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"Looked dead, didn't I? But I wasn't. But it wasn't from lack of trying, I can tell you that. Actually, Bill's last bullet put me in a coma. A coma I was to lie in for four years. When I woke up, I went on what the movie advertisements refer to as a 'roaring rampage of revenge'. I roared. And I rampaged. And I got bloody satisfaction. I've killed a hell of a lot of people to get to this point, but I have only one more. The last one. The one I'm driving to right now. The only one left. And when I arrive at my destination, I am gonna kill Bill."
The Bride, Kill Bill

She's making her list, she's checking it twice, and she's checking off your name after she's killed you nice, probably for making it personal. And in the above example, she's even quoting her own movie poster blurb. But it's okay, you deserve it — because you're evil, you kidnapped her child, and you probably kicked her dog (if not worse) as well. Either you're a minion or you're the Big Bad behind it all, but it doesn't matter in the end because either way, you're going down… and Alice or Bob is going to be the one to do it, even if it means going down with you.

The Roaring Rampage of Revenge differs from the standard Revenge plot in that our hero dispenses with the Machiavellian plotting that would define a classic revenge tale and goes straight for the bloodshed, either in a single, violent Unstoppable Rage or Tranquil Fury-fueled rampage on the bad guy's home base, or a more methodical "working one's way up the food chain" from lesser foes to the bigger fish.

If the hero has a specific hit list, this usually ends up as a Gotta Kill Them All situation as the hero hunts down and kills each bad guy on the list before moving on to the next. In most cases, the second to last bad guy on the hit-list is the Dragon for whichever Big Bad that the hero has saved for last, and is usually someone the hero has an especially personal beef with and/or is the most psychotic or otherwise hateworthy foe on the list aside from the Big Bad. If the hero decided a rampage wasn't enough, the hero may resort to an Extreme Mêlée Revenge to let the bad guys feel the pain with a truly savage beating. Despite the name of the trope (and many characters who do this trope living up to said name), many agree that a character going for revenge without making a sound is much, much scarier.

Alternately the reasoning is that the hero just has a single lead, and each lead gives him/her one more name or clue before they die.

Of course; sometimes the Hero's target is not always one person. Sometimes it can branch out to an entire organization, or to an entire race or species. Some examples of this could be a partisan whose family was killed by soldiers on a Rape, Pillage, and Burn raid (and who in retaliation is killing as many soldiers from that army as possible) or an apocalypse survivor whose son was killed by zombies (and who as a result devotes his life to ridding the world of them).

Many such avengers may keep a Tragic Keepsake to remind them of their lost loved one or other reason that they're on this vendetta to begin with, although they may fall victim to Forgotten Fallen Friend if the quest goes on long enough. Sometimes fulfilling the revenge may end up as a case of Vengeance Feels Empty and not give the avenger the expected joy, particularly if they come to feel that the avenged would not have wanted it that way. While in some cases, fulfilling the revenge may instead end up with the avenger becoming bloodthirsty and developing a Blood Knight personality, or worse, Put the "Laughter" in "Slaughter". But sometimes, one will simply find that Revenge Is Sweet without any moral corruption, with the closure of revenge allowing the avenger(s) to move on with their lives.

Would-be avengers need to be extremely careful about falling into He Who Fights Monsters territory. It's one thing to take revenge on someone who is directly responsible for wronging you, but it's quite another to extend your revenge to that person's children, people who are only tangentially related to the main target, and any innocent bystanders unlucky enough to get in the way. If this happens, then The Hero may cease to be worthy of that title.

Compare Last Stand, where the motives are frequently the same. May be a case of Revenge Before Reason culminating in a Self-Destructive Charge. In other cases, the anger has burned itself out by the end, leaving only a dogged Determinator to finish the task. Also compare to Roaring Rampage of Rescue, where the goal of the rampage is to rescue a loved one rather to exact revenge for what was done to them. The two may overlap, particularly if the rescuers fail to save their loved ones and settle for avenging them. Will often also overlap with Mook Horror Show.

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  • One Super Bowl Special advertising Doritos features two guys in a gym snacking on them when one of them mentions that he stole them from someone named "Tim". His friend is horrified at this and urges they flee when he is killed by a Dorito shuriken. Enter Tim: A Doritos-clad Samurai, who immediately attacks the thief that stole his doritos from him.

    Audio Plays 
  • Scratch from We're Alive goes on one after Pegs kills her brother, Latch. She swears to kill Pegs at all costs. And in pursuit of her prey she brings down the Tower with an RPG and improvised bombs made out of gasoline tankers, captures and tortures Burt to find out where the Tower folks are hiding, kills Angel, kills Durai and continues to stalk Pegs even after all the other Mallers are either killed or scattered.

    Fairy Tales 
  • The Italian fairy tale Doralice ends with the title character's husband King Genese discovering that her incestuous father Tebaldo was the one who killed their newborn children and framed her. So he declares war and invades Tebaldo's domain of Salerno. Tebaldo is captured alive, tortured on the rack and gruesomely executed.
  • Once the heroine of Fitcher's Bird has proven to her brothers that their other two sisters were murdered by the antagonist and his gang, they respond by burning the gang's hideout down with all of them still inside.

    Films — Animation 
  • The Iron Giant drops his Gentle Giant persona and goes on a gun-filled, very pissed off rampage against the Army when it looks like they killed his friend Hogarth.
  • In Monsters vs. Aliens, the heroine Ginormica is abducted by the alien Gallaxhar, who imprisons her in a seemingly impenetrable pink force field. He thinks that she can't escape... then she breaks open the cage and throws at him. She then goes on an Unstoppable Rage and smashes through every door Gallaxhar throws at her in an effort to catch Gallaxhar and kill him to avenge Insectosaurus, who she believed Gallaxhar had killed. Unfortunately, Gallaxhar takes advantage of Ginormica's blind rage to trap her in a machine that extracts the Quantonium from her body. Double-Subverted when she takes it back by shooting a ball that contained it, restoring her giant size and strength.


    Mythology & Religion 
  • Pissing off Heracles was unfortunately very easy to do, and never a good idea. Among his many other deeds, Heracles is known for exacting horrific revenges on a number of Greek kings who crossed him. Whether it was King Augeas refusing to pay the cattle he owed Heracles for his cleaning out Augeas's stables, King Neleus refusing to purify Heracles after he killed a man in anger, or King Laomedon trying to get out of paying Heracles the magical horses he owed Heracles for killing the monster that threatened his kingdom, all three of them were eventually invaded by Heracles and his army and slaughtered for crossing him.
  • In The Iliad, Achilles gets into a spat with Agamemnon and decides that he won't be in a fighting mood for the foreseeable future. When his best buddy Patroclus gets himself killed trying to take Achilles' place, however, Achilles flips right the hell out and nearly chokes the Trojan river with their dead. Even Hector, the killer of Patroclus and first among the Trojans, makes a run for it until he realizes that Achilles won't stop chasing him and decides to go out swinging.
  • In The Odyssey Odysseus and his son kill all forty suitors who have dishonored their house. In the middle of the slaughter, some of the suitors try to repent and beg for mercy, but Odysseus affirms that he must kill all of them. The gods themselves demand that he take vengeance. Only two survive the slaughter: a bard and a herald. In Homer's time, poets and heralds were sacred, and not to be slaughtered wantonly. It helps in this case that these two really were innocent; the bard had been dragged along by the suitors, and the herald was actually Penelope's spy.
  • The hero Jason decided to dump his wife Medea and marry the daughter of the king of Corinth, an act that made him an enemy of his own protector Hera, Goddess of Marriage. Big mistake. But before Hera could make him pay, Medea herself got revenge on him: she burned alive the king's daughter, and, by accident, the king and his palace (the king had tried to save his daughter, but failed and spread the fire); demolished Corinth; in some versions even killed two of their own children (in others it was the Corinthians, who wanted revenge for them delivering the clothes that set the king's daughter on fire. Demolition of the city follows soon after), and leaves with the others. And Jason? Still alive, with his spirit and reputation destroyed and reduced to beggary. You do not piss off your Magical Girlfriend, for even the goddess notorious for being ludicrously vengeful won't have the heart to add something on top of what already happened to you...
  • In Journey to the West, when The Monkey King Sun Wukong realizes he's been tricked by the Jade Emperor into being a mere stable boy after Wukong demanded to be made a god in Heaven, he gets pissed. He declares himself "The Great Sage Equal to Heaven" and made pacts with some of the nastiest Demons on earth. Rather than try and fight a being recognized as a badass beyond known badassery, the gods recognized his title, which at first sated him... but then they snubbed him from a big Banquet. The Great Sage Equal to Heaven, Monkey King Sun Wukong proceeds to go completely apeshit. He invades the banquet, eats the Jade Emperor's Peaches of Immortality and drinks the Potion of Longevity, which make him immortal and indestructible, and proceeds to single-handedly defeat an army of 100,000 Celestial Warriors; then, after he gets caught in a trap and escapes (which has the side effect of giving him Eye Beams plus making sure the aforementioned Peaches and Potion have actual permanent effect on him instead of him having to eat and drink them again for their effect, of all things), he frees all his monkey soldier-disciples, proceeds to break down the doors of Heaven and literally throws or kicks every single member of the Celestial Bureaucracy out of Heaven. It took BUDDHA HIMSELF to finally subdue Wukong and return the Bureaucracy to power.
  • The Shahnameh: Rostam will not rest until EVERYONE responsible for Siavash's execution is dead, even his own king's wife!
  • Kullervo in The Kalevala. Enraged of his treatment as slave by Untamo and loss of his last heirloom, he runs away and eventually exterminates the whole Untamo's family.
  • Surprisingly, these crop up in The Bible from time to time.
    • Deconstructed in the Book of Genesis. Jacob's daughter Dinah was raped by Shechem, who then asked to marry her. Jacob agreed, but his sons wanted revenge for the dishonouring of their family and deceived all the men of the city into circumcising themselves before storming the city while all the men were sore and putting it to the sword. However, Jacob was outraged when they got back; not only is massacring the entire male population of the city and taking the women as slaves because of the crimes of one man Disproportionate Retribution, but by using circumcision as a weapon they had dishonoured the Jewish covenant.
    • The story of the Levite and his concubine in the Book of Judges. After several Benjaminites gang-raped a Levite's concubine, resulting in her death, the Israelites demanded the killers be handed over for punishment. The Benjaminites refused, so the Israelites declared war and spent what must have been several months destroying all the major Benjaminite cities, then hunting down all the surviving Benjaminites and killing all the ones who were not virgins. Safe to say they won't do it again, although the tribe had been decimated to the point where a Loophole Abuse had to take place when the other tribes of Israel had put a curse on anyone from their own tribes that would give their daughter to a Benjaminite male as a wife.
    • Also in the Book of Judges was Samson, the final judge of Israel who was blessed with superhuman strength. He married a Philistine woman, but a dispute with his in-laws escalated until the Philistines burned his wife and her father alive. When Samson heard of his wife's death, he flew into a rage and slew a great many Philistines before allowing himself to be taken prisoner and brought down into Lehi, where he slipped his bonds and slaughtered 1,000 Philistines with a donkey's jawbone. His conflict with the Philistines continued until he was depowered, taken prisoner, blinded, enslaved and exhibited as a public spectacle to display the Philistine's might. Unfortunately for the Philistines, Samson gained his power from his hair, and his hair still grew while he was in captivity, and the day he fully regained his strength was the day that he was brought into the Philistine temple full of 3,000 people, including the entire Philistine government...
    • The ultimate annihilation of the nation of Amalek in the Books of Samuel, which saw God decree that every single inhabitant of Amalek was to be killed, was revenge for how the Amalekites had ambushed the Israelites while they were in the desert and "hewn into pieces" all who fell into their hands in order to mock the rite of circumcision. Though they were eventually defeated by Moses, Israel had vowed to one day destroy them entirely for what they had done; several generations later, during which time Amalek had continued to raid the Israelites, destroy their farms, and enslave their women, that day had finally come.
  • In Mesopotamian Mythology, a gardener named Shukaletuda found a gorgeous woman resting under his poplar tree, and raped her in her sleep before leaving. Unfortunately for Shukaletuda, the woman just happened to be Inanna, goddess of love, fertility, and warfare, who proceeded to cut a swath through the land until she tracked him down, listened to him beg for forgiveness, and then killed him.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Roddy Piper was the master of this, and defined the trope from a wrestling standpoint in his 1986 feud with "Adorable" Adrian Adonis. On the WWF Superstars of Wrestling episode aired September 27, 1986, Piper began to berate Adonis over his "effeminate" gimmick and the "Flower Shop" segment (the former as a gimmick offensive to wrestling, the latter because Piper considered it to be hosted by a "Piper wannabe"), but found himself on the wrong end of a three-on-one beating when former Piper allies "Cowboy" Bob Orton and "Magnificent" Don Muraco helped Adonis instigate a horrifically brutal beatdown and destroyed the old "Piper's Pit" set. The trope kicked in the following week when Piper – who was feared dead or in the very least hospitalized with a concussion and multiple other injuries – came out with a crutch and, in a blind frenzy, destroyed the set of "The Flower Shop," before — with large amounts of spit foaming from his mouth — screaming out the words, "THE WAR HAS JUST BEGUN!" Eventually, Piper took out Muraco and Orton and then turned his attention on Adonis; after several delays due to legit injuries by Adonis, Piper and Adonis finally met at WrestleMania III, where Piper won a "retirement match."
  • Sting spent most of 1997 beating various members of the nWo with a baseball bat as revenge for their ruining his reputation and taking over WCW. While the nWo grew and grew, Sting never had any trouble beating them senseless; any time he appeared, the scene would end with the ringside area being filled with the beaten and unconscious bodies of mooks in black-and-white while Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff fled, yelling impotent epithets back at Sting.
  • In one memorable episode of WWF Raw is War, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin used guerrilla tactics to eliminate the members of Vince McMahon's goon squad, one at a time. He eventually trapped Vince himself in the ring, threatening his boss' life with a gun before revealing it to be a prop, as when he "fired" it, a flag popped out reading, "Bang! 3:16". This didn't stop Vince from completely wetting his pants, however.
  • Randy Orton has punted Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon. He's DDT'd Stephanie McMahon and then kissed her in front of her husband. So what does said husband Triple H do? Grabs his sledgehammer and goes on a rampage that is still going on today.
    • Randy Orton (along with then-tag-team partner Edge) was also the victim of a Shawn Michaels RROR. Orton and Edge, along with an inopportune quad tear have taken out Triple H, and they're not exactly shy in telling everyone so. Shawn pulls Hunter's sledgehammer out from under the ring and proceeds to kick the everloving hell out of them.
  • John Cena succeeded in taking part in one against The Nexus for cheating him into being their slave and then Nexus leader Wade Barrett treating him horribly and forcing him into choosing between losing his career or ruling a match in Barrett's favor so he would become champion and be free. He chose to lose his career, ironically making him free to make Nexus' existence a living Hell. Subsequent weeks had Cena attacking Nexus members at random, eventually forcing Barrett to make a match between the two at WWE TLC. The match ended with Cena completing his mission as he handily beat Barrett.
  • In CHIKARA, Mike Quackenbush went on a rampage against the Power Stable GEKIDO for breaking his arm and putting him on the shelf for months. Quack broke 17's fingers at Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur, and engaged in some uncharacteristic post-match brutality against AssailANT and DeviANT at King of Trios 2012 that made even his best friend, Jigsaw, try to talk some sense into him.
  • Dean Ambrose. Ever since he betrayed The Shield, Seth Rollins cannot go a week without Dean trying to attack him in some way. Not even being Curb Stomped on the head onto cinder blocks could stop Dean Ambrose from trying to get his hands on Seth Rollins a month later. The kind of deep, personal loathing Dean has for Seth for betraying his trust is incomparable — Dean's only goal in life is to beat Seth within an inch of his life.
  • After Donovan Dijak broke the neck of Truth Martini, he was stalked by The House Of Truth, starting with Ring of Honor Supercard and Conquest Tour through Texas, where Joey Daddiego repeatedly tried to break his ribs with a chair. For added injury, Dijak's new manager Prince Nana was egging Dijak's old rival Will Ferrera to continue pursuing him too.
  • After Merlok, a big piranha character, put Ashley Vox's Team Sea Stars partner (and Real Life sister) Delmi Exo and Sidekick Jawsolyn out of CHIKARA during 2017, she went off on this for the rest of the season. Following the advice of Obariyon (formerly of The Batiri), she channeled the darkness within herself and became "Queen of the Seven Seas" Oceanea, leading to her finally defeating Merlok at the Season Finale Closing Time on December 2nd.

  • Adam Dodd of season one of Survival of the Fittest swears vengeance against Cody Jensen after Cody's definitive crossing of the Moral Event Horizon, raping and murdering his friend Madelaine Shirohara and accidentally killing his love interest, Amanda Jones, in the middle of trying to kill Sidney Crosby. After drifting for a while in a Heroic BSoD, Adam takes down everyone who tries to kill him one by one, and when Adam and Cody finally face off, Adam fulfills his vow of vengeance by putting a sword through Cody and then carving the word "rapist" into his chest.

    Tabletop Games 
  • BattleTech: Rather common.
    • When an invading nation, Clan Smoke Jaguar used orbital bombardment on a conquered city (after a prison break), then killed anyone escaping, as a warning to all other conquered planets, every military in the Inner Sphere sent their elite units and their extremely rare space warships on a mission to wipe out the entirety of the Clan Smoke Jaguar military, killing or capturing every single Jaguar warrior. They landed all their forces on the Jaguar homeworld, Huntress, then used their own orbital bombardment to wipe out concentrated Jaguar military forces while picking off stragglers with overwhelming firepower and ambush tactics.
    • Later, after a genocidal campaign of nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare by the Word of Blake, a coalition of mercenaries, ComStar loyalists and special forces from the Inner Sphere engaged in a war of extermination against the Word of Blake, culminating in the liberation of Terra and the establishment of the Republic of the Sphere.
  • Changeling: The Lost: Contracts of Stone 5, "Red Rage of Terrible Revenge", not only turns you into a nigh-unstoppable monster, but is free to cast if you are seeking vengeance for an injured or killed loved one.
  • The Hard Way also has revenge as a quite frequent motive, given the Trauma part of every PC's background.
  • In Nomine: Deconstructed. When Magog, the Demon Prince of Cruelty, breaks out of his ancient prison, he's going to go on a frenzied attack against Heaven and humanity... which will almost certainly result in his death. Whether he survives to become a new player primarily depends on whether or not he can calm down enough to recognize that personally storming the gates of Heaven and attacking every Demon Prince who tells him otherwise is not a wise plan.
  • Iron Kingdoms: Thyra. After her family was killed in a raid by mercenaries hired by Cygnar, she led a band of fellow survivors in a guerilla war against them. They did surprisingly well before she killed a Menite priest who tried to get her to stop, and was imprisoned and subsequently recruited by Feora.
  • Magic: The Gathering: Ajani started out this way in his Vengeant state, and had to be prevented from doing it again on Theros after Elspeth's death. Garruk spent most of Innistrad block doing this while pursuing Liliana. Chandra tried this on the Order who burned down her village. Given the power that planeswalkers wield even after the Mending, whenever a planeswalker pulls this, a lot of things end up broken.
  • Scarlet Wake, which draws inspiration from Kill Bill, focuses more or less entirely on having your character go on one of these against those who wronged them.
  • Warhammer:
    • Necromunda: In the 1st Edition, the Ratskin special character Brakar the Avenger had been stalking the underhive killing anyone he believes has wronged his adopted people ever since the tribe that took him in and nursed him back to health was slaughtered.
    • Warhammer 40,000:
      • The Altar Brethren were one of thirty Chapters sent into a penitent crusade into the Eye of Terror by a corrupt Ecclesiarchical leader. By the time they made their way back out of the Eye, the Brethren, now calling themselves the Iconoclasts, were so scarred by their betrayal and the things that had happened to them in there that they have since devoted themselves to a single-minded rampage against the Ecclesiarchy, and are particularly focused on razing and desecrating Shrine Worlds.
      • After being wired into one of the three-meter-tall, heavily armed Killa Can walkers, the first thing a Gretchin usually does is hunt down the Orks that bullied and abused it in its old life (usually a fairly lengthy list) and turn them into hamburger meat. The other Orks find this absolutely hilarious.
        "Yar! Oose 'da biggest an' da baddest now, eh? I'll show ya, I'll show ya all! Just try an' stop me!" — Grabthroat Shinkicka, Killa Kan pilot
    • Warhammer Fantasy
      • The dwarves infamous for taking even the slightest of their grudges exceptionally seriously, willing to slaughter entire armies and destroy castles for something as little as being short-changed in a trade deal.
      • One dwarf hold is in an ongoing series of wars with a Tomb King dynasty over a hammer. The dwarfs take it because it's dwarf made, then the Tomb Kings take it back because it has a coin stolen from them as a centerpiece.
      • If Vlad and Isabella von Carstein are on the battlefield together and one is killed, the surviving spouse gains the Frenzy and Hatred (enemy army) traits, representing a powerful vampire going berserk and setting out to reduce their spouse's killers to a fine red paste.

  • William Shakespeare's Hamlet, naturally. Granted, his hit list only has one name on it, but he very quickly demonstrates that he doesn't mind knocking off a bystander or two to get to him, and the body count simply becomes heinous by the end of the play.
  • Thomas Middleton's The Revenger's Tragedy is an excellent example of this trope. Vindice (his name literally means Revenge) throws himself into his role as bloody revenger with glee.
  • Westeros: An American Musical: Loras, while part of The Cavalry fighting against an army whose leader had someone Loras cares about killed, is so focused on killing as many people as possible that he pays little attention to which side they are on.

    Visual Novels 
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney:
    • Kristoph Gavin has this combined with total Disproportionate Retribution. After getting Phoenix disbarred, he stalked everyone involved in the case, then he killed a magician, an artist, and he almost killed the artist's daughter. What caused this quest for revenge, you ask? His client, a famous magician (the aforementioned one, no less) whose successful defense would have brought Gavin much fame, wanted a different lawyer (Phoenix) to defend him.
    • Phoenix himself later repaid the favor. After having his attorney's badge taken away for presenting Gavin's forged evidence, he lost respect for the whole judicial process and manipulated a crime scene, forging some evidence of his own to get Gavin convicted of killing the magician. Then, he managed to temporarily overhaul the entire legal system and rig a jury just to ensure Gavin also got convicted of killing the artist.
  • In Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, you learn in Free Time what Ryoma's crime was that got him thrown in prison. He was asked by Yakuza to take part in a tennis tournament and throw his match. He played along at first, but then won his last match that he was supposed to lose out of stubbornness. So, they killed his family and later, his lover. He then proceeded to wipe out the yakuza syndicate that did so, using a steel tennis ball to hit their members in the head to kill them.
  • In Fate/stay night's "Unlimited Blade Works" route's (True Ending), Gilgamesh insults Saber after her Heroic Sacrifice to destroy the Holy Grail. Shirou gets pissed, and proceeds to bash the King of Heroes all over the place, before cutting off his arm and throwing him into a tear in space-time.
  • Shion in Higurashi: When They Cry goes on a delayed one in her arc. She goes a bit far, by which we mean that even after she's killed a little girl who she promised to take care of, she doesn't stop, despite it being claimed near the end that her family knows nothing about Satoshi's disappearance, her mind is too far gone at that point — although what the rest of the Sonozaki family did to her is pretty damn horrible too, namely banishing her from her home village just for superstitious reasons against younger twins even though she's secretly the older one, sending her to an oppressive, religiously-indoctrinating school that brainwashes its students and threatens escapees with violence, opposing her crush just for being the son of a man who offended the family and making her rip her own fingernails out with a torture device to atone for him, her bodyguard and her uncle who dared to help her, all while her sister and mother watched coldly as she begged for help. Keeping her sanity and STILL loving her sister after that is a gargantuan feat, only corrupted by the unfortunate triggering of the Hate Plague which makes otherwise normal people prone to violence, loss of reasoning skills, misunderstandings, hallucinations and extreme paranoia, which made her think the Three Families murdered her crush and were now after her life for breaking into a ritual tool shed, doesn't help that her uncle said that Satoshi deserved to die and Rika tried to inject her with a mysterious syringe.
    • Rena when her father is threatened by Rina and Teppei and the former nearly chokes her to death, she brutally kills them both. A series of misunderstandings later and now she threatens to blow up her school with all the kids inside, and was 1 second away from achieving this.
    • Satoko murdered her parents because her delusions made her think that they would kill her eventually.
  • Juniper's Knot: In the fiend girl's backstory, we learn that she had a friend when she was still free. Because she was close to a demon, the girl was killed by the townspeople. When the demon girl discovered the beaten, raped body of her friend, she killed everyone in the town — men, women, children — and set it all aflame.
  • In Lady In Mystery, Yurin spends the last moments of her route killing those she deems responsible for the death of her beloved Heesoo. This includes her own butler for not allowing her to rush off to Heesoo's rescue, the soldier who fatally wounded Heesoo, the doctor that arrived too late to help Heesoo, Pyeong-ho for betraying Heesoo's family, Pyeong-ho's child, and Woosung for outing Heesoo as the daughter of a convicted man.
  • The perp in the main case of Hanai's route in Metro PD: Close to You is systematically targeting people close to Hanai — his unit, his friends, his mentor, his brother, and eventually his partner - in revenge for his arrest of her lover for crimes someone else committed.
  • Tsukihime: Arcueid Brunestud's kill list: #1: Michael Roa Valdamjong, whenever possible and as much as possible until he stays dead, damnit. #2: Dead Apostle Ancestors, so another 20 or so on the list. #3: Normal Dead Apostles, Demon Lords, people like the Church who get in her way.
    • Kohaku's hero status is rather debatable but her targets go like this: Makihasa (done) Akiha and SHIKI (done in two out of five possible endings, SHIKI in all of them. Then maybe Shiki and anyone else related to the Tohno family she can think of.
  • In the Zero Escape series:
    • Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has three of these. In the Axe Ending, Clover goes Ax-Crazy over her brother's (apparent) death and murders Santa and Seven, who she believed killed Snake, June, for getting in her way, and Junpei, for his bracelet. In the Safe Ending, Snake flies into an Unstoppable Rage after Ace taunts him about Clover's death and pulls a Taking You with Me, preventing him from escaping the incinerator and letting Junpei, Seven, and Lotus escape. And finally, the True Ending reveals that this was one of the two purposes of the Second Nonary Game - to get revenge on the four men who were responsible for creating the first Nonary Game.
    • In Zero Time Dilemma:
      • Akane goes on one of these if she finds Junpei's head in a freezer. Assuming incorrectly that Carlos killed him, she attacks him with a chainsaw; the resulting fight ends in either Carlos killing Akane in self-defense or Carlos concluding that he killed Junpei and committing suicide.
      • Akane goes on another one of these if Carlos kills Junpei in an AB game to save himself. She bashes his skull in with a fire extinguisher... sixteen times.
      • Eric goes on one of these if he finds Mira's corpse. He starts threatening everyone around him with a shotgun to find out who did the deed, and it takes some very careful persuasion on Q's part to calm him down.

    Web Animation 

    Web Original 
  • In the timeline A More Personal Union, Francis Drake's younger son is killed by a Spanish raid on their colony. Driven mad with grief, he and his older son dedicate themselves to leading pirate attacks against Spanish forces and colonies throughout the New World.
  • Can You Spare a Quarter?: After Jamie's father almost rapes his son to death, Frank goes to his home and thoroughly beats him up.
  • One day, "God" reveals to all of humanity that the Pearly Gates are closed (and actually have been for some time), they're all condemned to Hell and he's even given Satan the okay to "wipe out" humanity (or rather, kill them and torture their souls in Hell for eternity). Humanity's reaction was The Salvation War.
  • In Dream's 3 Hunters Grand Finale video, (26:54) Sapnap wants revenge after Dream killed George, causing Sapnap to go into an Unstoppable Rage and try to kill Dream.
  • Warriors Of Genesis: Gamma when his family was killed, resulted in a Unstoppable Rage.
  • When Ivorycello's pet bird Shiratori is killed by Sven in a last ditch attempt to subdue her, Plumpkin traps her in her own mind. Following several tense conversations, she then declares that she is prepared to kill absolutely everyone.
  • The Fire Never Dies:

    Web Videos 
  • Percy de Rolo of Critical Role ends up on a Gotta Kill 'Em All variation (with his friends along for the ride) against the people who murdered his family, tortured him and took over his home some years ago. A few levels in corruption and a case of Demonic Possession bring him perilously near the tipping point of He Who Fights Monsters.
  • Diamanda Hagan's reason for coming to Disneyworld in Project Million.
  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy has this for General Hanzo Hasashi (AKA Scorpion), after him and his family, along with his entire ninja clan, are slaughtered by Bi Han (AKA Sub-Zero) and his ninja clan. However, Quan Chi is the one who performed the deed and framed Bi Han, who actually wanted peace with his childhood friend, even after Hanzo was forced to kill Bi Han's brother in self-defense. When the two meet in Mortal Kombat, Bi Han desperately tries to convince the undead Hanzo that he wasn't involved. Hanzo doesn't believe him and rips out his spine.


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