Darkest Hour":
    Darkstripe: [when caught poisoning Sorrelkit] I didn't do that.
    Everyone else: We saw you do that.
  • Lighter and Softer: Slightly, for comedic effect in "I Spoil". "Pack pack, kill kill" is changed to "Woof woof, bark bark" and in Sunset, Firestar is trapped in a Chuck E. Cheese's Skee Ball machine instead of a fox trap.
  • My Nayme Is: Insists that Moonkitti is spelled with an "i" to the point where it's her Catchphrase. Expressed relief in her Patreon video that she never went with "Moonkitteh".
  • The Nicknamer: Commonly becomes this in I Spoil ('Old Cat McDoctor' for Yellowfang, 'Dogfood' for Lostface/Brightheart, etc.), but most prominently towards Bramblekit in "I spoil Rising Storm for everyone".
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: In "I spoil Tigerstar and Sasha for everyone", the text "this actually happens" shows up when Moon talks about Sasha going to the Salvation Army and finding out her owner died.
  • Obviously Evil: Breezepelt in his short video. Only Crowfeather notices.
  • Older Than They Look: Is 26 years old, but has a high pitched voice that sounds around 12-14 years old. She is aware that this confuses people.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: The Munchkin-esque cat version of her fursona.
  • Running Gag: Within Starkit's Prophecy, anytime 'looked' is misspelled as 'locked', it's taken literally and the character open and closes a padlock.
  • Scatterbrained Senior: Her take on Bramblestar, who frequently forgets Alderheart's name and at one point confuses Rowanstar for Lionblaze.
  • Shout-Out:
    • In "I spoil Fire and Ice for everyone": "Then Bluestar finally allows Sandpaw and Dustpaw to evolve without spamming B."
    • Also in "Berrynose Quits", when Honeyfern is bitten by the snake, the low HP music from Pokemon Black and White starts playing.
    • Longtail's blinding is referred to him "getting into a fight with the entire cast of Watership Down."
    • In "I spoil Into the Wild for everyone", Brokenstar claims to have killed, in addition to Raggedstar and the kittens, Mufasa.
    • "I spoil Starlight for everyone" has Squirrelflight's warrior ceremony as her digivolving.
  • Similarly Named Works: invoked Parodied in "I spoil Twilight for everyone", which is about the Warrior Cats book "Twilight", but keeps referring to Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw and Ashfur by the names of Twilight characters.
  • Something Completely Different:
    • Almost all her content is comedy, but "Once I Had", a music video about Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Dovewing's feelings about losing their powers, is quite serious and sad, and done in a more artful style. "Oops I Did It Again", about Dovewing and Bumblestripe's relationship, is similar and only her second such work.
    • "I sort-of spoil Spottedleaf's Heart" is this for the "I Spoil" series, which is otherwise entirely parodical, while said video is a more serious recap of the book while providing information about grooming and child predation due to the topic. Moon even starts out saying "Consider this, instead of any kind of 'I Spoil' video, more of an actual summary of the book."
  • Stylistic Suck: "I Spoil" uses puppeted sprites with goofy movements.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: "[The Tribe] also more specifically deny being cannibalized by a giant cat."
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others:
    • "Purdy has them all fish from somebody's expensive koi pond. Then he has them all eat Meow Mix. Then he gives them all indigestion."
    • "Swiftpaw is upset. Brightpaw is upset. Thornpaw wants to join the dawn patrol."
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: In-Universe in "I spoil Forest of Secrets for everyone": "Fireheart goes in to see Yellowfang, and watches as she poisons her son. [quieter] Kid's book."


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