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Missing Stars is an upcoming English-language Visual Novel developed in Ren'Py by Somnova Studios. Originally known by the tentative name "Mentaru Shoujo", it has been in development since 2012.

You play as Erik Wilhelm, an easygoing teenage boy who is transferred to St. Dymphna's. St. Dymphna's is a Viennese secondary school that specializes in dealing with students with mental disorders. There he meets many people, including six girls he can befriend and date.

Missing Stars was originally one of several Spiritual Successors to the popular English-language visual novel Katawa Shoujo. As of 2018 it is the only one still in active development. A demo for the game was released on January 6, 2018.

There is a discussion forum, a Discord server, and an official blog detailing the game's progress.


Missing Stars provides examples of:

  • Animesque: Although the character art style is a bit more Western in its appearance than games like Katawa Shoujo, the anime inspiration is still visible.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Official art has revealed that Jeanne is quite pudgy.
  • Cool Mask: Lena has one, reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: Lena's skin is considerably more tanned than the rest. The area around her mouth is lighter, implying that she has a sun tan.
  • Genki Girl: In a cast full of either shy or emotionally mature girls, Natalya stands out as the most energetic and enthusiastic, overlapping with her role as The Ditz.
  • Meganekko: Jeanne was designed to be one of these.
  • Multinational Team: The main characters are from various European countries: Isolda and Jeanne are French, Lena is German, Annaliese and Katja are Austrian, the Volkova twins are Russian, and Erik is from Switzerland. The development team also counts as one, with members from very different regions from around the world.
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  • Phenotype Stereotype: Natalya and Sofiya are blonde girls from Russia, with Russian accents, to boot.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: According to Word of God, Jeanne and Isolda are the closest friends among the romanceable girls.
  • School Festival: The girls are preparing for one in the prequel story, Overture.
  • School Idol: Both Katja and Ela are these according to currently available Word of God, but while Ela is admired by the school for being a straight-A student, she doesn't have Katja's mature, regal bearing.
  • Shrinking Violet: Annaliese seems to be an extreme example, even going so far as to run away from Erik when they first meet.
  • Spiritual Successor: Missing Stars was inspired by and even started from a thread in the Katawa Shoujo forums. Despite this, the developers have assured the fans of the project that they will try their best to produce a game that can stand on its own merits.
  • The Ditz: If her published side story is anything to go by, Natalya is very much this.
  • The Ojou:
    • Katja is described as a classy girl, and portrayed as having a very sophisticated style of speech in the non-canon side stories.
    • Natalya also counts, but she's the exact opposite of the prim, ladylike Katja.
  • You No Take Candle: The Volkova twins have a less-than-stellar grasp of English, due to their being from Russia.